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Brandon @Boweetles South Carolina, USA

Parsing the data of the human interaction with facts and discourse.💻

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Y’all, we are doing this thing! SC just crossed an incredible milestone: over one million people of color are now r…
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Rep. Higgins, R-Louisiana, says “While unfortunate, the deaths of migrant children may be unavoidable.” Since Higg…
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Rush's Neil Peart, the Hall of Fame drummer who set a new standard for rock virtuosity, has died at age 67…
Retweeted by BrandonTonight we're expecting our fourth production of Ukraine-related documents in response to our FOIA litigation. Here…
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@olejoshieb @Bel_Biv_Devos @SigSomd @CNNPolitics Lol wut
@CookingGroyper @arXiv6174 @washingtonpost Nah, one isn't real. @smoe2020 @MSNBC Has anyone asked Dingell about this? @HotSauceJeff1 @MSNBC Lol, trash @RealestAhole @chug_soylent @washingtonpost Exactly. Everyone knows you can only be accused of something once.
Tim came out to help make holiday cards for seniors with #HarrisonHelps and had some thoughts about how we’re build…
Retweeted by Brandon @Texas4Trump2020 @CNNPolitics Lol, nah @al_practic @nedprice @IlhanMN Only if trump wants to.For our furriends de koalas!!!
Retweeted by Brandon @al_practic @nedprice @IlhanMN He could hum my economy anytime! @al_practic @nedprice @IlhanMN He's so dreamy! @al_practic @nedprice @IlhanMN We can only trust trump!I don't think that's a face. @al_practic @nedprice @IlhanMN Lol, yeah, he's lying though.
race against time to save the last remaining cats, before the bombing arrives! population escaped and we tried to…
Retweeted by Brandon @HSprauge @GeorgeTakei No one was talking to you.
he's having so much fun you guys
Retweeted by Brandon @ZekeJMiller thoughts and prayers
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@theshop62 @QasimRashid They are atheists because they don't believe in our one true lord and savior Donald Trump.I’m just sure why, I just think this is funny.
Retweeted by BrandonMore troubling are the ones who have walked away from Jesus because they think Trump will better protect America. T…
Retweeted by BrandonThese are various event pages for the January 20th event at the Virginia Capitol
Retweeted by BrandonHere it is. Crown Prosecution Service has charged U.S. diplomat's wife Anne Sacoolas with causing death by dangerous drivin…
Retweeted by BrandonWut @QasimRashid @CTmagazine Here's the thing, trump is God now. @Anitra02840369 @chug_soylent @RepAdamSchiff MORE GRAVER lol @MarkAvi2 @lime_crush @AmyLouAlvarado2 @zangzauce @Liz_Wheeler He must have had a hard time ignoring the obvious.You were saying, Brian?
Retweeted by BrandonWhoever made this is a hero.
Retweeted by Brandon @navybrat18 @DavMicRot @realDonaldTrump It's a quote.Time to plug our CH 2020 calendar again 😅 for only 14Pounds/15€/22$ you can get this beautiful wall calendar and su…
Retweeted by Brandon @jljacobson @PeteButtigieg Nah, she definitely started it.A lot of Trump supporters are talking about civil war after the #ImpeachmentVote. It's easy to laugh at the keyboar…
Retweeted by Brandon @SarahHuckabee Well, the lying is on brand.I’ve worked my whole life to overcome a stutter. And it’s my great honor to mentor kids who have experienced the sa…
Retweeted by BrandonWhat trash is this? @GOP @realDonaldTrump Lol @washingtonpost Did it work? @Random_acct @forbsie420 @CTmagazine @josephochambers Probably reading a fact check.CNN live feed of Democratic presidential debate goes to black in Beijing. Candidates were asked about China’s human…
Retweeted by Brandon @_youhadonejob1 1 @CillizzaCNN Yeah @GOP Lies @Eyes_On_It_All @NatashaBertrand @blakehounshell You think Barr lost them too? @Keith103772911 @chug_soylent @JoeBiden awww poor lil guy! triggered. @GOP Yeah, she knows the type of person Mitch is.
@Eyes_On_It_All "potentially lethal" lol @fairytalejedi Polls are supposed to have more than one choice.As I said, the guy literally waited one day to switch parties. @Plenty_HATE @chug_soylent @SedonaBorn @DineshDSouza @45Eric4Trump @realDonaldTrump lol, he didn't. @higherminder @weetwoo70 @detroitnews Nah. @weetwoo70 @higherminder @detroitnews You're saying your time. This entire account is a lie. They always claim to h… @domaug @TulsiNation2020 Yeah I think being secretary of state might be those reasons. @TulsiGabbard (Fart sounds) @mikefarb1 In portrait mode? @RepLeeZeldin @al_practic @sacbee_news @ChrisBiderman They're dead. @HMcAlpin You guys are definitely deplorable. @Pohaku_Napoo Ha! He's such a pathetic joke! That's why we elected him! @DA_CH0S3N_0N3 @wscn2kk @FiveThirtyEight Nah it's pretending like those things suddenly happened under trump while… first Home Alone 2 cast member to be impeached.
Retweeted by Brandon @HurdOnTheHill Coward @TidyDarts_ @GregoryMcMahon @staticbluebat @LilyLouvee @anton_kunkle @RealCandaceO We need more sivix classes! @NBCNews cool story. @723Magnus @Jaelyn_Hope She won't be in office much longer, I wouldn't sweat it. @grillo_23 @McFaul @SpeakerPelosi nah @723Magnus @Jaelyn_Hope She's great for the GOP. @nuency25 @jaketapper no one believes you. @Jaelyn_Hope @723Magnus @nate_fight2020 At least it is spelled right this time.Is the President Jesus? At This Toledo Diner, Customers Are Split
Retweeted by Brandon @revrrlewis WAR!!!!How did all of these regular folk afford such a nice bus? @MasterChiefAmed @matthewjdowd lol, nah @matthewjdowd She hasn't been in the race anyway. @tweet_liberty He's got to save something for Trump. @RUMINT79 @SHANE5231 @RichLowry @B52Malmet "man" @tweet_liberty
Retweeted by Brandon @CronkiteSays @HillaryClinton Rough night? @al_practic @sacbee_news @ChrisBiderman NEVER! PUBLIC SCHOOLS ARE FOR POORS!! @thehill
Retweeted by Brandon @al_practic @sacbee_news @ChrisBiderman YOU ARE JUST JEALOUS!!! TRUMP IS STILL YOUR PRESIDENT!!! @CronkiteSays @DanRather @al_practic @sacbee_news @ChrisBiderman I was raised the right way, by nannies in a golden apartment like OUR LORD!! @TidyDarts_ @staticbluebat @LilyLouvee @anton_kunkle @RealCandaceO It's a hat trick! @LilyLouvee @TidyDarts_ @anton_kunkle @RealCandaceO *PantsActually believes Tim Heidecker thinks Trump was fired today @LilyLouvee @anton_kunkle @RealCandaceO @TidyDarts_ @al_practic @sacbee_news @ChrisBiderman ONLY TRUMP RALLIES!!! so yeah.DOUGIE had himself A DAY
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