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kelly @BoyYeetsWorld Chicago, IL

very chill Social Media Manager | I used to live in South Carolina but now I don’t | Jay Cutler fan

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I know this is kinda stupid but I laughed
Retweeted by kelly @Stay_Rosey it looks fun do it
Retweeted by kellydo i want it to be obvious they’re mining my data or do i want to live in ignorant bliss? @akidnamedrager i appreciate that, it’s a tough time right now @akidnamedrager i tore my rotator cuff milly rocking to them back in collegei’ve heard of direct marketing but this is insane
Retweeted by kelly @kelllicopter oh no everything is backwards now @kelllicopter are you admitting i’m the real kelly finallyhe is coming. run @Roysenotes @pienar they’ll also have me @Roysenotes two, one for each of us obviouslyimagining a scooby-doo style hallway chase scene but with ghislane, the MCC corrections officers, and like 6 differ…
Retweeted by kelly @2kool2kat @JackWilliamRtF i’m not smart @JackWilliamRtF i’m not gonna stopmade the mistake of sending the gc my muted words list and now i'm being punished
Retweeted by kellyless than half is the usual conclusion to the argument
@BigTucsonDad ill post us king @___kai16 it was what had to be doneissuing a correction on this post. it’s come to my attention this was a rat tier post’m a sapiosexual. that means I’m attracted to girls with a dumptruck Mind
Retweeted by kelly @TMWanish @chynafromindy you don’t have to do this to me @ihatethiskid i regret it all @fxckjuice @chynafromindy @nickturani now i know i’m not suffering alone @MyFavsTrash @chynafromindy please don’t encourage this @joeygllghr wait no @trashangel98 it’s propaganda @akidnamedrager i see you praying on my downfall @chynafromindy please don’t fire me @chynafromindy i am you boss why are you attacking me like thisfirst ur 6’4, now ur 5’7, but how do u EXPLAIN THIS @BoyYeetsWorld
Retweeted by kelly @thesn0wmexican the worst part about betrayal... it never comes from an enemy @Keally22 send helpover 800 thousand people liked a tweet about me hypothetically being killed lmao an experiment where i lie about my height so much until i myself do not even knowi like to imagine all the men who replied to this furiously wiping their cheeto dust stained hands on their sweat p… @cooldennis11 it is accurate
@HammerFist3 you can also boil it to ensure it’s cleanwas gonna tweet “30k followers and still no gf 😔” but then i thought about it and i’m 24 and i’m not doing thatthis is not sarcasm, that person is right lmao @osnsiv lmao no i am thinking the same thing, i just tweet bullshiti agree @rudy_betrayed okay but what if they actually dm’d me, what then rudolph @jortworm i’ll be 6’4 again tomorrow @ihatethiskid right there with ya @crocodilethumbs do what you have to @jbfan911 what’s so funnyi am 5’7 night i got drunk with my buddy who works at yelp and asked if he could pull some strings to get my account un… @jfschat sircle k and shell, top tier gasoline flavor imo. no debate @jfschat agreed, it’s garbage. aroma, taste and texture are all off @summer_hunt_ depended on the gas station
Retweeted by kelly @likeaa_ROSS it was on the back deck getting sun then it rained heavily, also i thought it looked sad so i gave it water. i blame godit died of over watering, my only crime was caring too much @callmeshitto @baylo15 that’s still up in the air
@momappreciator the only things that WE havegetting really into biking and becoming a bike guy. gonna try being an IPA guy nextcement lizard @thesn0wmexican if you were my plant i’d never neglect you have chained my roommate to the kitchen table. i will be cutting him open to see if he’s a cake. he says he isn’t…
Retweeted by kelly @krystalline22 lol no but i do know him @krystalline22 cool tweet @psychedelitz doubt it
@U_But_Cute @bussdownkatyana that’s the spirit! @stuartfiddle @shleyeden i was simply too good of a plant dad @stuartfiddle @shleyeden i deff watered it too much @stuartfiddle the succulent :/ @ipa_guy12 that’s what i’m taking from this experience @Roysenotes because i am the cake boss now @Roysenotes please help, he keeps saying “you can’t arrest me, i’m the cake boss”. he’s not joking i am in danger @ninhoffmeyer i googled it and it said it is okay with neglect so i think this is my next plantthe other plant i got is still alive for now so i’m still a plant guy @jamiehyphenlynn you will not lasta month ago i googled the easiest plant to take care of and bought it and now it’s dead @Roysenotes please just let me go to the hospital @jon_holland94 just doing my dootyi would prevent it @joeygllghr it’s everywhere so yesmy roommate just stabbed me after insisting i was a cake multiple times oh god fuck
@rudy_betrayed i know, but you made it worse ❤️ @rudy_betrayed bad tweet @ihatethiskid i see this @goodbeanaltalt yes you should @EwdatsGROSS @Roysenotes i can show you, as you can see i’m good at it @Roysenotes let them try to stop mei can’t take @BoyYeetsWorld anywhere
Retweeted by kelly
@jazz_inmypants stop that @goodbeanaltalt this one hurtsi am a good boyfriend
Retweeted by kellymy wife’s boyfriend is refusing to wear a mask again so i’m quarantining at a hotel until he leaves 🙄 @pienar i miss you too, one day we’ll rage in front of an empty booth again @pienar thank you for this
@Niki8202 thank you :) @stuartfiddle :)what am i bumping into a girl and making her drop all her books and helping her pick them up like in those roman… @stuartfiddle yellow