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Retweeted by booI truly don't even care what the plot is.
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Hardly the biggest news given what’s going on in the world today, But after 31 years of working in TV, this is my…
Retweeted by boo @reizzla Lmaooo @luisabuteraa 😔 I’m sick of uncultured ppl @JayJurden There’s no letters N and O 🥰 @reizzla Listening rn in celebration even tho it means nothing bc there’s only a week left loltrump got impeached not once but’s official: President Trump has now become the first president impeached twice. The House vote count has now p…
Retweeted by boohi friends !! im a surrealist photographer/editor who loves the sky & the sea ✨ #PortfolioDay
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"We weren’t ‘five Black men in ski masks armed.’ We met to discuss a film production and ended up in the back of an…
Retweeted by boo @KarateSkool the way congress needs to ban him next...Whoa. ⁦@Forbes⁩ chief content officer warns against hiring ⁦@kayleighmcenany⁩ ⁦or other prominent Trump flacks: “Hi…
Retweeted by boo @PopCrave so we can still request him on venmo?.
Retweeted by boo @bobakiIIer Choosing violence ok I seeoomf said they miss me but we’ve never met irl before @garbagelibra Geniussome responses ive drafted “ur welcome” “yum” “¯\_(ツ)_/¯” “Oink oink pay up piggy Venmo: abeyoo” “that’s not really relevant to me” @tvrisq been watching anything good? And it’s uh ****truly truly...wut do y’all say to someone when they text u “i miss u” but u don’t know them like that... bc ive bee… @tvrisq Idk like I’ve been feeling funky hbu. @tvrisq Sorry I’m late I’m good hbuHis name is Aaron Mostofsky. His dad is Brooklyn Supreme Court Judge.
Retweeted by booSomething this article notes but the tweet does not: All of those losses are among Black and Latina women. White wo…
Retweeted by boo @DCHomosIntern One of my presidents but I just saw someone made the same joke :/so u agree? u think trans people should be treated in hospitals for gender affirmation surgery? 🤗
@thenudequeen today????It’s cowardly to resign in lieu of your moral responsibility to invoke the 25th Amendment. You're trying to save f…
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the word “privilege” often caters to white ppl trying to feel comforted when they experience white guilt. moving pa…
Retweeted by booThis would not crack the top 50 darkest days in US history
Retweeted by booInbox: The NAACP is calling for the immediate Impeachment of President Donald Trump for his attempted coup on the United States of America.
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Retweeted by boo @jaesyun @weeeelson it’s still up on TikTok I’m so confused @RomeosTimon Virtue signaling Ik he doesn’t care @RomeosTimon I’m blocked what does it saywell here we are once again 2020 pt2 way they’re treating these terrorists like they’re rowdy middle schoolers on a field trip at the capitol wh*te people test the limit of their privilege to see how much they can get away with and today’s no exceptionThe capital preparing for today’s riot
Retweeted by booThe incredible show of force that we saw in DC this summer... Where is it? That was nowhere near what we are seeing…
Retweeted by booThis is what DC looked like during the Black Lives Matter protests after George Floyd’s death, by the way.
Retweeted by boocome again? Y’all had the NATIONAL GUARD and the ARMY posted up for BLM protestors but Proud Boys were able to BREA…
Retweeted by booBREAKING: A source tells me The Defense Department has just denied a request by DC officials to deploy the National Guard to the US Capitol.
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If you’re surprised that no charges will be brought against the police officer who shot and paralyzed Jacob Blake,…
Retweeted by boo @poorlildarkbxy @NylonMag Congrats!!!
.@AwardsCircuit predicts the best actor nominees at the #Oscars: - Chadwick Boseman, #MaRaineysBlackBottom - An…
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Men will literally live in a moving castle and transform into a giant bird instead of going to therapy
Retweeted by boo @CoriBush Congratulations and thank u for being such an inspiration ♥️ @Xevsymeedrome @heyyitsjanea @weiweiwrites White soldiers were still resentful of racial integration in the militar…
Retweeted by booWhy is the New York Post okay outing a sex worker (google it) but not Miya Ponsetto the woman who falsely accused a…
Retweeted by boo"no" means "no", but so does:
Retweeted by boo @DEM0NADE Breathe pls @ItsYaGirlAniyah Thank you ❤️😔 @luvkailiang 😔😔❤️ @KNJWlSHLIST ♥️♥️ @supitsmarc09 Dua lapeep @zecupre Took me hoursss pls no @blackisms Wow ily @jakelubb ❤️
@stalle0n BoostinggggI’m practically halfway to my goal for my transition fund! ♥️ I’m AMAZED at all the love and support, it means the…
Retweeted by boo @Anania00 Lmaooo ily happy new year b
@reizzla ❤️❤️❤️ @princepeasIey Thank youuu happy new yearrr @sinamonchild Happy@new year!! @seunhere Heheheh ily happy new year!!! @itschrisvvoo 🥲🥲🥲happy new year b @tyler_cov Happy new year love!! @theejayy Sadly yes sorry b @PablonceJ Hehehee happy new yearrrr @slutCFO Happy new yearrrrr @blackisms Happy new year bb!! @AdrianXpression Happy new year oomfie @xndysiri Yesss that’s where I based the jacket off of @stalle0n Happy new year!lunar new year is not for another month but happy year of the ox
if u sit on park benches and then lay in ur bed with the same pants on, u can kindly stfu bc ur opinion doesn’t matter @BQDreamz Sadly there are no tables to wait during covid so no I’m still an actor 🤗 @tvrisq “ if ur not gonna pass the check then pls pass away “i am not but thank you!
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@blackcat828283 @Alexx_Cain i can just act and pretend im making bank :) @youbettaslaysis suddenly loving my passion doesnt seem to be enough...made a beautifully fabricated story and called it a wong kar liemy friend just got offered a position as a software engineer at tesla right out of college and i am... an actor. CANNOT be “cleared” for a gathering by a negative COVID test 1) Might be too early in course to detect virus…
Retweeted by boocinephile opening a laundromat business
Retweeted by boo @_Cactus_Roses_ @kimchienby full stop @GUCClJESUS im glad i confirmed this for u <3 @kimchienby @seunhere i already cracked It once cant let that happen again :/ @jeremehhhyyy Methinks I’ll delete it in the morning @ultrasadguy I love this meme I just booked marked it @DCHomosIntern Probably getting covered up with settlements @Todoraiji I got my costume planned soooo yes we can post together