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Carpe DM @booo_rad Checking for Cavities,NYC

♌️☉ ♋️ ☾♌️⇡ Non binary bipolar homo |they/he/she|. Dental. Public Health. Raison d'être 🇭🇹🏳️‍🌈

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Nobody’s masc when the roach starts flying .... everybody’s a Dom top when ponyboy is playing
Retweeted by Carpe DM @KweenKy_ What song are they talking about I’m genuinely asking. @theestallion $radleyjs #GOODNEWSMEGAN @theestallion $radleyjs help pleaseChloe x Halle should have way more nominations. That's all I'm going to say.💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 @coolado_ A neurologist performed a couple of tests. An EEG, which is like a brain scan. And a blood test because i… @coolado_ I kept a pillow in my car. If it happens at work, I’d tell HR and have it filed as a disability so you d… and Gomorrah
Retweeted by Carpe DM @lab_shenanigans This brings bad memories. Many bad memories. Annealing temperature??? @with_practice Evernoteee @coolado_ Put it on your medical ID on your iPhone. People can mistake an attack for something else in a public pla… @chrilliamsX @with_practice They’re all pidgin languages with French roots. Similar to Portuguese and Spanish and Tagalog @chrilliamsX @with_practice St lucians speak a different creole too @coolado_ Hey I’ve been dx’d with narcolepsy for about ten years now. Lmk if you have questions about it. @TheSharok @BruceBeckhamXXX Someone is MAD @with_practice I used to use scissors when the buzzer began to get a little too wild. Takes time but more natural to the eye. @with_practice Spend a month in my hood. Lol.Me leaving the coffee shop after blowing their toilet up
Retweeted by Carpe DM @sagistarbb Somedays-Regina Spektor Throwback-Usher @Bwandoo @sagistarbb Me and my brothers have our sun in 1H and you called us all out.So far it looks like nobody’s enjoying sag season. Chuh.Today’s card. Everything & everyone is always changing, that’s the law here. And there is always a large portion of…
Retweeted by Carpe DMthat’s just paramore
Retweeted by Carpe DM @unbthered I cackled. @himjeremyobrian Share me a script!! @dslubes @radicalcoolkid We remember @radicalcoolkid Shower cap. @radicalcoolkid NOT THIS GIF. @karameelahs Remind me in the morning @BruceBeckhamXXX Who do you want to film a scene with @radicalcoolkid You know what I voted for @himjeremyobrian Bye @th3saddestangel I don’t need no friends I got assHow are you? Me: the boiling point of compounds is defined as the vapor pressure exceeding the atmospheric pressur…
@radicalcoolkid I was about to say ummm. P*ss had the same evolution as feet. “Gross....unless...”Jupiter placements vs using the word exactly @himjeremyobrian Drop the chart @mcarlovincent Me trying to take a selfie and forgetting to look directly at the camera @karameelahs Just a little bit by destra started playing in my head help. This pandemic is making me want to go to a straight club. @karameelahs I’d my s/o were to say they’re going out, I wouldn’t be mad seeing that. You’re having fun (but coming home to me) @frankenfemme_ Oh. DAMN. @frankenfemme_ @shady_rican Heat and chemical straightening? No. @frankenfemme_ @shady_rican No they leave it in like a hot oil treatment. Dominican salons that have circle fans i… reeeeeally don’t like wearing tees during the day or out in public. @frankenfemme_ WHATS THAT SMELL?! PLEAAASSSEEEEEE @karameelahs @highlighter144 Bye sweeties
You guys remember when SpongeBob exposed the American healthcare system?
Retweeted by Carpe DMwhy is this cow so SICK
Retweeted by Carpe DMYou know. Last night my future father in law was like “I know you’re different(gay or something) but every time I… @beejangles I just take clothes from my brothers clothing like (: @VincePDX Husband material @ghostpoisontype I ain’t saying nothin, KyleWtf did they put in this daylight savings??? NyQuil????
Retweeted by Carpe DMI’m gonna be a guncle in a couple of years this gonna be great.a short story.
Retweeted by Carpe DMMy brothers and I have a very similar natal chart. Both Leo sun/ rising but their moon is opposition mine in cap. T… @Bwandoo Oh shit they took my kidney @ghostpoisontype Exactly.One late night after a party, I’m on an empty car on the Q. At a stop, this homeless guy looks at me and says I sho… exhibitionist was j/o sprawled out on the back of the 41 I go to Brazil and get plastic surgery. I didn’t.Ariana: “F*GGOTS LET ME HEAR YOU MAKE SOME NOISE” Me:
Retweeted by Carpe DM @l1berace Me @charles_jensen Then they’re trying to tell you something
Retweeted by Carpe DMMy brother proposed. Oh this is so cute.My straight crushes gf has lipstick on her teeth but will I say anything? it when guys are like “it’s a quarter till 3” . just say 2:75 like the rest of us. psycho
Retweeted by Carpe DMDid what had to be done @beejangles @th3saddestangel Imagine choking on biscuit during thanksgiving @Glamazon1026 Prouda you
@yunghermoso Mania. @yunghermoso Played for 20+ years @radicalcoolkid No she’s in a feature with Miley. I was trying to come up w her name and eucalyptus was the first thing that came outI really called dual loop eucalyptus. Help.Going hard on today’s arm workout 💪🏾💪🏾 (Wash day) @Glamazon1026 If you got money for someone else to do it then stay in bed 🌝🌝 @yunghermoso I’ve played Zelda and you almost got me in the first half ngl (: @W7FJXR63 MY KING @Glamazon1026 If you don’t get your ass up @Glamazon1026 Same here.Being fetishized and lusted for is not the same thing as being loved.
Retweeted by Carpe DMMegan putting the contacts of everybody involved in the Body video is true Aquarian behavior. Real hot girl shit @hunnyyed I— neglected a purple sweet potato and now it just wants to be an axolotl @jessemccloudxxx Added to bucket list ✔️ @jessemccloudxxx Yes he’s borrowing till i come to Cali @jessemccloudxxx LOL I hate both of y’all @jessemccloudxxx Not for nothing but we have the same glasses @ShawnZGatlin @Saints You are BOLDWished Niecy Nash was in the Body vid
@yunghermoso I ended up doing it and felt GREAT afterwards. It’s self care @swagmage420 Betty @KweenKy_ Yes. @CharsTreehouse @PTSD_papi HEY! @DashaunWesley Billy got a PhD. Blue ranger got a pass. Idk about the other folk. 🤷🏾‍♂️Amazing—ODYODYODYODYODYODY
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