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What are you reading? A book about metals.

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@DaRealBootum Thibs spends 18 hours a day watching tape and is surely aware by now that this shithead cannot guard… @WorldWideWob Bad team. Bad player.Alright, that's enough of Buffalo. Fuck off already.If I was facing the most productive tight end in football history, I would choose to cover him“This one is for the boys in blue” country @TommyBeer Can’t wait for him and IQ to play 8 minutes each while the worst player in the league plays 28. @ChaseMonkey1 @sschreiber13 I’ll still call it a win if they land a decent CF and lock up LindorNo, no and no. These people committed crimes and should be charged. I was peacefully protesting Trump’s horrific…
Retweeted by Greg FAs a young kid, I would pray for the @BuffaloBills to win. It was inappropriate and I’m not going to do that today…
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@drewmagary Deleted and protected account in record time @Brian_Tallerico A truly cursed sport @Brian_Tallerico It’s wild to go back & look at that playoffs & realize that call set off a chain reaction of heart… @Brian_Tallerico The picked up flag that led to Dallas beating Detroit was 100x more egregious imo @Brian_Tallerico Yea, I’m not crazy about it either. I’m just saying of all the calls to take a stand on, this one… the elections are over now, it would be cool if this Nancy Pelosi fundraising bot stopped emailing me @Brian_Tallerico I’m not talking about impact. And I doubt the refs look at it that way either. I’m merely talking… weeks of Brady Super Bowl discourse... only Mahomes can save us now @Brian_Tallerico that's nowhere close to as bad imo. at least the TB defender is in that play. if the GB defender i… Bay has to fire Mike McCarthy after this playoff performance.
Retweeted by Greg FIn the future maybe just don't punt? @Brian_Tallerico i'd have to see the other one you're referring to because i don't recall anything that blatant @Brian_Tallerico I don't know, he was clearly pulling his jersey for like 5 yards. I don't like it either, but ther… @Brian_Tallerico some are more blatant than others... that's getting called in every game ever played haha @Theismann7 @drewmagary i feel like you've been continuously drunk for like 25 straight yearsi mean, that seems like a really obvious callTwo more field goals and Green Bay's on to The Big Game.
Retweeted by Greg F @scott_tobias it's like these coaches don't even read my posts smhHow do you kick that? @davidehrlich @DaRealBootum The Harden of giant monsters. Seems mighty until it matters, then he's falling off the Empire State Building in crunch time. @DaRealBootum I simply do not respect Kong and I never will @DaRealBootum he's right thoWhat’s happening??What a freaking adjustment and catch there by a cornerThere’s easy money and then there’s Davante Adams against press coverage at the goal line @randygdub She’d probably run as a dem @randygdub Playing the long game for that 2028 pardonChilling stuff least a ton of dumbasses in Wisconsin are gonna get COVID after watching this shitshow in person @drewmagary That movie is sadly no better than this game
Retweeted by Greg Ffirst half summary
Retweeted by Greg FNever punt
Retweeted by Greg FImagine getting burned like that in that spot by K-Mart Edelman @sschreiber13 @thejintsman Already muted this dude. Baby brain.Saw this in a theater and legit don’t remember a single thing about it
Retweeted by Greg F @thejintsman @sschreiber13 If you think that’s how the justice system works in regards to punishing extremely rich… @thamosdeaf @jessehawken That’s a really good, thoughtful script that he couldn’t possibly bunglegiant gorillas will really fight giant lizards instead of going to therapy
Retweeted by Greg F @DragonflyJonez Big ape vs walking nuclear bomb factory... fohif you stan Kong over Godzilla you need to take several seats imo
Retweeted by Greg F @griersonleitch Wrong kid died @SilentDawnLB Agreed @ChrisLedf Nah, they really suck @thejintsman @sschreiber13 I’m glad he owns the team, but he’s absolutely a criminal. Pretty common knowledge:'t wanna alarm anyone but there's a trailer floating out there today in which Kyle Chandler says "Godzilla is hu…
Retweeted by Greg FThis dude just never shuts the fuck up @AtownBrown Good market, new coach that people really respect, young franchise LT, lots of cap space and picks. He could do worse. @AtownBrown Because Deshaun Watson is very good at football and I’d like him to be the quarterback on my favorite teamIt’s really pathetic to see these cowards still walking on eggshells around Trump after he’s been completely disgra… @VideodromeATL I’m coming to rent that Godfather Coda this week @oxygen_graffiti @lukeisamazing By a mile @Advil @RepBeatty Lets gooooooooo
Retweeted by Greg FDude was a literal missile contractor last week.
Retweeted by Greg FGo Pack
Retweeted by Greg F @georgiaisaverb @actioncookbook One of the greatest films ever madeLooks like Conor McGregor will have more time to spend on his hobbies: sexual assault and racismNetflix: Are you still watchi- Me:
Retweeted by Greg F @SNYtv @martinonyc There’s no salary cap, you don’t need to choose between them. I thought ownership was trying to spend? @randygdub Movie is extremely good @ejacoby04 @DaRealBootum this is the Knicks, man. Frank and IQ will split what IQ was currently playing and Elf wil…
lol when Jonas Salk invented the polio vaccine he was asked about patenting it and said it was like "asking if you…
Retweeted by Greg Feveryone on this website is so bad at this. have you ever seen a movie
Retweeted by Greg F @TeddyChassin @ChinaJoeFlynn One silver lining: think how crazy you’d feel watching Halliburton backing up the worst starter in the NBAPeople say Martin Scorsese hates crime. Not true. He thinks it's fun
Retweeted by Greg F @Mentoch @nickofthejays @mslodki645 @kateefeldman @sydrpfp Both dumber than rocksFuck Trevor Bauer @TeddyChassin @ChinaJoeFlynn Kinda moot since he was clearly and obviously the best fit too. This was all very predictable on draft night. @emilyyoshida It did result in one good post tho jealous My ★★★★½ review of In & of Itself (2021) on @letterboxd:
Retweeted by Greg F“Tracy Jordan, saying three serious things, and then a joke.”
Retweeted by Greg FActually this was his best take the editor of the Koch Industries-sponsored “Democrats should eat shit and who cares how many people die of COVI…
Retweeted by Greg FArguably his best take is Larry King inventing Twitter @celebrityhottub Larry died doing what he loved. Calling wealthy actors to the author of the only tweet that has ever been correct
Retweeted by Greg FIt’s honestly sort of impressive how uniquely useless Elfrid Payton is on an NBA court @keithedwards very blurry and bad. well done, man. @SunuvChiba @NBCSCeltics might want to keep workshopping this one... very sweatyBen Garrison tried to think of a book by Karl Marx and this was what he came up with
Retweeted by Greg F @NetsDaily @JHarden13 did you mean points allowed on D? @Paulmathewson @sschreiber13 at this point i'd rather they just spend that money on Bradley and maybe a better option at 2nd or 3rd @Paulmathewson @sschreiber13 you can say it, he's a dumb piece of shit @sschreiber13 easier to root for toolol this shit is crazzzyyy
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