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English, wordish, girlish, nerdish. 💜🐘🌱 she/they. Does something resembling poetry at @IdleScriber.

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@JamesHunt @DaynaEMCraig JAMOTHY @likesohushhush I get my giggles where I can 😁 @JamesHunt @DaynaEMCraig fkin *dying* @JamesHunt @DaynaEMCraig ok James, what is the normal amount to like feet?"I like feet a normal amount!" - @JamesHunt @itsdaneesaur cuuuupCAKEScursed @itsdaneesaur oh my GOSH. i need several😺✏ — egregiously stupid ones in 4dx, or ones I can ignore 80% of in the Everyman cinema, or... yknow what? cinema t… I mean I don't know. we can't know. BUTCH WHAT WERE YOU LIKEAnna Engle I need your life story @Wangleberry there is an arse trumpeter! this is incrediblestrong agree. ought to go without saying, but it very obviously needs to be heard. loudly. clearly. @mattround you're damn good at what you do! x @jamesdraper @DaynaEMCraig I'm so proud! I'd like to thank the academy @EdTanguy I like it! I'm hoping it means I'll age well, potentially live forever, u know,They think it’s hard to replicate...imagine the trials of being unique
Retweeted by Boots McGoot begrudginglygood morning. does Medusa shave her legs. & if she does how many snakes is she murdering in cold blood. does she ha…
Retweeted by Boots McGoot begrudgingly @ManOnThe100 I really want to get involved in microwrites again but I'm so bad at dates and deadlines :/ is there a… a giant glossy “Spider-Man 3” poster in my psychiatry office and telling patients “it’s interesting you’re…
Retweeted by Boots McGoot begrudgingly @AScribbledEagle selfish little get @jamesdraper ohh she's smurt @EdTanguy *checks* yeah! even though i KEEP thinking 33 @jamesdraper I think you must've told me that one, a long time ago! @Beardynoise @unfortunatalie @EwaSR @OhLookBirdies your dad, Luke. ❤️Right, so. As many of you know, my father passed away last month. I'm going to tell you my favourite story about…
Retweeted by Boots McGoot begrudgingly @JamesHunt @chton @Beardynoise a curator, no less! devastating @Beardynoise @EwaSR @unfortunatalie @OhLookBirdies what's the other one?! @Beardynoise @EwaSR @unfortunatalie @OhLookBirdies we walk through this vale of tears and thirst traps @chton @Beardynoise @unfortunatalie @OhLookBirdies my mum and 2 siblings follow me here. this is why an alt was leg… @unfortunatalie Nat I'm dying this is the best dad joke I've ever seen
Retweeted by Boots McGoot begrudgingly @negativestraw that is *deeply* cool, I'd love to see one in real life! @itsdaneesaur @Wangleberry @chton @Brainmage @unfortunatalie so here for this eye content, you gorgeous buggers x @specileptic he genuinely probably does struggle with paranoia. I feel for people in that situation, because they g… @ruskin147 @mattround @Kierenisboring any recent updates from our local pod of oddballs? @hurricane_ros @EwaSR all of Ros's stickers @garwboy 👀🤞 @ragbonehair just a naked wrestle with a pal. lad buds @ragbonehair can I just say how much I'm appreciating the steadily increasing levels of hornSomeone at some point HAS to have done a thread of Jacob Wrestling the Angel paintings ranked according to how horny they are, right?
Retweeted by Boots McGoot begrudgingly @JacquieSwears see also: umbrellas @JacquieSwears surely we can do better than these contraptions, it's the dang year 2000rasslin, man. 🍿 @mountain_goats this was their moment of weird aesthetic synchronicity and imo each of them should do a full cover…
Retweeted by Boots McGoot begrudgingly @ProperBadger let's drive them out. put them in the negaverse of InjuriousCat where at least people are agreeing to it @itsdaneesaur well now we can hide them elsewhere and enjoy our lovely thirst confessions sitecheck out my website, where people anonymously insult you, InjuriousCat @ConcatNonsense HAH yeah, we all had pretty simplistic understandings at that age, I was slowly convincing myself i… @Corruptforce 🤞 @ConcatNonsense you're a survivor and I respect that. also it has a seriously Ferengi energy to it 😁 @itsdaneesaur haha ikr? one day @problemsdog I've done it on and off for a while, but I know I wasn't the first! @GuillotineGoth They're fucking HUGE. Also, this fucked me up as well:
Retweeted by Boots McGoot begrudginglymegafauna reminder @selectinvert now there's a perfect byline for the site 😁 @ConcatNonsense Jesus, dude, I'm so sorry! stories like that makes me long for time travel and a mallet 😠check out my new website, where people anonymously buy you fancy things, LuxuriousCat (currently seeking donors)ooh it creaks but I love it @BootsMcGoot Check out my new website, where people lend money at extortionate rates, UsuriousCat
Retweeted by Boots McGoot begrudgingly @BootsMcGoot check out my new website, where people wonder which of my pet felines made that smell, SulphuriousCat.
Retweeted by Boots McGoot begrudgingly @BootsMcGoot Check out your new website where people suggest hokey remedies to small ailments, Curing-us-cat.
Retweeted by Boots McGoot begrudgingly @chton haha! I love it. what a fine young lad. @FinaStarGuard oooo that'd be so CUTE (sorry, I am not helping)😺✏ — I'm doing SO MUCH BETTER! body and mind. if I continue improving at this rate I'm gonna transcend this mortal… @kxthleen baby! 💜check out my new website, where people anonymously react far too strongly to things, FuriousCat.check out my new website, where people anonymously send you news stories that don't hold up to scrutiny, SpuriousCat. @SecretPotato9 that makes me feel really valued and happy, thank you so much! @kteamarsden a bit of the red came off its tongue and streaked the wall; otherwise unscathed 😁 @Wangleberry valid. love you. ❤️ @Wendables @maryepworth not *chicken* eggs anyway...Reddit post: My partner [YearM] and I [YoungerF] have been together for [less than 2 years] and he [outlandish expe…
Retweeted by Boots McGoot begrudgingly @SecretPotato9 I'd pregamed slightly and was pretty anxious. sometimes I'm normal @kteamarsden yeah it was pretty rad! dented the wall @SecretPotato9 how can this possibly be my brand 😂I'm 12, a bookish swot with no social skills. My best friend and I reckon our teachers plug into the staffroom at n… remembered telling two humans at a house party, 2 minutes after meeting them, about the time I smashed up my b… 29! This is the first song I remember hearing on the radio. mum sang along to it in the car, probably harmonisi…☔️😑☔️
Retweeted by Boots McGoot begrudgingly @halkyardo I learned that fact "for the first time" on two separate occasions and tweeted my astonishment both times. tabula rasa baby @jamesdraper the algorithm tries to strip out redundant plurals
@DaynaAfterDark @EyesInMyBrain Pix pics 🥰 @EwaSR I found a happy alpaca and thought you might like it @SecretPotato9 @chton @JamesHunt INTO IT😺✏ — i don't know the names of any moves, but a cool hold where I had them over my back? I would have to get hella…😺✏ — I'd make a terrible passenger, but if I could web-sling myself? HELL. YES. no better way to travel. @NeilLarrisey Derek: ... windchimes? @beardsandennui @Wangleberry why did he lick everythingMOST surprising, I'm gonna say Gwendoline Christie.I think, if I found a stranger in my shower, it being Jason Mantzoukas would at least make a kind of sense, you know? @JennaKassArt aww it looks tired ♥️ i hope you can save it! @chton @PigletParker @JamesHunt @WearyWithToil awww! that's lovely!someone took the time to MAKE THIS IMAGE, instead of getting a hobby. UGH @ragbonehair @porridgebrain aww ye bb @chton @PigletParker I got a star in my card from @JamesHunt and it's the only bit of Christmas I won't allow to end @ragbonehair @porridgebrain well have you hrrrrrd the wrrrd about the brrrd and the spider @ginlington I'm glad he knew where to turn. 💜just retweet
Retweeted by Boots McGoot begrudginglyIt's been, what, 30 years? And I STILL have occasional nightmarish flashbacks about the one with all the seagull sh…
Retweeted by Boots McGoot begrudgingly