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Cosmo and Wanda ain’t slick @LongTallJodie Shoot asshole.People who make more than $300 an HOUR trying to stop unemployed people from getting another $300 a WEEK.
Retweeted by Nic Cage & The Bad SeedsThis is trash.
Retweeted by Nic Cage & The Bad Seeds @DylanRoth Fuck Yeah @DylanRoth Tom Cruise Science Fiction Movies. @BotPops Nosh Bandicoot @LanceStorm I wish my wife let me have a rattail at our wedding... @StillYourGhost Yeah I think they bill Murphy at 225 now and he looks the same as when they said he was 205 @depechejoe There aren’t any WaWas around Pittsburgh, but one time I ordered a burger at a Sheetz and instead they…'s flat fuck Friday
Retweeted by Nic Cage & The Bad SeedsThis is a horrifying security/privacy flaw. Don’t use the Twitter Tip Jar until this gets figured out, folks.
Retweeted by Nic Cage & The Bad Seeds @iansmith06 Capitalists. @tholzerman What Dr. D did was PRAXIS.I hope it goes without saying that I was wearing sweatpants and crocs when this was taken. surprising that “top post of the pandemic” was locked up so early on, but here we are
Retweeted by Nic Cage & The Bad Seeds @hotwag Whole lotta wet slapping.When you throw a Big Twist at your D&D party and it makes narrative sense but none of them saw it coming: @thisistheuproar ok
@DominicDeAngelo This is a slapper. Rohit is an ace in the hole.I was listening to @FightfulWrestle’s AEW review and my wife started cracking up in the other room at @SeanRossSapp’s BlueChew ad readHell yeah @Learnonaut Just don’t make it look like part of the stage! Build your crash pad, throw a big black sheet over it t… @tholzerman I basically stayed indoors for a year, haven’t seen most of my family since Dec 2019, and I’m approved… @tholzerman I'm starting to take interviews again and I am not even bending a little bit on taking off for the trip…'re a 2-year-old wrestling company and people look to them to be the answer to every single complaint they have… #BLOODandGUTS and the crash pad doesn't even bug me that much. It looks phony and obvious but WWE does d… @depechejoe Tell us about how he looks like somebody sculpted the Goosebumps dummy out of old mashed potatoes or something, jesus. @lindseywoho And with that, I send you a request to Add You To My Professional Network. @darthastuart I was more afraid of dropping the guitar and never even considered that lmaoI've never listened to any music by the musician "Brad Sucks." I'm sure it's good I just feel attacked.Pinnacle's matching gear looked really great before everybody bled all over it. #BLOODandGUTSGive me the forbidden pasta. @darthastuart I had a guitar-prodigy friend in high school who would do the guitar throw because Yngwie Malmsteen u… Garrison should start wearing a sparkly vest and a gold chain like Stunning Steve.I love Brian Pillman Jr. wearing the Bengals colors to honor his dad.Any excuse to watch this again. was playing D&D with Dynamite on mute in the background, which is why I always rewatch it.I didn't notice last night that TNT put parental discretion warnings on #AEWDynamite #BLOODandGUTSbilf (book i’d like to finish)
Retweeted by Nic Cage & The Bad SeedsHe’s not wrong. House 2: Living Roof. @czach1r What your home is INSIDE a building? Why are you, the Holy Roman Emperor?15 minutes of taking iPhone portrait mode photos in our living roof and look at the professional boy @curtofranklin Like, holy fuck. @curtofranklin Holy fuck @ginger_jewels See this is what I mean by constructive criticism criticism is welcome as I've never done LinkedIn before; and yes I'm adding a pic)Connect with me Professionally and please never, ever mention this twitter account. my LinkedIn profile, by which I mean, "Actually creating a LinkedIn profile that's not just my name, where… Hogan used the same "Riddle Me This, Riddle Me That" line on Sting as Scorpio Sky did last night.Coffee & Dynamite from last night. @PocketVolcano I mean, we just lived through 13 months of March 2020, it happens to me all the time. @PocketVolcano @SeanRossSapp Sean was just referencing how BTE references “The Other Product” all the time. Shotzi’… @PocketVolcano @SeanRossSapp I think it’s this: @iansmith06 You mean Mara, with the bangs, portrayed by actress Natalie Palamides? I mean no, I’m not familiar, why do you askUnrelated my friend had health insurance and when she gave birth to a baby she still owed the hospital $12,000
Retweeted by Nic Cage & The Bad Seeds😈 Wonder what got into this little devil? Listen to baby Aiden James @brophy say (ahem, growl!!) "Mama" 😂
Retweeted by Nic Cage & The Bad SeedsMe and one of the two creatures who run my household. SHIT THIS MATCH wife just said something so sexually vulgar about Food Network’s Scott Conant that she said I’m not allowed to tweet it. @GemCityGem Okay so there are like 15 beluga whales in the Arctic that will ride the surf into the beach and nab a… The Rock Johnson should never ever be the fucking President.Where does The Rock’s actual mother Ata Maivia get off making me cry during the YOUNG ROCK finaleMy official review of Disney+’s THE SECRETS OF THE WHALES: “Whales are fucking tight.”I’ll wager $100 that Alan Moore finishes his five-book series before George R.R. Martin finishes the last two Thron… the worst thing about your wrestling show is an obvious crash pad then you’re making a pretty fucking good wrestling show. @DamianEudy He probably thinks other crazy things like that you can’t divide by zero.One of the places where WWE trumps AEW and it's not even close is the props department.MAX NOMax noSchiavone called MJF a "no-good piece of shit" on commentaryJericho's about to be as red as his wife's favorite hat.HE BIT HIMMJF you son of a bitchThey've really protected Wardlow and saved him for important matches, but when he does wrestle he always shows the fuck up. #BLOODandGUTSWE GOT A FORK? What's next, the Sheik Pencil?Yeah I'm 100% watching this again tomorrow. #BLOODandGUTSThis is mayhem and I'm all about it. @LongTallJodie Y'ever make a grilled cheese but with mac n cheese in the sandwich. It's Fuckin tight.My biggest regret about this not being in front of a full live arena of fans is that the boos for MJF aren't even l… did Proud & Powerful become juggalosTBH Miro should squash Darby in 3 minutes next week. #AEWDynamite
@reillycoyooote, trying to remember Sarah Palin’s kids’ names: “Tripe Palin?” “Tang Palin?” “Troop Palin?” @ginger_jewels Fucking NO, dude, and it’s still way worse now!One little pandemic and everybody in Pennsylvania forgets how to fucking drive. @prodbycolby Music To Ride Your Dumb Electric Scooter To. @DanhausenAD @pittsed_off A Spawnhausen figure would sell like hot cakes. Big bags of money.Fan 1: “I hope your birthday is SUPER!” Fan 2: “Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to have a happy b… @jordannwitt I know you asked for resources not just tweeting clothing items at u sry sry @jordannwitt j u m p s u i tmissing him💔
Retweeted by Nic Cage & The Bad Seeds @AWaltzCP I would guess the developer from recent news stories but that’s maybe a little presumptuous about there b… who needs to hear this but listen to @prodbycolby’s album and soak up the vibes man who would want to keep a pandemic from destroying the world unless there’s some PROFIT in it am I right @THE_Stefano_DLC It’s like a drop-in voice-chat inside Fleets bc every social-media company needs a group chat service nowBill Gates suck my dick’t reform it
Retweeted by Nic Cage & The Bad Seeds