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From Ohio not a kiwi🇺🇸 if you have any questions or comments please contact me personally on 0800 SALAMI

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@i_ballsandbolts @insopherable In Auckland? Lol @Karatloz Is that lou reedJoey Votto is trending in New Zealand @clutchbucket A red and... Get the fuck out of my office @JeremyMonjo A watchmen thread at this point would require a real social justice bent. Maybe a pivot opportunity. @JeremyMonjo It’s good but I respect that. The thread would be easy pickings. A real fave mine.The One Pure Leftist Who is Right About Everything
Retweeted by non seasonal ryan @Pilgrim945 Our ancestors looking down, fist pumping @Pilgrim945 discariche come un camionWhat’s the easiest language to rap injim sinegal you are homie of the week
Retweeted by non seasonal ryanErik Kratz, Fantastic 67mph Knuckleball. 😯
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Don’t get this 10pm pub curfew thing does the virus 🦠 not come out till then more GIBBERISH from the dopes in Westminster LFUCKING x
Retweeted by non seasonal ryanunfortunately the dune movie fired me as music supervisor. villeneuve rejected my vision of gradually making “sands…
Retweeted by non seasonal ryan @galactic_enter @JVMD16 but y’all ain’t ready to have that conversation @JVMD16 and it shows @mrs__peel ShouldersI wonder how many times that Boston dude said I bet I could climb that and his friends just rolled their eyesyou just dont get this level of content on here
Retweeted by non seasonal ryanSony announcing that games are going to cost $70 now
Retweeted by non seasonal ryanSir Gawain and the Green Knight but with the ability to perform double jumps, run along walls, and slow down time.
Retweeted by non seasonal ryanPretty hilarious to see National getting the same media treatment Labour got under Cunliffe and LittleNatty light yogurt @thepwrofgod Not logging in since 2017 continues to be a good choicedeadwood animeI’m Joe Biden and I approve this message.
Retweeted by non seasonal ryan @TheWillThe Good god y’all
@FrankMcRae Listened to a bit of the Jack Tame thing and a lot of the case for No is based on it currently being unavailable to anyoneTell that its sculptor well those passions read Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things, The hand that… u lost ur pet pidgin /it’s dead in front yard my Iowa farm JUST DISCOVERED here r identifiers Right leg Blue 202…
Retweeted by non seasonal ryan @thepwrofgod Biden?Al Kaline one of baseballs great “no way is that a real name” names @possibleburger Fashion is just a repeating cycle of enormous jeans and very tight jeansBasil Hayden is pretty damn tastyWas not expecting this level of content from the north east ohio sewer districtbrowns won. indians won. millions of gallons of water treated to protect lake erie. it’s a victory friday.
Retweeted by non seasonal ryan @digifreak642 @barefootjim It’s like 7 here @Karatloz I mean no question he’s talented @Karatloz He’s quite unsettlingWhat stage of capitalism is being unable to process current events without analogizing them through the Marvel Cinematic Universe
Retweeted by non seasonal ryanThe Toddfather! JottoBaseball is back baby. It's good again. Awoouu (wolf Howl)I’ve had New Madrid by Uncle Tupelo stuck in my head the entire game because the first batter was named Nick Madrigal @Rooftop_gambler @clutchbucket Walrus @clutchbucket so many words right nowSteve Cishek privilegeMurdered that ball good god Winker (13) off RHP Jonathan Stiever - 110.9 mph, 27 degrees (447 ft Home Run) 81.4 mph Slider #WhiteSox @ #Reds (B3)
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2020 @ArloLikesMovies When corporations become more powerful than nations these will be the first people signing up for… @ErnieLies Jinping boat paradePeople on here got so pissed off about Helen White’s celebrity comment but it was a legitimate if poorly worded poi…“frind of the fama”Daft Punk when they have a day off
Retweeted by non seasonal ryan @TheOrchidShow Damn this is nicheFor those planning to support artists on Bandcamp today, it feels pertinent to remind you that my fat Italian son f…
Retweeted by non seasonal ryan @richardneateNZ Dunning Kruger effect @djbeema Spice Island RemixSheeeit this is a nice one @Karatloz If I had a podcast I would invite you
Retweeted by non seasonal ryan @yeeyee187 @ErnieLies Huh. Wild. @esrom_habte Enjoy the filmYou heard of this band called Sleep. Sounds pretty chill just going turn the volume all the way up and press play on this song @andrewwMPLS @slowseptember Well it helps that it’s the quantity of a block of butter hereShit Dopethrone is twenty years old this year @slowseptember @andrewwMPLS 16 500g blocks of butter is my wife’s system @ErnieLies @yeeyee187 Why are so many of these people in academia specificallyThere’s simply too much borrowing for tax cuts *looks at National’s polling numbers* or is there?!?Best combo would be like Grammy for best heavy metal performance. Oscar best director. Emmy best supporting actor c… anyone ever EGOTed for distinctive separate works. Like a lot of them have overlap like Mel Brooks got his Tony… any reallyReally was not prepared for the guy who played the station electrician on Newsradio to hold so much sway over our political process @tigerbeatnik I’m capable of greater suffering as a higher life form @FrankMcRae Everyone keeps telling me Luxon is the future and I believe them because he’s bald and has business @alecolyte @joysprick That scene where’s he hiding behind the door and the interrogates the nurse and the old lady…
@joysprick For such an absolute wrecking ball performance there is actually a lot of subtlety in his choices @thepwrofgod I have not so the wordplay is lost on meGoddamn bad lieutenant was so good. Unadulterated nic Cage. Incredible. @DerekPutin Absolutely think about this occasionally @fakedrifter_ Cool, looking forward to opening this tonight. First time trying it. I’ll keep an eye out for that ry… @VK_HM I’m trying to remember which album it was that windows media player would misidentify the quake 2 cd asWhen the left go right the right get weird @irabrooker This is like an Elmore Leonard character @onlineandnice I want to get into more rye but the prices over here are even more outrageous than the bourbon price… trying to say Mangere correctly to be culturally sensitive and my colleagues having no idea what I’m saying because they just say mungery @Douchetoevsky @onlineandnice 🥃why is this whiskey wearing a poncho and a belt @OswaldHIV It owns that it’s his real nameMy favorite type of pointless bot account is when the handle will be like @.charles_schwartz but the name will be Peggy Taylor @FrankMcRae It makes sense that the people who most vehemently believe the private sector is efficient are career p… @juhasaarinen Christ that’s terrifyingTyranny is me being inconveniencedJosh Donaldson may be the first and only player in baseball history to get ejected while hitting a home run. Amazin…
Retweeted by non seasonal ryan @LeChased I would not cope occasionally I have to get up like half an hour earlier and that completely throws me