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Vinyl finally arrived :)
Retweeted by Boomkat.comUnique, uncanny room recordings of pipe organ dirges by Kali Malone. Very little we’ve heard in 2018 has affected u…’s Cocoon Crush, finally in on 2LP. Now shipping >>> @keinobjekt @PAN_hq @pete_swans @kokainedeath @wishimage @dotgovgov @numerogroup yup, should be going up on the 20thmo' coil mo’ colours of Moondog back in on wax >>> is v good and f*cked, sounds like a demented offshoot of Róisín Murphy, Fever Ray and Gina X Performance, out… @Hundebiss our bad, we missed it, will rectify!
VERY special second pressing of my record Kill is on sale now via
Retweeted by Boomkat.comStunning first outing on Yves Tumor’s label - already seeling for sillies 2nd hand & now available in a special edi…
Jesu x Yang Li x Prurient, deluxe vinyl edition designed by Yang Li and Max Giles in collab with Hospital Productio… De Babalon’s classic 'If You’re Into It, I’m Out Of It’ - a late ‘90s neo-noir ambient/ junglist masterpi… of the great archival editions of the year (v late 2017 but only reached us in Jan) - David Behrman’s 'Music Wi…
here’s a rundown of our 2018 special editions so far, much more to come... rare re-press of Trunk’s 2001 vinyl edition of The Clangers OST, out of print for years >>>… of 2018 deadliest rekkids from Low Jack & Clara! - both sold out since the week they came out, now packed in o… Lucier for solo glockenspiel, coming soon >>
The Eliane Radigue box set is now sold out at @Ina_GRM so we can’t get any more stock. We have a dozen or so boxes…
divine weight is out on VINYL NOW via @boomkatonline please help our independent efforts RT or share the link. You…
Retweeted by Boomkat.comLCMF x The Death Of Rave London, 14th Dec, with: JASSS @gabor_lazar @dillonwork @WOCWR Howard Thomas Black Mecha… you @boomkatonline for this incredibly thoughtful review & kind words about ‘Beloved.’
Retweeted by Boomkat.comShinichi Atobe’s ‘Heat’, exclusive new colour 2LP edition, 300 copies, now shipping >> @Peter_W_Barnard ugh, ok peter, thxOur thoughts on all this week’s new releases in one place….
divine weight is out on VINYL NOW via @boomkatonline please help our independent efforts RT or share the link. You…
Retweeted by Boomkat.comThe 4th and last in Demdike Stare’s Stitch by Stitch series is now here, this one all unreleased demdike material r… overstate our love for Alex Zhang Hungtai’s Divine Weight - one of the most beautiful releases of the year.… actions from Poland’s Mołr Drammaz, taking in Coil-esque electronic abstraction, free jazz & ambient sound… this new equiknoxx @Equiknoxx_Music Dunn etches his name in the pantheon of doom with ‘Beloved’, his first solo LP following over 400 credits o… infamous recording of crickets slowed down until they resembled a choir of angels - made for tape in the 90s a… of one of the greatest examples of Detroit house at it’s futuristic, avant, and singular best from perennia… Recordings celebrates 20 years in business. Read our review of its anniversary compilation, The Black Book
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Juan Mendez rolls out a killer new Silent Servant LP, arriving some six years after ‘Negative Fascination’ and feat… celebrate, here’s a new video from Klein >>’d be forgiven for misisng Klein’s hyper-limited CC vinyl earlier this year (only 100 copies were made), luckily… Blunt & Delroy Edwards’ Desert Sessions album now in on limited vinyl >> Death Of Rave—one of @FACTmag and @tinymixtapes labels of the year—takes over Bloc on Fri 14 Dec. This is an ab…
Retweeted by Boomkat.comFour limited edition 7"s from Jai & Anup Paul’s Paul Institute label, including a deep pop pearl from Hira, a prope… @RivetAdam sure just email us and we can sort for you
Best of 2018 day 2; a yellow vinyl pressing of Space Afrika’s 'Somewhere Decent To Live'; an excellent set of mutab… Gamble’s 'In A Paraventral Scale’ - the first of a planned Triptych of releases due next year, now available t… are starting our year-end celebration with our FAVORITE LABELS OF 2018 -- all of them once again new additions.…
Retweeted by Boomkat.comChris Carter’s epic 6LP/4CD box set of hard to find + previously unreleased material is out this week, limited edit… @rmccoley @West_Mineral hello, pls email us with your order number and we’ll drop the d/l in your account @underthespire @West_Mineral heyo, just send us an email and we’ll drop the digital in yr account
A seasonally snowy limited run of OUEST099 is available now at @boomkatonline ~be quick~
Retweeted by Boomkat.comFractured 2-step, R&B and pop shrapnel reframed in a hypermodernist style. big tip to fans of Sensational, V/Vm, Mi… now and xmas we’ll be releasing special editions of some of our favourite releases of the year. First up -…
@b_nmrrs lol, haven’t we all @b_nmrrs aye it was “imminent” like 4 yrs ago on soul sherrifcant believe this exists on wax; if you’ve been holding out for that long rumoured CH-BB vinyl pressing or into Lia… @FayeVogely hello, sorry to hear, can you please send an email to orders at so they can loc… thoughts on all this week’s releases in one place…
Ay, t'new PSYCHEDELIC SPIRIT SHOW LP is now available via our fav online muzak emporium @boomkatonline Write-up, pi…
Retweeted by Boomkat.comDemdike on a mad outsider tip; gamelan transitions, timbo>>araabmuzik craziness, ancient harps, bubblegum pop, gara… new LP from Moon Wiring Club; like DJ Screw getting his mitts on Boards of Canada - spooked out with new… & James Ruskin whip out a deadly, unexpected new OVR 12" on Downwards celebrating 20 years of the label with… Truffle present a major new work by Alvin Lucier with the hour long piece, ‘So You… (Hermes, Orpheus, Eurydic… - archival madness from Christoph De Babalon w/previously unreleased ruffneck junglist killers & dark ambi… avant-pop masterpiece from a true musical polymath of our age. Our classic this week, in tribute to Nicolas Roeg… a fine but increasingly hard-to-get-excited-about lineage of 70’s experimental LP's, this stands out a mile- rec…
@TheVinylFactory music and my Appreciation for music & production would never be the same without these Bristol godfathers >> The…
Retweeted by Boomkat.comThis album is killer >> Senyawa stir primordial spirits in the cosmically heavy doom and psych explorations of ‘Suj… pushing out that aoty contender on Nov 28th, the way it should be done… 🤘💣
curious study in the “lost" art of Japanese ghost story-telling and horror folklore, recalling the subtly suggestiv… an git 'em while they last! we probably won't be repressing back catalogue CDs again. xoxox, william
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Much love to @boomkatonline for hosting this special download for us.
Retweeted by Boomkat.compretty much William Basinski’s entire catalogue available again >> @WilliamBasinski @BeatsNarciso 💣The good people @boomkatonline have some of the last FOLIO box sets for you – 5 albums on 4 single + 2 double CDs,…
Retweeted by Boomkat.comDeluxe 8 hour box set collecting patient, deeply absorbing drone and string panoramas from Stephan Mathieu, a huge…’s 'Love's Secret Demise’ - early versions/outakes of 1991’s classic 'Love's Secret Domain’ now available for t…
We have the @boomkatonline show live from MCR HQ for the next 2 hours. Tune in at
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New EP ~~~ artwork collin fletcher foto @LANESTEWART ~~~~ sc bandcamp…
Retweeted by Boomkat.comOut today on PAN - STILL’s killah dancehall riddim pack remixed by Kenya’s Slikback, Príncipe's Nídia, Low Jack, Ke… full Shared Meanings mix is also available on a limited run of 100 tapes >> @mumdance’s epic Shared Meanings comp has spawned a limited 12" feat exclusive new tracks from Mumdance & Logos, Cat… to @boomkatonline for a great review, new @yyyaaawwwsss out today!
Retweeted by Boomkat.comAmala trick is out today on Timedance. Thanks to those who have supporting so far! Got to…
Retweeted by Boomkat.comOur thoughts on all this week’s releases in one place…
@CordsofBeige @keinobjekt It’s not out on vinyl yet, due in a couple of weeksShelter press draw a line under 2018 with a proper headmelter - an unexpected new LP from Stephen O’Malley & Peter…íncipe knock us sideways with this KILLER inversion of Batida, Tarraxo and wavey club zingers from Lisbon’s yung… yx Koyxen at his chimeric best on this new 12” for Diagonal; delivering two jazzy, concrète pieces plus two dan… In Sodom’s killer, cult, gothic Miami club hit of 1990 resurfaces, finally ticked off the wantslist >>… Khin & Ossia return with a new mixtape feat a far-flung haul of music from Bristol to Japan plus avant audits… @frozenreeds ahahahaha @frozenreeds lol as ifyeah autechre are great but give it a rest for a min and listen to Rosalía @rosaliavt Mark Fisher turned high theory and pop into an infectious critique of capitalism, by @paul_rekret
Retweeted by Boomkat.comNot gonna lie, we’ve been obsessed with this record and its Shinro Ohtake’s cover since 1992 when it was released.…, 'Mad Skills' is now available from your friends at @boomkatonline, the perfect holiday gift for the anti-cap…
Retweeted by Boomkat.comFirst time + extended reissue of this no wave diamond recorded in 1980 by the 11 year old daughter of famed concept…
Cult scene-setter 1991 returns to the fray with four heavily worn-out bangers backed by a singed Rezzett remix >>… modern takes on traditional Moroccan music, home-recorded at the feet of the Atlas Mountains with autot… this bangs - the return of Silent servant with the killer ‘Harm In Hand’, the most direct+ hard hitting produ…, properly hypnotic drum machine blinder from 1984 - one of the maddest psychedelic funk reissues you’ll li…
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