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Courageously and optimistically smoking my way through life blowing clouds of positivity and encouragement making friends along the way 🥰💨

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This 💯 #Mmemberville #weneedmorelove #HelpUsBobMarley
Retweeted by Bougie BlazeWhat happens when people open their hearts?" "They get better. - Haruki Murakami
Retweeted by Bougie BlazeI love you!! And I love this!! ✌💚🌈
Retweeted by Bougie Blaze#BLACKLIVESMATTER New Zealand: HAKA to Honor Black Lives & George Floyd✊🏽🔥 Share This Everywhere, share this ener…
Retweeted by Bougie Blazethis has all been planned and you have done exactly what they wanted, sex ban in uk is so no1 is getting ednorphine…
Retweeted by Bougie Blaze @BabieGetsBaked @hybrid_heroine You’re so hot you’re gonna have all the guys puffin for peace ☺️💨Thank you to @BabieGetsBaked @misty_moonbeam @SoulofNecro @hybrid_heroine @ZenWillows @StonerGirl9112 @MNToker89 @bowls_mike @ZenWillows Thank you @spcsam56 Thank you soo much @ZenWillows @BougieGypsy @BabieGetsBaked @shleymaelima @Sydney06535431 @StonerGirl9112 @MNToker89 @hybrid_heroine
Retweeted by Bougie Blaze @SoulofNecro Thank you so much and that’s funny welcome to the content creator world it happens man @BabieGetsBaked @hybrid_heroine I love you @BabieGetsBaked thank you sooo much for being apart of #PuffsForPeace @BabieGetsBaked @hybrid_heroine @hybrid_heroine is my BITCH! @hybrid_heroine selected the right song for this evening..."Changes" by TuPac. The world needs some damn changes!…
Retweeted by Bougie Blaze @mayac521 @koalapuffss This came up as I was writing out my @TheWeedTube1 and YouTube video! I will be mentioning t… finishing this documentary and as much I try to educate myself I have never been opened up to so many und…
Retweeted by Bougie BlazeShrooms Would Be Really.. REALLY NICE Right NOW!🍄🌿A Mental Vacation is Needed SomeTimes Even If We Cant Physically…
Retweeted by Bougie Blazethis shit isn’t okay. just a piece of shit in a uniform
Retweeted by Bougie Blaze @mimasblowed I’ll be your friend @Sydney06535431's blow that negativity out of here!! I'm still puffin' for peace...are you? ✌💚🌈 #PuffsForPeace #TokesForJustice
Retweeted by Bougie Blaze @BabieGetsBaked💚To Bring Forth a Positive Peaceful Space For Us Stoners to Relax & Get Away From ALL Negativity, I Present to You…
Retweeted by Bougie Blaze#PuffsForPeace!!
Retweeted by Bougie Blaze @hybrid_heroine Let’s keep this energy !! @SoulofNecro @BabieGetsBaked @shleymaelima @Sydney06535431 @StonerGirl9112 @MNToker89 @hybrid_heroine @SweetlySmiles @ZenWillows @BabieGetsBaked @shleymaelima @Sydney06535431 @StonerGirl9112 @MNToker89 @hybrid_heroine @SoulofNecro
#ToksForJustice #PuffsForPeace #TokesForTilly I need everyone to come together and start using these hashtags and… world is on 🔥 fire 🔥 let’s take some #PuffsForPeace and #TokesForJustice we need to come together and show… @crazyjane125 @StephaniedeJag3 Thank you same to you @BabieGetsBaked No we’re amazing Baked and Blazed*worldwide draw* To enter, you must be following me, like the post, give two thumbs up in this draw post, retweet.…
Retweeted by Bougie Blaze @crazyjane125 @StephaniedeJag3 👍 👍 @growboyzent @BabieGetsBaked Thank youPuffin' for Peace all day long!! Join me. ✌💚🌈 #PuffsForPeace #TokesForJustice
Retweeted by Bougie Blaze @BabieGetsBaked You’re amazing @KvngAceWuv @SosukeSantana You’re inspiring thank you @ParledeSpirit Om@G to the A to the Y GAY soo don’t think lm being a pig but why not Take a Photo eating a Taco In… is this?!? @Sydney06535431 What ent down 😂 the guy the date? @BougieGypsy #WeAreAllInThisTogether #BlackLivesMatter #AllInThisTogether
Retweeted by Bougie Blaze @SweetlySmiles Thank you 😊#StrongerTogeather @SoulofNecro @Sydney06535431 @BabieGetsBaked @hybrid_heroine @MNToker89 @StonerGirl9112 @SoulofNecro you know I’m c… @SweetlySmiles you are invited too all my homies are! #WeAreStronerTogeather @BabieGetsBaked Thank you soooo much @BabieGetsBaked @SoulofNecro @Sydney06535431 @hybrid_heroine @MNToker89 @StonerGirl9112 Baked you need a channel! B… @Da__Beast Well congratulations my friend you want to genetic lotteryTHIS GOT DELETED DONT LET THIS GET DELETED AGAIN!!!!!! THEY ARE NOT LETTING HER OUT TO GO HOME SO WE ARE PROTESTING…
Retweeted by Bougie BlazeI need a team of positive role models to support a cause bigger then our selfs that we can be proud of I nominate… my friends could help me with my new campaign #PuffsForPeace and #TokesForJustice let’s spread the #GoodVibes an… @Da__Beast Is that you ????I love you @BabieGetsBaked that’s right we need some more peace right now so let’s #PuffForPeace everyone listen to… to @TheWeedTube Brining a #NewVibe and #NewLook keeping that same #MessyHair and #PositiveEnergy shouting… @StonerGirl9112 @_the_unusual @misty_moonbeam @K_tokez_22 @lanni_1503 @ACannabisQueen @420indianagirl @R3DSPL1FF All life mattersForgot to reply to this yesterday! But I LOVE #tokesforjustice!! Let's get this bread & keep clouding up skies with…
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@hybrid_heroine check yo mail box this evening @Alanis Happy Birthday! You have helped me through soooo much the past 20 years thank you soooo much 💯🥰💚👑🌿Fix The Negative Energy Surrounding Your Realm With DankClouds & The Love Of MaryJane!🌿👑💚 #Mmemberville #Stoned
Retweeted by Bougie BlazeGonna go be a slave to this yardwork 💚💨 what are YOU doing PRODUCTIVE NOT DESTRUCTIVE today!? #Stonergirls
Retweeted by Bougie BlazeWHAT IS FUCKING HAPPENING!!!!!!!
Retweeted by Bougie Blaze#ImDistracted as the Space cadet of one of my jobs Management thought it be funny if I did a retake on Carol Baskin… #TokesForJustice @DatBwoyFedi I need to talk to you... Check your dms my friend.Correction #PuffsForJustice @BabieGetsBaked @hybrid_heroine @MNToker89 @shleymaelima @StonerGirl9112 can I get a toke and a retweet please? #PeacefulPuffs @Sydney06535431 That’s your choice and there’s nothing wrong w that I happen to find some black guys the sexiest mf…
The negativity neeed to stop the injustice needs to come to an end yesterday! Enough is enough! We have voices and…’re awesome @hybrid_heroine @K_tokez_22 @misty_moonbeam @BabieGetsBaked Yup that’s how you do it!!! @_bakedbeauty420 Depends on whoWhat the fuck were they even doing wrong???
Retweeted by Bougie BlazeI don’t know how anyone can do anything other than care about what’s going on right now.
Retweeted by Bougie Blaze @hybrid_heroine @Sydney06535431 @MNToker89 @BabieGetsBaked I appreciate you so much you don’t even know! @BougieGypsy @Sydney06535431 @MNToker89 @BabieGetsBaked Always gonna be here!! You find out who your true ones are…
Retweeted by Bougie Blaze @Sydney06535431 @hybrid_heroine @MNToker89 @BabieGetsBaked #ComeToGeather #TokesForTilly let’s all take a peaceful puff and blow that BS in the world outta… @Sydney06535431 @hybrid_heroine @MNToker89 @BabieGetsBaked thank you guys for being so cool 😎 @ZenWillows Thank you 🙏#WhatsPuffin friends I have two choices 1) Be sad or 2) get over it and see it for what it is and move on.. What on… @_bakedbeauty420 It’s the only way ans when you buy bigger you save so it’s just finically responsible if you think about it
@shleymaelima @Dope_Dev420 I just neee to find the motivation Between both my jobs my business and helping an unnam… @shleymaelima @Dope_Dev420 I just did a ghost tour in a cemetery at midnight with a stoner friend but I’ve been way… @shleymaelima @Dope_Dev420 @shleymaelima would you like to see some more super natural stuff on my channels? Im tr… @Dope_Dev420 I watch Spanglish last night at work didn’t even realize Adam Sandler was in that movie @Dope_Dev420 Who hasent.. I have A tarot deck Attero buck I just don’t really know how to use it and never read the book @arendlovesyou @Dope_Dev420 I speak Spanish and Italian but ONLY when 💯 necessary because I just feel like I sound… @hybrid_heroine and @BabieGetsBaked you two are so god dam supportive! I can’t wait to meet you gals! And get fuckin litPlanning on Taking a #Tripp to #SanDiego to make Gravy Grilled Cheeses w @hybrid_heroine"USE YOUR VOICE, WE CAN HELP CHANGE THE WORLD" @kyjohnz #BlackLivesMatter
Retweeted by Bougie BlazeHow relatable’t be a drag just be a queen @TheFluffButt I was thinking Angry Inch @SmokedUpGoddess @sug_wood I want stickers @joshieyamaguchi I thought this was tilly @bakinwas like girl don’t drink too much @IamTblaq @BlaqJoker91 @nerve_og @_Yoddha_ Agreed. Take responsibility for yourself. Free will.
Retweeted by Bougie Blaze @ZenWillows Maybe a lil crispier @ZenWillows I was a mega bitch today 😅😅 @ZenWillows Nice nails btw I alllways notice them