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like this tweet if ur leg is sleep rn and u dont wanna be mean so u let it sleep gn leg @lyssiu 2.7k and over the years i've spent like $300-$500 more on it, bouta spend another $800 on it in a few months πŸ˜• @iHaveNoHoe @Mako delete dumbass @liImorg @KittenElise dude. @iHaveNoHoe it doesn't matter unless you tryna buy discs @KittenElise dick pie @CryptiicNo DELETE @CryptiicNo SHUT UP @crunchytitty yes I'm a virgin hello @boldkaos @Valkyrae you know i gotchu bro anytime!! @LazasBautista been watchin netflix this whole time too i aint even focused on the game but now we close netflix...… @LazasBautista the chal has been sent tho @LazasBautista alright now u can chill i can confirm that will not happen... @LazasBautista Not in cup pong I'm just a based GOD at the other game modes apparently @LazasBautista Redeemed myself today. @LazasBautista you remember that cup pong tweet from a couple weeks back? @ErikaBreigh what's up @DyIanNova happy birthday dylan! @MxjdTV come over i gotchu with a plate @Ryan_Recon fr it be licking me back @SwordRL gotchu ur invitedcan't forget the mac n the creamed corn fr @CeelosCheerios @TheTopViking @jrxsv_ ive been usin this stove all day bro i havent cleaned it all daylmk how i did fr @jrxsv_ @TheTopViking @CeelosCheerios i was talking about the shrimp that was marinated in a sauce yooo chill @CeelosCheerios @TheTopViking @jrxsv_ cant grill rn bro it's fucking snowing outside my house LMFAOOO @_karsz fanks @sxoxo happy Thanksgiving @jrxsv_ @TheTopViking i got some other shrimp if u want😏 @TheTopViking it's creaming in mine (i made it two ways) @RealShadesMcGee u too man @sxoxo i will m*rder uhappy Thanksgiving :) (shut up i know there's no turkey shut UP SHUT UP!!!)
@KittenElise guy like me hits the ceiling @CFC_Ant lord @Daymeeein weeeee love u bbme in imsg games lately @hudsonwisler SHARK COOCHIE LMFAOOOO @yungricepatty SOOOO BAD @FavsPriv ok?β€œThere’s the little cod player, do a slide cancel for us!”
Retweeted by ishan πŸ’†β€β™‚οΈ @moodkip2 @Blankzy_ it's rain. @Xouped @sttarena @sebastianjii @visionofviii oh my bad i didn't see it LMAO i was showering @CryptiicNo cmon man... (check DM) @Xouped @sttarena @sebastianjii @visionofviii i would @daintfuI no cap @C9AIex @Valkyrae ? @dr2xter @C9AIex get him drixter @C9AIex πŸ™„ @C9AIex k @C9AIex Go look at it pal. @silvasalavisa broooooo need her @Leo__ffs WHEW @notedub what @Wis_Alt @mccisxy dumbass @CFC_Ant πŸ™„πŸ§’ @ltsCamo it's her WOWW @Wis_Alt I SAID WOWWWWWplease one chance @ValkyraeVALKYRAE NEW FLEET MY LORDDDD @jakkuxd @oFabz fuck you @kiileki @sttarena hey @sttarena hello? @sttarena @sebastianjii @Xouped @visionofviii aired again 😹😹 @NitesTV happy Thanksgiving bro @sttarena @Xouped @sebastianjii @visionofviii aired 😹😹 @sebastianjii @sttarena same fr @HarryButAverage @boldkaos @Grahamalott @ELPWSwastaken @JoeyTheSuperJew @Blankzy_ @100TJackiee c'mon man @HarryButAverage wow. @boldkaos LMAOOOOO THIS Y'ALL @Grahamalott @HarryButAverage @ELPWSwastaken @JoeyTheSuperJew @Blankzy_ @100TJackiee @fatgirljuice u too bro love u @iLimbs πŸ’œπŸ’œ @xoxabstract love u I'll always be there if u need it @xoxabstract ily Salma @BrenBrenlol happy Thanksgiving Bren love u @j4zzyko πŸ˜€ @j4zzyko get help @CryptiicNo happy Thanksgiving 17 damage and 3 damage man @j4zzyko ily2 jazzy even tho i annoy the shit out of u in dm's @sophiesolit πŸ’œ @mccisxy happy Thanksgiving mucci @jamre469 weeeee GN leg @katiejuliannaa love you too Happy Thanksgiving @iHaveNoHoe not u nvm @sebastianjii love you SebHappy Thanksgiving everyone, and if you don't celebrate it with your family and would like a chance to celebrate it… mean a lot more to others than you probably think, and a lot of you guys have gotten me through the roughest of…'m not gonna go ahead and tag literally everyone I know because that'll ruin mentions but genuinely I'm so thankfu… @Mako dub love u @KittenElise @LukeTrys @dominoprix πŸ”₯ @yNope_ love you @NoshinOcean @boldkaos @Class love you both @dr2xter mmm @j4zzyko gn leglike this tweet if ur leg is sleep rn and u dont wanna be mean so u let it sleep gn leg @megcp13 @IcyVert @IcyVerp no 😹 @Schovee @SHEEBTS @Ahadify @slamongfIobo my b for @'ing y'all it was just a concept i am an idiot. @IcyVert ok? @LukeTrys @dominoprix :3