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Have a sick addiction to boxing. I make sure USA results on Boxrec are verified. Update the schedule, too. Don't forget to login, it's free.

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@mookiealexander Ahahaha I just realized it after that tweet. Was clicking around and uhhh that's it??Most interesting Alvarez fight in that collection is his 2008 bout with Larry Mosley - really shows how much Alvare… @js_writing @rian5ca Already have the timer set for ESPN+ viewing.My apologies, Jeff Horn obsession aside, I'm thankful for editors like @BoxRec_Canada who make the website an essen… Thanksgiving from Boxrec! I'm thankful for A. Jeff Horn getting the chance to beat a fresh, young, Anthony Mu… @BenSotoKarass I'm just glad we've been given a good Oscar nervous coke hand rub @Chris_Dollard_ Fantastic - just got south of 8K to go! Proud to be part of the generation that has more medical de… @PatrickMConnor his face here kills me this is the press conference equivalent of being called on by the teacher in a high school class when you hav…
@trboxing congrats @RapaczBoxing @QualityBloke @Mike__Dhcf Yes that fight is still happening. @Mike__Dhcf Rivas has a lot of talent but has been plagued by a stop-start career. Definitely has the tools to win this.I'm the guy who posts the who the fook is that guy meme at every boxing announcement I see @InTheCagePL Paging @ByYourLogic
Episode 2 I Feel Like Big Red
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Sources: Gold Medalist ⁦@Claressashields⁩ to Face Super Middleweight Titleholder Femke Hermans December 8 on HBO
Retweeted by Zuffa Boxing Fanpage @CoachLRJ Honestly nice to see you enjoying sausages that didn't come from the frozen food aisle @Slapwing @craigscott209 @_anthonysimsjr @BoxRec @EddieHearn @MatchroomBoxing Just need a high res headshot - send… watch Big Baby slowly plod to the middle of the ring after that first knockdown and deliver that KO on repeat @dougiefischer @Jumpybird @paolovega @NicoMHernandez @MonteroOnBoxing @ringmagazine @AnsonWainwright
A lot people who will watch this interview will be able to relate to this. Its a tough watch. I credit…
Retweeted by Zuffa Boxing Fanpage @Im_gr8nss He has to remember he promotes boxers first. @rian5ca Two veteran refs in the main and co-main that made some major mistakes tonight @cantrustyou True ,at least boxers like Hooker are getting career high money when the purse bids are higher than ever. @cantrustyou That's because they partnered with Hearn and DAZN. @licensed2hustle Nice payday for basically outsourcing the actual promoting to Eddie and DAZN. @seriesofdreams4 D'Lo Brown could've done a better job guiding him to a title.Credit to Maurice Hooker for becoming a legit player in his division in spite of having the worst promoter in the world in Roc NationCan't believe Eddie Hearn's eyes didn't turn into literal dollar signs there.Unless he's allowed to hit Terrance Crawford has he takes a knee ... *Hulk Hogan voice* Mean Machine ain't ready brother @JimVandeHei Call me you giant baby
‼️‼️THIS IS NOT A DRILL‼️‼️Witness the #MMA fight of the YEAR @titoortiz VS @ChuckLiddell at a crazy discounted pri…
Retweeted by Zuffa Boxing FanpageIn January, 2006, I conducted the first BoxRec Forum Hall of Fame poll. We inducted ten immortals with that inaugur…
Retweeted by Zuffa Boxing FanpageThis fight was announced in June 🤦‍♂️🥊 American Weekend Boxing TV/Web App schedule (all times EST) 🥊 The most stacked Friday in recent memory? FREE sho…
Retweeted by Zuffa Boxing FanpageMidnight start tomorrow on the east coast for the main ESPN boxing card🥊 American Weekend Boxing TV/Web App schedule (all times EST) 🥊 The most stacked Friday in recent memory? FREE sho…
Multiple times a week I am convinced Ali Raymi is going to resurface again and let the internet know he's ready for Superfly 4 @BCampbellCBS Imagine if he shoots on Floyd though @boxing_esq Also Hurd-Charlo is basically a lock for summer I'd say @boxing_esq I'd add Badou Jack vs. Marcus BrowneNice little New Year's Eve doubleheader happening in Macao: Donnie Nietes vs. Kazuto Ioka Hekkie Budler vs. Hiroto KyoguchiMore boxing may be on TV/apps than ever before - but it's the local club scene that is the heart and soul of the sp… @rkmatchmaker @BoxingCertified Also Bruce Seldon @rkmatchmaker @BoxingCertified Prime Holyfield is in the top 10 imoVillanova isn't in Philly which is why the students didn't boo and try to burn down the court.
@rkmatchmaker The fact that PPV gets more than three buys is blasphemyChuck looking like a young Sugar Ray Robinson here. Really glad he decided to come back for one more. is being represented by Pat English, the boxing attorney who worked on the Ali ActShoutout to the WBA for not stripping Manuel Charr because they're deathly afraid of getting sued again lol @darukinoi Carnage Cup 10 just for the deathmatch 3 way that was so sloppy and dangerous that 3/4 of the crowd left during it @funkyassdgYou: Worrying about the Spence-Garcia size difference, arguing if boxing apps or TV deals are better Me: Silently… much is clear, for the time being don't even think about PBC boxers participating in bouts vs others on differ…
Retweeted by Zuffa Boxing Fanpage @Chris_Maul PLEASE USE ALL OF THE OFFICE 365 FEATURES FOR GROUP COLLABORATION, THANK YOUThe FS1 schedule is sneaky interesting imo, big upgrade from last year. But ... when's King Tug fighting?#ICYMI here is the @premierboxing schedule on Fox, I like it! A bunch of interesting bouts
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22 PBC shows on the Fox networks next year (10 on Fox + 12 on FS1) all will be in Spanish on Fox Deportes.PBC announcement underway at @Nichola55372165 @BoxRec @BoxRec_Canada @MBoxrec Love this!The original @boxrec. And in a bar to boot @BoxrecGrey @BoxRec @BoxRec_Canada @MBoxrec #BrocktonBlockbuster
Retweeted by Zuffa Boxing FanpageTwo additions to the Bivol-Pascal undercard: Sergey Kuzmin wil box LaRon Mitchell and Israil Madrimov turns pro in… @Idecboxing, add Danny Garcia vs. Adrien Granados (April) and Leo Santa Cruz vs. Miguel Flores (2/16, MGM Grand) to the list.Is there a single boxing fan that cares about Leo Santa Cruz vs. Miguel Flores?UPDATE: 2016 Olympians are now a combined 490-8-3 1NC (308) total and 246-7-2 (144) for the year. Recently added:… @QualityBloke MGM Grand.PBC has the MGM Grand booked for 1/19, 2/16, 3/9 so curious to see who headlines in Februrary there. @QualityBloke Thanks, just saw too I'm a goof and should've checked firstFights getting announced today by PBC: Manny Pacquiao vs. Adrien Broner (1/19) Keith Thurman vs. Josesito Lopez (1… is PBC streaming their press conference today? Haven't heard anything.Keith Thurman vs. The Riverside Rocky
Top Rank ESPN dates: ESPN on 1/12: Oscar Valdez title defense @ TBA ESPN+ exclusive on 1/18: Shakur Stevenson and… title shot for Francisco Fonseca 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Amir Khan looks like an amateur mixologist now to Ariel Esteban Bracamonte - you earned yourself a Boxrec pic @sahnidev Agreed seen Usyk get booed at the Forum early rds. I saw Michael Hunter go up on him 3-0. But, you might win the sprin…
Retweeted by Zuffa Boxing FanpageYuriorkis Gamboa vs Miguel Beltran, Jr: Redemption in Miami is now streaming. Watch LIVE on #FITEtv
Retweeted by Zuffa Boxing FanpageUFC in Denver started with a dude stress burping into the mic and I'm glad we got good instant replay years laterI've ran the perfect Boxrec pound for pound data, and Usyk is still rated lower than Jeff Horn. Thank you for your… has improved at the same rate as his haircut choices
And just like after my cat eats the bag, Bellew fell into a prone position. Good effort manBellew pausing on the ropes and glancing at Usyk like I do to my cat when he tries to eat a plastic bag was an all time momentScored all six rounds even.Eddie Hearn announces Josh Kelly will fight David Avanesyan at the Sheffield Arena on December 8. #UsykBellew
Retweeted by Zuffa Boxing Fanpage @BigDramaShowAP Yeahhh that and the dude who compound fractured his finger in LFA yesterday 😲You know it's bad when it looks photoshopped @steven_shields You protect your chest, back, lats, and Robert Mueller, that's very respectful @steven_shields TheProcessTruster has definitely logged into the chat.Pretty sure this is the only running boxing comic book thread in existence, so you know what to do.
Retweeted by Zuffa Boxing Fanpage @chonos_jacket Kenny's end of show promos are somehow even more embarassing than the 10 minute I respect you promos Davey loved to cutFYI you don't need EPIX - stream below @mookiealexander Like how much is Baroni getting paid jesus @mookiealexander Is that the main event purse?????Just watched a dairy industry TV ad that dragged almond milk lmao @chonos_jacket The Kenny best in the world era will age more poorly than the Davey Richards era which is hilarious @Mr_Honky This dude ownsJeff Chiffens, who won a bareknuckle fight tonight, was arrested a year ago for robbing the same gas station three…
Some fun Chavez Jr-Angulo facts! 🥊 The last time Chavez Jr won a round on a scorecard was December 2016 🥊 Angulo h… Contender finale card tonight: Shane Mosley Jr vs. Brandon Adams Devaun Lee vs. Tyrone Brunson Michael Moore… @thelastround12 @MTKGlobal @EPIXHD @DAZN_USA @ESbeINSPORTS on my wordpress: