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ray @boscaroli Buenos Aires, Argentina

Basta a los recuerdos, ya no caben en este lugar

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@ayo_pax Me ofc @thot_tactics First language english to me that shit pussy
@Kurt_W25 Idk, its got more edge to it compared to the ones following it. Still I should revisit their best stuff to be sureI loved it when she wore my shirts @thekingoftimbs Right winged faggot is the way to be @thekingoftimbs Cringe and blue pilled @KateyTheRatGirl Aint it Funny, When it Rain, Pneumonia, Dance in the Water, Tell Me What I Dont Know @allgroovybro Tfw you love her so much you fart all the time around her#NuevaFotoDePerfil ya fue loco rip doom la concha de su madre @thekingoftimbs Way to go @allgroovybro @thekingoftimbs Lmao is groovster famous enough to have pedo allegations already? @thekingoftimbs Thats pretty nazi for music twitter standars @houndsoflovr No veo porque no @thekingoftimbs Hahahaha concha @thekingoftimbs Hahahaha shell = concha hahahaha @Kurt_W25 Best Sonic Youth, kinda, not really sure @thekingoftimbs Keeng @thekingoftimbs 1,76 based hight, living the dream @DigitsByThugger @thot_tactics @dmoneymusicornr @ryantheguyan Would fuck @Grantpa23 Burton batman better than this trash trilogy @LauGreatest She must be real fun in bed @fka_lana Prog @gaydogs I agree with this bait @anarchocudism @CHNchilla89 @LadPsycho @theneedledrop You can be "too old" yeah, but Fantano isnt a good example of it @LadPsycho @theneedledrop Expected a 4 but I'll take a 5 @Kurt_W25 Thats like ∞ argentine pesos fuck @thekingoftimbs Total virg tho @thot_tactics This but inronically... Kinda, I still enjoy some bangers @thekingoftimbs He's real funny @sakiv6601 Right or down row @thekingoftimbs You remind me a lot of this guy: I think you'd like him @guapjules Floyd > Neutral > Radiohead Car Seat Headrest doesnt belong here @thekingoftimbs Worry not Joe, 17 is the default age for losing the virgo @Zhir_Vengersky @KateyTheRatGirl Nah @SoundsKeeper @KateyTheRatGirl I kno the first three numbers @KateyTheRatGirl The Fever or Hacker @thot_tactics Buen día
@allgroovybro None, we're all fucking losers @julibaldivia Probemos singnal Juli Eta
@GavinG98 Face overated @ArthurSmh Good luck Arthur, hoped you've studied a lot @KateyTheRatGirl But you've already ranked em @micanokyojin What's wrong? @Glbp6 Yes and no
@KateyTheRatGirl I dunno about their 2010s records being dead last, but Children up there is huge W
@SuperAdamAdam1 @LukeBellen Maybe because if you hated on them on person you would get murdered @DJPickleJ @kendricklamar Mmmmm what about Ghostface, Danny and Thundercat? @mnyisflesh I just see fags here, everywhere I look I love it @monkeyisbased Please officer, monkee told me they was 18 @KateyTheRatGirl Based pics tbf, fav track from each? I'd say Interstellar and My Girls @monkeyisbased Will I go to jail for that? @monkeyisbased You just took 0 bitches, jokes on u @KateyTheRatGirl 60's psychedelia and neo psychedelia @cosmo_nauut Neither have I! :D360 is oficially dead. I'll kill myself now @Kurt_W25 @thekingoftimbs We in @thekingoftimbs I dont wanna brag but.... @cosmo_nauut Maybe gaming... But big brain gaming, stuff like og Fallout or Deus Ex @joey_hiphop @puunchiiko_ The way tyler is the least cursed here @_yessirskii @puunchiiko_ Kek @Ace_basss Big boys club @shpeethey It's clear you really like him so I'll look into him @DRAINEDALEX Did it feel good tho? @shpeethey Okok, Navy Blue, I'll try to listen to more from him. How long has this dude been releasing stuff? @gaydogs What if he gets tired of being yung lean @shpeethey Really cool, thanks for sharing @gaydogs I'm high, please explain @Glbp6 Well duh @thekingoftimbs Claire Redfield
@blousblood Him having to use the bathroom to clean the shit out his dick, thats the real mood killer @KateyTheRatGirl Fucks @wise_croissant This track is so depressing if you're stoned lmaoThis is why some people dont treat mental illness seriously, pls stfu @wise_croissant @take_sucks Thats actually a great take @take_sucks Fav Bowie and also a top 10-15 of my all time favs probably. Side A just takes Bowie's Art Rock to its… @thot_tactics Champ, de qué era la prueba esta? @take_sucks It's like The Wall and peak Zeppelin, overrated but overhated hereHeeeeyyt my xbox doesnt turn on :D guess i'll have to start reading books like a fucking cavemanGrilling it @freestyIeshit @SquirtReynoldss @theneedledrop Oh @theneedledrop You'll give WLR a 4/10 @SquirtReynoldss @theneedledrop I mean, he has a feature on WLR doesnt he?... @allgroovybro Bet i can take bigger dumps @ArthurSmh Just the thought of it is lovely, I'll listen to it later @thekingoftimbs But yea, supreme sucks, i hate coltrane i'm rassist @thekingoftimbs Experimental tweeting, I wanna see if this ends up like what calt said @ArthurSmh Oh my god, I love that record! <3 no one talks about it here! @thekingoftimbs Love supreme super overrated @thekingoftimbs Songs in the key is cool but @Glbp6 You played us all @raaachel_1996 Days are too short! Lately I get sad at nightime because there's just so much you cant fit in your d… @thekingoftimbs Never cried in my life, thats for pussy ass humans @thekingoftimbs If we talk I simp, so if you're my rey, i'm your ray @Vancyon So fucking much godamn @Vancyon Crazy how paul is considered the best beatle for making good stuff in his early solo then went and started releasing shit @thekingoftimbs @bloodondamonee Nipon is wild @thekingoftimbs @peteshin3 Finna kill u and drink yr blood @thot_tactics @Glbp6 I'm 22 and I feel like one of the oldest dumbasses here @ArthurSmh Of course all DOOM (may he rest with legends) but 2017 Converge, Nick Drake and The Pains of Being Pure a little bit @zzzsync @ArthurSmh Hey, I remember they dropped a live version of Jane Doe a few weeks after The Dusk, have you heard that one?