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Brad Frost @brad_frost Pittsburgh, PA

I am a web designer, speaker, writer, consultant, and musician in beautiful Pittsburgh, PA. Author of Atomic Design.

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@texburgher November Rain would have been a solid end credits song. @hesto22 Yep! Lost my actual ring in a river.
@curtdp You got it! @meyerweb Just for you, Eric Myer. shit this is great:
Retweeted by Brad FrostNot the whole beat (that would give it away)📊 What's your favourite pattern for contacting someone from a website? A. Contact form B. A provided email address…
Retweeted by Brad Frost @frostyweather It's so goodHey web people, we're doing a free "unconference" since all the events we'd normally be attending are delaying or c…
Retweeted by Brad Frost @nvillapiano HELL YEAH, glad somebody got it! I was getting worried it was too obscure. daughter just asked for more cereal by saying "more bloops, please." So obviously that's what I'm calling cereal from now on. @i_am_sanish Tough to tell what you're trying to accomplish. Any way to share examples or explain more?Just donated to help get protective equipment to healthcare workers in need: You should too. #GetUsPPE
Here's a surreal scene showing hundreds of cars lining up to receive food from @PghFoodBank:… @liamjnugent Arf arf arf! Been Caught Stealing @liamjnugent @MoritzGiessmann OF COURSE! @MoritzGiessmann mmmmm, that's tough with just one note. Tom Sawyer? @adactio That's more of a 👏👏__👏👏 @jtoddstuart You got it! @zeldman Oh no, I'm so sorry Jeffrey. Wishing you a speedy recovery ❤️❤️❤️ @jacobf4 @brianleroux That's not true, they do indeed help. Of course they're not a silver… @ws @pugson @MattWilcox Got it from Target (online). Dunno!Well Seagate customer support is like "yeah I dunno the only option is to replace the drive" ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Thanks all! @MattWilcox I mean... @jduchima I was hopeful there!. But unfortunately still getting the same results @le_orbital Yeah it's from a reliable source.Steps I've taken: reformatted the drive as Mac OS Extended (Journaled). Erased and tried with different formats, bu… bought a 2TB external hard drive and it's only showing 320GB on my Mac. Hardware nerds, any help here? Every sear…
@oppenheimer_HH Nope. More alternative rock
2020 very bad "Pandemic" on Getty Images: very good
Retweeted by Brad Frost @pixelmelter Thanks I actually already added it to YouTube: Not sure what the deal is with…'m trying to shake off the existential dread by playing along with some of my favorite music. @m0tionsuggests @davatron5000 That has to be illegal, or impeachable, right? Right? ...right?
So one of my quarantine activities is to digitize my DVD collection, and my new hard drive came today. Question n… @meyerweb You got it! and my friend's new quarantine game is "name that lick": identifying a song from playing a short phrase 6ft;
Retweeted by Brad FrostI found this to be really informative: @davatron5000 I shouldn't be surprised, but it really does blows my fucking mind to see the federal government inte… @evert_ It really is. We've been just doing little jam sessions and that scratches the itch of playing with other p…✎ Hobbies for the hell of it: In which I remind you (and really myself) that not every act… @stephenhay @markboulton @StuRobson It depends. Things like cards typically are because they're almost always plugg… @markboulton @StuRobson @stephenhay Interesting, I haven't experienced those issues, but see what you mean. We tend… @jaffathecake Life comes at you fast
There was a herd of bison walking right toward me at @YellowstoneNPS today!
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@pishdeluxe So sorry to hear that. Hang in there. @danrubin @SamKap @ScottKellum I feel like I'm doing the whole thing wrong. Maybe I haven't been playing long enough to get t… am thoroughly enjoying this Web Components & Stencil.js course by @maxedapps: Really cl… restaurants, so happy to support you right now, but can we please cut it out with the plastic utensils? It's so…
Kinda proud of this: using @choosyosx to OPEN ZOOM URLS DIRECTLY IN THE ZOOM APP. I can click links in my calendar…
Retweeted by Brad Frost @f_uhlig @BasaltInc @TheDSPod Active! Going to launch a new site and the core is being rewritten @_dwirianto @BasaltInc @TheDSPod Interesting, can you elaborate?
We're interviewing @brad_frost tomorrow on @TheDSPod — what questions/topics you'd like us to bring up? #designsystems
Retweeted by Brad Frost @eyedraw I mean, yeah.Scattered Coronavirus Thoughts: all are awesome. Just donated $400 to @412FoodRescue, who are working tirelessly to deliver food to those who n…
@peruvianidol did I get this from you? years off with this one weird trick! Clean shaven for the first time in 7-8 years.
@EliFitch Incrediblecar alarm kept going off so i improvised
Retweeted by Brad Frost8MB and 128GB is incredible.
@vanschneider 4 YEARS OF HIGH SCHOOL GERMAN HAVE PREPARED ME FOR THIS EXACT MOMENT IN TIME.Ok, 3-d printer hackers, time to get to work. Please please spread the word. Please send to folks who have 3-D prin…
Retweeted by Brad Frost @restudio101 Just ordered takeout from there today!I sure hope so. a brick+mortar business owner needing to get set up online due to COVID-19? A group of agency owners, freelan…
Retweeted by Brad Frost @riduidel Homegrown. I run my website on WordPress so I have a little setup using Advanced Custom Fields, and then… @davatron5000 anybody needs any book recommendations, here's what I've been reading: @vanschneider Got a recipe to share? @jefgodesky The former.Well, PA is in lock down. Shit just got real. (I mean shit already is real but this feels especially real.) @ScottKellum Octodad looks WILD @paperskeleton Oooo that looks awesome @lbishop84 @40EA @HealthAllegheny @GovernorTomWolf Ah, much better.
@matt_smallz Have you played Baba Is You? @snookca Comedy is where it's at. Reality is stressful enough; I don't need any more anxiety.Nintendo Switch game recommendations? @mattFrankJames I occasionally use Photoshop, but not often. If I were running those intensive programs all the tim… @StuRobson @briankardell I just bought it yesterday! It looks good for the fundamentals and then later gets into Stencil-specific stuff. @briankardell Thanks! Client is using Stencil.js so that's a big area I want to know more about. But first things f… @mattFrankJames Day to day, not at all. Occasionally when I'm screen sharing with Zoom and I have like 3 web enviro…✎ Strange and Surreal Times Take care, stay safe, and stay healthy everyone.If you're an illustrator looking for some freelance work due to COVID-19, we'd like to help. We'd like to commissio…
Retweeted by Brad FrostThings are crazy right now, and a lot of people will be dealing with food insecurity over the coming weeks. I'm don…
Retweeted by Brad Frost @stevenvanloy Sick burn.Trying to wrap up email so I can start blogging like a maniac.Hope everyone's doing as well as they can. Quarantine is going pretty well in our house now that my daughter is lea…
@frostyweather @davatron5000 Really not exaggerating here. @sestocker That was my response as well!Neighborly help has gone from "can I borrow a cup of sugar?" to "can I borrow an ethernet cable? My inept company i… @meyerweb This is a great encapsulation of a lot of feelings I've been having. Thanks as always for sharing your words of wisdom.