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. @ClubMatryoshka x @CTMFestival: Project Hyphae rave (Sat, 23rd Jan, 5pm – 11pm) - live in Minecraft & via Twitch.…
Retweeted by Daria @deejaygeejaygee tfw when u just want yr disc jockiednobody: the beginning of every A24 film: second project is out now <3 Thanks for listening to Mental EP -t&k
Retweeted by Daria @likeholywine :( @likeholywine theres just rly not gonna be any gay bars left huh @likeholywine well seeing that u hooked up w them still i cant critique the methodMy friend @emoji_heap needs surgery due to recently diagnosed health issues she’s been dealing with, if you have th…
Retweeted by Dariamy current gender is a snuggling kitten @dickbuttforever the fbi graphic design team @dickbuttforever my noise bro neighbors are the exception @deckgibson for when u have 30 minutes of free time and wanna listen to a dj mix
@Gem_Acid @kush_jones_ i mean its not cheaper than having a label or platform front u the investment if u cant afford to do either @aerielist think its just through online distributors. i know distrokid has that option for stories and it carries over to reels @kush_jones_ i just feel like its an unrealistic standardi feel like we talk about this kinda stuff in this corner of the industry/scene but we leave out a lot about how we… got out of this online workshop w Kohinoorgasm at femsynthlab about music workers and organizing. i recommend… @kush_jones_ is that extra money yr making rly gonna properly compensate u for the work u did though? cause at this… @tomudj @1djhelix only the brave willthis is happening Saturday 😇 @jianware wow i feel bad now cause im that musician @l_al_it @dariannnnnnnnn_ i love this bc someone did this w tracks once @l_al_it @dariannnnnnnnn_ lmaooooop @Leonce ofc u nailed it first try @nashaification i dont even know shut doors anymore @snakevore fashion @ZeroSuitCamus goals @kush_jones_ lmao literally this is how i was in school too @arielzetina i couldnt even do mine bc the cartoon. i mean just look at this @dj_laundryy god ive done it so many times. pretty much always its that i cant shut my mouth or i just intentionall… @dj_laundryy does quitting before u know yr getting fired count? @kush_jones_ literally any alternative is encouraged at this point
would only take five 40 work weeks to accomplish our goalthe minimum wage should be 15 billionaires flung into the sun per hourVery excited to be playing @internetpradio alongside @e_naaaaaaaaaa today at 4pm PST! Be sure to tune in over at in…
Retweeted by Daria @jbuko audio technica 50xHaving just dropped her breakneck GET FREE album on @N_A_A_F_I recently, Tygapaw steps forward for our Artist Pick…
Retweeted by Daria mixes by trans women are literal magic
Retweeted by Daria @baexploitation lavender and mullein are the only ones ive tried and enjoyed @mx_mix_pdx no waffle house in the bay :( @cointelho i know. feels like those places were always just barely floating by @cointelho id give a major organ to eat shitty diner food w friends after a long night :( @w0__0dy with constant validation lolspecifically craving that post rave meal right before you pass out @kiernanlaveaux @djhavingsex the haircut is so specific @djhavingsex "what makes u think i have poppers?" @djhavingsex the fact that i know EXACTLY what this person looked like
.@Leonce found some time in between political canvassing the past few months in Atlanta to produce a big-room techn…
Retweeted by DariaMedulasa gross nu metal dance mix on Doggiechow's show on tonight 7-10pst
Retweeted by DariaMy new EP Fruit 2 out now 🍑 Artwork by @mardigrasmustrd
Retweeted by Daria @lexciya_ already obsessed @tomashemstad lol ofc. a trend is such a stretch. @tomashemstad the oc is deleted so I'm sure they we're using it as something weird but have u rly not ever seen one? @adenisgay blasphemous to compare ariel to her 😠 @xarabyte i did this and l*na a few days ago. best function here tbh @netzwerkdurch Aquarius
@miseryconfusion the break is super cool too. its literally just ripped from the end of runs house @miseryconfusion same! i was djing w both tracks recently and realized they both sampled it but couldnt figure out… example i knew two songs i love (sweet harmony by liquid and some justice 91 by urban shakedown) both sampled s… out samples in old rave tracks is my fave thing @_djgirl hell yeah <3yall the pre-orders for my 3rd EP SLSK TRAX out on PLANET EUPHORIQUE are up now!!! check the bio 2 this sc link…
Retweeted by Daria @_estoc for the best @cointelho idek even wanna know what trans cop society is! @aerielist prolly expected ppl didnt know the original lol @ZeroSuitCamus if anything bc i still cant wrap my head around this being made in 88 @ErisDrew definitely. there's so much around it @efeezyubeezy i did it for about a year and was obsessed @alijandrox @horsemurderer @nashwalina @shariaprelaw by upholding email etiquette @ErisDrew ive also noticed that a lot of it speaks to the contradictions of identity/experience and how cis people project/observe you
@arielzetina @badjujumuzik anytime i get an email im like oh sick cant wait to do tons of unnecessary work and get paid in 3 months @im_habibi_ by a LANDSLIDE @jianware i really wanna read it! @lecanardzero thank u so much!happy new moon! my album Archival Transmission is out now on all major platforms (first time since Cybernetic Roman… @chuckpee @glorbis fuck yeah! this is sick @___maryboy the movie is just me reliving the homoerotic tension of same sex friendships from my teens @jetski0 these two unrelated things are in the same key! sampling! @_djgirl and they were right 😤 @nashaification hell yeah congrats!
@tomudj this just in: reaganomics is canceled by SJWs @rafiaswrld caring about that stuff is psycho behavior @B_E_A_R_C_A_T @kissmeriver @LSDXOXO_ u know what spot im talking about though? @kissmeriver @B_E_A_R_C_A_T omg i think i played this same venue in philly and at one point during my set two peopl…
@Gremlins2Movie for a few things i thinkthe difficult person test failed to consider that sometimes i am just a rascalTune into the final CLUB CHAI show on @NTSlive today - a CC Vol. 2 compilation special. Get a preview of (most trac…
Retweeted by Daria @tomudj i swear its bc they just want attention. my cat does this w all screens and sometimes w windows @maxrewak oh dang these are kinda spensi @DJPlayPlay @sephabeats @kush_jones_ I'm def one to layer to help a drum, synth or sample. also the multiband is rl… @nikki__nair thank u! @kush_jones_ same! i appreciate it cause im just finally trying mastering vsts and utilizing all my mixing knowledg… @aliberger_DR5 whoa thank u! i was messing around w a glue compressor @soon_come_sound hmm okay. ill mess w this. thank u @kush_jones_ i feel like thats what im doing but maybe i need to experiment w my master chain more. thank u for the advice! @mx_mix_pdx thank u! @kush_jones_ do u bounce the track down and then master it or do u master the track in the project?