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1/3 of @GoOffKings, 1/2 of @blockedpartypod. McDonald's Grilled Chicken McWrap at 250 calories is both a dollar and pound bargain. Call me at (802) 359-7477.

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@tom_on_here Well it worked @BAKKOOONN I beat him my first try and I'm a big dumb piece of shitPlease help my friend Jesse learn how to play Apex Legends is playing Apex Legends... and he needs your help!
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We got a big crowd over here now. @Thoirdealbhaigh, @theCJS, and @rveljohnson are bringin da funny!!!
Retweeted by stefan heck @cleenteath Ok I ran into the gun guy and the cannon guyTwo new sound alerts for today's stream
Retweeted by stefan heck @cleenteath wait WHATSekiro... it's good, folks.Playing this very simple game is playing some kind of sword game tonight. not me though. im doing cool stuff, slick stuff. live in five:…
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@BigJimFridge Awesome Metal Detecting @kath_krueger Was this an attempt to break the record for most reality show gif replies to one post @zipoffs Oh hell yes, I thought nobody noticed it lolI’m a dusty as a bookshelf today. put on your condom. because we’re gonna get nutty Ok so Lincoln Chafee first B…
Retweeted by stefan heckI'll be playing this because Jesse already beat it and holds the current WR
Retweeted by stefan heckI love having diarrhea into a condom and then freezing the diarrhea condom and then eating it like a popsicle later…'m salty as a stadium pretzel today, so I might as well channel it into a biting snarkifesto about my whole pot of… kicks ass of waiting for new music? Good! Here are two new songs, Sibling Rivalry and Scorpion Hill, out NOW!
Retweeted by stefan heckCheck this out....we got a giveaway tonight. Come on over to and watch us play Ape Out. The…
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Oh! Du bringst mir einen Snack?
Retweeted by stefan heckTonight! 6 PM Pacific! The boys play Ape Out... PLUS: An Ape Out Steam Key giveaway for subscribers!
Retweeted by stefan heck @Lin_Manuel I shit my pants today at the mall please help me Lin Manuel it’s everywhere
Retweeted by stefan heck @frknbns Damn, now here’s an alien comic I can get into.This is about the time he asked if anyone knew how old Grimace was ready to Huck it up with our pal @jackallisonLOL!
Retweeted by stefan heckin just a half an hour, I'll be appearing on Huckwatch with the @GoOffKings at
Retweeted by stefan heckHe unfortunately had to cancel, but we pulled in a replacement at the last minute - a glazed ham with a pair of rea… Podhoretz may have deleted his account, but his final post (asking the official McDonald’s Twitter if they wer…
Thursday night: we’re playing Ape Out... AND we’re giving away a copy of the game to one lucky subscriber! See you…
Retweeted by stefan heck地元のとんかつ屋にいる豚に改造された狸
Retweeted by stefan heckWe’ll match any donations up to $500 if other people want to contribute to bringing @Sethrogen on the podcast
Retweeted by stefan heckI think the best part of the “Sir this is a Wendy’s” bit is the implication that insane rants are somehow out of pl…[replying to kind of a weird or crazy post on here] Sir this is a freaking Wendy’s!!! Instead of the place you thought it was!!! @Sethrogen If you go on @blockedpartypod I'll donate $100 to your charity of choice
Retweeted by stefan heck @blockedpartypod @Sethrogen Damn... great idea imo @Sethrogen Seth go on @blockedpartypod
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Retweeted by stefan hecknobody: the go off kings: sir this is a freaking twitch stream
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@spindriftfresh @cullenthecomic @IRodC @MurderBryan 👀 @BronzeHammerEpisode 17: Randee Neumeyer (@randeenoodle) v. An Online Stalker. In a more serious block, Randee gets forced to bl…
Retweeted by stefan heck Late to the part but WE MADE IT! It's Episode SIX of year FOUR, as JJ decides to CALL BACK…
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Retweeted by stefan heckThis game was so much fun. One of the guys on the other team got really mad that our team was named "Slimey Bung,"… you, Hand of D00M. @MrJimmyColtrane @BronzeHammer Just a heads up Jimmy, it appears as though you forgot to choose a display name. It… @BronzeHammer Wtf... I've got a fairly twisted sense of humor but there's such a thing as going too far.
Think I broke my knee trying to get on my motorcycle. Tried to whip my leg over real quick and kneed the luggage rack so hard I threw up.
Retweeted by stefan heckWhat’s it like being a patron of the Krassencast? Find out here! when Sharon Stone’s husband got eaten by a Komodo dragon
Absolutely unbelievable Krassenstein post here. League Baseball’s Korean marketing campaign is incredible
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My Beanus Hurty
Retweeted by stefan heck @Rohit_Bhatt1 @cullenthecomic Yep, although you can level up pretty quick regardless. I might just start a new character anyway lol @cullenthecomic @Rohit_Bhatt1 Celeste is great. Golf Story is really fun. I’ve been playing the hell out of Diablo… @emptycanofpbr @GoOffKings @BronzeHammer @robwhisman @theCJS Spectacular @GoOffKings @boring_as_heck @BronzeHammer @robwhisman @theCJS i uhh made a song
Retweeted by stefan heck @MarlinTheMan2 Hmm @MarlinTheMan2 Damn... two nice mugs @early90spants Yeah I thought of you right away @DamonGilmour Man you want nothing to do with tonight’s game, trust me @RyanNParker It is absolutely realAt a hockey game and they just announced what I can only assume will be the greatest event of all time: a joint Rob… has fallen down a well chasing a particularly evasive butterfly. Will JF and Rob save him? Tune in now:…
Retweeted by stefan heck @Bro_Pair @blockedpartypod @cullenthecomic You misunderstand... I think it’s good. @Bro_Pair @blockedpartypod Oh baby... @cullenthecomic you see this? @Bro_Pair @blockedpartypod What kind of seltzerI drank some seltzer and am relaxing. Check out my guest appearance on @blockedpartypod where I discuss the Netherl…
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@IRodC Holy shitThis man is doing a Billy Graham impression.
Retweeted by stefan heckI very much enjoyed this bonus episode and making a new handsome friend, @Bro_Pair. Dutch Posting is real and it's…
Retweeted by stefan heck @p_r_e_f_e_c_t @Bro_Pair Uh... Yes. (It’s getting fixed later today)In which our pal @Bro_Pair joins us to discuss the concept of “DutchPosting” Block 4: Stefan v. Dutch Reply Guys. Our friend @Bro_Pair joins us for a bonus episode where Stefan introduces…
Retweeted by stefan heck @crushingbort I was critically riposting! @crushingbort it's about the simple pleasures in life, like having a Rocket League name so obnoxious that when you scor… people could help this father pay for their ridiculous bond so they can stay with their family and hopefully hav…
Retweeted by stefan heckMy dentist can do it all, from a simple cleaning to identifying my charred remains
Retweeted by stefan heckSoon to be Jesse's favorite game... the Kings are playing WoW.
Retweeted by stefan heck @EminemMoBamba Lmao @_chrisgriffith_ @dankmtl @notaxation @IDF Ya because it’s insanely funnyA year ago today we launched the @whatatimepod Patreon. Time flies, folks. 47 eps in the archive. Check em out, sup…
Retweeted by stefan heck @getfiscal C’mon @verified... let’s make it happen already @dankmtl @notaxation @IDF Now in fairness, he clearly knew his Mega Man 2 bosses. @dankmtl @notaxation @IDF That guy blocked me because I kept posting his GameFAQs 9/11 dedication
Go the FUCK off, Celbio
Retweeted by stefan heckgot reprimanded at work because my boss snuck up behind me and caught me googling 'violent j unmasked'
Retweeted by stefan heck#JusticeForDB quick heads up, from db.
Retweeted by stefan heck @Merman_Melville @ChaseMit If it’s any consolation, Irene said I’m a little red onion. @ChaseMit @Merman_Melville Yeah I’m gonna agree with this onethe @GoOffKings boys are doing a huckwatch with @BAKKOOONN
Retweeted by stefan heck @GovMikeHuckabee ur son killed a dog and it made him horny
Retweeted by stefan heckOh baby... Also @BAKKOOONN is joining us tonight! should definitely listen to my episode of @blockedpartypod and then help me get unblocked by the Hulkster who blocked me very unfairly
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