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Filmmaker/Writer/Musician. I'm here to make you think about death and get sad and stuff.

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@mollylambert LOL @seanoconnz Pretty much just Migos. @SarahKSilverman @muddaub 🖤 @davefranklin @sanjmovies And we thank you @cambrian_era @ComradeLuanne I'm sure the director of LABOR DAY will make it work @omibaloney No ❤️ @omibaloney "gay male twinks" @catstronomical CAN'T GET FOOLED AGAIN THE DECIDER MISSION ACCOMPLISHED MISUNDERESTIMATED TUMBLER WALKER
@omibaloney Please tell me you have at least one script about... all of this @LydiaBurrell lol I wish @acony_belle "Has an attitude about injustice" @bussydouche 👑 @MaxBenesi @MasonLLL I believe it's the same principle they explain in ARMAGEDDON. To effectively destroy the Washi… @omibaloney Feels like that should be a shirt, parenthetical on the back @omibaloney we're allowed one; it's right there in the slogan!
@dishooomm @fakemikemulloy @willsommer @danjperlman @RachelMComedy And yet his numbers went up!it'd be funny if biden resigned tomorrow
Retweeted by COVID and Cambria @RachelMComedy 🤦🏿‍♂️me when I spend more than $6 at Taco Bell
Retweeted by COVID and Cambria @nicsigni @LydiaMulvey 🏆 @andraydomise you’re still in line to vote you can leave
Retweeted by COVID and Cambria @thetzechun Yes. @darkskyfilms @HDTGM @extrafabulous @Gabrus @mehdirhasan’t think the very specific context of those three words would be repurposed so soon. naive of me
Retweeted by COVID and Cambria @nuns_on_film yes, but only the bottom half of the outfitAmanda Gorman was awesome now please shield her from the Hamilton people
Retweeted by COVID and CambriaThem kids never getting out the cages
Retweeted by COVID and Cambria @LydiaBurrell *another finger on the monkey's paw curls* @andraydomise I mean... that's some kind of progress. Right? Baby steps. @IwriteOK @MightyMonika USA! USA! USA! @Flora__Flora You, Poppy! @MeganNeuringer ❤️❤️❤️ @Simms2673 @mikescollins @musa @kaylanator17 @rachsyme This one changed my mind. I like these "Bernie sitting in a chair" memes now.ahhhahaha
Retweeted by COVID and CambriaThe only thread that matters today @TheRachelFisher @sethisnotmyname Barack got that Netflix money now. No time for Joe's broke ass."✅ Wall-building" What the fuck is wrong with you? @LCosmonaut647 is that good @macwrites @geminicollision Tubi kicks ass @mechapoetic @Boringstein She did a great job! Unlike certain orange fascists who spend every weekend gol—GOD DAMN IT @zedcutsinger @yayforzig Saturday first-showing crowd at the Vista is the best audience in Los Angeles. @wkamaubell @ChrisAmick It almost sounds cool out of context. @jrwyke @KermodeMovie It's worse.To the bitter end, and in the face of its own data, the @nytimes continues to circulate the thoroughly debunked not…
Retweeted by COVID and Cambria @yayforzig @zedcutsinger I completely forgot that the evening price is 50% higher #MatineeGang @Chinchillazllla the more I know about Frost, the less I understand himIf only such a place existed... @sashageffen @Boringstein they don't deserve Massive Attack tbh @biboofficial Sounds like you might prefer IN TREATMENT @JimJarmuschHair Worth it @biboofficial @clairemiller18 can you say that? those exact words @biboofficial @allahliker I like the show, hope you enjoy it!We’ve known this since 2016.
Retweeted by COVID and Cambria @itsjonmackey Will that last part be streamed on Twitch? @leslieleeiii The threat to democracy is the bipartisan effort to pass Patriot Act 2.0 in response to the riot in p…
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@RachelMComedy Has anyone done it with her mugshot yet? @mattzollerseitz @paulduanefilm @BookishPlinko It's often said that screenplays are a blueprint, but I honestly thi… wish George Floyd was asked nicely. I wish Breonna Taylor was asked nicely. I wish Trayvon Martin was asked nicel…
Retweeted by COVID and Cambria @reachrachelkahn @posadist_trapgd I didn't read all that I just hit 'fav' cause I saw new Oreos, hope that's okI know it’s a small thing in the context of everything else but multiculturalism is the reason we no longer ban peo…
Retweeted by COVID and Cambria @Srirachachau If any team can pull that off, it's the one they've got currently. Or Boots Riley.MLK also believed in guaranteed income, housing, and universal healthcare. If your congress person or senator is tw…
Retweeted by COVID and CambriaFor those who say raising the min wage would make prices skyrocket McDonald's workers in Denmark get $22/hour, 6 w…
Retweeted by COVID and Cambria"We can pay teenagers less because they don't need the money to live" is something you never hear about rich people…
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If you are against Kaepernick and BLM today you would have been against MLK back then.
Retweeted by COVID and Cambria @gaIactic_enter @mulchlord 🏆Malls are open
Retweeted by COVID and CambriaWatch this medical student explain why this commonly used COVID device is actually putting Black patients at high r…
Retweeted by COVID and Cambria @scottEmovienerd that's been stuck in my head since 1996 @benmekler @joshgondelman @AshleyEsqueda Normalize👏doing👏just👏the👏right👏amount👏of👏cocaine👏So like. People who are all "I only make $15 doing [job], why should a fast food worker make that?" really don't un…
Retweeted by COVID and CambriaThe plan is working #FilmTwitter @reallyhotpants @biboofficial folks do be honkin fr
@kittynouveau the fact that no one talks about this makes me think I'm crazyThis could literally save a life. Save a family. My god
Retweeted by COVID and Cambria @sethisnotmyname I think they're worth checking out. Especially if you liked the more Krautrocky moments of Third. @sethisnotmyname You ever check out Geoff Barrow's other band, BEAK>? @muddaub the timbre @TankieSanders doubtful. unless they have some sort of connection to someone who works at the IRS, like a specific… NASHVILLE POSSESSOR SNOWPIERCER @catstronomical lol this feels like something SNL would do if the show was still good @Pandamoanimum @muddaubThe most expensive Taco Bell burrito in Washington DC, where the minimum wage is already $15, costs $3.79.
Retweeted by COVID and CambriaIt's crazy how we've normalized 18 year olds getting into debt just to attain a supposed livable source of income just to pay off that debt.
Retweeted by COVID and Cambria @nuns_on_film the fact that this wasn't a scandal shows you how unserious his supporters really were @delmoi god damn it @snowdoge @cakemittens @benmekler tell me this movie doesn't write itself @Reformed_Laur *replies devolve into debate over which kinds of apples are good*Hi. I manage a restaurant with dozens upon dozens of employees. $15/hr is good. We will be fine. The burgers won’t…
Retweeted by COVID and Cambria @MelodyRhythm lol @mistermoviespod @LanceStLaurent what font? @JeffreyGoldberg