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@dominoprix be like "eff u ishan" | i am 20 years of age please do not call me grandpa | $IshanRai

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@meIisssax oh no @cyphersimp @MyFavsTrash idk what you're talking about @cooladnacoola @MyFavsTrash nice Photoshop @blindmanwalkinn @MyFavsTrash i didn't reply? @blindmanwalkinn @MyFavsTrash what @ieatchawarma @MyFavsTrash fr @cyphersimp @MyFavsTrash no you can't? @MyFavsTrash what reply? @DyIanNova @MyFavsTrash where do you see that @cyphersimp @MyFavsTrash WDYM? @silvasalavisa @MyFavsTrash omw @cooladnacoola @MyFavsTrash WDYMHe needs HELP @MyFavsTrash @silvasalavisa get a grip @NotAirid @JoeyTheSuperJew πŸ’œ @DuckyV74 GN leg Gm leg @andyju_ GN leg @HotTakesChris @HotTakesChris what @yungricepatty gn leg @prakdip aww thanks fr i love her pee pee poo poo tweet LOL @dr2xter wat @maids gn leg (β€’ Ξ΅ β€’) @albert127946 good night @obrndo GN leg @albert127946 GN leg @dr2xter rubbing itlike this tweet if ur leg is sleep rn and u dont wanna be mean so u let it sleep gn leg @lexieyuh FUNNY? no it looks really good @lexieyuh dont paint, brick wall accent πŸ”₯ @jeangaultierr so u got me with the new @ then right @jeangaultierr why @cooIjr IT'S LITERALLY YOUR PFP LMFAOOOOOO @Icy_Rapture ya im a founder i just dont be on twitch until either REALLY late at night or like 7am in the morning LOL so nobodys ever on... @Icy_Rapture ok ill try just lmk when u are on @Icy_Rapture i dont really like among us anymore already bored of it, i'd be down to play TTT but it depends on the… @Icy_Rapture @WhosBreezyV2 let's get everyone on then starting wif you big guy @Blfire @Icy_Rapture DUDE i literally was there a few days ago... @Icy_Rapture @WhosBreezyV2 honestly i wanted to go back a few weeks ago but nobody would play wit me so im like "we good" @Icy_Rapture so r u still sending the 10s or @TommyThroatEm :( tommy @kaz20k ty i appreciate that LOL @kaz20k hbd! @ncoleortega gn! @cyphersimp arent u also playing valorant @cyphersimp oh hell no you think im tryna put myself through hell? @jeangaultierr you need help. @cyphersimp not on the smurf! @jeangaultierr oh ight so as soon as i launch yall get off i see where we stand. @cyphersimp noooo we need silver1!!! @jeangaultierr pick me up rqGot Diamond 1 on the smurf LMFAOOOOOO RIP ME anyways thank u for the good stream n 2 new subs i am now gonna chill… my placements on Boy2drr for Valorant hop in @emmyuh i'll dm u my val :D add me anytime @emmyuh i NEED this skin also lets play sometime πŸ”₯ @SnoodFN give me a facecam of u and ill put it over a deliberately obvious clip of someone cheating and we got this πŸ”₯ @serenatei @ownagesauce proof? @ownagesauce @serenatei she's been begging me for like the past month LOL @serenatei so are we playing fortnite or are you ditching me again. @dr2xter LMFAOOOOO @atSerpentine @Blankzy_ @LazasBautista oh u meant subtitles or dubbed @atSerpentine @Blankzy_ @LazasBautista i usually get subway that way i can get what i want on the sandwich @cyphersimp ayo chill nobody needs to know @longneckedbeck send me $50 rq @cyphersimp no it's not @cyphersimp wtf? @MrFuryRevenge LMAOOOO I'M BORED
Retweeted by ishan πŸ€“ @liImorg this still makes zero sense @longneckedbeck wait wtf @longneckedbeck i thought u were 20 @cyphersimp @Schovee @OnTheFlyTwitch 3v3 tourney @_rockrob Lottery odds are set don't think that'll change @Schovee LMFAOOOOO @CrypticNo @DoctorAlpaca Put my stats away brooo @cyphersimp who else u been sending tea to πŸ’” @cyphersimp why u be sending tea man @cyphersimp tf?? @visionofviii LMAOOOOO @visionofviii for what LMAOgot a Popeyes biscuit with no drink good bye cruel world πŸ’” @koswastaken I AM YOUR HOE PLEAAAASE @cyphersimp don't recall. @koswastaken you know what i mean. @cyphersimp i don't recall @koswastaken let me SEE IT @Blankzy_ the you @cyphersimp then? @cyphersimp those were your only 4 kills in the spike rush @cyphersimp chill LMAO @BisonPog @cyphersimp she's good fr LMAO @cyphersimp kms πŸ’”πŸ₯Ί @cyphersimp POGGIES @cyphersimp you've broken my heart πŸ’” @cyphersimp and you won't meow for me??? @cyphersimp you're subjecting yourself to tortureClosing discord. @asseater7003 @goodbeanaltalt Owen? More like O wen (and) 30 with the ladies @goodbeanaltalt WAIT you're younger than me???