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@jonronson It’s good that you only have to explain this on an hourly basis. @BeeFlownFar @jasonsfolly That’s a very good point. @NotAnAngryGirl I’m learning a lot about the history of Harper & Brothers.Kudos to #ThisMorning for addressing the major TV issue of our time with @jasonsfolly today... (his answer was “no,… for a minute why Noam Chomsky and Bari Weiss were sending a letter to ultra-posh fashion mag Harper's Baza…
Following on from his brilliant piece on Michaela Coel in the same magazine, this stunning @e_alexjung interview wi… shifting dishonesty from the PM on care home deaths. Anyone who remembers in real time the ‘fans forced the g…
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Arabella / Kwame / Terry forever! #IMayDestroyYouIt’s a bit late after @jamescdyer got his plectrum caught in his laptop or something but here’s the new @pilottvmag toxic pile-on on twitter today. We forget how people on here are real. Even if you hate someone’s work..…
Retweeted by boydhiltonWorld on tenterhooks for this assessment! @simonmayo Ooooooooh. @brokenbottleboy Can I just say how much I appreciate a your tireless and incisive recent work analysing newspaper…
Activism works. double bill of top TV coming up on BBC2: at 9pm, @alex_brooker’s enlightening documentary Disability & M… @Milnoc @ravensdojo Oh wow.
This #KeithHaring documentary on BBC2 is fucking great. @Faersy Agreed.SO happy for Laca. And Arsenal. And the world. @rachidthegooner Totally. But let’s not get carried away!
@wilky100 Just one season. Thanks and enjoy! @littlejason He was OK.£100k less per week than Ozil? Bargain! @BigBoyler @neilgibbons @karencheee “and her ilk”. @MCMCMCMC Oh god.Well this is the President who spent half an hour of a showcase speech explaining why he took so long to walk down…
@dan_salmon Oh god I know. I think one day they will tell the full story somehow. @dan_salmon Incredible isn’t it? Absolutely devastated about its demise still.Looks like Spurs v Arsenal on July 12 could be the big 8th place decider. @SoFire @DisneyPlusUK Sorry! @sharonlhanley @DisneyPlusUK Exactly!Thanks to @DisneyPlusUK for these #Hamilfilm goodies. Maybe they can help pressure the UK Government to urgently sa… @london_phil09 I haven't done book reviews on 5 Live for about 10 years!The great @alex_brooker on his Arsenal match-going experience in his brilliant new documentary Disability & Me, BBC… birthday to the great @KermodeMovie. Stay safe. @ClaireAFC2020 @Aubameyang7 Blimey! @scottygb It’s magic! @scottygb Do you have a bank of TVs to watch at all times monitoring 24 hr news or are you just plugged into the mainframe of the matrix?Happy publication day @Terri_White. This book is a stunning work of art that everyone needs to read.
@J4YK3Y @joeryan01 @Alan_Alger_ @SoFire @arsenalpodcast Ha! @joeryan01 @Alan_Alger_ @SoFire @arsenalpodcast Oh we don’t waste time on that issue in this week’s pod! @BeardOfPires @Aubameyang7 Keep. @StephenRMoulton @Aubameyang7 Oh of course. @BeardOfPires @Aubameyang7 Great egg. @Alan_Alger_ @SoFire @arsenalpodcast No! We have to wait until Laca makes 180 appearances to know for sure.Arsenal makes him so happy. How could he possibly leave?! @Alan_Alger_ @SoFire @arsenalpodcast I’ll never change my mind as I have explained many times. Just prefer watching… give him a knighthood while you’re at it. @allthatchas Always believe in your soul.Tweeted about by Spandau! @neillark @Josh_Landy Thanks! @MCMCMCMC Indeed. See you 2027. @MCMCMCMC Sessignon is completely different situation. Saka is already an established first team player. And note m… @MCMCMCMC Nope!We Arsenal fans are a miserable bunch most of the time so we have to hail this as the best possible news. Saka is a… @craic_horse @pilottvmag Yeah that is a shame.
The greatest of all news. #prettyprettygood @BenMFreeman @JJacobs94 @tanfrance @QueerEye @AOC @RuPaulsDragRace Where did he do this? @boydhilton Hi Boyd, please RT for our little warrior who suffers from a rare and very aggressive cancer and needs…
Retweeted by boydhilton❤️ @jamescdyer @zincstoat This is how I think of your future, James. the week that his documentary “Disability And Me” airs on BBC2 (this Sunday, 9pm), the man, the legend…
All hail #TheKemps All True - reviewed in full on this week’s @pilottvmag podcast as well as… @benjaminbump @pilottvmag Thanks Ben! @MikeRea47607788 @pilottvmag @Terri_White @jamescdyer @jessicaknappett @All4 Yeah loved it. @TheMovieMike This look could work How's this for a dream project: Colin In Black & White, a Netflix drama series based on the adolescent life of… @MikeRea47607788 @pilottvmag @Terri_White @jamescdyer @jessicaknappett @All4 pretty sure I did Drifters not too long ago! @RamsaySimon Oh for sure. @LukeCustardtv @RhiannaDhillon Yes she’s a regular apparently! @RhiannaDhillon I know! @annamorriscomic I haven’t but I will now.This Morning’s got actual Ann Dowd on now talking about the next season of The Handmaid’s Tale. @ChrisHewitt Indeed. There was a section in the movie fact competition when @jamescdyer was explaining his CGI dog… Pepe has found had the all important "click" according to Mikel Arteta. Here's a piece on the unassuming, s…
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Worth reiterating that this group is not the official BLM. It’s a small band of British hard-left activists raising…
Retweeted by boydhilton @JonPeloton It was 2000 to be fair.MY HEROS CARL REINER ANNIE REINER & MEL BROOKS
Retweeted by boydhilton"#BlackLivesMatterUK is a coalition of black activists and organisers across the UK. We’ve been organising since 2…
Retweeted by boydhilton @ANDYM0RGAN @julianstockton Yes indeed. But I’m pretty sure hardly any full Glastonbury sets were aired back then.It’s just a DREAM setlist #Bowie #Glastonbury2020 @JonathanSCraig Oh same. @JonathanSCraig Totally. But I did really like All You Good Good People. @WadeyWade @julianstockton He’s always seemed like a good guy. @julianstockton Oh yes. I remember them showing Embrace on TV while Bowie was still going like it was yesterday! @julianstockton I thought so. Back then they barely ever showed more than a handful of songs from any Glasto set. It was very frustrating. @julianstockton BBC Play! How much of this set was broadcast originally? @TonyBlundetto1 Oh my god. That’s a blow. @amylawrence71 Perfectly judged.What a brilliant, unexpected song to open with. #Bowie #Glastonbury2020 @mcgeekie Oh totally. @Sonic_Screwup @Sonic_Screwup Maybe. Down to the heady mix of Mel, Crowe and Lesley Joseph!Mel Brooks is 94 today. Still hilarious. This is one of my favourite scenes ever. @Ferret11Rob @rioferdy5 Ha amazing memory. @Faersy Yes really good.Fun times! #Arsenal @Brett_leverton Mystifying! It also took McManaman an eternity to realise it was an obvious foul and penalty.Rio Ferdinand lamenting that you’ll concede a penalty in this crazy day and age if you commit a foul in the penalty area #BTSport