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Books like TIPPING THE VELVET, a man who wrote his wife a poem every day for decades, and more in bookish news! #ad's a long weekend for many, so why not pick up an extra book deal or two?
We've got a fresh batch of weekend deals for you! What will you pick up today? the loss of this acclaimed writer of nonfiction for young readers:
Catch up on the latest in mystery and thrillers with Rincey and Katie: started on some avian observation:'s Friday Funday! You know what to do. reading feel weird right now? These webcomics can help. a flimsy bookend just won't do! and tasty dishes: the way to our hearts! #ad @HarperPerennialFind your escape with these SFF audiobooks, and other bookish lists from around the web: #adLet's just call this required reading.’t miss today’s book deals! back into the backlist with Tirzah this week:'re really digging this personhood of the traveling galleys situation, and other bookish news: #adHot off the indie presses! it: you're still not over TIGER KING.'re mighty fine and under nine:'s dive into the meaning of this iconic first line:'re getting emotional about these comics:"I learned from each of these students, many about half my age, who came with their own lives, reading and otherwis…
Shh, don't tell--we love these romances: case you need a pick-me-up right about now: a bookish cutting board, puzzle, and more in this week's Book Fetish: #ad @InkyardPressCheck out the trailer for this Superman comic Inspired by a 1940s Superman radio serial: #ad @DCComicsEid is a few days away, and we've got some characters you might like to celebrate with: Day approacheth! Time for a reread or are you an expert? and Jenn are back with more personalized book recommendations:’t miss these hot book deals! up that cooking routine with some tried-and-true recipes: beautiful message of empowerment through education, and more bookish news: #adA reading list to brush up on the deets of this climate plan:
Eric is joined by author Jamie Pacton on this week's Hey YA: Extra Credit.'re great and under eight! and Jeff have recs for all your moms, dads, and grads: out the books making their way across the pond this month: sometimes you want a little romance, and sometimes you don't: #ad @OniPressWhat do you look for in short story collections? the lowdown on this lesser-known comics hero: could all probably use some poetry to help us deal! This, and other bookish news: #adBooks for readers stuck at home where the family dynamics are toxic: fresh batch of book deals awaits! and Jenn share the latest in SFF, and take us on a reread journey! you know who our Poet Laureate is, and what a Poet Laureate does? case you're... puzzled about which ones to buy next."We’re drowning, we’re scared, and we’re angry, but no one is listening." about those four walls for a moment, and follow us on virtual tour of literary Barcelona: you know Abraham Lincoln was a poet?
From hygiene history to the story of the enigmatic human heart, find a timely microhistory to dig into: else is trying to catch up on the classics right now? is back to break down some of this week’s new releases! ready to grow your TBR: all y'all who only read completed series: @sujower Thanks for the heads up! We took it down for now and are fixing the tech issues @MickieBSipsTea Huzzah!! ✨ @AndrewTheScribe Thank you for the heads up! We're looking into it nowWho's your favorite fictional feline? Kay and Louise are back with more from the world of litfic: to nonfic about evangelical harvest workers, a memoir of one childhood in the Philippines, and more: #adGet these book deals while they’re hot! out how this sci-fi comic adaptation fared in another Pass/Fail: and Tirzah are back to talk about what's new on shelves this week: a Dalloway paper doll set, and more bookish news: #ad @RHKidsGraphicWhat are your favorite little-known gems?
Jenn is ready to handsell you on your next great read:'ve rounded up some comics featuring rad f/f relationships. #ad @littlebeebooksAdd a subtle bit of bookish flair to your look: you ever strayed in your library love? #ad @canongatebooksTaika Waititi will be joined by a star-studded cast in a reading to benefit COVID-19 relief efforts: books one reader turned to for comfort during a difficult time: are hundred, maybe thousands, of Cinderella stories out there to discover: asked for novels set in the City of Light and our Riot readers delivered! #ad @FlatironbooksWith hundreds to choose from, you're sure to find a fave (or twenty)! and Trisha are back with the latest in romancelandia:’s book deals are here! and Rebecca are back with the latest from the world of books and reading:'s daughter wants to save the sloths with books! This, and other bookish news: #adHas your reading time been cut in half these days? Here are some tips to help ease you back in., wolf, or human? Who'd you get?!
YA authors reflect on Katniss, literary misconceptions, and more in bookish news!'s Sunday, aka the perfect time to stock up on books for the week ahead!
We've got your weekend book deals right here! love ya, Catwoman, but some of these are a-paw-ling. takes some serious talent!
Nurture your budding scientist's curiosity with these: your home with the delicious smell of books: plans may be cancelled, but we'll always have escapist reads! fiction that helped one reader come to terms with her hearing loss: for people who usually struggle to finish books, and other bookish lists from these interwebs:… @kendrahm Thanks for listening!The library system kept its libraries open far past a point where staff felt safe; it now aims to be among the firs… into some backlist nonfiction with Patricia: out this fresh batch of book deals! gifts for high school grads—and none of them are Dr. Seuss! This, and other bookish news: #adWhat's the difference between a trade and mass market paperback? Find out here.'s get this bread. ahead and give yourself 7 hours of blissful reading time: acquainted with some of the books on author @JenniferHillier's 2020 TBR:
"As an avid reader, when you discover something diverse and then realize you’ve never read anything like it before,… PERCY JACKSON TV series is coming to Disney+!