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Into reading, writing and riesling. The A in LGBTQIA. Love #travel #Haribo #Embrace

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Leaping lizards! WANT! Aussies will testify 🇦🇺 morning when I get up I like to make a list of things I'm not going to get done today.
Retweeted by Books and Wine @ConfedofLunches Not all my shoes are pink, honest Guv!#tuesdaytrudge @emperorjulian1 The attitude! The tunes! Waterfall 👌🏻 @emperorjulian1 Roses!Period-the-end now @winesonlyadrink Haha respect, dude! @StrongAnn Way to go, Lebanon!
I hear that @mankozy That is my kind of night! Enjoy, friend! @lesighlepurr Dirty ol’ river, must you keep rollingI live by the river @Steiger31 Yes my dentist is near there! I once dated an underwriter who worked there (back in the day!) @ConfedofLunches Thanks! I’m running out of alliteration 🤷🏼‍♀️#mondaymoving @Iankilday1 @ToBeDecided50 Ha! ZZ Top that’s a blast from the past!From selling Onitsuka Tigers out of the boot of his car, to a billion dollar business, a riveting action-packed blo…’s with me? 🙋🏼‍♀️ @SirPyecroft A winner! Do let us know what you think of it! @SirPyecroft Extraordinary! Enjoy! I’ve only read Lawrence’s The Alexandria Quartet and I’ve never looked back!Even if the floor reminds me of a Jammy Dodger, you can find me here today
Truth #mondaythoughts @DaveAvenger Do you have a favourite? @Nabular This has been recommended more than once @begoniatravels And what did you learn?I will read everything that needs reading @MarkinCHS Refreshing! @1973andall I go in there!K who else gets sucked in by a thexy bottle?! science! I have a shed so I can testify @Blimey97357901 Maded! I can’t even scratch that itch!Being sure to say “goodness” when an unexpectedly large plate of food is placed in front of you
Retweeted by Books and Wine @AuthorPrime01 WE NEED TO KNOW! @AuthorPrime01 Thoughts and prayers @plc69 It’s/Its There/Their/They’re DON’T GET ME STARTED!The greengrocer’s apostrophe strikes again! @Love_SE4 Happy now?! @lesighlepurr Just a play on wordsThe early bird @sammyyyyy_sammy Yes I’m minimelj but I prefer TwitterNailed it. What next? #SundayThoughts @moonshadow1900 Finders keepers? Okay okay. I get a bit sick of sending his parking fines back (I’ve had over 30 so… president next term. America needs to be single for a little bit and work on herself.
Retweeted by Books and Wine @moonshadow1900 There’s a return address no stress!Sound advice @MichealsEllen I am the landlord!100% with you buddy
@SandraCamello2 Without even opening it? @VoterLabour I’m not gonna go out of my way to make an effort when it’s somebody else’s fault @Iheartskwerls Having realised it’s a Christian book vendor, that’s probably best @jamiekc4 Already tried that. Fail. @moranless Er, noSo book post! Not addressed to me (previous tenant, no forwarding address) What to do what to do... Twitter you dec… those that judge people drinking alone, maybe I don’t want to go home to an empty flat. Maybe I’m lonely, maybe… @CannibalBananas Hell yeah! Keep doing what you’re doin! Whatever comes, comes. And if it doesn’t, you be cool with that too. @g_goult I ❤️ it! Like a game of Cluedo!Wait what #southlondon she’s back @oakalondon @OakhamAles #GreenDevilIPA @dikshanerurkar A classic! 👌🏻Sunrise in SE11 this is the infamous Portuguese wine a famous British chef made sell out! A delicious drop and what a label!… @SarahSpriggs5 No I did one better. I read the book.Well that didn’t work out for me did it? #LifeofPi @cdn20201 Understood. Needless to say Chinese is my favourite food. @cdn20201 🍍 on 🍕 is 👎🏻
@richardsamples1 Somebody’s thirsty!More of this @Kaltenjay The action (ack-shorn!) doesn’t stop! @1973andall Oh STOP 🤓 @MrChris62 I’m not sure which ones are and which ones aren’t. Those photos were taken before July 4th. My local re-opens on the 16th.Well well well what could #TheSecretTunnel possibly be about? Oh, it’s about a train, cool. A funny, cheeky, well-w… @1973andall I am easily annoyed! @StrongAnn Too true! If I had more shelves, I’d have more books! @realDGMason Right so you can have a story about the second story (meaning floor?) When one word can mean two diffe…
We can’t even agree on story/storey, what hope is there?
@twinkled Not a little one, perchance?
@g_goult It’s salt so I’m gonna go with yeah @g_goult Have you had Chicken Salt? @iltp87 It’s ridiculous. Having been training with a PT I just want to keep up the good work. They have everything… @g_goult Salt and mayonnaise! I should probably just move to Belgium. @RachNT Funnier, more expressive, it’s a winner! @g_goult Vinegar is wrong @iltp87 I hope so. I actually looked at Spain holidays just to get gym access. If pubs and hairdressers can open why not gyms?Fuck yeah @iltp87 I love walking, but it’s not cutting it in terms of weight loss or a real endorphin high. @o22ie Can’t beat a quick shoe! @iltp87 Yeah the gyms still can’t open! @holybible8888 He’s a keeper @Graceprgirl I’m so sorry to hear your awful news. There is nothing I can say that will make any of it better, I ju… how brilliant is this? I took a photo of a Covid-esque bench on my rando walks, and the completely wonderful ar…! @cockyatom Do they even make those any more?! These are made by my friend’s local business.Getting my Aussie on with lamingtons from @deelightbakery! 🇦🇺 most of your life hoping emails find people well
Retweeted by Books and Wine @deshatanner Excellent. My first thought was a Moroccan villa but then I realised that tree didn’t look right for that!Preach #loveislove 🏳️‍🌈