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So this 19-year-old white kid doesn't get to go to Harvard and people are outraged...but Georgia is about to execut…
Retweeted by Asher RothkoWatching shoe ever
Retweeted by Asher Rothko @See_Em_Play "gonna clean myself off in a soup of my own dead skin flakes!"
“I should have been on this website from day fucking one, Davidson” Have no fear. Jack Decker has landed on the ti…
Retweeted by Asher RothkoTaylor Swift Inspires Teen To Come Out As Straight Woman Needing To Be At Center Of Gay Rights Narrative…
Retweeted by Asher Rothkohard pass. High fidelity sucks @z________e @nickwiger and on the third day they returned to the tomb to find the gamer had risen up @nickwiger you don't know me but take it from this random: it's fantastic and such a deep game, but one perfectly b… guess you could he's going to be parking a different kind of car in Havahd Yahd... on a full ride at liberty Univ… this defaults to “Anita Hill says she's open to voting for Joe Biden in 2020” is just, she’d vote for biden ov…
Retweeted by Asher Rothko @jon_bois looks nice jonStudy of the Hebrew language
Retweeted by Asher RothkoList of Russian fashion models
Retweeted by Asher Rothko @claireeshaffer @modernistwitch visited DC this past month where theyre strewn everywhere and it was a fuuuucking nightmare @aardvarkwizard @tacticaldipshit @hankhugs oh yeah-- the foundation i mean here is their seasoning and breading. th… made a poopie in pants #SixWordHorrorgo fuck yourselves
Retweeted by Asher Rothkobtw @theimpulsivebuy is a delightful follow if you enjoy this kind of food that makes you question existence @tacticaldipshit @aardvarkwizard @hankhugs i move around the menu at popeyes so much honestly because its all so fu… @jaubert_moniker @Bowsnonk the packaging for it over here at least was nice! they put it in a foil baggy to keep it fresh, its a nice touch @jaubert_moniker @Bowsnonk i wanna have a second one tonight its that fucking good @ShitpostBot5000 whoa
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Retweeted by Asher Rothko @empiremagazine no @emlyncrenshaw sameGood news, Connor4Real fans: The Popstar soundtrack is out on vinyl, at last
Retweeted by Asher Rothkoanyways @BDayBoysMitch i honestly think this does top wendys while somehow costing less too, absolutely insane, if… @kept_simple no I caught it in my mouth like a seal @kept_simple yes @HuaracheDeOro yes you're right it doesn't give me violent diarrhea like BK's does @kept_simple I was trying to show the layers! @DannyM238 A general "spicy" sauce they offer for it. Creamy, not too hot, but adds a nice kick. The breast seems s… I had any "complaint" it's that as you can see this chicken breast is so large that the sandwich is a little str… sandwich was so good it made me break my self-imposed hiatus on this dumb shit, and it was only $4 for the san… SPICY CHICKEN SANDWICH: this would have been a hard one for them to fuck up, but they exceeded high expecta…"are you back Donald?" Yeah. I'm thinking I'm back. squeezing a hot capri sun of pasta into my mouth BuzzFeed the next new media company to walk off the job after reaching a standstill with management?
Retweeted by Asher RothkoIn the past couple weeks, @kenklippenstein has found that deaths of ICE detainees were completely preventable AND t…
Retweeted by Asher Rothko| ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ | | TIP | | WITH | | CASH | | _____| (\__/) || (•ㅅ•) || /   づ
Retweeted by Asher RothkoThis is so satisfying to watch
Retweeted by Asher Rothkolaughing to myself and remembering a year or two ago when the dipshit take du jour was "prison guards and border p… myself to sleep thinking of all the day-traders who are being harassed online only to come home to nothing but a bed full of money @anthonypants Without a doubt, any other approach would be suicidal @anthonypants dude is probably still reeling from the experience I'd imagine @anthonypants it's an impressive shot to capture under duress and I'm sure the photographer hates people saying this shit as much as I doJ Dilla is Death Grips for bad bitches
Retweeted by Asher RothkoMagazine ad
Retweeted by Asher Rothko @NexusRasp capitalism totally sold out in the 80s dudeI like to do the normal thing that comes with seeing a well composed photo of an armed gunman seconds before he ope… disgraceful that @peretti still hasn't recognized @bfnewsunion. stop attacking your own workers and do the r…
Retweeted by Asher Rothko @jdcrowley @me_irl Same @NexusRasp lmfaothe dude who wrote this, and also the book "Fully Automated Luxury Communism" once said on twitter that capitalism…
Retweeted by Asher Rothkolmao Pete Holmes used a Martin Luther King Jr quote to defend Louis CK. truly a very dumb and talentless guy
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Retweeted by Asher Rothko @crownouns it's giving me hivescringing at a twitter post while at a red light and rear ending a 2010 hyundai sonata
Retweeted by Asher Rothko @turnip_tops @papa_rosh these are the like 1% (in multiple ways) of dweebs who became socialists to stop doing choresok so my take away from this is that we have a rare case where a person can write but cannot read, this all makes s… a couple hundred brain cells reading this does this even matter? if he was, he was wrong. marxism isn’t blind adherence to whatever daddy marx thought, i…
Retweeted by Asher Rothko @Douchetoevsky And I Love CollegeIf you have any tips about ICE, please contact me securely via Signal at 202-510-1268
Retweeted by Asher RothkoICE quietly stopped updating its official “List of Deaths in ICE Custody” page, which had published deaths since th…
Retweeted by Asher RothkoHarry Potter fans are oppressed now
Retweeted by Asher Rothkohonestly, regardless of your feelings on Warren, shit like this is how 2016 was lost. why would you repeat that for…
Retweeted by Asher Rothko @mike_theANIMAL @Cam_Oflage @thejoshl @dylancenneno's MARIOLOGY MONDAY and we've got a brand new episode about... when Mario worked as a construction worker? Or a r…
Retweeted by Asher Rothko🚨 @NYSenate @NYSA_Majority @NYGovCuomo reached agreement to #PassTheCCPA! 🚨 THANK YOU @SteveEngles @ToddKaminsky!…
Retweeted by Asher Rothkolmao
Retweeted by Asher RothkoLast Friday, two sex workers - Ana&Adrina - were sentenced to 9 months in prison. Why? Because they were working to…
Retweeted by Asher RothkoCD Projekt Red Celebrates Successful E3 By Allowing Workers To Only Work 12 Hours On Monday
Retweeted by Asher Rothkosomeone is not taking this walk very seriously
Retweeted by Asher RothkoI'm open for commissions! Gotta pay some student loans while I'm between jobs!
Retweeted by Asher RothkoPlease do not overlook this story. Police officer kills non-verbal man and critically injures his parents.
Retweeted by Asher Rothkohere is the house and car i just bought. if you save $100 and read at least 1 book per year you could do this too.…
Retweeted by Asher RothkoAfter a long year, my husband finally believes I am ready to carry his child in my womb. To feed them with my body.…
Retweeted by Asher RothkoI spent 6 mos in 23 hour lock at 19 years old and the trauma stays forever. #HALTsolitarynow
Retweeted by Asher Rothko @leslieleeiii @willlstratton And by "we" I do not actually consider myself part of this, I'm just wording things clumsily @leslieleeiii @willlstratton like, by being in it she does differentiate them. It's a valuable differentiation-- it… @leslieleeiii @willlstratton I disagree, it's early enough that I think her running helps keep Sanders on a firmer… @mta_bitch a heroI love this wholesome transit teen!!! Please give him a key to the city he deserves everything 😭
Retweeted by Asher Rothko @gay_420_gay masterpiece @ArchieMartyr Nah no worries I appreciate the input, and yeah exactly @thetomzone willing to take that risk tbh @bybowes *rips bowl* that's right @MechaDenny lolcorrection: I figured it had gone up since a couple years ago, but should have double checked, apologies tickets not in a big city are 6-8 bucks
Retweeted by Asher Rothko @d1sc0urse @CHAPOTRAPHOUSE no. The joke is arguing about podcasts this much is insaneThe year is 2029. After the great patreon wars* America is divided between the Red Scare - Cum Town confederation,… of the most underrated lines in all of film is when Nicholas Cage's character in Raising Arizona says, "I tried…
Retweeted by Asher Rothko @BuzzfeedGDebord no but I think we will see a surge of no-budget truly fringe shit with online still allowing peopl… should have dropped evangelion on father's day
Retweeted by Asher Rothkocarcinization
Retweeted by Asher RothkoWere streaming again baby! devil may cryyyyy 5
Retweeted by Asher Rothko @BuzzfeedGDebord honestly yeah I should