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Clara! - Reggaetoneras vol.3 (GRVTS013) 📼 the very last copies at @boomkatonline
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Our thoughts on all this week’s releases in one place…
I am very pleased to announce that my new album has been released today and it is available from @boomkatonline . W…
Retweeted by Boomkat.comRaime return with a killer new EP mutating Eski, post-punk, R&B, dembow rhythms and a bank of YouTube ‘Fail’ sample… in stock and shipping; the first new solo album from Abul Mogard since 2015, a beautiful suite of widescreen la… & JAB 'Zin Taylor's Thoughts Of A Dot As It Travels A Surface' (SP092) is finally back in stock online and via…
Retweeted by Boomkat.comBiosphere wraps up both of his albums with Pete Namlook for a dose of ambient techgnostalgia tending to the darker… premiere edition of Luc Ferrari’s incredible ‘Atelier de Libération de la Musique’ - a series of prescient im… WIth Wound rework The New Blocakders' rare '82 début; a mechanical tirade of rhythmic complexity sounding lik… longform ambient nocturnes from David Sylvian & Holger Czukay bloom again on a 30th anniversary reissue, newl… Last few copies at @boomkatonline 👀
Retweeted by Boomkat.comOur classic this week surveys of some of the greatest works of the 20th Century avant-garde by Iannis Xenakis, stre…
This is it. The wildest acid track ever made. A mad rinse thru three hundred and three acid cherries pitted and seq…
Retweeted by Boomkat.comA history of acid in 20 minutes.
Retweeted by Boomkat.comAutechre preorder party woooo @NTSlive @WarpRecords is it. The wildest acid track ever made. A mad rinse thru three hundred and three acid cherries pitted and seq…, one of the most nattered-about artists to emerge in recent years, caters to Lorenzo Senni’s Presto!? labe… proto-techno from Düsseldorf, 1987, originally released in an edition of 50 tapes. If yr into Dome/Graham Le…
This new Sugai Ken tape is incredible; location recordings fed thru advanced, ancient, alien electronics like Autec… tape just in from Seekersinternational running amok in the dance with mutant tessellations of classic ragga and… Helena Hauff album incoming ++ up for preorder… @ninjatune
Sarah Davachi’s excellent 'Let Night Come On Bells End The Day…” now available on an extended CD format in an editi… on Blackest Ever Black, 10” now shipping…. @OssiaOssia @blackestever T. Gast in total snake charmer mode, owning and aligning our chakras with two tracks “from the ark circa 2013”…🇪🇸🔥 Clara! - Reggaetoneras 3 (GRVTS013) copies at @boomkatonline #editionsgravats >> 🇪🇸🔥
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@dillonwork 🤗💫 @Unwise_Trousers only so much time to write about stuff so it’s no indication really, sometimes things just arrive… Fell returns with an incredible LP of rhythmelodic cadences highly recommended if yr into classical Indian to…
Retweeted by Boomkat.comOur thoughts on all this week’s releases in one place… @jnthmyw hiya, please send us an email with your order number to orders at so we can fix up for you!Design for Mark Fell's new LP 'INTRA' on Boomkat Editions. Highly recommended. @boomkatonline
Retweeted by Boomkat.comthanks to @boomkatonline for the lovely writeup, digis of گشتالت are now availble thru their store! 🔌✌️
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@gregdavismusic FE should have copies soon!Mark Fell returns with an incredible LP of rhythmelodic cadences highly recommended if yr into classical Indian to… @ChrisMenist Nah we has issues all day and it’s a bit late now! Sorry m8!sozzzzz the website has been down for a few hours due to technical issues - apologies - back soon, techies working on it!
Retweeted by Boomkat.comproperly ruined by this 100% female fronted Reggaeton mixtape from Clara! The third in a series for Low Jack and Je…
Loving this doc about the great Steve Barker, who’s been playing cross-genre fringe music at BBC Radio Lancashire f…
Retweeted by Boomkat.comI am very pleased to announce that my new album will be released soon by @EcstaticRec and is now available for preo…
Retweeted by @JoeShabadu Lol errrr, will fix upI did a FACT mix! thanks to all artists who let me use their music, enjoy : ) @FACTmag
Retweeted by Boomkat.comNew double album from Abul Mogard coming on Ecstatic 22/06/18 💜 Pre-order:
Retweeted by Boomkat.comJust announced; a new double album from Abul Mogard, his first in 3 years. Available on regular or limited edition… @Laica23 Distro is saying June 29th but they have been delayed a couple of times already…fingers crossed no more delays
First ever vinyl edition of this total find - the only archival recordings from self-taught technician and sound en…
Our thoughts on all this week’s releases in one place…
@SHPD_NS Should be fixed now m8Demdike Stare’s DDS render a f*cking KILLER release from Iueke, the Antinote label founder - that’s him jumping in…, self-released tape from James Ferraro featuring feudal electronics with traces of hardstyle techno trance,… Moss’ explores complex harmonic structures on a Moog modular system 55, oscillating between lush beatless plu… Clarke’s Monopoly Star Child Searchers with some of its most hypnotic gear; 40 minutes of curdling harmonie… exceptional long-form dancer from Beatrice Dillon, re-pressed… 🙌 @dillonwork Anton Irisarri returns to Umor Rex with a new edition of Sirimiri on tape w/download…… classic this week; a transcendent and transformative 3 hour head-melt from the most radical and absorbing edge…
Some of the last known studio recordings by Mika Vainio, commissioned by Moog Sound-Lab and feat two extended excur…
New from Sonic Pieces; an excellent set of percussive variants from frequent Efterklang collaborator Tatu Rönkkö. E…
Foundational wave music expanded and remastered... @foxxmetamedia Kwaito charmers from Professor Rhythm dug out by Awesome Tapes From Africa feat natty plastic horns an… Truffle sustains a golden run of releases on this excellent collab from Oren Ambarchi with James Rushford and… blown away by this genuinely nexx gen comp from NON, doing it for the kids with an amazing set of music… thoughts on all this week’s releases in one place…
Watch Nadine Byrne's 19 minute video for her new LP, Dreaming Remembering, soon to be released via iDEAL recordings
Retweeted by Boomkat.comDiagonal debut from unknown operator Handy, essential if yr into SOPHIE, Evol, Cylob, Theo Burt...… Girl Nadine Byrne returns with her first solo album in 4 years; a woozy, unnerving and dreamlike hallucin… are 25 years old jeez. Here’s a brand new EP of hardcore techno ballistics + mutant metal alloys from Ker… Versions simultaneously sustain/relieve the pressure with a reissue of Jonah Dan’s cosmic-minded ten tonne st… Bebey’s singular, foundational electronic productions from Africa-via-Paris circa 1975-1982. If u dunno thi… from Stephen O’Malley’s Ideologic Organ - more Hindustani ragas performed on the rudra veena, a bass-heavy rel… O’Malley plucks out an elemental, spellbinding Raga session performed by dhrupad master Zia Mohiuddin Dagar… pressing on the debut album from JASSS, copies are going for sillies second hand so if u didnt cop first time r…, gnashing + panicked drill drums and subs from Batu on his debut for XL; prob his most detailed and infectiou… @SophiaALoizou album is so, so good
Retweeted by Boomkat.comYes!!!!!! We have a new Mika Vainio & @franckvigroux record coming out on June 29th via @boomkatonline, listen to t…
Retweeted by @pete_davey ah no, nothing to do with Burial. It references this label -
@Nick_G_Vincent aye, that eraExpanded reissue of 1991’s cult, self-titled classic, like a smudged 0PN reworking The Cure’s Seventeen Seconds, Pr… of the best there ever was, some would argue the blueprint for Basic Channel’s entire Burial Mix output. You ei… from Tape Loop Orchestra’s Andrew Hargreaves, 200 copies only >>> @andrewboats