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Going to a #BlackLivesMattters march? Below is a guide to protecting your privacy. I’m working on legislation to b…
Retweeted by AndreWhat has become of humanity? Everyday there are children starving to death in man made catastrophe's. Everyday we…
Retweeted by Andre @pantomath__ Barr looks like a family bull dog.Trump is ‘a soulless man with a broken mind’: George Conway calls out his wife’s boss in scathing op-ed
Retweeted by Andre"We remain governed by a soulless man with a broken mind. The damage will continue, and it won’t stop until voters…
Retweeted by Andre @lienepien1 Heel veel sterkte Eline @thehill How could that be, when Trumo really did something stupid and they could do something, they didn't act at all @John_Rdam Goedemorgen John! @Corduroyalism @thehill Just see what you want to see @GulerCaner0 @thehill And look in the mirror. @GulerCaner0 @thehill Stop telling others what to do. We live in a free world and can have an opinion and can have… POLITICIANS & POLICE, STOP BLAMING THE VIOLENCE ON A FEW ANARCHISTS. THERE ARE NOT THAT MANY IN THE USA. THE YO…
Retweeted by AndreI don’t care that Lady G is gay. I care that Lady G is a homophobe.
Retweeted by AndreRepublikeinen Tegen Trump. Spotje:
Retweeted by Andre @Zsiljkovic1 @RSapper21 @thehill It's hard for you to be nice he. Wel go and bother another. And when you having pr… @Zsiljkovic1 @RSapper21 @thehill 😂😂😂That's strange why is #KLM then flying to Houston TX (regular flight). Another… @WhiteHouse #WhiteSupremacists are very fine people and #Antifa (started after #wars to prevent fascists) are terro… @WhiteHouse @graphincent 😂😂The police do not “protect and serve” our communities. They protect and serve capitalism.
Retweeted by AndreCountdown to curfew in Atlanta
Retweeted by Andre @thejtlewis @realDonaldTrump A real leader that still dares to say that #WhiteSupremacists are very fine people @thejtlewis @realDonaldTrump A real leader during a #pandemic @thejtlewis @JamesRubin1 @realDonaldTrump Yes you are right..THIS is how a true leader LEADS his people...walks WIT…
Retweeted by Andre @thejtlewis @realDonaldTrump Real leaders @realDonaldTrump
Retweeted by Andre @thehill But I have family in Houston, I love it there. But Trump changed America. What we need to do as people is… @thehill I'm living in Holland. One time a Russian jet came in our airspace. Guess which country came to lead it aw… @orangarua @ItsRayanCole @thehill And Merkel is a scientist. She actually went to a real university. @redgrow @thehill And she is a scientist. @farmingganja @thehill Let me remind you. It's one of the largest countries in Europe. But it's only good. It will… @Harry42355 @thehill Good point same with graveyard @senatemajldr . I think the Democrats have their work cut out f… @orangarua @DeusFlex99 @thehill Trumps America after a second term. Almost 26 Trillion debt. @thehill @thehill
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@thehill @realDonaldTrump @thehill @SenTedCruz @LindseyGrahamSC @senatemajldr Because it's getting harder and harder… @realDonaldTrump Only me and my cult are more bothered by Kaep and the NFL taking a knee more than a cop kneeling o…
Retweeted by Andre @DirtyDonnyPhD @ObviousTroll12 @thehill Agreed and the answer of nature will be devastating. Think of animals in th… @ObviousTroll12 @DirtyDonnyPhD @thehill Nope its both. @nikkivanbaren Vind ik ook!POLICE BRUTALITY EXHIBIT 1: TRUMP DOES NOT CARE ABOUT POLICE BRUTALITY AND GEORGE FLOYD. HERE HE IS IN 2016 MOCKING…
Retweeted by Andre @realDonaldTrump @MariaBartiromo @realDonaldTrump @FoxNews @SenTomCotton @realDonaldTrump @LizzyS17470355 @JohannesFrausch @realDonaldTrump @realDonaldTrump @realDonaldTrump @realDonaldTrump @jimcramer @CNBC @realDonaldTrump @realDonaldTrump @CNBC @TrueAmericanCi1 @thehill It is so stupid that these guys defend every word that comes out @realDonaldTrump 's mouth now. Same as Lindsay 😂 @TomthunkitsMind @Danalynne20 And this is why we utterly dispise himPOLICE BRUTALITY EXHIBIT 1: TRUMP DOES NOT CARE ABOUT POLICE BRUTALITY AND GEORGE FLOYD. HERE HE IS IN 2016 MOCKING…
Retweeted by Andre @Jd13Jess @yew_susan @TonyUrumov @piersmorgan I've seen the whole thing. He shared it earlier. And the you forget t… @thehill The JOBS NUMBERS are BULLSHIT. They come from the White House. ••• “I’m gonna tell you what I really thin…
Retweeted by Andre @thehill @senatemajldr It's stunning how Republicans refuse to look in the mirror and see the mess there is in the… @thehill Good now do that to every Neocon responsible for never ending wars🙌🏻
Retweeted by Andre @realDonaldTrump I though shooting American protesters with rubber bullets was a good thing. Read it!
Retweeted by Andre @John_Rdam Jij ook nog een fijne dag gewenst en idd goed voor de natuur.Militair machtsvertoon maakt demonstranten in VS nog bozer | Gedeeld artikel van AD
Retweeted by Andre @TonyUrumov @piersmorgan I'm sorry, I have the same opinion as Piers. I had respect for Rudy in the past. Now he lo… million views.... kinda ironic given Rudy was shrieking at me about ratings. 👇
Retweeted by Andre🦇🩸🔪 Which type of #horror is your favorite?⚰💀🪓 (If other please comment.)
Retweeted by AndreSpanning loopt behoorlijk op in de mondiale samenleving. Misschien is het een idee om juist nu eerst eens rustig te…
Retweeted by AndreInwoners van Den Haag mogen oprecht ontstemd zijn als Groep de Mos stemmen heeft gekocht. #stembusfraude
Retweeted by Andre @babygottaluvme @thehill Almost escalated with Iran @babygottaluvme @thehill There is not one troop back. He moved them to oil pipelines @John_Rdam Ben wel blij dat het even regentHoe haal je het in je hoofd om je zo te gedragen. Heel beangstigend voor al die mensen die in deze spannende tijd k…
Retweeted by Andre#handenaf
Retweeted by Andre @John_Rdam Goedemorgen John @KQanuck @kremlinsfiddle @thehill No way, did you see the vid. In the past I was a Giuliani fan, but he's gone mad. @KQanuck @thehill In the past I was a Giuliani fan, but he is indeed gone mad @SeroWeeks @thehill Come on. Did you pay attention at all. If true? Trumo is surrounding himself with the same peop… a way to end a discussion. Block. 😂 @EmpressOfKings @DraftTulsi 😂😂😂Yes I always wash. But I really need no clothes anymore I only wear something nice f… @SeroWeeks @thehill Yeah right and #pompeogate, Bolton and Graham aren't @thehill He’s an absolute piece of trump
Retweeted by Andre @babygottaluvme @thehill Trump proves to be a mess as a President. He needs to go back to Trumo University @poli_tech_al_87 @thehill Well according to Pimpeo and many Republicans the best interest is to be at war.. He forg… @szhooper @thehill @LindseyGrahamSC President? Look at him the last weeks And his rants on twitter. He is a tyrant… an anti-war activist, I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been told the ridiculous line that the troops ar…
Retweeted by AndreDe Britten zijn nu 5 maanden weg, Johnson is in het ziekenhuis opgelapt door een Portugees, Johnson smeekt de EU bu…
Retweeted by Andre @AnneBruijne Goedemorgen AnneWHERE are MY international allys? Canada's Trudeau takes my calls, but then there's NOTHING BUT SILENCE! Germany's…
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Retweeted by Andre @PalmerReport @realDonaldTrump FAKE NEWS! I'm just inspecting the bunker! That's all!
Retweeted by AndreHey y’all all proceeds go to the George Floyd memorial foundation and the David Dorn memorial foundation. Two of ou…
Retweeted by Andre @angel_scoggins Very cool 😎This is newer version of one of my favorite Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino) things I made.😈
Retweeted by AndreRetweet if you're a soldier in the Army of the Decent. Let's show them how strong we are.
Retweeted by Andre @John_Rdam Fijne avond John @John_Rdam Das wel fijn. Hier heeft het toch nog wat geregend gelukkig. Is ook wel ff nodig. #Latereactie 😂Back to making some digital edits! I call this one galaxy Lucifer😈 (Mark Pellegrino)
Retweeted by Andre @angel_scoggins Love it