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Have a sick addiction to boxing. I make sure USA results on Boxrec are verified. Update the schedule, too. Email:

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@Junkion2 @Grabaka_Hitman You're asking the right questionI hope they're both trying to get this fight in before 2018 ends strictly for tax purposes actual fighter roster page of an actual bare knuckle boxing company. @snboxing Give him another year and a chance to see what he looks like at 160 and I'm with you.I remember like less than 12 months ago people were saying Jaime Munguia wasn't the goods. What a difference six f… @ByYourLogic Their filming crew once paid me/roomates $100 to park in our driveway once which honestly owned @JustRegularGuy2 @Tom_Gray_Boxing @BoxRec Hey if that snags me a payday I'm all for it 😂
Eric Rowe is trash @Tom_Gray_Boxing We heard ya for Qa’id. @wbcboxing
Retweeted by Grey Johnson @BoxingContreras Truly lived up to his alias as The Grandmaster @GregThompson7 I can't believe Canelo won round 9 on two cards, I felt strongly like he looked gassed @LiverPunch0351 I've met Steve personally and trust his skills, but I'm with you hereMoretti and Weisfeld gave Canelo round 12, which won him the fight. @BoxingHelenaa Lemieux is going to rehydrate to 190 lbs which ownsCanelo-Lemieux lmaoI think GGG won barely but the cards are gonna be a messHere comes Ropes CaneloRound ten was fascinating. Canelo comes storming out, GGG lands arguably his best punch of the fight and lands a st… looks tired in round 9 but at least fought all 3 minutes consistently, Canelo came alive in the last minute only.Thought Canelo really slowed down at the last minute of round 8 and gave GGG the round, 76-7657-57. can already smell the third bout. @MikeCoppinger are you in a time machine @Mralwaysright25 my entire family on a GGG win @seriesofdreams4 @BoxingAddiction I'd absolutely go see that lmaoWhen you're confident your bet tonight will clear out your debts @BoxingAddiction @seriesofdreams4 Yeah he's pretty self aware of what he has become I'll admit @seriesofdreams4 Haha he played outside of a brewery in front of 5K people who treated him like a god @snboxing I'm not in full rage mode tonight somehow @Detresss Take me back to the time in boxing where a dude started a 50 page thread claiming joppy lost because of the ringIf you're going to have an hour to kill, at least give me footage of Peter Nelson burying the entire HBO boxing vid… @rian5ca I gotta eat so this is perfectMade it back to watch the PPV despite Sugar Ray taking 90 minutes to play six songs. Ratio and roasting well deserv… @seriesofdreams4 Dude talks for like 15 mins between songs too just send somebody to murder meMissed Gary O'Sullivan for this shit
@Hail2theSteve Yeah I'm not paying for this mess @Fight_Ghost Hahaha he's done at 9 don't roast meI'm at a free Sugar Ray concert and have no idea if I'll actually make it to watching the PPV @MattAlwaysWrong At least Manny's chances are better this timeBoth guys having to fight to pay off the IRS, I'm sure that will be an unforgettable war like the first bout.Haven't seen much talk about Floyd's Instagram post on my TL. Proud of all of you. @BoxingAddiction @hflbend He's signed to KP @rian5ca @BoxingAddiction He took like a year off between fight 1 and 2 I think too @BoxingAddiction Nope, different fighter with the same name. This was a 7-1 guy from Tijuana who didn't look like a… @BoxingAddiction Yunusov looks like a guy that would fight every week if it were possible, definitely one that should be on the radarRoger Gutierrez gave Flores hell, probably won't win, but will get plenty of paydays down the road if he wants it @crookedtimber25 Yeah they're matching him fairly agressively
Hiroki Okada was brought in as option B for Jose Ramirez, just in case Antonio Orozco missed weight. Tonight, he…, had to do it, sorry that Antonio Orozco's win over Humberto Soto on HBO was three years ago. Didn't realize he's already 30. @PulgasBoxeo Not always, usually for some of the more known Thai fighters. I think the issue was coming from Australia especially. @PulgasBoxeo Also it improves quality of record keeping. We can make actual name to names on IDs. Rungvisai for exa… @PulgasBoxeo Its done for identification purposes as there was tons of instances of Thai fighters comong overseas a… @jdevans141 I just noticed that too, I didn't move it myself but I'm going to see what the deal is @EddieHearn @TonyBellew @usykaa @ManchesterArena @SkySports @DAZN_USA @GilberticoWBA @wbcmoro @WorldBoxingOrg SEALED DELIVERED!!! @TonyBellew will challenge @usykaa for all the belts in Britain’s first ever 4 belt undi…
Retweeted by Grey Johnson @EddieHearn @TonyBellew @usykaa @ManchesterArena @SkySports @DAZN_USA @GilberticoWBA @wbcmoro @WorldBoxingOrg @JacobAWohl @yashar jacob i would've kicked your ass every day in high schoolThat cut on Cano's dome is real gross, just oozing all over @DuranSports @rian5ca @dougiefischer Definitely a dude that just went to Boxrec @dougiefischer @rian5ca Can we please get online betting available everywhere in the USA so I can bet on stupid lines like this @steveucnlive It was Patricia Morse Jarmain but don't worry Byrd had a stinker of a card in one of the undercard bouts @QualityBloke Ah my bad! I feel like a goof now. Still, can't see how anyone can score that 95-95. @RagingBabe Deep amateur background does wonders @BoxingAddiction @DaniboGizmo @BarbosaBox yeah i had to throw some shade there at all them .....couldn't resist
@BarbosaBox @BoxingAddiction @DaniboGizmo Cheers 👍 @BarbosaBox @BoxingAddiction @DaniboGizmo My bad, yeah @BoxingAddiction @DaniboGizmo @BarbosaBox Because ESPN likes to use sources that are no longer the official record keeper of boxing.Jose Ramirez weighs 138.4 lbs.Antonio Orozco makes weight! 139.4 lbs.Watching Arum during these weigh ins is easily worth the 5 bucks a month the shrooms kick in mid weigh-in @MzFightDiva40 Yeah he was surprisingly chill considering the situation I felt awful for even callingI just tried to call my wedding DJ to iron out some details and apparently his neighbor's house exploded and he's b… @naaudet_TVA Did HBO have the right to match ESPN's offer? I remember hearing that they had the chance toHBO giving away another fight. If you're a fan of HBO boxing, pour one out and play on repeat:… @Maurer23GK He certainly does, I wish he'd take a few easy ones before Kuzmin. Very high risk/reward here. @davidthewhiter1 Yeah man never box a Russian prospect on short notice @EddieHearn @wembleystadium @DavidPrice_1 @SkySportsBoxing @DAZN_USA @VadimKTeam @worldofbox @MTKGlobal Eddie, budd… @BrandonP2TF I think if he scores the KO, the jury is definitely still out. He should take another small step up ag… god Pricey no no no no no no no no no no please don't @BrandonP2TF There's part of me that thinks he will grind out a close ten round win against a guy who would've stop…
@PatrickMConnor the Tua bout rules lolHBO probably doesn't care sadly at this picture choice a mysterious bag of money gets dropped off at my door @TheTowerSkin @funkyassdg I'll be honest, I just want You, Weird Body and Nash in a trio called The Dirtbag Leftwhen my cat knocks over my glass of water for the third time today🥊 American Weekend Boxing TV/Web App schedule (all times EST) 🥊 Featuring bouts on ESPN from @GoldenBoyBoxing
Retweeted by Grey Johnson @casualmonolith @magnusmuldoon Please, step forward in the *voice gets lower pitched* HUMAN TRANSPORT DEVICE @funkyassdg I'm looking forward to hearing about any @TheTowerSkin-Nash interaction on the AIW podcast more than sp… Throwdown EXPLOSION @Serranosisters @emilyboxing Updated that in our Boxrec wiki over the weekend - congrats! #GoingForNumber7? is a good listen if you want to know more about the future of PBC 👍🥊 American Weekend Boxing TV/Web App schedule (all times EST) 🥊 Featuring bouts on ESPN from @GoldenBoyBoxing Juanma update ........ he's back @licensed2hustle Good news - you can probably delete that HBO app in 2019.
@QualityBloke Doh, got the names wrong I'll fix thatWho boxed on episode #3 of The Contender? Like, I can't believe I can't find this out on Google lol