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qualchan. @bopapocalypse free state of cascadia.

musician. animal rights activist. run & peradam tapes. writer for @tabsout. asshole of the avant garde. free my big homie.

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hey @realDonaldTrump i just cleared out over 300 gigs from my itunes, do i get a congressional medal of honor for this?thanks again for checking it out, so glad yr enjoying it! if you like this one, i have a whole series of screwed mi… might be a little biased here, but @czaszkarec is absolutely one of the best labels going right now. grab this de… @theronsaurusrex @HoudiniMansions 🙏🙏 hope y'all dig it!
@MateoSanboval 🙏🙏🙏go check out this mix i made of screwed spa jams. a perfect way to unwind at the end of a long week! seattle friends, i will be having a small get together & selling off my collection of tapes, records & books t… @jfrebe congrats on the great write up, you deserve it my man!
@jfrebe what a bummer my man, i'll definitely catch y'all next time around!
@djchloeharris only the most positive energy to you chloe & cam!
@DiscoCinematic welcome to the anthropocene my friend #meetyouatthemixer @DiscoCinematic native americans only make up 2% of our population, think of all the languages that have been lost… @cascadiasolid hell yeah! wish i could be there to support ya buddy, i'm there with you in spirit!
@andrewweathers you mean you dont want to hear a thousand more white guys with beards with guitars?
@jfrebe @jehuthehunt at the beginning of september, so lemme know & i'll roll through! @Iheartnoise @Matkinssound yeah i can hear it, we're traveling in similar zones. i'm into it. @jfrebe @jehuthehunt hopefully will be able to catch you live again soon! @NormChambers @_jakemuir yeah my buddy got a breakfast burrito from there that looked pretty good. the next time yo… @jfrebe @jehuthehunt hell yeah my dude. can't wait to hear the tape, it looks gorgeous, wouldn't expect anything le… @_jakemuir my friend & i had it for the first time the other day at stone way cafe. it haunts my dreams now. @_jakemuir even more importantly have you had a lemoncocco?
my @lostsoundtapes collection with a guest appearance from fern #Caturday @andrewweathers i think @flashstrap would dig thismy tiny collection of iasos tapes. all of the tapes i have been posting are for sale, if yr interested slide in the…
more of my collection (& some of my favorites!), this time courtesy of @AndyVotel / @KeepersFinders (notice that ra…
@theronsaurusrex thank you again, glad yr enjoying this so much!
this song from @Sauce_Walka102 @HoodfameRonnie & @CartelBo has been the soundtrack to my summer. in case you missed out last year, a ltd reissue of vera's dream will be coming out next month. here is a great…
honored to be a part of this great comp w/ @andrewweathers in support of a longtime friend of the label who recentl… @germanarmysound @Iheartnoise i didn't know that, that's so cool! are there are any recordings i can hear you jamming on? @andrewweathers i'd love to hear em! indian summer was one of my fav bands in the 90s :)
@andrewweathers will these ever see the light of day?my expo 70 collection, perfect for hazy afternoons. of my @RobertTurman & @AaronDilloway collection. my very meager deuter collection. @MateoSanboval @zclauterbach @GlennDonaldson i made some new weird america/folk~ish mix for spookcity years back, &… @AuxOutBlog another group to check out is my buddy @SoftRiotUK band from the late 90's/early 00's… @zclauterbach @GlennDonaldson the art museums might be my favorite band of his with fwy! being a close 2nd, but it's so tough to choose! @Grumpy_Records @Iheartnoise right?!?! & they're all 🔥🔥🔥 @EiderdownSounds @MateoSanboval @GlennDonaldson yessir! i know he has sold some of his art before through his bc, n… @EiderdownSounds @GlennDonaldson it's the walking korpses tape that came out on brave mysteries a few years back. p… @MateoSanboval @SlctrDubNarcot @K_recs picked up most of em at rainy day in oly, always on my list when i visit there :) @DiscoCinematic the m83 track is the best one on heremy collection of hand made mixtapes from @SlctrDubNarcot of @K_recs fame. they're all amazing. even more meager tangerine dream collection. this is my favorite era of theirs. #unpopularopinions
my meager vangelis collection. i did have china & see you later as well, but my old machine ate them both a week ap… @Chris_Kissel they're all so great. i used to have a bunch more but i either have sold/traded/given them away over the years.this tape is such a jammer, easily my favorite @MineralDisk project. @GlennDonaldson hahahaha i would love to see photos of this! @GlennDonaldson that's amazing! when was this? they both seem like they'd be real nice collection of mixtapes from mississippi records outta portland, my favorite record store ever. @PaulMargree @czaszkarec hey thank you so much! so glad yr enjoying it, i'm really proud of that tape & feel truly… @cascadiasolid @MateoSanboval alright you asked for it :)i love steve halpern a whole heck of a lot.
@theronsaurusrex no twitter for the blog, i might randomly tweet about an update to it, but for the most part they'… @GlennDonaldson aw dang i thought it was an alter ego band of yrs! anyway super pumped for the next fwy! tape to come out :) @MateoSanboval @GlennDonaldson glenn's artwork is phenomenal! @theronsaurusrex no problem! anytime :) i love sharing music, i run a blog you might be into… tapes this time from @GlennDonaldson who is an amazingly talented musician who has put out so much great stuff… @MateoSanboval i have more heat on the way @theronsaurusrex those are great places to… @jq_music i know right? those covers are amazing. he never gets the recognition he deserves, his early stuff is are my aeoliah tapes. discovered crystal illumination at a half price books years ago for a dime, & have been… by my buddy @MateoSanboval i'll be posting pieces of my collection, mute or unfollow now if you don't want… @theronsaurusrex definitely a great way to get hip to some new sounds/ideas/etc fershure. soundwise i'd say three b… @theronsaurusrex he was a french writer who put out my favorite book that totally flipped my world upside down… @AuxOutBlog they were friends of mine that went onto be in the plot to blow up the eiffel tower & crocodiles. san d… @theronsaurusrex rene daumal is the largest influence on work/life. @NormChambers love this one, solid friday night zones. @AuxOutBlog durga was a rad band out of san diego. they were around in the early 00's so maybe doesnt quite fit but…
@theronsaurusrex @HoudiniMansions @flashstrap @andrewweathers @AescapeSounds thanks all around! 🙏
@jfrebe many many thanks! 🙏🙏🙏 @DinzuArtefacts @SBTAPES @amuletsmusic i'll be on the lookout :) @theronsaurusrex thank you so much! i think the artwork by @flashstrap really makes it special :) i have been waiti… @jfrebe thanks man, yeah i won't be as close but that just means that y'all will have to tour down to portland now :) @jfrebe yeah made it my third time through it today & it is just a ridiculously good album.
#np have only listened once through the newest deafheaven, but i think it's their best yet. #unpopularopinions @DinzuArtefacts @SBTAPES when is the show? would love to come, have been trying to see @amuletsmusic live for a minute now @HoudiniMansions @DinzuArtefacts my favorite song from them.