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Are you a black artist trying to get something up on bandcamp soon? Holler at me and I’ll provide free mastering fo…
Retweeted by Boomkat.comkeeping the new release feed quiet for a bit. please use your time, energy and resources wisely 👇 @PaulJTucker will make sure someone mails you back asap, we dont have access to order details here!
feel the same. please, stop what you're doing - if you can afford to donate, donate what you can 👇…, this morning i created a google doc to keep track of the bail funds, memorial funds, and actions that people h…
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2020 can’t find this video on twitter but watch this powerful speech of demands made by activist…
Retweeted by @GuyBirkin 😇'The first release in Boomkat Editions' new Documenting Sound tape and download series sees the label invite artist…
Retweeted by🐐👌👇 is properly, properly sick btw, props to you greg fox ☠️🔥 Eleganza's rave MC shouting out license plate numbers is good, well played @Tequila_Yuen cheers, thats one for the labels distributor, but will correct and forward that on to themSähkö on one right now, this time with a new archival re-up of Mika Vainio & Jimi Tenor's little known Kocmoc hooku… thoughts on all this week's new releases in one place...
donate if u can this is vital and important
Retweeted by Boomkat.comany1 wanna match me? 💌
Retweeted by @violetakaviolet 😇 is continuing Documenting Sound, their release series archiving music made during the pandemic, thi…
Retweeted by Boomkat.comBoomkat Editions has put out new tapes by Hieroglyphic Being and Ulla Straus, as part of its new 'Documenting Sound…
Retweeted by Boomkat.comulla documenting sound 😇 @boomkatonline
Retweeted by Boomkat.comUlla’s recordings of phone conversations and wildlife diffuse into the most vaporous + unsettling ambient dub textu… Moss with an hour of rawly expressive jakbeat psychedelia recorded over the last few weeks for our Documentin… @PederMannerfelt 🌪️peculiar, dreamlike early 90's Japanese ambient gilded with FM synths and computerised atmospheres for lovers of Ha… @jim_greig legit, via too pure @dalecornish @johnxela @ctohnoomras we're actually pivoting to platitudes soonlove this album, back in print for the first time in almost 20 years 👇 first vinyl pairing of superlative ’60s avant garde works by Alvin Lucier, or as Robert Ashley says "The… @GoodWillsmith bravo palmighty Jah Shaka-via-John T. Gast vibes on this killer dubplate squaring off between CS + Kreme and Blazer Sound Sy…💎
Yaeji's What we Drew 우리가 그려왔던 // soon on wax @kraeji time vinyl issue of properly incredible Casio jams recorded in '84 by Jack Briece, the latest outsider soul h…, harpsichord & abstracted animal sounds on this Folkways stunner from Ann McMillan, student of Edgard Varèse.… was almost accidentally listed as zoviet frances 😂't even tell u what the muslimgauze mixes on this sound like cos we can't get past the zoviet france one lol…
Retweeted by @hfayefaye 💣Sawn-off dub and Raï-tek rhythms - a must if yr into DJ Scud, DJ/Rupture, Ossia, Muslimgauze, BZMC. Limited edition… to this remaster now in awe. this album has stayed with me thru the years and the new master sounds delig…
Retweeted by Boomkat.comdont tell the flippers but here's a new pressing of Kali Malone's 'The Sacrificial Code', our album of the year a l… lot of disposable reissues, this ain't one of them. if u know, u know! // one last box of copies on the Regis clear vinyl left, black vinyl now sold out @room40speaks @smallestroom thank u editorial team, fixed
@laurarecorder @wapping_project 💙 @radiokamikaze @blackdownLDN @nathanjay @Bandcamp like much of the music industry, and almost all of its contracts,… @radiokamikaze @blackdownLDN @nathanjay @Bandcamp no not really, a band selling a record at a gig isnt a readily av… @radiokamikaze @blackdownLDN @nathanjay @Bandcamp the logical conclusion of "i feel like the artist/label actually… @radiokamikaze @blackdownLDN @nathanjay @Bandcamp labels' digital distros, with v few exceptions, insist on higher…
😇 on acetate, 1998! Davachi helms first instalment of Boomkat series, Documenting Sound via @residentadvisor
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the state of this zoviet france x panasonic 13 minute fucking masterpiece....🤪 @datassette @sarahdavachi yes!!!Portraits GRM 👇 @Bandcloud 🌹also big shoutout to @Tapeline_Ltd who are the best people 🙌🐐💎💚 thoughts on all this week's releases in one place...
Sarah Davachi /// Gathers download now also available 🔌 wot in a rly exciting series of releases 🤗
Retweeted by @elavraam_ @sarahdavachi we're hoping 1 a week but we'll see!Boomkat Editions has launched a new tape and download series called 'Documenting Sound', devoted to recordings made…
Retweeted by Boomkat.comLost for words about the new music Sarah Davachi has recorded for us, inaugurating our new series of releases calle… first Regis album since 2001 is finally here, recorded in Berlin with Einstürzende Neubauten’s producer Boris W… grade party fuel from India Jordan, jacking it from filter house to pill belly piano hardcore and ghettotec… Bear of Grizzly Bear pivots to lushly electronic dreampop for Music From Memory, sounding something lik… good excavation of early ‘80s DIY minimal wave pop from The Netherlands, primed for fans of John Bender, C… heavy on the subs 💣💣💣💣💣 under "Psychology & Health” on the Smithsonian Folkways website, this 1982 meditation tape for trombone and s…
The Book of Drexciya Vol.1 🌊🌊🌊🌊ídia returns with a killer showcase of Afro-Portuguese dance music on her new LP for Príncipe, alongside a new 7"… /// KiCk i feat Björk, Rosalía, Shygirl and SOPHIE, now available to order 💎🤪🌪️💦 support and cop the whole series here >> from Lucy Railton, a devastating lament in three parts for Cafe OTO's Takuroku series of releases, out today a… up next on Shelter Press, a quietly epic and intimate new album from François Bonnet aka Kassel Jaeger, with…
poetically sound-sensitive recordings of sferic resonance, concrète and elemental sonics from Marja Ahti on her exc… ambient, shoegaze & dreampop confections from Japan, 1984 = pressed for the first time on vinyl after ap… DJ Python re-press has just landed but is almost sold out again so if u were gonna cop, go cop…
get yer copy now from @boomkatonline 🦋
Retweeted by🐚 new album of piano, woodwind, electronics & field recordings from Christina Vantzou & John Also Bennett, t… new edition of Masahiko Sato's 'Belladonna' - an "unholy grail" (lol) pressed up on multi-coloured vinyl… edition of Pan Sonic's immense 'Oksastus', re-printed on vinyl and CD // a furnace blast of elemental voltage c…
this is v good 👇👇👇
Listen up, this is out next week and is f$$$cking ridiculous 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by Boomkat.comOur thoughts on all this week's releases in one place... @SmartCitySam not as far as we know on either front sadly
Nídia - Capacidades via @YouTube
Retweeted by @johnxela @GoodWillsmith sending u in the am twellso @GoodWillsmith actually, two new Nídia's 💣💣 up, this is out next week and is f$$$cking ridiculous 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 ambient dub from Experiences Ltd, the label that gave us ULLA's album a couple of months ago / 300 copies o… is v good // a mesmerising debut LP of 21st century trip hop from Cairo, tipped if yr into Leila, Tricky’s Pre… magick 🔮 synth pearls and rarities by Psyche, Chris & Cosey, The Human League +++ from 1978-2018 💣…, raging bliss on this lost Celer release from almost 15 years ago, remastered by Stephan Mathieu and final…