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@lyssiu @333dun and i mean GENUINELY hoping she sees this cuz good lord she was bad @312DARIUS__ @whitesox bro why can't i ever be at a game we win in person @Daymeeein omwwhoever was the baddie on the big screen at the white sox game where are u sitting me n my friend otw @Daymeeein can i be... urs lol? @Daymeeein r u single. @ijdawg998 LMAOOOOKimbrel just waved at me oh my god my pants are white @notedub he fucking sucks. @tfetttt first game is against bots im p sure LOLGiolito fucking sucks @sheebT_T DUDE @notedub I'm at the game I'm gonna say hi. @VanillaBepis im deadass 2 stories down more LMAO @notedub Im gonna. @_skag Bro it's not even as far as my last time LMAO am back with better seats this time.
@DarienBMG Agreed. @notedub Anyways @100Thieves Agreed. @notedub you are 17 saying this @notedub i just don't understand how people do that shit brah like how do you get that drunk at a game to think it'… @notedub dude is saying "he hurt me here" and pointing at his heart like that random ass astros fan was the one bangin the trash can @notedub there's nothing here but u don't do that to someone at a game brah just be respectful tbh @RomieandJuliet @DerekJoon no he just hates me. but he def had more in the tank @DerekJoon @RomieandJuliet you only took me one round. @Josh_Tried BARK BARK GROWL GRRRRR ARF ARF ARF WOOF AWOO WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF BARK BARK GROWL AAWOOOO ARF GRRRRR BAR… @notedub @Dodgers @baderknizner okayi literally don't be doing anything man i don't do SHIT to deserve this @Froste bro i can't thank you enough for the fun past few days i love you so much thank you.but nah life wanna turn around n keep putting my family members in hospitals so i gotta have sumn to worry about lmfao manlike my bulls deadass went from THIS to THIS my Sox are WS bound 🔜 AND we picked up Justin Fields for the Bears?? the only thing keeping me alive and happy rn is sports n my friends bro i literally have never been happier but life keeps shittin on me @SONOFDAZAl 🥲 @frostyZK i hope it does man. i really do.i know i been asking y'all this a lot these past few months but please send my family y'alls prayers we keep getti… @sophiesolit @KittenElise nin ten do @xAidanZul @xAidanZul wb me @xAidanZul u must just suck @xAidanZul i watched that same vid my first time @Chriiiztopha can you make it jiggle on Snapchat @ijdawg998 @liImorg hi! @ijdawg998 @liImorg wtf. @liImorg im right here? @pohluhr she said ugly men @_skag they just hatin on us we are easily the most hated race @Josh_Tried @Kr1sM77 flopi dont even be doing anything. @liImorg I'm a whore for white women but I will not speak on this one. @Hauntterr hbd! @liImorg It's good you understand. @TheTopViking wasnt even gonna go over either lfmaoWALKED IN A RUN LETS GOOOOOOO @cooIjr bet @ltsCamo LMFAOOO just still cant believe they walked leury brah they walked the bases loaded no outs 😭 @cooIjr wat game @LazasBautista o @ltsCamo nah White Sox LOL @LazasBautista what am i missing what game do i need to be watching tell me NOWno way he just walked Leury Garcia omg. @PaulTweetz2Much y @PaulTweetz2Much Imagine having to find out trades and signings through ESPN or Bleacher Report 🤢🤢we switch from cease and immediately give up a hard hit ball wow @Egrote_ @dropitonbieber LMFAOOOOOO @oFabz @YourEmbracee hiiiiiii love u @oFabz @YourEmbracee why did u make me text u this again btw. @shhhmckayla when u come thru lmk brah @sheebT_T tryna run it up? @nate_tidal LMFAOOO @Shanden1022 anyways @shhhmckayla i be getting dragged into this i havent done anything @kingofthabears @dropitonbieber WHAT DO I TYPE FOR THIS @Josh_Tried it's a banger @pravypatty @mackenziereynaa what @pravypatty @mackenziereynaa woah @SamManIoI @LazasBautista notianyways sox game is on @VanillaBepis ok cool @VanillaBepis i am not a confrontational person i get very very uncomfortable if there's any dramaplease don't bring me into any drama i was just helping a few friends I'm not comfortable with drama 🤒 @VanillaBepis ermam i being talked about on stream I'm literally in the shower @momhiiii @312DARIUS__ LMAOOOOTURNED DENZEL VALENTINE, ARCHIDIACANO, GARRETT TEMPLE, FELICIO AND SATO INTO LONZO, CARUSO, AND DEROZAN
Retweeted by ishan 🥲 #FineMenWithAIDS @MrBuildAPC Tweets before disasters @derpyinpain @yikesmckayla lemme get derpys allowance @KaleiRenay oh nah @oFabz @KittenElise hey @rickyreapers you have 1 billion dollars? $IshanRai @pravypatty I've only seen one person do it but i think their reasoning was somehow it got defaulted and they didn't know how to turn it off @pravypatty People do that?
2021 @Yuhuuur @ShamsCharania @TheAthletic @Stadium @312DARIUS__ @kay6e WHEWWWW @YourEmbracee @actatumonline yes.