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From Ohio not a kiwi🇺🇸 "You post such disgusting things on twitter but in real life you're quite genteel." - @rooftop_gambler🇳🇿no pronouns do not address me

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@Rooftop_gambler @keith_miller_nz To me it suggests it’s intended for one personLibs imagine on the other side of all this is some eternal brunch, Valhalla with an omelette bar. They really do
Retweeted by Mer𝓡𝓨 Christmas @William46676045 Castellanos will never have to face the toughest starters in the division @mcdisagree @ohlaika_ Eyyyy im jokin heahJoe Biden has the most advanced case of Democrat Brain ever catalogued. Barking hostility to Democratic voters, ser…
Retweeted by Mer𝓡𝓨 ChristmasSo my cousin's wife refuses to hurt anything "with a soul" which not only means she's vegan but also refuses to kil…
Retweeted by Mer𝓡𝓨 Christmasoh to be a cat and a horse havin chats, smokin cigs
Retweeted by Mer𝓡𝓨 Christmas @hideous_pizza Committing gum or mint crimes for the CIA @ChaosMuffet
@VK_HM It would have been better if the old lady she punched was just an old lady @MBCnotNBC @mcdisagree I was wavering between democratic socialism or the weird former republican mayor of nyYou absolutely can judge a party by who they choose to run in their safest seats don't make the rules sorry
Retweeted by Mer𝓡𝓨 Christmas @Discourse_Stu Absolutely. The part of Ohio I’m from is more like the crossroads of the east coast and the south. @ilikemints As creepy as this whole thing comes off these dudes have intense PTSD and are coping with what they fee… Dems had 4 years to dig up oppo on Bernie and they’re cramming for it all at the last minute. Honestly relatable
Retweeted by Mer𝓡𝓨 Christmas @ohlaika_ The the thing about steak is people act like it’s sacrilege to have anything above medium but if it’s lik… are in a housing crisis, and the impact is disproportionately felt by low-wage workers, especially women. We nee…
Retweeted by Mer𝓡𝓨 Christmassir why would you just go right out and do this
Retweeted by Mer𝓡𝓨 Christmas @coopercooperco @JeremyMonjo Winds howling#TheWitcher creator Andrzej Sapkowski requested not to be involved in the show's production — 'I do not like worki…
Retweeted by Mer𝓡𝓨 ChristmasWhat the fuck is up with this apple
Retweeted by Mer𝓡𝓨 ChristmasSquad Goals #epiphone
Retweeted by Mer𝓡𝓨 Christmas“and that’s how you kill a dog”
Retweeted by Mer𝓡𝓨 ChristmasThis makes the rightward pressure on Warren make more sense in hindsight. If the party had anticipated Sanders as a…“We should not be scared of what will happen if we try. We should be scared of what will happen if we don’t.” –@AOC
Retweeted by Mer𝓡𝓨 Christmas @MattTheGweat Tankies always having a normal onehistory prof: can anyone say when the Battle of Austerlitz was? yes, Darren? libertarian who loves sabaton and took…
Retweeted by Mer𝓡𝓨 Christmas @FrankMcRae Love that this is definitely a binary choice and putting into place some basic protections against mom…
There is no parody of Ben Garrison that could be as stupid as actual Ben GarrisonLet this be a lesson to the conspiratorial minded, it’s stupidity over nefarious plotting 99% of the timeHonestly I thought the Dems/media ignoring Sanders was a tactic rather than them not taking the possibility serious… ham-fisted way the Dem establishment ignored for months and is now a week before Iowa frantically scrambling to…
Retweeted by Mer𝓡𝓨 Christmas @LeChased No, all men are stunted inferior creatures. They won’t be seen in public with each other for fear of it coming off as “gay”. @LeChased I don’t mean this as a broader point because nothing on here is actually reflective of real life but twit… if literal
Retweeted by Mer𝓡𝓨 Christmas @dylmdav I hate the stick figure explainer comic
@BelowVelvet I think what we’re all overlooking here is how this is really all about meIs this the Goop Lab?
Retweeted by Mer𝓡𝓨 ChristmasNever felt such relief opening a picture
Retweeted by Mer𝓡𝓨 Christmas @morebanchanpls So how’s your garden doingRegal Lager regaL lageRrosa parks next to margaret thatcher is absolutely sending me to hell
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While certainly not as weird as the “Donald Trump becomes President” development it’s still wild to me that Joe fro… @abmis0 Awkward at family reunions
This is probably my favorite line from the entire Godzilla franchise
Retweeted by Mer𝓡𝓨 Christmas @Bakari_Sellers Joe Rogan was hosting The Man Show in the early 2000s, I can’t recall what Powell was doing during that time
Retweeted by Mer𝓡𝓨 ChristmasEnjoy your weekend!
Retweeted by Mer𝓡𝓨 ChristmasI wish there was a restaurant in Auckland that made chili the way I make itYES
Retweeted by Mer𝓡𝓨 Christmas"if you can't afford the rent, move out of the city" Hey fuckface, that's where the jobs are. Where are all the se…
Retweeted by Mer𝓡𝓨 Christmasif bernie won in 2016, my husband would be alive and still have a chance helping me raise our daughter.
Retweeted by Mer𝓡𝓨 ChristmasGetting worked into a froth about poppie and passport colorsSabotaging the entire economy to change your passport colorOMFG I'm pissing myself laughing LOOK WHAT PHOTO OF THE 'BLUE PASSPORT' THEY USED 🤣
Retweeted by Mer𝓡𝓨 ChristmasI've been using Jira for the last year and here it is added to my ranking of top project management tools: 1. Trel…
Retweeted by Mer𝓡𝓨 Christmas @adamgently The horny surchargeWhat's the difference between a snitch and a politician? Snitches tell the truth and politicians always lie..hence…
Retweeted by Mer𝓡𝓨 Christmas @coopercooperco Not only did I fuck up the spelling but that one is chronologically first. Shameful shit. @coopercooperco 6 months deep, lots of Scott Baykal opinionsWhen you agree with Peatttte buttttidigigige's platform
Retweeted by Mer𝓡𝓨 Christmasyou: “wait until they call him a socialist in the general” 2008:
Retweeted by Mer𝓡𝓨 Christmas @thepwrofluv Always amazed at the percentage of celebrities that are the kind of liberals that retweet Pelosi and c… man sued his employer for racial discrimination, settled the suit, took the settlement check to the bank to cash…
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Retweeted by Mer𝓡𝓨 Christmas @hideous_pizza Does the title mean that there’s a chance of devil crying or that devil crying will be allowedthis is why i'm voting for bernie
Retweeted by Mer𝓡𝓨 ChristmasAlright guys we did it, we won, pack it in
Retweeted by Mer𝓡𝓨 ChristmasWithout making Congress a more decent place to work, it is going to tend to attract only the most ambitious and aff…
Retweeted by Mer𝓡𝓨 Christmas @FaeHerself @wellreadkitty @fredagg @ParryKylie @LatteJunkieNZ @maryteatowel @Knhannah @koshrecords @glibnotion Braggs is a fantasy camp coach and could definitely kick your ass.
Retweeted by Mer𝓡𝓨 Christmas @Rooftop_gambler Lots to parse hereIf it’s really true that a substantial percentage of Bernie supporters are bros then it’s embarrassing guys who pla…
Retweeted by Mer𝓡𝓨 ChristmasBernie: I’m scared of getting this heart transplant. Tom Steyer: It’s ok, I’ll be here after your surgery. *Ber…
Retweeted by Mer𝓡𝓨 ChristmasThis is amazing. How it should be.
Retweeted by Mer𝓡𝓨 Christmas @Karatloz Mr bright eyesam I to understand that the Monstars—a group of alien employees of an amusement park in a faraway galaxy—have an eq…
Retweeted by Mer𝓡𝓨 ChristmasThe 80s really marked the peak of guys yelling whoa yeah during the chorusSome metal songs just sound like sea shanties with distortionFAT ALBERT (2004) Cinematography by Paul Elliott Directed by Joel Zwick Submitted by @Shugrug
Retweeted by Mer𝓡𝓨 Christmas @LincolnsRevenge Very whimsicalOh? Sadly, he’s been dead to me since PB Crisps were discontinued. #RIPeanut
Retweeted by Mer𝓡𝓨 ChristmasMr. Peanut is dead. Good. That fucker held back PB Crisps from making a return. He deserved to die. Fuck him.
Retweeted by Mer𝓡𝓨 ChristmasSorry, but to me Mr. Peanut died in 1995 when Planters discontinued PB Crisps
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Bring back pb crispsMr peanut has been dead to me ever since the discontinuation of PB Crisps @dylmdav Ben Carson is the best kind of genius where he’s extremely good at one thing and a complete doofus in every other aspectStill haven’t changed my seasonal user name chapo pod with the Safdie bros was really informative check it out if you liked uncut gems 💎 I did
Retweeted by Mer𝓡𝓨 Christmasis there anything more capitalist than a peanut with a top hat, cane, and monocle selling you other peanuts to eat
Retweeted by Mer𝓡𝓨 ChristmasTired: Barry Bonds belongs in the Hall of Fame Wired: Barold Bonds belongs in the Hall of Fame
Retweeted by Mer𝓡𝓨 Christmasangrily hammering in a NO BERNIES ALLOWED sign into the sand at pedo island
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