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monica himbeau @booo_rad Checking for Cavities,NYC

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@rayliur Me learning English: I know damn well there wasn’t a black person involved in this. I personally find English a racist language
I might grab the love of one person, but it’s easier to grab the love of thousands ✨✨✨ @Glamallama94 That thot walk @samdiisesa OH MY GOD @Nicosaesthetic DAMN RIGHT If doesn’t sound like this I don’t want it @Nicosaesthetic But let’s talk about any tops who don’t moan. @diettrade Redirect the package with the tracking number. Or tell them to place on hold for pickup.Black men Please use an AHA/BHA peel or a sulfur mask after shaving. Greatly reduces the chance of ingrowns and th… @mcarlovincent @diettrade I’m not responding to that. @mcarlovincent @diettrade Out of context I was like wtfYou see how purple is a top tier color? Lovely. @reizzla LOOK AT YOU GO BE GREAT. IN YOUR LAVENDEROne of the best worlds in the series, the design of this world is top tier and it has the best world theme of KH1
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Retweeted by monica himbeau @RahulKohli13 @donttrythis Marry me?This dropped and nothing was ever the same
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@velvetcaviiar AHHHHHHHHH @ursularising @RoyaBacklund YEAH. I still need more @RoyaBacklund @ursularising WHAT PLEASE EXPLAIN @Boomer_Banks TIREDDDDDD LMFAO. Can’t we just make a truce?Rescue only black women. it does a better job than that pink seizure vibrator. @BuffyHoeminoff @petworthot GASP @MannyDye All cheeked up in the middle of the afternoonit’s dangerous to go alone, take this
Retweeted by monica himbeauHEY. HI. YOU THERE. YES YOU. YOU ARE *NOT* FULLY VACCINATED UNTIL 3-4 WEEKS HAS PASSED AFTER THE SECOND SHOT. T… @karameelahs We can start with that. Dm me. @karameelahs You send me his chart as soon as you get it. You hear me? @diettrade Leggo @Nicosaesthetic Darren Criss put his foot in this one. @MayceVassago @diettrade “Thank you’s” “you can do this” , resources that’ll help them grow career wise is what the… @MayceVassago @diettrade They have a full plan of what they want they’re life to be, and breaks down when it doesn’… @MayceVassago @diettrade ... and forget about themselves in the meantime. They’re what I call calm arguers. They h… @MayceVassago @diettrade Aight. Well reminder that your moon sign is in relation to emotion. Virgo moons are VERY… @diettrade @MayceVassago Agairjtnfjwkaxnd Do you want to hear nice words or the full truth?A group of womanizers are in jeopardy because one has fallen for a woman. Their hideout gets set on fire, blaming a… @MayceVassago @diettrade I’m narcoleptic. I’m always tired. What am I actually answering? Lol. @himbo_anonymous Yeah. Unfortunately this is esoteric I’m commenting on everyone on sight @diettrade @MayceVassago What y’all want @himbo_anonymous Has it been 3 weeks since the second shot?“I don’t get along with women my age because they’ve discovered their self worth so I’m gonna find one that I can c…’s saying. People his age is stuck in their ways. Didn’t that include him. Predator.Isn’t this manipulative grooming? Mmmmmm. Straight men are trash @ghostpoisontype .....oh my god. @petworthot I ain’t gonna argue with that. I Just Want it To be Over Horns Vocals Lyrics She is the moment SHE DRAG HIM LMAOOOOOO
Retweeted by monica himbeauCrying over Holy Mary ft Nicki Minaj ROMAN @petworthot That’s like every week with you
@southbayhottie Wait 🕳 first?Dwayne Johnson, John cena, Channing Tatum, Enrique Iglesias, Taeyang, Jamie dornan. All just serve b o d y @southbayhottie Pisces. Jesus.It’s Henry cavils bday? Why do all Taurus placements have « that » body is truly a real one. @yurii_p12 Hmmm hmmmmm hmmmmmMy Virgo is in Venus. Never. I could spend a decade with you and it’s not happening unless you accidentally walk i… @generika_xo In bk we call them chinstraps @InFeRn0AnT They’re changing the software of it to make it more safeEstou morrendo
Retweeted by monica himbeau @himbo_anonymous That's why Pisces is opposition. Pisces love semantics, but Virgo is EXACT. Pisces are dreamers… @beejangles is chaotic on the internet, but he made sure I was okay during my grieving last year, despite being mil… heard its one of my favorite Taurus’ birthday. Happy birthday @beejangles @triplevirghoe I saw your ig story and My jaw still on the floor. I hate you. @freenegreaux Can someone escort jailbait off the premises? Thank you 💕 @freenegreaux Yup. I said what I said @karameelahs Jokes. @freenegreaux Yeah I think if you skin shaved, I wouldn’t let you in an R movie. @MayceVassago IKTR!! @ChefJonKung 3 avocados!! Maybe kombucha on the sideNo more stimmy and gas going up You’d think after the disaster 45 has done, Dems would actually sack up and help.…’s giving Real Housewives of Nazareth
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@Nicosaesthetic ASIDE I REALLY THINK ITS THEM LMAO @Nicosaesthetic YOU CHOSE CHAOS THE DAY MERCURY GOES GEMINI.JUST REMEMBER ME WHENNNN WE USED TO BE FRIENDS A LONG TIME AGO @mcarlovincent Me ordering too much food for my man to watch me get slappedCuomo is really lifting restrictions on a state that had 2 million positive cases and over 50,000 deaths to try and… @Glamallama94 🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹Aye it’s too early😭😭😭😭
Retweeted by monica himbeaui think black positive parenting creators are so cool
Retweeted by monica himbeau @JoeyDiji Sis had her hand in her pocket!!!!OMG...
Retweeted by monica himbeauDamn straight. In 1st grade someone put pencil lead in my ear and it needed to be vacuumed out. Alexandra if you’r… @yunghermoso @boringwhitedad Conversion camp.martha was really excited to put her bed into the new house (viralhog)
Retweeted by monica himbeau @petworthot Where’s the nearest conversion therapy place near you?Good Morning to everyone except this song is NYC “back?” back from what? over 50,000 New Yorkers have died. this nyc is back narrative is so disturbing and ignores reality
Retweeted by monica himbeau @petworthot Oh gays don’t deserve rights That was too much💰TAKE💰 MY💰 MONEY💰
Retweeted by monica himbeau @CrystalMethyd @monetxchange No my god.Like how DUMB do you have to be to think that anal sex is a relation to ones sexuality @TheJessieWoo ?? Jokes or no… @observhaitian I wishI’m tired of hags that say shit like this. Like why mitigate sexuality? “I have a butt too” Give me a breakY’all see how gross this actually is???? @Glamazon1026 Yeah if you listen to wrong person.
@Glamazon1026 Do what? @Glamazon1026 Mm.Oh wow. I’m blown. Even on live. @Nettaaaaaaaa I HATE THAT YOU SAID THAT BECAUSE I GASPED READING IT AGAIN @Nettaaaaaaaa THAT DAY WAS SO CHAOTIC NO NO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO