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Artist/Art Director - Kode aka @Baslajik aka the other logic - Sleepless till I get to that somewhere // Team - @LineageNYC Inprnt below

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@Damac1214 Well it really does depend, if Hector did got the spoon engines, where would the series have gone? Dom n… @baselalisalih1 Buy me a drink first....Happy #WonderWomanDay πŸ™ƒβ€οΈ"It has always been a hologram" @TheBoysTV πŸ‘…πŸ₯›It's only fair. It's on! you are for real, it's M. Bison in street fighter IV, it doesn't have to be for your kicks, let's do it for char… @VogtRoberts @StreetFighter M. Bison!
Always 4 to 5 in @StreetFighter for these πŸ‘€ Shock - @calebmclaughlin @TheKingsletter and I wanted to take on Static after we heard the @michaelb4jordan…
Retweeted by BossLogic @MarkisHunt @DavidAyerMovies I honestly can't recall me saying anything outside the original cut of ss, can you bri… @Robbiestirling0 @DavidAyerMovies Especially news outlets πŸ‘€ @DavidAyerMovies I love the fact people are positive about him now πŸ˜…β€οΈ @BlerdBroadcast @calebmclaughlin @TheKingsletter @michaelb4jordan Homage to it. Find a keyring Easter egg 😁 @antonystarr @danawhite @TeamKhabib @Justin_Gaethje @espn @VisitAbuDhabi Who you got?Static Shock - @calebmclaughlin @TheKingsletter and I wanted to take on Static after we heard the @michaelb4jordan… these days.... I'm going back to working on Static, sorry for the nonsense πŸ™β€οΈ @Feuilles_Jaunes It's all yours#EndSARS #SarsMustGoNow @KenXyro Doesn't work on pure whiteThey mean action, action He is coming back for revenge.... @PapiSchwartz Haha I appreciate that πŸ™πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ @itsRyanUnicomb @Photoshop @ZackSnyder For this one you just go on the filter, click the second option on the left,… minute color using the new @Photoshop colorise filter. This is going to make a lot of restoration artists life a… @Eugen4eck Still beta :DDon't mind me, this is just blowing my mind a little @Robinootsutsuki @Photoshop You can adjust. I just used the one button @LikChan @Photoshop It's literally one button πŸ˜‚I just used the new @Photoshop colorise filter it's straight up witchcraft #AdobeMAX, you actually mad, mad. Sorry I did not mean to hurt you πŸ™ lighting is a game changer, if you dont understand lighting, this basically saves your life in Ps colorise filter #AdobeMAX direction filter πŸ‘€ #AdobeMAX The new @Photoshop is next level. Check out this new feature It's able to turn a head using Ai #AdobeMAX @kevin_nivone @vindiesel πŸ˜‚What joke? team is faced with tragedy after Hector obtains all 6 Honda civics with spoon engines, Dom desperately wanting… we coin "Impulse shopping" as a term for random as hell @Photoshop pieces🐟 - Space @TheFastSaga @vindiesel
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✌️Asteroids✌️ can't believe the dude on the ground has yet to get an Oscar, fix this @TheAcademy @pboutte @stevendeknight @kortizart Hell yeah, quit squad assemble!Final boss battle #UFC254 Glad I free'd up time this week to enjoy this crazy one! @screenrant @6TallMidgets @MrAFelix Thank God someone got it πŸ˜… @Austinc1725 Get out of the convo Jon snowIt looks like you forgot about her'm just going to throw this out there, the dynamic between @antonystarr and @KarlUrban screams Cyclops and Wolveri… @kanyewest interview is cursed @Drake Nothing Was the Same To Snake - War Has Changed Honestly, this is impulse shopping..... twist..... They are robots season, #TeamRusso is playing for the @ArthritisFdn in the @AGBOLeague. Head to to don…
Retweeted by BossLogic @EzeeT They will insult your mother and call of it constructive criticism πŸ˜‚ @QueenInTheNor17 It does, and they have a few accounts not only for comics, movies and TV tooI appreciate you guys! I just wanted to call him out so people can be aware of that page, it shouldn't exist, all… @ralkana47 I do. They tend to unfollow me when called out 😁Be a better human. Try to find the positive in things instead of helping spread the negative. But if you want to b…'s called comic cringe and the point of the account is to get people laughing at bad works. You're part of the b…'s a page where they shit on people's works many times on mine, glad you are proud of them and tag my stuff for t… @pboutte Let's quit.... @jtimsuggs @KarlUrban @TheCBMCringe They can't see my posts bro πŸ™πŸ˜ @itsRyanUnicomb @moviemazz @MariahCarey You got to level up your @MariahCarey reference game, I know you can do it, one sweet day @moviemazz @itsRyanUnicomb @MariahCarey I will always be (do, do, ah) (Do, do, do, do, do, do, da)Just imagine Tony calling the Avengers C**TS πŸ˜‚ is like an alternate universe cast. It's basically the same show, instead of DMT it's pineapple express πŸ˜‚ @itsRyanUnicomb @moviemazz @MariahCarey But when does a hero come along? @pboutte (quits art) world swaps @antonystarr X @ChrisEvans #TheBatman The Thugs
Retweeted by BossLogicChills when I watched this as a kid, still get chills now. Also, Zach Snyder directed this.
Retweeted by BossLogic @_JackLewis πŸ˜‚ Much love bro @_JackLewis So ducking trueIt be funny if this was an autocorrect πŸ˜‚
By popular demand (What's up danger) version. Can't wait for #spiderman #milesmorales @insomniacgames Bosslogic X…
Retweeted by BossLogic @Davidrahughes ❀️❀️❀️ @LoganGarrick @wbc0008 @JackQuaid92 @TheBoysTV 92% πŸ˜πŸ™πŸ˜˜.@Bosslogic has been and continues to be my favorite. @TheBoysTV #TheBoys
Retweeted by BossLogicYou're amazing, Jack! #TheBatman The Thugs @antonystarr It's going to be legend..... Dairy @Howsito Done and done @Howsito I think I'll set the visual first then grind out the idea @Howsito I always found Dorothy suspect πŸ˜‚I would love to one day fund a take on Wizard of Oz, where it's grim and raw and stylised like Sin City and the Wit… earned myself a high five! Finished my deadlines! @veliokulan πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @anroyce @ZeeGees_AU i got a 6 tho, you flexed on me haha @ZeeGees_AU @anroyce I do @phalcon29 @BoyzIIMen you rightThe @BoyzIIMen #TheBoys #DragonBall Art Casts The Boys' Antony Starr As Cell
Retweeted by BossLogic @mikediva I'm crying in the club.. Club being my room.....Have you ever had deadlines and be like "oh I got 3 weeks, plenty of time" then seconds later it's due in a few hours? 😭 @itskeyon Still not over zendaya and also this fanart of her by @Bosslogic 😳😳😳😳
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