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Lover all things sports, gaming, true crime and science. Hater all things Boston/religion/censorship/crazy wokeness. Semi-Troll. WIP caller.

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I gotta admit, I do enjoy 2 games on Monday night. I like it better than one game you only see 15% of on Red Zone t… @jordanbpeterson Awesome, bud. My best to you and your family, stay safe and healthy ❤️ @realchrisrufo Absolutely insane that they reference Robin DiAngelo's hateful, divisive, racist garbage as somethin… @EaglesPMC The problem with defensive head coaches is if you hire an OC who does a great job, they are usually pluc… no “tribe” can be as exhausting as it is liberating. Arguing with people on two fronts instead of one. I can… @notaxation Robert Wuhl, that’s a blast from the past, miss that guy. Every see his Assume the Positions specials on HBO? @thomaschattwill Didn’t anyone ever teach him to wait until you’re alone and you can play with your pecker for as much as you want? @JRE_Library Get well soon @JamieVernon!Unfortunate truth: There is no "party of science." Rep's are more often climate change deniers and anti-vaxxers D… @DownwiththeMets @JoeGiglioSports From the Royals? @DownwiththeMets @JoeGiglioSports Lawrence is generational. If they got #1 they have to take him. Won't matter though, the Jets will get #1 @DownwiththeMets @JoeGiglioSports I don't need a Ferrari, but I really want one @doxyourself The people who say the country is so divided and we need to come together are the same people who will… odds of the Eagles being the most injured team in the NFL 3 years in a row are .003% Sorry, refuse to buy it’s… @MrAndyNgo They spelled flier wrong @harks413 @JoeGiglioSports Probably, but ya never know, and I at least want Chase for Wentz to throw to for the next 5-10 years @JoeGiglioSports I actually want the Giants to win, it would be a huge loss for draft positioning and distance the… @EaglesPMC I tweeted this yesterday. Doesn’t mean I’m right but nothing else makes sense to me, they can’t be this… @P95David @TheQuartering You do know natives conquered land from other natives right? Land has been conquered and… full list of the 20 most overrated players in sports. It's well sourced talking to tons of scouts and general ma… two most overrated teams I've ever seen in my life played in the NLCSTampa is a much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much much… @mike_e_kaye if eagles lose on Thursday would it be the worst loss of the Doug era? @universal_sci Earth’s boobsThe Eagles somehow always do this every meeting take: anything with nougat sucks unless it’s dominated heavily by peanut butter or caramel. No good candy bar… @Matt_Winkelman Are you comfortable giving Realmuto 5+ years if it came to it?That might cost the Braves the game, awful baserunning @MrAndyNgo refs this year have been horrendous. What a jokeI can't take May seriously with that haircut, dude looks like an absolute clown
@JoeGiglioSports The Phillies need someone like that guy Kranitz out in Atlanta. He does a great job with their sta… @notaxation You’re gonna get Trevor Lawrence it’ll be worth itJoe Douglas not firing Gase is the right move. It guarantees them Trevor Lawrence. They don’t win a single game und… I the only one who thinks this looks like a certain Phillies broadcast + 50 lbs? @SophNar0747 How many of those people do you think actually get attacked? @Deekayy01 @hellerwill9 @BrandonGowton They cut Fulgham after camp too he’s only here because they had injuries. Ho… @hellerwill9 @Deekayy01 @BrandonGowton No he wasn't he was bad last year he was running in quicksand. He was so slo… @ZachGelb It's a perfectly suitable one, Lawrence is worth it. Firing Gase now changes nothing about their future,… Philly staple is more trailer trash-y? Setting fireworks of at all hours of the night everyday? People zippi… @hellerwill9 @BrandonGowton He had the worst WR group in NFL history last year and waited until late April to make… @hellerwill9 @BrandonGowton You're in denial if you think injuries are the reason the team has been average at best… @hellerwill9 @BrandonGowton He can not bring in old injury prone playersLooking forward to Middleton not allowing them to hire a new pitching coach to save a few bucks bullpen aged him 20 years @Victor27679894 @BrandonGowton Hi Alex from Queens @BrandonGowton @doxyourself @theironibex I meant them btw not you lol 😎 @doxyourself @theironibex Sounds like someone who's actually not attractive themselves might say 🤷‍♂️Lamar deserved MVP last year and is loaded with talent, but sorry he's not in Mahomes or Rodgers' class. He was bad… performance of Wentz's career. Played like shit the first half(yes, it's ok to say that just because the w… is for the best. The team sucks and Howie can't try and give away picks at the deadline and hurt our future. T… give Wentz the opportunity to throw thereHorrendous play call thereDoug and Wentz doing everything they can to win with Howie's absolute garbage rosterWhy would you bite on the outside run that is no threat at allLook at that@body controlFulgham is a BEAST @TommyKelly44 Told ya last week, soft players not willing to gut it out. When all other answers make no sense that’s the only one remaining!Fulgham is a player he battles knows how to get open @EaglesPMC Anyone who still stans for Howie at this point is simply a blind homer and their opinions are not to be taken seriously @JimmyKempski I don’t want them getting Lawrence, goodThe mathematical odds the eagles are the most injured team 3 years in a row is beyond improbable. I just wonder now… give me a break dudeTucker is so money. Greatest kicker I’ve ever seenMan the Broncos really want Trevor LawrenceI’m never one of those “play with an injury don’t be a pussy” kinda guys, but these injuries Eagles players are sit… don’t think the Ravens think he’s real either because they decided not to cover him at allI don’t think Jason Croom is real I think that’s Jordan Matthews in a fake persons jerseyWho????This team is so soft.lmao that's how JJAW gets a TD. It's so poetic his blocking got him a TD. The only thing he does wellThe ravens aren’t even playing well today and the Eagles are getting treated like a high school team @JoeGiglioSports When there’s someone new who’s awful every week to blame that’s the sign of a bad teamFulgham almost caught thatHe didn’t get itThe position coaching is awful on this team I’m sorry. Everyone leaves here and gets better. Not one player can do… this and last week I’m at a loss with the reviews of analystsWhat the hell is charles Davis talking aboutIf Hurts becomes an accurate passer he could be a real weapon at QBFully timeThe eagles offense has gotten so bad they’ve resorted to full back yard gimmickBack to back Hurts plays, who won the turkey bet for that? @Bo_Wulf @SheilKapadia @ZBermHurts got some shake and bake manConspiracy theory: Howie mandated Doug not use Fulgham today so they will have spin for not playing him next game w…’m 100% sure that asshole honking the horn at the Linc is one of those losers who’s been setting off fireworks eve… @DownwiththeMets I’m not a sixers fans anymore I no longer watch them or root for themEvery Sunday I have the Eagles on the big screen and Red Zone on the small screen. The Eagles are getting demoted t…’s with that side arm motion if Lamar? It seems way more pronounced almost like a hitchI hope the Eagles lose 60-0. Just embarrass these losers. Fluky games the last couple weeks gave fans and Howie fal… @Reef215 I don’t even think they need to be better with dalton. They could be worse and still win the Eagles are that badGetting in the playoffs this year would be the worst thing for this Eagles team. Everyone needs to realize that. Wo… was eaaaaay downCan’t remember a time Philly sports was this hopeless. At least in 2012-2016 every team was horrendous and had low… at how fucking bad they are. Seriously. Just look at how bad this is. Please stop lying to yourselves about wh…’s ready to give up picks because he can’t admit his team blows Middleton is letting talent go and targeting… should go for it on every 4th down regardless of distance or positioningGo for itThis team is so so so bad. If Howie buys at the deadline he’s fucking clueless and Lurie needs to fire him before h… @RealGlenMacnow *season