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@NotoriousJTB Obviously keeping a camera on and streaming it to Facebook would absolutely ruin the tightly run PBC budgetBeing forced to get the scoop of how a boxing title eliminator is going by refreshing twitter and reading the tweet… @SmokinYungBruno I'd even take a snail mail check and I'll tweet how Omar Fig moved like Sugar Ray Robinson tonightHonestly I'd absolutely tweet that people need to get over the untelevised 105lb title bout and all 105lb title fig… @rossmolo Can you come on the pod sometime to talk about thisThis is what boxing is all about Fig is getting paid $225K to give that Francisco Bojado feeling we've been missing. Thank you, king.Respect to Figueroa moving around in the ring like that immediately after a four course mealMy ... my perfect praying mantis boxer
@seriesofdreams4 Just a normal dude who loves big men @Fu11erthanempty Oh damn I will absolutely check that out! @DaniboGizmo @QualityBloke I think he's the swing bout and Licona is off tv6'6" Jr middleweight in action tonight's going to be a zip code's worth of Kingry offspring that will think the Earth is flat @dukeofpomp Town is called Dorsett @RagingBabe @Topdoggjr @MarkEOrtega Butterbean and Mia St John on PPV undercards never 4get @GeorgeIvez Showtime I believeGetting that Ali Raymi feeling watching those body punches connect @RapaczBoxing Congrats!Bellator is my favorite company because they never fail to make me laugh and I hope they never do anything differently @BoxingBeliever I'm just glad I have something for the Horn segment next weekAlso as I walked into this place I immediately encountered an empty, lit room with a radio playing classical music.… no disrespect if anyone from Vermont follows this account but would it kill anyone to install a street lamp hereCurrently in an Airbnb in the middle of nowhere Vermont and gotta say nice of the host to leave an Atari out as if… for the Brant fight and his first defense at home infront of fam on @espn - If you need to get caught up a…
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If you thought Omar Figueroa was really going to make 140, you're a mark @StokelyHathaway Refuse to believe she would miss Lobsterfest. @RagingBabe Watching Derrick Jefferson vs. David Izon on HBO weirdly @alaveradelring @jcortecho I think we got a South American fighter of the week award locked up
"Promoter Don King won a purse bid Wednesday" Boxing went 5-3 on day 1 of their first 2019 international tournament in Sofia, Bulgaria. Wins for Khalil Coe,… @th3SweetScience @VasylLmaochenko @titchler @ringmagazine @BoxRec Didn't read the whole thread. I'd have Parker in… @snboxing @ScottMUFC1968 I like that they found a HW with a very padded record for Arreola's 5th or 6th comeback @VasylLmaochenko @th3SweetScience @titchler @ringmagazine @BoxRec He's ranked #11 on Boxrec @RatCatcherMpls Today every man spends spends the first 20 minutes of boning simply "warming up" to honor a classic Greg Valentine matchI'll say it again, I truly can't for the life of me understand how you can call yourself a boxing fan while: - Con…
Retweeted by Gastelum_Ring_Worm.exeLittle scoop for ya - Following bouts will be on the Garcia-Spence undercard: David Benavidez vs. J’Leon Love Luis… addition @snboxing Mr Yahoo BoxingRed nude and mad after seeing Mark Kriegel ranked above Steve Farhood on a top ringside analysts list
Feeling better about all those years constantly tweeting "Bryan Adams" at Ryan Adams on my non-boxing account.🥊🥊NEW UNPROFESSIONAL BOXING PODCAST 🥊🥊It's time for Episode #5 - @RapaczBoxing joins us to talk Rob Brant and previ…
Retweeted by Gastelum_Ring_Worm.exeAvailable now digitally and on newsstands later this week, my @BoxingNewsED magazine piece on the one, the only But…
Retweeted by Gastelum_Ring_Worm.exeRespect to Andre Ward for taking out a Lloyds Of London insurance policy like a 1990s WWF wrestler. If I was under… @BetOnBoxing911 Would have him eating a full rotisserie chicken on the scale if I was in charge. @TomCraze Recently? Mikey Garcia vs. Sergey Lipinets @MurderBryan Considering Jose Canseco sent his phone number instead of immediately saying no when asked to ref a do… somebody a few months back DM'd Jose asking if he'd referee a dog fight for 20K and Jose immediately sen… Big Baby rolls in at a solid 330lbs for AJ @robertbrantusa @trboxing @KornerMan44 @BobArum @CrystinaPoncher gonna be obnoxious and tag TR people sorry sorryIT’S OFFICIAL!! @anthonyfjoshua will make his American debut when he defends his WBA,WBO,IBF and IBO World heavywei…
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@jcortecho one segment on the show was just for you buddyiTunes: Soundcloud: Stitcher: And also on Spotify🥊🥊NEW UNPROFESSIONAL BOXING PODCAST 🥊🥊It's time for Episode #5 - @RapaczBoxing joins us to talk Rob Brant and previ… @davidbix Get his ass king @emilyboxing Can't blame em for wanting those very real SugarDad dollars
@Bridilboxing Sounds good. I'll email you info the week before. @Bridilboxing Nice. Yeah I'd record like 3/4 or 3/5 at night so I can get it out before Friday. @Bridilboxing Do you want to come on week of 3/8 and talk about the show you put together @BoxRec_Canada @BoxrecGrey @PSTM09 @BoxingTownQC @tommyboxeo @CanadianBoxiana @ghisleb9 @EricBelanger86 @GETDAPAPERS
Retweeted by Gastelum_Ring_Worm.exeRecording the Unprofessional Boxing Podcast tonight with the first ever guest on the show: @RapaczBoxing will be on…
Retweeted by Gastelum_Ring_Worm.exeMake sure you're listening to the much more professional and Canadian @GR8FIGHTNORTH podcast. Pretty sure they didn… the Unprofessional Boxing Podcast tonight with the first ever guest on the show: @RapaczBoxing will be on… getting a 10pm Sunday night press release announcing a brand new bare knuckle fighting league with Dada 5000 as the color commentator @mikeleanardi Ah I think it's because it's based on their careers as a whole and not where they're at now @mikeleanardi I'm not sure why it's displaying that way on the What If because Coria is rated higher and his win pe… @LiverPunch0351 Thank you sir! @emilyboxing @linusesq @T_MONEY_TX @PeeGeeJay @CrystinaPoncher @castroboxing I thought he won 9 rounds easyAt time of the stoppage in #BeltranOkada scores were 78-74 Beltran and 76-76 on the other two cards.
Retweeted by Gastelum_Ring_Worm.exeBoxrec algorithm is 7 for 7 in picking winners on this Top Rank Show so I think this definitely justifies Jeff Horn's ranking in some wayReally want to see the scorecards before Beltran got the stoppagePut on ESPN, Beltran-Okada is getting wild
The algorithm knows, always. upset on the Top Rank ESPN undercard as Cristian Coria from Argentina scores a KO3 over Joel Diaz Jr.Golden Boy is 2 for 2 on these shows they've done on their own on DAZN @seriesofdreams4 You say it's a ridiculous fashion choice, I say Floyd was prepared in case a hurricane spontaneously occured in the area"Pretty sure Machado will retain tonight so we can get you those big fights at 130." to Cancio taking vacation from his full time road work job to win the strap tonightAndrew Cancio with the upset of the week! Maybe the year? Machado looked terrible in there. @BJMcComas Definitely. Just the weight difference and the rehydration feels familiar.Really beautiful to see Davis-Ruiz pay tribute to Gatti-GamacheThis match brought to you by Lenny Hearn too many fedoras in this Showtime broadcast boothGreat to see Ring Worm be awarded the UFC middleweight title. Was worried Staph Infection would get the strap, so g… @cgowler83 Down from two last year! @BrighamBayBay @BrighamBayBay Guy on Instagram who claims he's worth 350 mil and clearly isn't lolWatching DAZN on the laptop and experiencing hardrocknick on the cell. What a Saturday night. @chonos_jacket Agreed. If you have FB I'd recommend checking out @fightnightlive_ 's page as they often stream free… @chonos_jacket Definitely a candidate. There was a brutal KO on a club show last night that might edge it.Football is good again #AAF @chonos_jacket Extremely unexpected. I brushed over it on the podcast.Damn Castaneda gets a draw! That's basically a win for him. @StevESPNKim That was a guy he should've stopped/shut out @TheTowerSkin @GringoLocoOG Rooting for you to win that golden boot in a four way against all the goliaths and get… war on DAZN between Fernando Castaneda and Tureano Johnson right now
@PricesRightHand @FloydMayweather Anything to avoid the $100 cover charge @StevESPNKim That's going to be a low key good cardAnyone who sits through all 16 PBC fights tonight should get one free ticket to Floyd's strip club🥊🥊NEW UNPROFESSIONAL BOXING PODCAST 🥊🥊 I lost my mind recording Episode #4 of the Unprofessional Boxing podcast.…
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