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@nbltmd Whatever dude @nbltmd ????????
@notchaselyons Chase Lyons when he hears bitcoin or Microsoft @Iexiepriv Nah the class is called financial markets and investingIn a zoom class for finance and the professor just brought up the Tesla stock split. All the finance chad bros all… split just hit $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ @darin11 look at discord dms @notchaselyons @Mxriarose I think it’s going to 28k but it could bounce back rn @notchaselyons @Mxriarose I haven’t looked at it couldn’t tell you @notchaselyons @Mxriarose LMFAOOOO I TOLD YOU TO SELL AT 37 @notchaselyons @Mxriarose You after checking bitcoin pricesGb better win and stephon diggs better score this weekendThey caught abzorb in 4k @scobesx @xHitan This is true @nbltmd @KityZorb You would have a less likely chance to play cod over me blocked @KityZorb @nbltmd Blocked @KityZorb @nbltmd You are actually the fakest person I know
@nbltmd @KityZorb Let me pull out the shadow play @nbltmd @KityZorb Hits diamond 3 and gets ego zzzzzzz @nbltmd @KityZorb Ur retarded @FuzYKarma @nbltmd @KityZorb This is true lmao @KityZorb @nbltmd How are you picking up mate and not me when Nate has never played cod in his life @scobesx @xHitan He ain’t even say anything @Mako My family and I send are highest condolences to yours if you need me for anything you have my number. Stay strong brohi everyone, it pains me to share this but my older brother passed away yesterday. I feel so lost inside. Ive creat…
Retweeted by pickle marcoWHY IS IT TELLING ME TO Q 9 UNRANKED GAMESVALORANT FIX THE GAME @Ultra15151 @MariaRantz Peep how I lose it all guy is calling $50 bets all the way through with two people infront… @acousticcowboy bro you don’t even know what ur talking about @SkreetMan I get that and that’s why I wasn’t coming for u it was a general statement about drama in general @SkreetMan It’s not against u bro everyone already knows what u said and yes you said what everyone says in private… would like to say I have no beef with anyoneI guarantee nothing anyone said today is gonna change the outcome of tmrw, the next day, the next month or next yea… is already aware of everything and I’m not close friends with either side but I hear it a fuck ton like th… who gives a fuck if the people are talking in private key word it’s private it’s not gonna affect u Jesus fuckThe same people talking about no drama this no drama that are involved in drama bro who gives a fuck holy fuck who… @nbltmd 1 day in a business school
. @Schovee Laughed when I went from immortal 2 to diamond 2 @Schovee This has happened to me and everyone laugherLogged on to raid and found out my guild disbanded
Retweeted by pickle marco @Iexiepriv @Froste No that’s my kitten frosteBro who let @Froste in my class man class and I literally got a guy wearing cat ear headset on zoom @KityZorb @notchaselyons It’s important @KityZorb @notchaselyons Yes. @KityZorb @notchaselyons get on disc we need to speak. @notchaselyons Stupid dumbass dog
@FuzYKarma Ironic @notchaselyons Is this the mf thats always barking @Froste My kitten is lost hasn’t been seen in discord for days $1000 reward (picture below) @Froste @Froste screw you dudeAwesome sauce? No. I only go pog sauce mode now.But I’m tired afDo I go to bed or go grab chicken minis I’m craving chicken minis too @notchaselyons our guild is gone. @nbltmd Pickle pog sauce mode
@KityZorb @notchaselyons @bruhmasterW Ur capping @Schovee @KnownAsLit Okay I’ll let u know if he decides to do it @Schovee @KnownAsLit $100 each @Schovee @KnownAsLit He said 5v5 $500 wager ur team vs mine I said I’m down @KnownAsLit @Schovee wanna do a 5v5 $500 wager against plat 2sDIGGS LETS GOOOOOO
@Schovee I’m not tryna carry uThis is who I call a friend?
@PS_Desecration Yeah I think cause im@actually sitting properly etc my hip is feeling the pain from it and that’s why it’s hurting so muchIM IN SO MUCH PAIN WITH MY HIP @nbltmd Won $215 on rusty pot beast mode @nbltmd @nbltmd @nbltmd What did she do
@Exocism_ 19th @rickyreapers You ruin everythingBeast mode to see Maria tmrw pog sauce mode. @nbltmd Fake bitch @nbltmd This deadass Michael @LazyBautista Aaaa I see I see @LazyBautista I mean just say the name
@Ultra15151 Panic mode was on 100 @Ultra15151 Bro all I know is Nate and I were inside and killed three people tryna face pump db us @Pentosh1 What happened to my linkies 🥺 @Ultra15151 Nate and I got stuck in the base so the leader of our group had to run back and build a ladder for us we killed them tho @Ultra15151 They roasted us saying “so this ur first time raiding” and we gave them a very depressing yeah. @Ultra15151 went on my first rust raid yesterday and we didn’t bring enough c4
@FrostePrivate Check discord
@OnTheFlyTwitch @Froste @KityZorb @nbltmd #PickleUp REIGNING CHAMPIONS HAVE RETURNED! INTRODUCING PICKLE VALORANT 🥒 ➡️ @Froste @bopndop @KityZorb @nbltmd ⬅️
Retweeted by pickle marco @FrostePrivate @r1ckyreap Hm
@TommyThroatEm @Ultra15151 It’s not about the look the mount is one of the rarest in the game and you could only ge… @TommyThroatEm @Ultra15151 @Ultra15151 I got it for half off basically I don’t want to hear it @DerpTDG Already have it not the swift tho @bloodztv Stop this. @bloodztv Bro I got it for $400 cheaper @notchaselyons it awaits you. @notchaselyons It’s 20 million gold @kingofthabears That’s face value no one would ever pay nearly to that amount @kingofthabears Over 20k