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@dominoprix said im stupid | @yungricepatty stan acc | $IshanRai he/him

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@prakdip ok @FavsPriv @Ryan_Recon get help dude like actually @Ryan_Recon @Ryan_Recon @Ryan_Recon i looked so good here holy shit @ELPWSwastaken @2dlex you being the person ordering it @Ryan_Recon @nek0gf @ELPWSwastaken @2dlex fatass @Ryan_Recon @nek0gf @jakkuxd @Ryan_Recon @nek0gf It's ok I'll just starve, you fuck! @jakkuxd @Ryan_Recon @nek0gf Jakku do you wanna get food today finally please I haven't eaten since you last asked and ditched @Ryan_Recon @nek0gf Ryan have you ever considered this might be the reason you get no women @nek0gf Because I'm right.just so you guys know i won the connect 4 game i am talking about in the clip 😎 @b1eepi u heard meracoone is 100% getting put on EVERY dodge list LMFAOOOOO him and crosbycs the only two people on my dodge list @ARIANARCHIST out of all people i thought u'd be flaming this dude is straight THROWING elo LMFAOOOO @ARIANARCHIST no way you joined that stream LMFAOOOO @optiuh @fli_ght @nek0gf OPTI SHE SAID NOBODY CALLS IT A SHOPPING CART LMFAOOOOO @nek0gf WHAT LMFAOOOOOO nah youre crazy aint NO way you said this @nek0gf it's neither one it's a shopping cart. @nek0gf a shopping cart? @Que_Logic happy birthday que hope u've been good mantwo more clutches i had today (thank you @prakdip for being my scrim etiquette image) @boldkaos @DerekJoon 😏this dude couldn't hit bots that were standing still in his trips and cages !! CHECK OUT THIS GLITCH I FOUND WITH @DerekJoon @b1eepi @b1eepi please shut up israa @Chriiztopha @amaanderz noti @DekimDK @basedgodroman @Blankzy__ thanks LOL i wish i didnt upgrade the knife @prakdip @DerekJoon not my stream prob someone else @DerekJoon @prakdip ^ he knows he's the dude that moans in every clip i hit @Blankzy__ sorry. @prakdip dont ask me i dont know (i think it's so you cant just take strats from teams? from the clips? idk)new 1v4 clip for tiktok (i had to cover killfeed as scrim etiquette sorry @Blankzy__ ) @ashlenite @oFabz good. @ashlenite @oFabz wait im an idiot i read fabios tweet wrong disregard last reply @SaburoEdits OMG @ChicagoBears do it. @Blankzy__ @KnownAsLit that's funny bc i wouldn't let you grind me anyways! @Blankzy__ @KnownAsLit @TkazGG @Horrify you know i was gonna say "since you have no job, no gf, no games to grind"… @Blankzy__ @KnownAsLit @TkazGG @Horrify don't worry both yours and my schedules are quite free :) @Blankzy__ @KnownAsLit @TkazGG @Horrify do it then let's do it again try your hardest do it. @Froste gn froste @Blankzy__ @KnownAsLit @TkazGG @Horrify to carry* @Blankzy__ @KnownAsLit @TkazGG @Horrify they disbanded the team because of this reply @n0tjuliee @Keennologs yeah u def gon get sus'd @Blankzy__ lol. @Blankzy__ aint you say it was ass? @n0tjuliee yes. 100% the algo looks for similar usernames/IPs/pfps etc. @Ultra15151 "yo whole house on fire?" energy @Grahamalott @KnownAsLit @TkazGG @Horrify nope i was mid game for the past like 20 minutes so i wasnt looking @ the TL @Grahamalott @KnownAsLit @TkazGG @Horrify lol... @Oreologist ... @CrypticNoHoes Bro with how you play, you NEED validation. @SkreetMan I robbed a bank for this @CrypticNoHoes Prove it. Show the clip. @CrypticNoHoes no dog that's a joke u is just BROKE
@reaIlysexy @FavsPriv I'm defending you here??? @FavsPriv @reaIlysexy Please refer to my legal representatives for any further questions. @FavsPriv @reaIlysexy I would, that's an invasion of Rosstopher's (my friend's) privacy, Daniel. That's quite rude… let yall know... the phantom got aimbot... @Icy_Rapture @JERMAlNE @LostInTheWorldl you cant @SHEEBTS i need to d*e @SHEEBTS wanna play ranked @SHEEBTS ? @DerekJoon i thought you meant like before you left their house but no you meant drive off which yes they did teach me that @Boltsiola i literally just finished @mrpotatohaed oh shit you werent kidding LMFAOOO @b1eepi please shut up @mrpotatohaed in bio @mrpotatohaed u got any? @lovellaxo week* @lovellaxo nah deadass they got me spending so much every werk @j4zzyko do i know you? @Layymooon @Grahamalott @s1mpleO You've betrayed me twice in the past 24 hours after I vouched you. @Grahamalott @s1mpleO that makes even less sense @Layymooon @Grahamalott @s1mpleO I'm never vouching you ever again like ever @DerekJoon LMFAOOOO i do not have the radianite to upgrade it 😭 @Grahamalott @s1mpleO yeah but s1mple doesn't play valorant i dont get the joke @SucktionVAL dry runs gonna feel so much better holy shit a prime 2.0 gamer @Grahamalott @s1mpleO he plays CSGO @Grahamalott @s1mpleO why did you tag simple @thegingerbatt @TheMob @TheBozoClub this dude caused it all @losdeemix @LazasBautista LMAOOOOO @YesIAmBackk chillin at home doing literally nothing @YesIAmBackk wassup man @YesIAmBackk NOT MIKE @MeIixo @MrFuryRevenge bang @Froste @jakkuxd Please please please @jakkuxd @Froste I will turn off the stream if you ask this question Jakku @jakkuxd @Froste "So Froste how's your March going?" @dracubina HAPPY BDAY YUKI @ChanceTheThotti Ok! @arijgo ok? @jirgelyons and?breakfast of champions fr