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@RealBrysonGray πŸ‘€πŸ‘€We want to see some underrated players so we're inviting a limited few to our $25K #Fortnite Code Red tournament wh…
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@EliteEsports_ @gabefn_ @narwhaalbtw πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ @snaquefn πŸ‘€πŸ‘€ @Dev69025478 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @Unrealiana DuosRetweet contest for underrated players to have a chance of getting into the tournament πŸ‘‡ want to see some underrated players so we're inviting a limited few to our $25K #Fortnite Code Red tournament wh… @TheSommerset πŸ‘€πŸ‘€ @whofishy πŸ‘€πŸ‘€Are you ready? @narwhaalbtw πŸ‘€πŸ‘€ @gabefn_ πŸ‘€πŸ‘€We have another $10,000 #CodeRedLive #AmongUs tournament coming your way! Featuring: @souljaboy @Trainwreckstv… have another announcement for you guys today! 1 hour πŸ‘€ @G2Coop πŸ‘€πŸ‘€ @xoonies πŸ‘€πŸ‘€
Who's ready for some #FORTNITE? We have a $25,000 Fortnite #CodeRedLive tournament coming your way! Featuring som… are all our #Fortnite players at? Asking for a friend πŸ‘€πŸ’Έ PROMOTED: Pick your #sports βš½οΈπŸˆπŸ€ πŸ’Ό Community Manager (Sports Game Focus) 🏒 BoomTV / AVGL | @boomtvesports 🌎 Remo…
Retweeted by BoomTVThis guy rolls up on you and your squad. What do you do?
2021 WE HAVE YOUR $5,000 PROVING GROUNDS #VALORANT CHAMPIONS!! πŸ₯‡πŸ† @NobleGG @menace_val @janglerr @zekkenVAL… with a big double! πŸ”΄ Finals TIME!!! Noble vs EZ5! πŸ”΄ CLUTCHES UP!!!! πŸ”΄ is just criminal..... @LeviathanAG πŸ”΄ IS A MADMAN! πŸ”΄'s your sens, @nannerszx? πŸ”΄ needs to get signed ASAP πŸ”΄ with a NICE 1v3 clutch! πŸ”΄ with a nice 2v1! πŸ”΄ is my MVP. HOLY! πŸ”΄ with a solid 2 piece! πŸ”΄ holds strong in the pistol! πŸ”΄ IS GOING OFF! πŸ”΄ is a MONSTER! πŸ”΄ is the master of the flank! πŸ”΄ A CLUTCH! πŸ”΄ through the smoke without a single care! πŸ”΄ flank isn't happening on Jerk's watch! πŸ”΄ double kill for Paranoid πŸ”΄
Precision + Classic = BRRRRRRRRRRRRRR πŸ”΄ sick 3k! THERE ARE SO MANY!!! πŸ”΄ 3k flank by Zekken πŸ”΄ JUDGE AGAIN!!! πŸ”΄ OP? πŸ”΄ with a clean retake! πŸ”΄ with a crucial 2k hold! πŸ”΄ with a SICK 3k! This guy is CRACKED! πŸ”΄ with a NASTY 4k! 😱 πŸ”΄'s Fury OP? πŸ”΄ are my ODIN DREAMERS at? πŸ”΄ would just uninstall if this happened to me 🀣 πŸ”΄ ult from NOVA! πŸ”΄ VAC VAC VAC πŸ”΄ with the clutch! πŸ”΄ with a 1v2 retake! EZ! πŸ”΄ with a crucial 3k! πŸ”΄ 4k from @b0ssyCS! πŸ”΄'s time for some #Valorant! Get in here: was #Warzone; today is #Valorant! Our $5,000 Proving Grounds Valorant tournament starts at 1pm PT / 4pm… to our $5,000 #Warzone Proving Grounds Top 3! πŸ₯‡Kjanteeh & mimque πŸ₯ˆQwizzy & NOBEASTnoir πŸ₯‰β€¦ are validating scores and reviewing stats for the Top 5 of tonights $5,000 Proving Grounds #Warzone tournament… is still frying! πŸ”΄ RIP @TBE_Newbzz πŸ”΄
HOW? HOW? HOW? HOW? @Tommey πŸ”΄, this is just disgusting. @Tommey, give them a chance, will ya? πŸ”΄ @Almxnd_ in 2021 LUL πŸ”΄ clutches up in a tough 1v2! πŸ”΄ and @Almxnd_ secure the W! πŸ”΄ and clear like a pro @gigxrr πŸ”΄ tearing through more teams with ease! πŸ”΄ team wipe for @TBE_Newbzz πŸ”΄ with the sneaky plays πŸ”΄ is @TBE_Newbzz Jason Bourne? πŸ”΄ is playing out of his mind today! He wants the BAG πŸ’° πŸ”΄ with another nasty 2k! πŸ”΄ and co. can't be stopped! πŸ”΄ it look easy. @Flxnked has been SLAYING! πŸ”΄ just keeps slapping these lobbies around. WHAT A KING πŸ‘‘ πŸ”΄ is feeling it today! πŸ”΄ vs. Bertha πŸ”΄ and @Tommey off to a strong start in the Proving Grounds $5k! πŸ”΄$5,000 #Warzone action is LIVE!$5000 @boomtvesports Proving grounds w/@Flxnked
Retweeted by BoomTVI’m Live early today! @boomtvesports Warzone $5,000 tournament! Come by and show some support for my first tourney!…
Retweeted by BoomTV$500 #SmashUltimate tournament today at 3pm PT / 6pm ET! Sign up now before it fills up:'t forget that our $5,000 Proving Grounds #Warzone main event is today at 1pm PT / 4 pm ET! See you in the stre… Once again entering the @boomtvesports weekly this week for stream! We are getting more…
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I've come to terms with it.... you a talented creator/designer in gaming and esports? @msiUSA is hosting the MSI Creator Awards, which seeks… have an opening at @boomtvesports if you're interested in sports games, live on @HitmarkerJobs!
Retweeted by BoomTVRemember that $5,000 Proving Grounds #Warzone main event that we postponed last week? The new date will be tomorro…