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not @Logos262 just logos, the guy who made that musical robot for Aphex, here in an excellent 50 year retrospective…'Malley & Rehberg's killer KTL volume for Shelter Press back in after a long absence, original green vinyl copies…, industrial scale dancehall voiced by Kampala’s Swordman Kitala and Sekelembele, produced by DJ Scotch Egg an…! Pearson Sound! computer music, big if yr into Errorsmith, Evol, belgian hoover tunes 🔩… Ishibashi reimagines Edo period Japanese ghost stories & folklore with a little help from Jim O'Rourke and Joe…
New comp/collage featuring 100+ mins of unreleased music from friends/family plus some anonymous contributions. 💚🌀💜…
Retweeted by @cremationlily no of course not, it was a joke about ambient, but an insensitive one, will delete @JackFSheen where's the schmaltz ladand the worst fucking pained drippy labels lolbut this is why we cant have nice things cos we then had to endure years and years of the worst fucking pained drip… honestly - this is the most earworm you'll get from a solo piano album in the 21st c, proper schmaltz, licensed… solo piano thing - Drukqs - loads of kids - now middle aged - googling satie and prepared piano🚬 100 minutes of previously unheard material from the extended Ecstatic family inc Jay Glass Dubs, Dean Hurley,… crashing onto your airwaves for the next hour - listen: - 🔊 from Leckey's "In…
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@ChrisMenist not unless someone cancels, will let u know!some people have spent two decades hunting out anything that sounds even just a little bit like Rhythm & Sound, Vai…
Roméo Poirier - Hotel Nota now avaiabe from @boomkatonline & bandcamp. Raching other shops very soon..…
Retweeted by @khandmusic hello Kelli! @THIRD_EAR @orchtweets can u please look into this?
Please vote for @Sage_Gateshead so the work we do with children and young people can continue & adapt to new Covid-…
Retweeted by Boomkat.comalso around about this time...😇 @HowardJacques1 @frozenreeds hahashoutout if you weren't yet born in 2003 👼looking at @thewiremagazine archive we've had the same monthly advert with no changes at all since 2003 LOLOur thoughts on all this week's releases in one place...📍 @shelter_press @FORCEDEXPOSURE 😇
@BruceLevenstein Yeah and vinylz for runners apparnetlywhen the pressing plant tells u there’s a 14 week turnaround for vinyl cos they gotta prioritise 👻 @Richie_Sombrero 🤘 @aarchedNOISE 😇If you plot a line between Jon Hassell’s 'Dream Theory In Malaya' and Jan Jelinek’s 'Loop Finding Jazz Records', yo… from Kenya // the most fucked and exhilarating record of the year no? Limited edition vinyl, for the enl…👀 found a box of blue vinyl if yr fast... unheard 1973 gear from Suzanne Ciani on a more minimalist tip then u might be used to, keys and isolatio… @boomkatonline @huerco_s OL is a big 1 on ths rec!!!
Retweeted by Boomkat.comtrance arps on Lorenzo Senni’s label, what more do u wanna know of an upfront on this one // full squad manoeuvres from the Xambient cohort feat Huerco S, Exael, Perila, Spec… good rebetika x rabbly psych, drone-pop and severely smudged crud - think Zoviet France x This Heat. File under… tip? @alter_stock bonus beats Wah Wino's Morgan Buckley (THEEE Morgan Buckley) and Ben Donohue, in the modular barnyard… 🎠… trance and eviscerated mentasms from Buttechno, his best for a while this one /// up - Fé/Vazio LP [ELP051] out now!
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@johnxela ah. say no more ⚰️ @johnxela is that professional ambient or ambient for graduations? @johnxela the worst music deserves the worst name 😃 @johnxela dont be so humble man, this is almost conceptronica levels @johnxela thats the thing, so layered mate @johnxela no but you wouldn't forget writing this, fucking CORDIAL TECHNO. it's like polite techno but w/ a bit less feeling 😇 @johnxela u coined cordial techno? bowing down here mate!who writes these onesheets 😭lol "cordial" technosomething like Actress, Prince, Alice Coltrane & Anthony Shakir all under one roof going mazy. This record is fire…🇱🇧 💔
Critical Amnesia = Exael, Perila, Special Guest DJ, OL, Vtgnike & Huerco 🎳 Canty, Andy Votel and long-time cohort Rick Myers swap and overdub tapes across the atlantic for this fuckign… @Twistedsoulblog @BHeroique @jayglassdubs nice pic palsRian Treanor: File Under UK Metaplasm, ja @keithfwhitman @gregdavismusic and for the artist: the most attention a release gets is at a time when no one can a… @keithfwhitman @gregdavismusic for sure, it’s the circus around it; daily announcements, multiple colour variants e…
@wishimage 🌹❤️🙌🐐🙌❤️🌹Very pleased to announce are today distributing a strictly limited cassette version of Kevi…
Retweeted by Boomkat.comalright folks! here's my playlist for @thesociallondon y'all get ready to press play at 6PM so we can blast off tog…
Retweeted by Boomkat.comv bored of preordersKevin Martin's 50 minute ascent into airless frequencies written for mellotron & subs, big tip for Solaris/Stalker… at 6pm our very special guest for afterwork drinks is @wishimage. Celebrating her new album Glory Days (…
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join me tomorrow MON 3 AUG 6PM on my Twitter where I'll host afterwork drinks for @thesociallondon! celebrating the…
Retweeted by🙌 album is so good 😇 watch this but listened to stage 6 again and we're now a puddle ffsah
£2414 raised 😇🙏 @PRPringle 1 left 🏃‍♂️New Cosmo Rhythmatic by Shackleton & Zimpel is finally out! Grab your copy via @boomkatonline.
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Retweeted by Boomkat.comTom Boogizm's latest Shotta, a 3 hour 2 x MC edition taking in everything from Greek concrète to road rap, digi du… @ed4AD @NTSlive 😇Our thoughts on all this week's releases in one place...
An “imaginary garden” of music dedicated to anyone in pain or isolation. Félicia Atkinson's 'Echo', 40 minutes of s… up if u saw this Shackleton Klezmer album coming lol. Vinyl out now, it's a goodun >>…'ll heard this Mark Leckey tape yet? it's a fucking pearl. we're gonna tot up the sales on this tomorrow and pay… out into the dream swamp... un-real this 👇 stopped playing this murder @timeblind 🐐One of the most odd + beautiful reissues of the last few years finally available to dl. It was recorded straight 2… gore record btw, fuck 🐐you ever bawled to Martin Gore’s cover of ‘Motherless Child’? or Sylvian & Sakamoto’s 'Bamboo Houses' ? yea u need…, freaked R&B, pop and tarraxho (with bonus pan flutes, always a vibe), somewhere between Nídia, Equiknoxx &… wait ages for a new @ctress_a etc etc's classic 16 minute 'Summer' - says here it's 20 years old now whaaaat cant be lol first time vinyl reissue s…
😻"drill-tipped chamber synth music" 😍 @oiiiemma"variant" lolwhat to call this Jay Glass Dubs album // the review says trance arp, dream-pop, Greek myth, conceptual baggage, D&… anything on La Scie Dorée will improve yr life immeasurably right? lots of it available again // écoutez… by this record we tell u fucking hell