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The second and perhaps most rare in Phill Niblock's vast catalogue, 1984's 'Niblock For Celli' finds him removing t… Chris Carter box set of early work, collating remastered solo albums alongside a disc of unreleased archival re…, Black Truffle’s Alvin Lucier Box set is out this week, edition of 500 numbered copies, don’t miss >>>… return with a killer session of heavyweight dub and humid, sticky G-funk abstractions. Limited… time vinyl reissue of Takashi Kokubo’s sublime and super rare ($$$)1987 ambient soundtrack for a luxury air-c…
A new album from Objekt is now available to order... @PAN_hq @keinobjekt
MONTRÉAL / 09.19.18 / Open ❤️ Diving / 🌹🌱 @LastLizard808 @s_davachi 🌱🌹
Retweeted by Boomkat.comØ & Panasonic // Sähkö - The Movie Soundtrack 👀 has an exclusive edition of the Sarah Davachi record
Retweeted by Boomkat.comOur thoughts on all this week’s releases in one place…⚡️ 'Whistle' by Isabella is out today on Peder Mannerfelt Produktion ⚡️ 👉BUY BUY BUY & STREAM STREAM STREAM👈…
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World exclusive colour vinyl edition of Sarah Davachi’s new LP ‘Gave In Rest’, her 2nd full-length this year and ho…🔥New Príncipe🔥New Príncipe🔥New Príncipe🔥 Finally; unique psychedelic killers from Niagara, mounting their debut LP… @PederMannerfelt @AnnieWaff17 we consulted a resident marsupial pro and he said it was a grey kangaroo @PederMannerfelt thought it was a wallaby at first tbhIsabella finally drops that excellent new EP for Peder Mannerfelt Produktion, a killer batch of power ambient and h… electronic/vocal bizzzz from Low; could have been tragic, actually v good. looozer edition clear vinyl n… unreleased Bayle ↓↓↓ unreleased Parmegiani ↓↓↓ a niche of ’70s/‘80s Japanese DIY music inspired by experimental electronic and post punk styles from Eur… @boomkatonline That's a classic every week of the year around my neck of the woods 🤙
Retweeted by Boomkat.comalso, what?? unreleased Juan Atkins transferred from tape and digitally restored by Russell Haswell, newly re-cut… our classic this week ↙︎↙︎
Sudanese synth and drum machine music of the 80’s compiled from tapes bought in Ethiopia, Somalia, Djibouti, and Eg… speech synthesis / computer music from Doris Norton circa 1985. She fed the computer parameters of vowels + c… & Shine x Prince? new on Diagonal, 300 copies, hand stamped, out now >>> of this Procédé Heliophore..
Life just got a whole lotta sexier cos it turns out im engaged to a jazz musician @postgeography
Retweeted by Boomkat.comMinimalist hypnotists Oren Ambarchi, Konrad Sprenger and Phillip Sollmann manipulate the dance with deeply trippy r… North follow Felicia Atkinson's incredible ‘Coyotes' tape with a killer from L.A.’s Nick Malkin (featuri…
@stephanmathieu <3 so goodAn intuitively daring and hallucinatory set of recordings from Catherine Christer Hennix; where science and maths a… Oliveros used her bath tub at home for reverb + cardboard tubes as filters... so, ummm, use what u have aro… Trappes & Abul Mogard on one limited edition 7” & CD set, now in stock and shipping ↡↡↡…
Sin Falta - Diamonds EP 7” out now on YOUTH 💎 📷 @boomkatonline
Retweeted by Boomkat.comthis might be kassem mosse, or it might not, in any event - click below for killer digital dubs and slow jamzzzz p… bizz, 500 copies >> @ctress_a @Werk__LTD is so good - the debut album from Niagara on Príncipe, out next week, limited edition vinyl with hand painted… thoughts on all this week’s releases in one place…
@simon_cohn lol, will stick it in a jiffy bag, aite?Shinichi Atobe is releasing a surprise album on Demdike Stare's label on Friday
Retweeted by Boomkat.comDeep house enigma Shinichi Atobe is back with another album for Demdike Stare's label.
Retweeted by Shinichi Atobe - Heat 1
Retweeted by Boomkat.comwhuuuuut….a new album from Shinichi Atobe out right now via DDS. Deeply inspirational House music for the ages, con… for grabs via @boomkatonline Jay Glass Dubs - Plegnic Released via @EcstaticRec Cover artwork by Andreas Ragna…
Retweeted by Boomkat.comJay Glass Dubs returns with this killer new one, channeling trace echoes of classic 4AD and Greek pop soused in dis… @PederMannerfelt lol u old manKiller, smudged & lofi wave & boogie joints from Sao Paulo, Brasil, new on @LIES_News >>’s a new album from Julia Holter, out in October + now available to preorder >> @bill_kouligas saaaaame <3The LP Tony Wilson basically commissioned The Durutti Column to make in '84; a total masterpiece now given a deluxe… enuff everyone ends up on Ninja or Warp; fair fuucks, just a bit of a merry-go-round innit? Anyway, Yves Tumor… classic this week is 1971’s debut by Meredith Monk; a mind-boggling set of compositions for voice that still so…
“I pressed a single run of 500 copies,” Bender recounts.  “The only review I remember railed at the poor production…'ve been a fan of Thomas shows for years... Such an honor to release this today 👇
Retweeted by Boomkat.comcheers @boomkatonline for the lovely words, "ecce homo" will be released this friday!
Retweeted by Boomkat.comExcellent new album from Ipek Gorgun for Touch, recalling Ilhan Mimaroglu’s pioneering work, eschewing easy-to-cons… away by this new Thomas Ankersmit LP. Impossible to appreciate via clips cos this music is quite literally de…
Thom Yorke’s score for ‘Suspiria’ now available to preorder on Pink 2LP or 2CD editions… Jaar’s ‘Pomegranates’ now in on 2LP via @manarecs… ↙︎↙︎↙︎
@boomkatonline just posted my first full album review this morning :-)
Retweeted by Boomkat.comQuite possibly the last ever run of this amazing custom-made generative soundbox from Room 40 (the circuit board is…
Hi, our beloved dog Henry is very sick and we are having trouble affording the care she needs to come home. If you…
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This @superiorviaduct version has a lovely remaster. Thanks for quoting the somewhat cryptic reference to the CR le…
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Our Sale ends tomorrow, if theres owt u wanna cop, cop it now ⏳ Tools is out now! You can buy the digital version or the LP (with instant download) on @boomkatonline:…
Retweeted by @for3stpunk the sale ends tomorrow!Our thoughts on all this week’s releases in one place...
A very special tape compilation put together by @juicycrypt (uon) a couple years out on white vinyl. Was…
Retweeted by Boomkat.comFront page on @boomkatonline in between @huerco_s and bernard parmegiani 😭😭
Retweeted by Boomkat.comThat hugely sought-after bblisss tape feat Huerco S’ first outing as Pendant, plus blissssed out gems from DJ Parad… Gamble’s UIQ offers up its first ever album, finding rkss reassembling mainstream EDM sample packs; a must if y… is ace; mutant dub, plugged-in Estonian folk and Maori reggae from Australia and New Zealand c. 1979-1989, ano…🕷🛬🔥 Davidson’s new album Working Class Woman coming up on Ninja Tune / now up for preorder, will b a guuuudnnn >>…, surging and complex/polyrhythmic electronics presented on a usb art object lol, for Autechre, Alva Not… classic this week, weaving between hypermodern pop, noise and abstract styles. Last vinyl copies now available…
Retweeted by Boomkat.comNew tape from Tutt on @DiagonalRecords just in, 100 copies only >> Those Of You Who Didn’t Cop (First Or Second Time Round) >> @huerco_s man STROOM 〰 dish up Patrick Selinger’s suave New Beat classique, ‘Businessmen’, an ode to the excess of late ‘8… new one from Klein. 100 copies only, strictly one per person yasssss… 🤬 Stars of the Lid’s 1997 soundtrack to a future episode of Twin Peaks, back in on double wax for the uni… Ernestus’ Wackies reissue programme seems to be back in full swing, this time with a total peach from '83, fea…
Two previously unreleased and seldom heard soundtracks by Bernard Parmegiani finally surface on double vinyl, sourc…
If you need digi for our last release by Don't DJ, it is available in most of the digital retailers but we do like…
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Jóhann Jóhannsson’s ‘Mandy’ OST, co-produced by Jóhann and Randall Dunn and feat Stephen O’Malley, now up for preor… thoughts on all this week’s releases in one place...
We’ve added a bunch of stuff to our summer sale. It ends next week so grab while you can… 🐿 this is so good; haunted looped-out and trippy apparitions in the vicinity of The Caretaker, Selected Ambient… real this was made in 1979 and is prob the most sublime thing you’ll hear this week >>>… slab of dubbed-out ambient techno futurism recalling everything from Pole to Second Woman, Vladislav Del… @GaryHomewood <3In the most transcendent sense; music that occupies its own genre. Arthur Russell's 'Another Thought'; our classi…’s labyrinthine 8 hour ‘NTS Sessions’, now available on deluxe 12 x LP or 8 x CD box sets….… Yokota’s classic ‘Acid Mt. Fuji’ [1994] vinyl reissue sold out in a flash the other week, re-press now in st…
imagining this new album from The Necks as a sort of spiritual followup to Talk Talk’s Laughing Stock. vv into th…
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The willowing beauty of Jóhann Jóhannsson & BJ Nilsen's 'I Am Here’ feat Hildur Guðnadóttir. Back in on wax and f… envious of people who can experience Jürg Frey’s Second String Quartet for the first time. Properly life alter…
Retweeted by Boomkat.comcancel out the noise around you for a bit and immerse yourself in the Quiet world of Edition Wandelweiser... 🐚…