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I still need help with getting out of my situation. So, continue to donate and share. Also *comment below for the a…
Retweeted by Bro @yungbabytate BREE @dallasdpoole YESthis isnt a funny meme i just love good form I BE THE BADDIE B
Retweeted by Broposting this again asking if you all could please circulate and donate. btw thank you for getting me to 25% of my g…
Retweeted by Bro @greetinghimeros YO @GeminiiMakeUp thank you :)can we stop listening to literal minors on twitter as the authority on all things social justice and accept that mo…
Retweeted by Bro @samartinezjr LMAOOO @booorgan finally popped up on my FYP, Thank you kindly. Ima go do some squats now
Retweeted by Brogood morning :) @byr420n im cryinggg @Remdelarem it is THE moment! @garden0fweedn i love youuuu @MikeCam thank you :) @isaiahfavela_ not yet!! @greetinghimeros ily :) @banditkabaii thank you sm lovey 🥺💗💗 @Killing_Beauty that sounds so cute!! @slimshadycher as you should! @truesuckah I LOVE @MelvinK_YT LMAOO @fauxgabe HAVE YOUdog days by florence and the machine has aged like fine wine @animetwunk youre testing me anime twunk @th3mb0fication 😗 @Chauncerobinson TWIN WITH ME @tenorwon LMAO you deserve it @FERAUDPORCELAIN its everything!! @demisaysstuff i LOVE when you like my tiktoks @rebrxnding OMG @jonruizmota @cashmeretote @ohitzcancelled @hasanthehun @henrygolding OMGToo many to name! But some favs 😂 Internet himbo - @booorgan Fitness himbo - @ohitzcancelled Industry himbo -…
Retweeted by Bro @Ryanokeef3 YESdepop scamming daughter or mall interviews for youtube son
Retweeted by Brothose coffeeshops on tiktok where the girls work in their bikinis? yeah i wanna work in the ~male~ equivalent @Waylan my finger ?
love this feature. no weirdos. just besties 💗 @anteuzi asos! @N0TASH4 ☺️💞 @svitelheinabae my wife @hexshawty no no im in love with you @nilayxcx thats YOU @ULTRASLUT i love YOU @byr420n omggg thank you lovey 🥺💗 @exhausted_boi i am in class @byr420n LMAO some random street store in gatlinburg tennesseeserving 🐸 and body my button, my button again 🤑 @breerunway
Retweeted by Bro @BroughtonTalon @jstnorlando @devn95 LMAOOO @mlsprhr @BroughtonTalon @jstnorlando @devn95 i’ll look into itthis just transported me to like 2015 tumblr @jstnorlando @devn95 @BroughtonTalon theyre moshengqi on Amazon! @rjnjsi @devn95 @BroughtonTalon LOL moshengqi on Amazon @MelvinK_YT thank you :) @brodonkadonk also like thats clearly not what im looking forwhere do i get a cute skirt from? ive wanted one for a minute but im mortified of getting clocked like c*nan gr*y @sacredrelapse_ this is literally vilethinking about how we missed out on a chloe x halle tour because of the pandemic y’all not find it weird that ur trying to tell someone they shouldn’t find themselves that attractive ? U don’t…
Retweeted by BroIt costs $0.00 to RT and help spread my work ❤️
Retweeted by BroMore signs house robbers/human traffickers use to target homes, beware people ❤️
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@byr420n im so sorry lovey, i hope you’re okay :( @joeee1993 i believe in you lovey!!this photo oh Hunter didn’t deserve to stay in the confines of my camera roll
Retweeted by Brotw//transphobia and abuse . ‼️Im a transwoman of color living in a transphobic country & also in a transphobic abus…
Retweeted by Bro @WrittenByDavid WHAT IS THATHaving a platform doesn’t suddenly make me a spokesperson for positivity and ~peace&love~....I’m not obligated to b…
Retweeted by Bro @william1bowery3 LMAO @missgabby28 good morning lovey 💗 @wjshak14 oh wow @wysred thank you 🥺 @internetdad69 thank you!! @animetwunk .... @exhausted_boi i can tonighti love the new wave of kink shamimg @gothjafar doll szn reloaded
can y’all circulate this please i want my mlk reparations, help a black trans girl out so i can literally just surv…
Retweeted by Bromy results for this were darksided to say the least* URGENT * hi y’all. i’m a transgender woman who’s struggling to for pay rent, bills, food, and basic necessities.…
Retweeted by Brobree runway is the next up ! 💸
Retweeted by Bro @slcsadgirl im soso obsessed with mine
Worked on these sketches of @booorgan to get in some practice so thought I’d post.
Retweeted by Bro @sketchbook_boy oh my gosh thank you!! i love it :)PSA
Retweeted by Bro @MarcSebastianF no like i know it’s definitely fine just such a weirdo move
hi my job is giving me an unlivable amount of hours/wages n my living situation is still very unstable which scares…
Retweeted by Bro @rossleonardy THANK YOU @rossleonardy THANK YOUdoes anyone have the video of that gay singing 911 really bad @_GarrettG_ im dead @agitatedseaweed no actually @Ruudess @animetwunk i wasnt paid though @animetwunk i mean im positive the fcc has better things to do than to pursue this but still just crazy of them lmao @theIookofdanger hate that for me @OWENDZ NO @animetwunk however it was also unpaid so like ? @animetwunk i posted a video for non-nicotine juuls to help you quit and i tagged them but ive never done an add li…