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Hi I'm Jess and I draw cute things. (she/her)

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@shelbycragg I still have one of mine from middle school that's been retired to cut up sleep tank top and it's so o… @JamminGames It really did, it's nice to be able to actually drink caffeine now and not feel like I'm going to just explode tooYou can still get one here for a bit!
Retweeted by 🌱Jess Boooworth🌱New pins are here!!!! Still waiting on backing cards but they’re coming soon!!
Retweeted by 🌱Jess Boooworth🌱 @Umpunchy tell them I love them...................Some days it feels like my head is full of stuffing and every single thing about work feels overwhelming and hard a… feels kinda bad knowing how much easier this would have been if I never went off my medication a few years ago,… freelance while having ADHD is ROUGH. I've found what works best for me to "get in the zone" but even then so…'m working on such a fun project right now I can't want to be able to share it!! Apologies on the lack of art I am… @nucheki I'm a big bully and made one of my friends watch it on her birthday one year omg it's ROUGHAll zine emails should be sent out! Let us know if you didn't get yours!
Retweeted by 🌱Jess Boooworth🌱 @loremjay Omg now that I have new good knives I'm excited to make stuffed acorn squash and spaghetti squash 👀👀👀Hey friends! Shelby here! I am...very bad at discord and of you're trying to get on the discord now the link we ema…
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They came out so good!! Gamers
Retweeted by 🌱Jess Boooworth🌱 @funifetti AAAAAAHHHHHHH @AmandaLafrenais I had my aunt's bfs dog bite the bridge of my nose when I was 2 and the scar is just a small dent… @AlexZiebart When I was working in a deli a few customers expected me to know the sodium content of all the meats we sold like... Excuse me
@docvalentine BobbiesPlease keep making things! Keep learning and growing! Where ever you are with your art, it's okay! Your voice and y…
Retweeted by 🌱Jess Boooworth🌱Learning to handle rejection as an artist is a huge, super important skill to learn. But you have to learn it the h…
Retweeted by 🌱Jess Boooworth🌱It's not personal, I swear. We got over 150 applications, more than we ever thought we'd get for a project we decid…
Retweeted by 🌱Jess Boooworth🌱I know how hard it is to get rejected as an artist. It SUCKS big time. And it's hard not for it to feel incredibly…
Retweeted by 🌱Jess Boooworth🌱I sincerely hope that those who didn't get accepted into the zine know that their art is wanted, it's meaningful an…
Retweeted by 🌱Jess Boooworth🌱 @hamishsteele I'm always amazed how da kinda....... died? I sometimes hop in the chats since working from home is l… @jessizabarsky 👀👀👀 that's a FANTASTIC idea @jessizabarsky Oh no i didn't know goat cheese ice cream was a thing I have to get my grubby hands on some
Just a heads up I'm going to be closed for commissions until probably late September!! @TheBlackNerd BABY @TheBlackNerd That sounds really unpleasant also he has eyes now @TheBlackNerd Oh my god he's nakedI wish the pencil on my phone shaded better anyway here's a sketch
Retweeted by 🌱Jess Boooworth🌱welcome to my twitter world 🌻patreon: 🌷website: 🍎buy my book!…
Retweeted by 🌱Jess Boooworth🌱more cute CGs from hamtaro rainbow rescue ☺️☺️☺️
Retweeted by 🌱Jess Boooworth🌱 @Umpunchy I've been trying to take a pic of mine every morning lately because it's really growing like a quarter in… @brigidkeely Thank you!! ❤️ @Umpunchy Same I just planted these on Monday!!! Mint is nuts👀
Retweeted by 🌱Jess Boooworth🌱People shit on the Midwest a lot but nothing is better than your waitress noticing you're crying at dinner and offe…👀
hamtaro sketch was going for a charm at first but now its a big drawing gonna be a print at this rate
Retweeted by 🌱Jess Boooworth🌱 @shelbobergen Mail it to meThis was meant for private twitter but I guess u can have itMy brain today a drink and drew Paul Petscop
Retweeted by 🌱Jess Boooworth🌱 @chelbizzaro The nice Rachel Ray set :( we still have time to exchange it, it just feels really bad theyre so niceIt's making me feel bad it happened after one use!!!My new pan already has a big scratch in it 😔 we can still exchange it at least
@appleciderwitch I'm so mad it became legal in Michigan right after I moved and same with IL I'm just carrying a curse of some kind I think @ColinCake64 😔i tried redesigning this guy for fun based on my current drawing tropes
Retweeted by 🌱Jess Boooworth🌱 @ColinCake64 I want to make a joke about how it went from your height to mine but I can't think of one sbjskams @appleciderwitch They are!! I think I had mine just because yesterday at like 9 they were ringing doorbells and com… @appleciderwitch I had a doorbell dream this morning too??? Scared the shit out of meCrushing news from the Ninth Circuit: the illegal, dangerous, and unethical Title X gag rule can go into effect acr…
Retweeted by 🌱Jess Boooworth🌱 @sacaitlin Oooo I'll check them out, thank you!! @72ptWingdings Omfg @Umpunchy @shelbobergen I'll volunteer if I must. It's what friends do @Umpunchy @shelbobergen You have to eat the pearls like ur a horse eating out of someone's handsThis came out so good I love cooking
@shelbobergen Hours later u finally get to share with the class @72ptWingdings What did u do @c0uls0nn Thanks!! @shelbobergen 👀👀👀👀 @joobarf The one I had burnt the shit out of my thighs bc it would overheat so bad✨🍑 Do you own ita bags? I have a Gladnoct themed ita bag. . ⚠️For the tools I use check my story highlights in the…
Retweeted by 🌱Jess Boooworth🌱Someone plz get me one of those "women love me, fish fear me" hats to complete this look
@starboots_ There aren't ceiling fans so I have the 2 tower fans we own right on us and it's not making a difference omg love summer @starboots_ Our bedroom is currently 80° that sounds so good @eyeofmikhael My friend actually got lucky and found it at Goodwill for me!It's v good shirt goofin 🐟 saying that it's pretty rude to apply to a zine about fat bodies with your fat fetish work especially when the…
Retweeted by 🌱Jess Boooworth🌱I went god damn feral I was so mad omg stay the hell away from me @shelbobergen Me looking at their application nope, I don't care if you have fat fetish art AND art that isn't very fetishy of fat bodies, it's still what yo…
Retweeted by 🌱Jess Boooworth🌱 @Zeke_Heart it is!!! AJ has his in the living room so we can stream to the tv easuer and it takes up around half th… @TheBlackNerd also those glasses are 💯💯💯💯🔥🔥 v cute @TheBlackNerd they're so good about exchanges god mine had faulty loose hinges and despite it being like 6 months l… @chelbizzaro @whimsipop you are too! god! damn! pretty!!!!! @LindsayPB I should hopefully get paid end of September for the big job I'm doing (babies first big NDA job :,3c) s… @LindsayPB that makes sense. I remember a friend mentioning that was a problem when they were troubleshooting why i… @LindsayPB Ok! I'm not sure if it is, but I don't really have any other issues at all with it besides the fact it c… @Zeke_Heart I would but my apartment doesn't have a good space for it since it's not very big :s I like having a la… fact that I'm an old lady with technology doesn't helpI would love to try to stream art again. The last few time I was only able to go for like....... 30 minutes before my whole thing froze @LindsayPB ok, is there a specific section you need to look at? @LindsayPB I think I do have 16gb right now since aj got me new sticks?? (i dont know anything about computers) a f… am... Stressing out a bit about it freezing/crashing ps so often lmao @LindsayPB Mostly art. Like Photoshop and listening to music. I currently have a Lenovo G70-80 and I like it! But i…!! Looks like I might be needing to upgrade my laptop in the next few months and was hoping people would have re…'s her day!!!!💙🎀
Retweeted by 🌱Jess Boooworth🌱The switch lite is! So! Cute! If I didn't already have one I would def go for it. I never play docked or remove the…🌻 u culda had a bad bitch non commituwu hewped u with ur caweew just a widdle 🌻 \ (🌸 u w u) /
Retweeted by 🌱Jess Boooworth🌱 @whimsipop That's the ideal tbh. I've put off getting crop tops bc so many are fitted. I have ONE loose one in high… @whimsipop 👀 I am blessed in the chest, I like the loose fit of it toowomen love the snub, jerry!
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My patreon page is live! It'll be used for exclusive behind the scenes WIPS (photos/time lapse video/animated gif…
Retweeted by 🌱Jess Boooworth🌱 @Izaart oooo do you think you'll be willing to do one in a few months?? I'm doing a job that isn't paid until it's…