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Billionaires need the working class. The working class does not need billionaires.
Retweeted by Bowen YangToo many Buffy gays have broken my heart.
did someone already do this the WAP video stoned in the bathtub is an experience.Little dangly thingi’m too high for this. the trailer for Judas and the Black Messiah, a movie about the betrayal & assassination of Fred Hampton, chai…
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@MATTY_PIPES how long has this been going on 😔serifs are tools of the oppressor etc etcmaking fun of comic sans is classist. @priyakrishna This fucking sucks. I'm so sorry Priya. I can't wait to see you thrive in an environment that values you.
@heyjaredhey lololol that's perfect @eloyonair PRAISE.This is really tough to process. @ihatejoelkim He is cute in them!I wish Charlie Pooth was gaye. :(
EPIC fight w husbone today!!! I tell him TURN OFF THE DAMN THING!! HE say I am KINK SHAMING hims 😤
Retweeted by Bowen Yangthat lil section in your IG likes of people who COULD have a crush on u back.....? torture.
@georgeciveris blocking youRainforest Cafe was purely just a vibe and nothing else. The Nobu of our youth.Abducting ppl off the street in NY now, this time a transgender protester. This is so evil.
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give kenan the emmy u cowards
taylor swift (folklore era) @DewaynePerkins 😘king princess carey (chromatica era) rae jepsen any N.Y. State lawmakers visited a NYS prison since the outbreak of COVID-19? I’m almost positive the answer i…
Retweeted by Bowen Yang @cool_yeah_ok white^ @mark_mackillop @MattRogersTho @BenSPLATT @Noahegalvin can confirm that Matt is making more money than me at the moment.
@Nike_PS5 noooo i will never be at jaboukie level. 😔 @AnthonyBLSmith the *activity* was just to flip through the pokédex pages and point to our favs. @BenSPLATT @Noahegalvin how much does noah want for the Rhythm Nation capSurvivor fans! @zekerchief designed this buff and all proceeds go to helping Sunday’s fight with cancer. Consider b… @eggy_boom it’s a movement @yosoymichael you are CONFUSING the messaging and it’s frankly dangerous. @yosoymichael stop this. @ziwe the goal posts keep moving. 😞 @itgetsbedder @MattRogersTho how the hell can you not root for herguys on apps are like “how’s it going? scratch that, how’s it SURVIVING? 😏”absolutely. @BrysonHoward this is wrong @OrangePaulp where did you eat in LA @Scaachi scaachi...! ❤️💕i cannot wait for @ziwe to interview alexis next week. @SheaCoulee amazing amazing amazing. ✨✨✨✨✨ @tylersunderland i went up to shea and squealed like a dumb stupid fool.every season she’s competed, @jujuboston brought me the most joy out of anyone. 💖taylor and her waxahatchee-ass album made me
And Flo Milli was only 19 when she released this
Retweeted by Bowen Yang @casualafro Aaaahhhhhhit's 2016. a messenger from 2020 arrives to tell you one of these women will be dating a cop & making awkward IG po…
Retweeted by Bowen YangBetty by Ms Swift is her response to Betty Gilpin’s “I don’t think so honey” on @LasCulturistas
Retweeted by Bowen YangI helped on “invisible string,” pitched some of the colors. Thanks to my chica Tay!THIS Betty? I get it. @battymamzelle Okay........ I got fucking real.Heterosexuals are distracting me from listening to the album at the moment.She WENT there!!! @georgeciveris Mariah? A LIAH.
@e_alexjung Believe [Bowen].Tbh I prefer the extreme skepticism to unqualified stanning, but aoc hasn’t done anything to warrant such a broad d…
Retweeted by Bowen YangWonderful! @niamh_webb “Cloudbusting.” “The Man With the Child In His Eyes” if paired along with the MV.Her best songs? When she’s doing arena rock drag. “State of Grace.” “I Wish You Would.” “Today Was a Fairytale.” Okay BLOCK me! @rosedommu True lol.The most ‘80s track on the album next to OOTW. DELIVERS on the promise.The bridge on “I Wish You Would” coming back as the coda... We just DON’T talk about it enough. It’s one of her best. @TyMitchellxo Proud of u!!!Will Ferrell is my daddy now
Retweeted by Bowen YangNew purdcasts from @kateberlant + @jacquelinenovak, @LangstonKerman, @Carolina_Barlow + @DLeary0us and more... I'm… @kateberlant @jacquelinenovak We should be deplatformed both. @kateberlant @jacquelinenovak Wait this is a disaster I had to delete the orig tweet for typo reasons.These titles. We’re getting imagistic story-songs about cruising.'m buying [the] cardigan.“What’s the theme? Circus?” -@Sudi_Green asking about new Tayla album“Cruel Summer” deserved better. I won’t forget this.We made a deal with GOD! @hunteryharris Hunterrrrr hahahahahafolklore jockstrap on backorder. @rosedommu Yes.Huge!!!!!!!!!
Hunter Harris’s influence.never trust guys who post stuff like this worst mistake of my life
Retweeted by Bowen YangFrom May. She absolutely flopped. am proud to have campaigned for and donated to Phara, but @BOENYC sent my absentee ballot ON election day and my… baby. 🌹 forget that the weapons and tactics that the police are using in cities across the country are regularly and…
Retweeted by Bowen Yang @yosoymichael OXOThe pandemic has exposed a terrible strain of anti-Asian sentiment all over the country. I worked with the…
Retweeted by Bowen YangAnonymous unfuckable rice queens running wild tonight, 34 miles away.
Retweeted by Bowen YangI sent him watery eyes emoji and he blocked me. @casualafro I mean that first one did feel like a setup.Two minutes! is losing their minds. want the standom to stay intact I did not mean to disrupt the culture!!!