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@ZerlinaMaxwell We have to be upset that someone pointed out that the president named his child after a royal title, or something.Sometimes my personal lawyer calls my individual staff members and directs them how to use taxpayer money. ACTUALLY NO THAT IS ILLEGAL.
Retweeted by Brandon @DustinKillewald @Mrtimrock @realDonaldTrump @NATO LolFrom our original article. Check this out. This is an egregious dereliction of responsibility on the platform.
Retweeted by BrandonTwitter has throttled my account so bad it may be close to the end for us. It is a waste of time to spend everyday…
Retweeted by Brandon @lloyd_frombriz @mikefarb1 A lot of them appear to have stopped tweeting in 2015.This is bizarre. Imagine the power behind this number of accounts pushing a single message at once. Push a divisive… @mikefarb1 Are all of the followers bots? @_Sirwin @bombshellmovie That was Matt Lauer I believe. @middlewingJeff @bombshellmovie It's a movie.Thread: 50 years ago, on Dec. 4, 1969, Chicago cops killed 21-year-old Black Panther, Fred Hampton Hampton's death…
Retweeted by Brandon @KevinMKruse @thatbilloakley Dinesh is that you?As everyone knows, the Watergate impeachment fell apart when Senator Sam Ervin spoke Tricia Nixon's name aloud. Un…
Retweeted by BrandonWe live in the stupidest goddamn timeline.
Retweeted by Brandon @RC_None_Cola @chug_soylent @wickedwitchkck @snoprinz1 @BenCote1983 @CNN She's a MAGAt. Surprise! @Morgan1Leigh @dcexaminer @realDonaldTrump Morgan? Morgan? news. I found Jim Jordan's jacket.
Retweeted by Brandon @SchlangerVon @NBCNews He'll be at the next trump rally. @JoeRoche @NBCNews When your dead they let you do it. @al_practic Yeah, we should get rid of all of those countries. They aren't American enough. @al_practic He IS America. Democrats are the devil! We should put them in camps! @al_practic He doesn't need them! NATO was terrible until trump fixed it! @al_practic Trump loves you too! Unless you're an evil libtard! @al_practic They are the biggest hands! He could circle jerk a room full of grown men in one palm! @al_practic Trumpbukkake.txt @al_practic Obama is the devil! Trump cannot lose because he is a better God than jesus christ! I want his warm glorious load on my chest! @al_practic The media is our enemy! Evil liberal demons! Trump shall cast them out and allow us to swallow his seed! #trump2050 @al_practic I'm so hard for trump right now! He is my greatest love! @al_practic Trumpisjesusandmylover.pdf @al_practic Trump is the king on high! He shall smite the liberals and conquer all lands to make the world American… @al_practic Trumptrain.jpg @al_practic I'm just worried dear leader might not get to be president for at least 10 more terms! Other than that… @Morgan1Leigh @dcexaminer @realDonaldTrump Go ahead Morgan. What was disgusting about it? @JillWineBanks How long could it take to get a response from the court about the subpoenas?He fixed it guys!!! @westerspace @brianstelter If it's what you say it is, I love it! @al_practic Trumpdancelibtrigger.gif @al_practic Trump is God. @Chloe71730335 @DottieDog22 @nationunified @CasperVonDj @MatthewJshow @realDonaldTrump @BorisJohnson @EyesParanormal @RepMarkMeadows What was the mean part? @realDonaldTrump Lol, you don't read.The privilege of raiding your retirement fund to pay off your student debt. These cheap bastards want you to die in…
Retweeted by BrandonPAY no attention to the imbecile behind you mocking a disabled reporter. #BeBest @FLOTUS
Retweeted by Brandon @surenotgunshy @whattheplucked @Chinchillazllla Yeah, I'm hoping they move on by the general. @KKsHacienda @Gail99563347 @CarliMann1 @Bakes_1 Im in south Carolina. We legalized tattoos in 2000. Do you have a couch? @GOPChairwoman @realDonaldTrump When you say impeachment, are you talking about getting a foreign power to smear yo… @surenotgunshy @whattheplucked @Chinchillazllla I know it's overstated, but a large amount of Harris supporters are… @surenotgunshy These are valid concerns. @surenotgunshy @whattheplucked @Chinchillazllla Buttigieg hasn't made that much progress, people are putting way to… @PamelaN57 @BlufftonHHI @ChipHarbour @Infantry0300 @RudyGiuliani @DevinNunes Lol, sure it is. @battlebarbie45 @theopoliphil @j31550022 @RudyGiuliani Pretend it's Hillary's emails. @diogoom @ash_says_what @RudyGiuliani Desperate is pretending that trump is innocent in this. @johnmccoin13 @RuthStone6 @EliseStefanik Cool. That will be a great waste of time. @SirEricPraline Standing tall! @JacobWohlReport He is the epitome of douche.The amazing thing about this call transcript is that it's a living breathing document. Each generation can read thi…
Retweeted by Brandon @AmirFKosova @Reuters You must have missed the Obama presidency. @KNVA1 @Reuters triggered @Christi98220203 @JudgeJeanine @realDonaldTrump Yeah, you guys consistently exude joy, lol. @RisingtidesDC @NotoriousRBF @JudgeJeanine @realDonaldTrump You are a Trump supporter. @Medigator4Bill @chug_soylent @NotoriousRBF @JudgeJeanine @realDonaldTrump @NBCNews You could have fit her entire phrase in the headline, but need those clicks, right? @CarlaMorotoli @JenniferSJordan @NBCNews Is there a certain age they plan on breaking the news to him that his name is a royal title? @NBCNews Her husband is Donald Trump for Christ sakes."patriot" @gsm9118 @JudicialWatch lol @JohnMHenni2 @JudicialWatch They're coming to get you! lol
Retweeted by Brandon @LaurenDodge12 @chug_soylent @tonyposnanski @chrismonroe213 @chug_soylent @tonyposnanski WAAAAAH"TrUmP wOn, GiT oVeR It!" @slug120 @chug_soylent ingest excreta. @eyesonjesus55 @IngrahamAngle @annumes @brianstelter He's got to keep that echo chamber trimmed. @brianstelter ndayum! @gatordad04 @thehuli @MarketWatch Those are not presidents.This Barron/Baron thing is a test of just how gullible mainstream reporters are
Retweeted by Brandon @rez512 It's like we aren't supposed to remember him saying that they should investigate Biden LIVE ON TV. @atrupar The Trump Train travels on a laugh track
Retweeted by Brandon @KennyKa99571067 yikes. @ccook93536 @chug_soylent @RepAdamSchiff @RepJerryNadler @mclean_sharen @AlannaDelaporta @BevH111 @DonaldJTrumpJr The GOP witness also advocated for the president to let pe… @DonaldJTrumpJr TRIGGERED. @ryrob97 @Southernraise16 @DonaldJTrumpJr This is as far as you'll get. they know there was no attack. @LibTearsRCool @RicoSuaveJD @DonaldJTrumpJr wow, what a complete lack of awareness. @sarahcpr @MichaelSkolnik They'll just whine about it like theyre doing about pointing out the president's kid has the same name as a title. @AdultDiaperClub @prageru @thewillwitt @theisabelb Imagine that. @rez512 Donald Trump gets "pantsed" by French President, Emmanuel Macron - during world leaders group picture dur…
Retweeted by Brandon100 of my favorite seconds from the last year with @KamalaHarris (as shot from the lens of my iPhone).
Retweeted by Brandon @JaniceM47345861 @IngrahamAngle lol Donald Trump is the president. @eyesonjesus55 @IngrahamAngle What part was disgusting? @SandyCriswell @IngrahamAngle No one buys the fake outrage. @SherrySwain @IngrahamAngle She said that the president can name his son Barron, but that he cannot become a Baron. That is it. @IngrahamAngle Tell us what the worst part was Laura. @realTuckFrumper ghoul.It's only going to get worse. @realDonaldTrump They're laughing at you DONALD! @SteveScalise @RepMattGaetz This argument makes no sense.