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Joppy lost because of the ring. I make sure USA results on Boxrec are verified. Update the schedule, too. Email:

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@officialmcafee i want to smoke weed and catch criminals with youBig upset last night: Boxrec #303 Super Welter Walter Wright won a twelve round split decision over #47 Mark DeLuca @funkyassdg who actually wants to see a movie in 3D. do these people exist. @snboxing 115-112 or 116-111Walter Wright (16-4) just upset Mark DeLuca (21-0) for the International Boxing Association Super Welterweight Titl…
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@snboxing Lol like give the guy a chance it's the last round!TKO10 for Yoka, French ref can eat my buttSo David Allen is still landing blows and backing up an Olympic gold medalist in round nine. Raising that stockWish Allen was 15-20lb lighter against Yoka. Definitely is giving it his all and keeps Yoka honest with an occasional sneaky uppercut.Yarde is letting Sek and his pea shooter jab gain confidence, definitely not ready for world title levelCracking up at @davidthewhiter1 entering to the Shawn Michaels theme. What goddamn legend regardless of the result
If you're new to boxing or just a casual or both, here's the deal with Rios/Ortiz: This is the one. This is our w…
Retweeted by Grey Johnson @steveucnlive Will Vlade Divac be there to complete the original Laker NBA jam duoAnthony Yarde nice enough to pose with a fan before his fight tomorrow whole Shields-Hammer fight marination Showtime is doing is giving Tori Nelson another TV payday at least, so god bless7/28 Top Rank on ESPN+ card: Christopher Diaz vs. Masayuki Ito Carlos Adames vs. Artemio Reyes Esquiva Falcao vs. J… Top Rank ESPN card (in New Jersey) is looking like: Bryant Jennings vs. Alexander Dimitrenko Jesse Hart vs. Mi… #190 lightweight Roberto Ramirez stopped #23 lightweight Dejan Zlaticanin in two rounds tonight.
@RatCatcherMpls Wasn't kidding btw, it's gonna happen lol @RatCatcherMpls @LiverPunch0351 @TheAlexGodinez @PatrickMConnor "one nation, indivisible, with liberty and BURGER K… @KnuckleheadSean Hell yes, I want to see you waving the flag on ESPN!! @Mike__Dhcf Yup! I'm sure Arum is losing his mind because the whole point of Regis Prograis vs. Juan Jose Velasco w… @Mike__Dhcf Yeah! They've been missing deadlines left and right so just curious at what point somebody is going to admit there's no money @RatCatcherMpls PBC has an 8/4 date on FOX and Koko better get to watch Mr FaceLube that day @KemlinKid I think so. Reading more, it looks like he's just handling the distribution rights in the USA and lettin… @KemlinKid The whole point of Regis Prograis vs. Juan Jose Velasco happening on 7/14 was that it's supposed to be a… @KemlinKid It's amazing how Arum's been pushing the narrative that the event's backers still need to put up a gazil… the Gorilla died before seeing Adonis Stevenson drop his title, that's a shameIs Pacquiao-Matthysse still happening? Sounds like it is but wanted to make sure a mysterious bag of money got drop… the way it's coded, it only makes sense if you use it to match active/active fighter and retired/retired fighte… have been asking ... is the 'What If' page on Boxrec a bug? Thankfully, no, we still give the ghost of Ray R…
@TomCraze Seems extremely accurate
Bobby Czyz was a world champion boxer who once fought Evander Holyfield at Madison Square Garden. How did he end up…
Retweeted by Grey JohnsonAnnual reminder that RocNation Sports is a colossal failure that set the bar even lower in an already morally bankr…
@luisio1982 Not yetUsyk-Gassiev co-feature? @erinprovolone Kenny getting Kota ready for the G1 final with Okada Jennings, Jesse Hart, Jason Sosa, Shakur Stevenson, Thomas Lamanna, and Christian Carto will be on the 8/18…
ICYMI, Chicago recording-studio owner Steve Albini emerges from a final table featuring 15 prior bracelets to win h…
Retweeted by Grey Johnson @realjohnelaw All I know is Glenn Kelly is in my top fiveOcampo passing Morrade Hakkar on the "worst manditory of all time" list @LiverPunch0351 Need to see fonfara falling out of the ring in high resAt a wedding that only gets 3G, kill me
@kelley_AK Saw the news and you deserve it! @cory_r5 @MichaelBensonn Yes!Horny Jordan is a welcome addition to the twitter tlLol good lord @elonmusk @elmaddogg @tinytacotown He did have a baby with his stepdaughter tho so Elon don't blame you if you took…
@PatrickMConnor Definitely had my "is having this account worth it" moment when somebody from boxing twitter rt'd a… @elonmusk Can u throw me some hyperloop money @davidthewhiter1 You and Joe for the Croatian heavyweight title he just won would be a big draw @TomCraze Absolutely, respect the Croatian lineal title, ignore the Croatian title politicsNobody KO's a part time Polish drywaller like Michael Venom Page @casualmonolith i wish i could pee out 2lbs at a timelmao yeah this dude isn't making weight @Topdoggjr Damn I remember when he took Oleg Maskaev's head offBig Dan confirmed it in his chat today, but we're likely gonna get Garcia-Porter on Showtime and an ESPN card with… where Garcia-Porter is ending up on August 25th? good NABF title bout on TV @craighubbleNABF
@erinprovolone He's wrestling a beefy strongman named Cru Jones whose catchphrase is "yeah! yeah! yeah!" Can't bel… @erinprovolone I had to watch this like the second I walked in the door @BetOnBoxing911 I had it when I was studying abroad in London and it's just as bad as it is in the states so you'll… @rian5ca Woah. How many of these guys stay amateur if the AIBA wasn't a complete disasterI can't believe!!! Russia!!! is beating Saudi Arabia!!! in this random draw!!!! @AdamRuell17 It's hard to code around the WBA's title bs @Fight_Ghost Doubles as a killroomHeard Chuck Giampa passed away last night. Experienced Vegas judge who gave us an iconic Mind Of A Judge moment on Showtime. RIP
Great, let's get option #1 done by the weekend now this dude wasted Martin Murray's time and money. I'm sure Murray's not exactly salivating getting paid pr… Billy Joe Saunders faking his way to a zero payday, deserves it @BillyNelsonBox @350zs @dorian_darch @ATRboxinguk @JoeJoyce_1 Hey Billy I'm a Bakole believer. Hope he gets a oppor… we get my man a title shot before he turns 50💥DEAL DONE💥 @MTKGlobal and @boxnationtv announce 12-date deal. MASSIVE news for both parties 👏🏻 It all kicks off…
Retweeted by Grey Johnson @NewAgeBoxingUK The Taylor fight is easily the worst that got announced imoTwo time Olympian heavyweight Yamil Peralta is looking to go pro*whispers* guys i don't think the fight is off if they're posting this De Leon's opponent will be Mark Bernaldez. 2016 Russian Olympian Vladimir Nikitin will make his pro debut on…
The opponent for Egidijus Kavaliauskas will be Juan Carlos Abreu @MelissaTheBug @dougiefischer I saw he just posted it! Glad Doug did the right thing.