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Red Sox @ Rays G2 Pillar CF Devers 3B Martinez DH Bogaerts SS Vázquez C Chavis 1B Verdugo RF Peraza LF Arauz 2B Perez LHP.Craig Kimbrel has a 32.40 ERA with the Chicago Cubs and that really hurts me. @RedSox“Top of the 9th, bases loaded and 1 out for the Red Sox.” @Pat_Light’t try to get them all back in one swing, please.That’s super close but safeWhat the fuck are we doing.Dude can’t throw strikes and we go with that plan, terrible at bat from JD.Benny reaches on an errorAfter 7, 5-1 RaysHow some NBA refs still got a job is beyond me.I don’t think Ron Roenicke knows the numbers of Alex Verdugo against lefties.After 6, 4-1 RaysJD doubles.After 5, 4-1 RaysNate is just throwing bp right nowValdez gets up in the penNice slide, 3-1 RaysAfter 4, 2-1 RaysAll because a missed strike 3 callShiticana Field
Wendle owns NateGive me that blue @jburke616 It sure sounded like itThat was a foul ball3 minutes to review if this was an out or not? @Snxzi_ I went without replay lolAfter 3, 1-0 Red SoxWHAT A PLAY.JD doublesPeraza leadoff singleAfter 2, 1-0 Red SoxJackie doesn’t miss those @RedsoxDevers He’s 0-18, that ain’t no bad luck.Only one guy in the left side and he hits it there, bring me back Pillar.Verdugo singlesMitch Moreland quietly hitting .300 with 3 HR and 6 RBI..SEEEEEEEEEEEEEE YAAAAAAAAAAA MORELAND SOLO BLAST!Eck: “It’s funny how everybody gets there (Houston) and they just become better.” @CliftonRamos5 Need him to last as long as he canAfter 1, 0-0Pitch count Nate, pitch count.We should have 2 runners on base already if Benny and Raffy were smart enoughNot behind home plate but we finally get to see the one and only. Ball at Tropicana Field ! @fromthetailgate I wouldn’t mind @BostonNationn please explain me why I feel good about tonight? @savanakaamazing It was more a players initiative in case someone gets infected they have enough players ready to p… @savanakaamazing Why?MLB announces that rosters will be of 28 players for the rest of the season and Postseason starting this Thursday.Red Sox @ Rays G1 Benintendi LF Devers 3B Martinez DH Bogaerts SS Moreland 1B Vázquez C Verdugo RF Bradley Jr. CF Peraza 2B Eovaldi RHP.Joey Votto deserves much better than to be playing for the Reds forever.
Please go check out my friend @Thatspatsnow on Instagram, he’s covering everything Patriots related.… @BoucherMitch That’s HUGE @JordanLeandre55 Show me your receipts then cause I don’t get that top 20 @mvcredsox87 The deal was better without him @BoSox_4150 @JordanLeandre55 Top 20? Nah.. career numbers; 25-19, 4.13 ERA, 411 K, 149 BBWe only play 3 games this week. @Kourtney11K Thank you cutie!Eyes on the prize, eyes on the prize, eyes on the prize. season can’t end soon enough, 10 games in and it has been the worst. @RedSox you Matt Barnes. course. @matt_theking8 That was like a toss to the pitcher lmaoMan, Plawecki has NO ARM....The Angels gotta accept that Ohtani can’t pitch anymore. @Pat_Light Barnes now for BostonJBJ’s hot start is overPlawecki walks @NYYfan2442 Gio was a nobody before last season lol @DaveRisman Chapman retired ?Alex Rodriguez just called Gio Urshela the BEST 3B in the American League? Someone is back on drugs. Bogaerts is 4-4 with 2 HR, 1 2B and 3 RBI leadoff doubleVerdugo came in for JD and moved to LF btw.It’s all up to Barnes and Workman.After 7, 7-6 Red SoxPERAZA, finally!Rafael Devers DESTROYS #1! was only 427ft? NO WAY.SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA DEVERS SOLO BLAAAAAST!After 6, 6-6After 5, 6-6- The Red Sox get a lead (again) - Red Sox pitchers: understand they’re in love with the Yankees but this is getting pathetic.BOGEY TO THE MOON! Xander Bogaerts extension just keeps getting better and better.437ft/106mph for Bogaerts YAAAAAAAAAAAAA BOGEY MAJESTIC HR!Rafael Arenado! 4, 5-5Roenicke finally showing some signs of lifeHe’s clearly OUT