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ishan @Boy1drr Chicago, IL

@dominoprix asked me to 1v1 in valorant | he/him

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@moonlesIie hbd les @WasteManOP *lick* @WasteManOP who da fuck came on the left screen?? @WasteManOP me @oChloez @derekjoon i gotta poop bad @oChloez @derekjoon shitter @oChloez @derekjoon u got owned @ProfessorSoop ugh where's my sug*r d*ddy at @ProfessorSoop i have $29 u got me?weeeee fun stream 👍 @ProfessorSoop all good they get us confused a lot cuz we're just so fucking hot lol @ProfessorSoop nah that was my homie on my acc lol not me haha! @ProfessorSoop thats not happening against me tho lol 10s twitch//boy1drr
@swwrrd pollo asado n steak, white rice, pinto beans, veggies, all 3 salsa, corn, cheese, lettuce @swwrrd i got chipotle for lunch twin @swwrrd bestie guess what wit a homie stream WEEEE twitch // boy1drr @kittenmason1 @KittenElise sandwich sounds good mmmm @kittenmason1 @KittenElise im hungie @kittenmason1 @KittenElise i love u @kittenmason1 @KittenElise LMAO @pokimanelol wowGOAT @JayLags_ don't got money for that either LMAO but yea I'll look into it @JayLags_ damnnn yeah i can't do inside the wall yet bc i move to college ina month or so and then move back after LMAO @JayLags_ i tried to do cable management but my cables simply aren't long enough n i didn't feel like buying new ones LMAO i need help @JayLags_ @Icy_Rapture @JayLags_ dawg it was hilarious you would say something and we'd still be hearing it 30 seconds later LMAOOOO @Icy_Rapture what's wrong with using a monitor for tweetdeck... @LazaBautista @FavsPriv LMAOOOO @Flyroh4KT scratching my balls @Flyroh4KT oh wow almost as if we would've won ifu were with me smh @Flyroh4KT u could've had this but noooo you wanted to solo q @Icy_Rapture @Blfire also no double promotion is a known mechanic it's just fucking stupid @Icy_Rapture @Blfire chill on me? @p_seidonsg0ne yessir you know ball @mellinieee bestie it's deserved lfg. @savyeet i was kinda fragging for those mvps tho lolhell yeah baby deserved ascendant 2!!!!!!!! @cupkatez check me out im kinda clean on fade lol
@pipofito2 @BlankzyPriv LMFAO? @derekjoon bestie delete that fuckin app. @SucktionVAL @derekjoon yo. @WasteManOP i miss you more @derekjoon sucktion @PrivKaos there's zero way the bulls could've outbid that even with Ayo + PWill cuz we only have like 3 picks or whatevr @PrivKaos 4 picks, a swap and 4 players for Gobert is fucking nuts lol @seshiriaa_ @GhostGaming shiiii congrats @Ramina1690 did he delete it LOL @_312DARIUS welcome back.JOB NOT FINISHED“I’m not fucking leaving.” Zach LaVine just posted this video on his Instagram.
Retweeted by ishan @ang4lheart hey hey how r u @JoeyTheSuperJoo idgi either but he was putting up 27 ppg on 61% thru like what 61 games in 2020? if that mf come b… @LazaBautista @Blankzy_ @NotDariennn LMAOOOO @JustChat__ ngl if the jaguars pick jettas tho with that 20 pick this trade recap feels much different (but then ag… @JustChat__ Chaisson picked 2 picks before JJettas too 🤭 @DEADMAN_pt3 absolute dogshit and people in the replies talkin bout "these are solid pickups stop being weird" no b… @Icy_Rapture but lower ranks stink at her so @Icy_Rapture neon is getting into the meta lolz @Icy_Rapture just shoot her head lol @DEADMAN_pt3 Troy Brown Jr got me laughing as a Bulls fan @Icy_Rapture u don't like neon?? @LazaBautista all good love you have a great day lazy b @LazaBautista i was gonna say some shit to piss you off but i feel like i should be nice today @LazaBautista what team are you a fan of @ang4lheart sup @oFabz LMAO i forgot that shit scares you @oFabz Fabio. @oFabz @notcrypticno me. @ovwvou holy shit owned himsee u guys in the morning for morning ranked right guys @spamalanche bet ill see u soon @spamalanche but yeah shit stinks ranked is awful @spamalanche i placed here tbh i havent played SHIT yet LMFAO @derekjoon with our performances today i am very worried @bleakmp3 i havent won since day 1 of ranked. @Blankzy_ @NotDariennn how does this not have a reply from laza yet calling u geigh @bleakmp3 i mean im gaining like +25-27 and losing -12 so idc at this point but i cant fucking buy a win if i wanted one lmfao @bleakmp3 oh yeah definitely.yayyyyyyyy :\ lied we're finishing joons placements @best4blood o ok @best4blood wait did this mean u wanted to play or not @best4blood hop @reallywillb interactions @reallywillb wym a val game then going to bed twitch// Boy1drr @TrickAIM ahem. hello! @Ramina1690 seems like they just had some catching up to doI don't see a trade lol @BarbChairScott ngl I'm fine with trading him to get KD but idk @Josh_Tried @TheAthletic @Stadium CENTER? YOU ARE 5'6 @Ramina1690 we needed his ass last year but fuck it if we get rid of vuc for gobert or kd idc @xoxabstract @Chriiztopha @NotDariennn @KittenElise @LazaBautista Love you Salma <333 lmk if you need anything @jakkuxd WE BEEN FREE SINCE YESTERDAY LOLZ
@SilverNyx_ lets do it who are we adding to annoy