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@DawgMayneMeta DAWG☠️☠️☠️☠️bro??? coming to Planet Fitness again said budussy LMAOOOthis is one of the wildest conversations i’ve ever seen☠️
they thought they upgraded with this 😭😭 @JahExist bro who is telling you these lies LMAOOwhite boys thought this was peak drip in middle school☠️
this heroin ain’t shit
@yoldy1x LMFAOOO he a gatfish @snuurid take it back bro @snuurid this how girls be after they say they like you @guaplikethis the bottom look like an AC vent LMAOOO @stymead caught him down bad in 4k🤣🤣‼️‼️‼️top 10 moments in history
@snuurid these hoes be wearing Victoria’s Secret for a pussy that ain’t even a secret ☠️☠️ @Kaughtin4k covid rn:
@YourRAGEz life ain’t been the same since ISIS and Fetty Wap☠️☠️ @Sadcrib ive seen “imagine if” over 100 times bro same thingwho tf is even evil enough to make these LMAOOmy trust issues started with these☠️ @Sadcrib french mfs be saying “wui wui” LMAOO☠️
@CrypticNoHoes 😭 @ayodocc white people really be getting senior discounts like they haven’t had the last 80 years to get they bread up☠️ @raptvcom who tf makes a thread of rappers going broke😭 @raptvcom seem like y’all praying on these mfs downfall or sum LMAOOO☠️
@snuurid mfs was really dressing as aliens and having gang wars LMAOOO
@crim_tweets CallMeCarson new setup looking nice LMAOOO @YourRAGEz they gon try and ratio me for this LMAOOO @YourRAGEz “ratio” @leafincognito BRO?HUH??☠️ @ayodocc @dickonhardd LMFAOOOOOOOOO DAWG @yoldy1x @ayodocc i’m not white this disrespectful @ayodocc white people be considering that shit a “holiday” LMAOO☠️ @whoskumba “lil boy built ass” 😭 @YourRAGEz LMAOOOO playing on easy is literally admitting you ass at games☠️☠️ @raptvcom LMAOOO bro acting like he ain’t mess this tweet up 2 times a few hours ago☠️ @CrypticNoHoes POV: you’re watching the weak Hulk get destroyed by Thanos @pierrebourne @raptvcom bro STOP deleting tweets😭 @whoskumba bro aint even taller than the trash can LMFAOOOOO @AmaniCapaIot bro i almost shit myselfif you spoil movies you going to the seventh layer of hell no doubt @snuurid they look like this @snuurid bitches believe in signs from the stars and they expect us to believe them??☠️ @YourRAGEz you foul for this dawg @aarynrosee @ayodocc @Gu99i @whoskumba NAHHHHH HAVE A GOOD NIGHT. @aarynrosee @ayodocc @Gu99i @whoskumba ain’t you the girl that thought the plane window was a car window??? @CrypticNoHoes Lebron had some of the goofiest posts ☠️☠️ @g5byyy it gets you swiped every time🙄 @g5byyy use this as a gaby should stop using the kirby avi button @Sadcrib shiiii clout is clout tho ong @Sadcrib deadass this tweet been everywhere already ☠️ @YourRAGEz let’s not forget Godzilla be getting carried by Goku
@raptvcom bro dipped off the face of earth @raptvcom where tf did Sheck Wes go after Mo Bamba??? LMFAOO☠️☠️ @BurnCityBunny so basically you saying if she has no car it’s good??? @yoldy1x mfs be losing legs for a $500 check LMAOOOOO @marlon_sux you do you bro frfrjoining the military willingly is the male version of saying “fuck it i’ma be a stripper” @snuurid shiii lemme get one👀 @snuurid you spent all your lawyer money on BB Simon belts bro wym☠️☠️ @raptvcom you asking for the trolls to say Youngboy LMAOOOO @MyTypaAccount2 we not reading all this dawg @LilNasX dude he’s floating now wtf @LilNasX bought a pair and now my dog is speaking English please help @ayodocc love you tho bro hope you having a good day💚 @ayodocc Doc birthday cake☠️ @LilNasX @snuurid wtf happened to this then @snuurid nvm you brave tonight @snuurid here before deleted @slappypooh we gon let the followers believe this me fr @LilNasX my bad @LilNasX can we get a version where you just twerk on satan @slappypooh they ain’t gotta know that bro @slappypooh if you don’t take the aux ima assume yo music trash asf☠️☠️ @ohsayl3ss LMAO i barely use my name on here now but i’m good wbu @ohsayl3ss yo yo yo @ohsayl3ss love the character development here @LilNasX my bad @LilNasX
@TheeHornyyPoPo bro tagged every bot account in existence☠️ @raptvcom not gonna lie this is mad disrespectful to be selling a car somebody got shot in @Sadcrib man my life in shambles @Sadcrib imagine going to school in 2021 just drop out LMFAOOOO @snuurid mf needed the Supply Drop😭 @Sadcrib “an abusive and aggressive sign” @snuurid POV: you’re watching a mf get jumped for finding out who capped his parents the last messagenever selling on Facebook again ☠️ @raptvcom this lowkey wholesome tho😭 @raptvcom “The guy you always listen to” sounds about white LMAOOO @LilNasX the Priests gonna hate this one LMAOOO @LilNasX they gon have you twerking on this mf LMAOOO @stymead ight bro. @stymead need love fr @CrypticNoHoes white women really a curse on us