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9-11 OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE CONFIRMED! NYC Board of Fire Commission confirm overwhelming evidence shows ALL 3 WTC bu…
Retweeted by Tom Walsh Ⓥ @nowtfunny2say @davidicke Icke has all the scoops b4 any1 else, but he never has an answer or a solution. Do not expect one from himYep. The whole thing is very reminiscent of #Brexit; kinda make it up as you go along. Some awful truths will out a… @JohnCarmack How long has it been? You are still quite young no? All around me are terrible sleepers and they take… @JohnCarmack Are you really on sleep meds?Someone please tell me this is fake news... Trump Goes Full ‘Shock Doctrine’ As Pandemic Rages via @YahooUltra-Zionist billionaire Bill Ackman makes another two billion exploiting coronavirus economic collapse…
Retweeted by Tom Walsh ⓋBegs the question current truths about HS2 courtesy of @patrick_barkham @guardian . . .
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Which country will be next, @CrueltyFreeIntl?
Retweeted by Tom Walsh Ⓥ- Wall St. is a Ponzi scheme - Trillions unaccounted for at the Pentagon - The U.S. funded/armed the terrorists we…
Retweeted by Tom Walsh ⓋWhy? Look at the adverts which jnclude fast foods, junk foods, pharmaceuticals and health systems and the lawyers s…
Retweeted by Tom Walsh Ⓥ🚨Here is what just happened🚨 1. Government shut down small businesses 2. Forced unemployment for millions 3. Baile…
Retweeted by Tom Walsh Ⓥ"Up to two thirds of people who die from coronavirus in the next nine months are likely to have died this year from…
Retweeted by Tom Walsh Ⓥ1/ I have spent 35 years trading global macro disruptions. This is like no other. This will certainly end the lo…
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A typically raw dinner for me with some lightly steamed brocolli. #plantbased for life, #plantbased based for our animal friendsA plant based diet virtually cancels it out completely
Cognitive dissonance is why most are still eating dead animals #MEMPHIS 🆘🆘ADOPTED & RETURNED AFTER 1 DAY😡Poor Erica thought she had found her happy new start only 2B returned…
Retweeted by Tom Walsh ⓋWhen you see someone approaching your home
Retweeted by Tom Walsh ⓋThis prediction coming true. #COVIDー19 #MondayMotivation #tryvegantoday
Retweeted by Tom Walsh ⓋThe cruise companies should ask for a bailout from the countries where they get their flags of convenience, avoidin…
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It is my pleasure to share with you all that I am extremely grateful for my #veganbusiness🌱🌎 outcomes at global sca…
Retweeted by Tom Walsh ⓋVegan: Because my treatment of animals is governed by my sense of right and wrong not my senses of taste and smell.…
Retweeted by Tom Walsh Ⓥ#SundayService #SundayThoughts #COVIDー19 #QuaratineLife
Retweeted by Tom Walsh ⓋJeremy Corbyn wasn’t a terrorist sympathiser. He was a people sympathiser who wanted the 99% to have a better life.…
Retweeted by Tom Walsh ⓋWhen a landlord tells you rent payments are their entire income, they're telling you that the only thing they do fo…
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At home the whole street has added green paper to their windows. If it changes to red it’s means they require assis…
Retweeted by Tom Walsh ⓋCan't wait to get my hands on this. #CBD has turned my life around guess is #bitcoin will be a hellova lot more attractive to a hellova lot more people a few weeks from now. @DavidHazie @FrasierHarry @Nigel_Farage Well, the whole world knows that it came from meat. So u think it’s a man m…
Retweeted by Tom Walsh ⓋBrilliant Invent a vaccine or successful therapy for the coronavirus. 2) Buy call options on the stock market. 3) Announ…
Retweeted by Tom Walsh Ⓥ @veganbitchcraft She sounds like an utterly broken person, who empowered herself by unleashing on u. Slowly, u r pu…
It's an agenda with it's end goal being control and police state.
Hey “conservatives”. Some states are now letting people out of jails, shutting down businesses, & arresting fewer p…
Retweeted by Tom Walsh ⓋI've been gradually social distancing for the last 12 or so years since I quit meat. A few months of more intense i…
So ahead of the game in crypto So backward in health, nutrition...and promoting it 😩 smh last time the Fed did an emergency rate cut was during the 2008 financial crisis. Over the last two weeks, the…
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You forgot: check out fabulous, nutritious and simple vegan menus on YouTube wanna try being a vegan mate, we suffer that every single fucking day peaceful moment in heavy snowfall at Sequoia National Park, California, captured by photographer Michael Block.…
Retweeted by Tom Walsh Ⓥ initiative in my home town Canterbury Repair Cafe launches to tackle 'throwaway society'
@veganbitchcraft Seriously are you ok?Make sure you check in or or call elderly relatives or neighbours to see if they want food/supplies getting in. Wh…
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Nice! Why didnt he just come clean in the beginning? Wonder how long before the movie bio is made about the…
@AltcoinSara I'm hodling up well thx
@BBC6Music how sad to hear you reduced to Whitney Houston songs. Truly disappointing
@claufresearch I couldn't agree more with everything you say. You are an amazing person 💥and I wish I knew you bett… @elsah777 @PaHaBriUk @davidicke Well said. The dissonant idiots all around us just don't get it. Speciesism shines…
@claufresearch Really sorry to hear this
Please greet me this way for the time being.
Retweeted by Tom Walsh ⓋOfficially addicted to 100% raw organic cacao
Listening to @BBCRadioKent whilst working thus morning and in the vegan corner we had @SamRapp8 a dyslexic poet cha… cannot discount the possibility that #Coronavid19 has been created as a scapegoat for the next major crash. We al… Rees-Mogg: "We are the Lamborghini of Governments". Italian Lamborghini went bankrupt in 1978, was bought by…
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@seasylvia2005 @Nigel_Farage No other business complains like animal ag when their customers choose something else.…
Retweeted by Tom Walsh ⓋProjects deemed “worthless” by Warren Buffett - Google - Amazon - #Bitcoin He’s already had to write apology let…
Retweeted by Tom Walsh Ⓥ @Bitcoin Future money getting ready to roll outStetson Kennedy’s 1946 work on institutionalised racism in Dixie is well-researched, thoughtful, and a worthy read…
Retweeted by Tom Walsh ⓋAgreed, and that's why veganism is such an important message for everyone @girlforegone @VeganStella What a twuntish, adolescent, drunk geezer comment. Pathetic
@LouSanders You could get ticked off for such porkies!We all have to start somewhere. You cannot focus to win one war while fighting another simultaneously (I believe) g… that. I urge all my vegan friends to start looking into this. Don't just look to own a bitcoin. There are 100… see after Weinstein complained of chest pains he got to spend the night in a hospital facility instead of a jail…
Aint bough this shite since '99 anyway #BlockedTheSun these cheese help end the dairy industry? #MondayThoughts
Retweeted by Tom Walsh ⓋSee this Instagram photo by @livekindlyco! And vegans are long sick to death of soulless twunts lime him trying to make animals look like food Butcher… @VEGANBIOPT @Tesco Thank you for following up. I got back to @Tesco with all the info they requested plus photos. T… #GiletsJaunes protest, not covered by the controlled media. It is time to change things. It is time to fi…
Retweeted by Tom Walsh ⓋFucking disgusting
It's exploitation of bees, leave them the fuck alone already @PGtips Have you pledged to remove all plastic from your bags?Any excuse to continue your insatiable appetite for dead animal flesh sent you that!!! What is wrong with you people? you lot serious? I have sent you my query and pictures. Is this how you deal with issues @Tesco by passing the… Walsh. 4 citroen close, herne bay, kent. All other info is found on the photos attac… @VEGANBIOPT @Tesco Doesnt seem so. I will be getting back to them and post follow ups @Tesco @boyfrombow Does Tesco apply Guidelines for international suppliers? From Portugal we are aware of the Brazi…
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Thats the meat and dairy mentality for you. Thank god packham is made of strong stuff @Tesco what the hell kind of dodgy new melon is this from Brazil? Seriously is there something we should know? get a like for talking about flowers and faux fur, and where are we at with Fukushima exactly?
@beree_rs The green bookNo! Rogan is an asshole. He's had plenty of plant based/Vegans on the show, and then for Veganuary he ate nothing b…
Dolor y gloria
Such lions! Satan is truly alive + kicking. For s/one who suffered + came close to death, actively promoting the co… @CadburyUK this is where your milk comes from. Thankfully for you most are still ignorant to the horrific facts baby calves are shot dead at a day old for their mothers milk. I am not ok with that so NO THANKS @BullyEsq Have you seen the teeth on a gorilla? Pound for pound the most powerful animal on the planet. It's the u…
I just finished this book. Brilliant, simple, eloquent, anecdotal, thoroughly interesting. I'm gonna pass it to a f… does the animal slaughter industry insist on making animals look like food? All I see is death anyway Sun was shamed into taking down articles about Caroline Flack from their website - because they demonstrated h…
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If we just stop the disgusting trade in animals for meat none of it would happen. Most folk still cant see past th…