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Brad Colbow @bradcolbow Cleveland, Ohio

I review tech for illustrators over on the Youtubes. Recovering UX/UI designer. My Reviews:

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Not going to lie, I kinda like wearing a mask. I can make disapproving faces at strangers without them knowing. @robertoblake It shows! Your thumbnails are 🔥🔥🔥and have been for years!
@mjtfreeze NICE! @Lili_the_catdog The Ezel looks pretty cool! I wonder when it's shipping. Maybe @Acer or @AcerAmerica could hook m… @JasphereRindou Yeah! it's a nice app, I love all the ink brushes. @mjtfreeze None specifically. I use the Apple Folio case which works well, but you only get one angle.
@ungars_AVS No plans. It's not available here in the US
Hellooo #VisibleWomen! I am Nush, a freelance illustrator and animator! I like to draw lineless art and animals!…
Retweeted by Brad ColbowI’m seeing a lot of talk about crits that break artists down rather than build them up. After hundreds, maybe thous…
Retweeted by Brad Colbow @plasticmind love what you're doing with it and that you've kept at it!
Hi! I'm Ericka, Puerto Rican illustrator based in Florida. You can check my work at ✨💙✨
Retweeted by Brad Colbow @Chris_The_Onion Good point!Great to see @Apple mention @vectornator twice in the WWDC Keynote
Retweeted by Brad Colbow @iChris So is it only a matter of time before MacOS can run on an iPad?I love this non-live presentation for Apple keynotes. So smooth. Wonder if they will go back to the on stage presentations in a year or two.Trying something new!
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Saw someone asking how to paint glowy shit, and i love painting glowy shit, so i made a quick guide for photoshop...
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@Larkspurns @Hurmly That's the nicest thing anyone has ever said about my channel 😂 Thank you!
@lilafromyoutube @petermckinnon I thought that was the answer. I was holding out hope there was some magic tool I didn't know about 😂 @lilafromyoutube @petermckinnon Is that done frame by frame with masks or is there a faster way to do that? @JesseJusticeArt haha, I don't blame you @DNHills I haven't used the magic one, i have the older one and its ok @ilyerm Thanks!Rick Astley covering Foo Fighters is shockingly good
@jonny_pye I think the 6th gen was the first that worked with the pencil. and only the new airs and minis do. @jonny_pye Believe it or not right now the iPad is probably your best bet they are on sale but the apple pencil is… @jonny_pye I haven’t used any of their android tablets, but it’s probably not compatible with smart styli so I would stay away.I wouldn't mind @GIPHY getting $400million if you could see the artist's name on Instagram. Some GIFs have BILLION…
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@gescokenya Thanks! much appreciated 😁
This is the biggest moment of career. Just officially released my first online book/course,
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lip-synch exercise that got out of hand big time 👀
Retweeted by Brad Colbow @cdharrison Oof. So sorry Chris 😞
Hello! I'm Tyler Washington and I’m looking for work as a storyboard revisionist or storyboard artist! ✏️Available…
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@brunsvold @cdharrison @cdharrison Looking at Wikapedia now. That's interesting. Like they felt like they needed to remove the battle flag… @JoshReedSchramm oh so true. learning from history doesn't seem to be their strong suit. @SolmonYoutube lol, it true @nastyrawten Not a real fix, just turned off the smoothing.
Finding people loving clouds as much as I do is kind of awesome , so here are the not so friendly clouds
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@TheeNerdyDad I don't think Apple is looking at power as much as battery life, thinner machines and better thermals. @Abrad119 Yep, that's why they want to give developers a long head up @badmachinery That's a pretty good bet.This headline is confusing: The announcement of the move could come this month. The actual shift to arm is a year o…
Hi everyone!! This is Abelle, illustrator and organizer of #drawingwhileblack! I can’t thank y’all enough for the…
Retweeted by Brad ColbowMy name is Reggie Brown. I love bringing to life in illustrations the stories of the black experience; the bitter a…
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@Dave_UX Do you still have the box the pen came in by chance? Can you see if the model number is one there? The model number I have is 1776.It's #drawingwhileblack time!? I'm Geneva, a hermit in the woods, and I love to draw black women, relaxing scenes,…
Retweeted by Brad ColbowBeen drawing since I was 12 and still #drawingwhileblack ❤️
Retweeted by Brad ColbowHi #drawingwhileblack 👋🏿 🌚 I’m Dapo Adeola Children’s book illustration and character design are my jam. Books:…
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#drawingwhileblack hi, I’m Yavae 🤗✨ I’m a character designer + illustrator for tv animation who likes drawing carto…
Retweeted by Brad ColbowI see that #drawingwhileblack hashtag going around again so hey yall I'm Aaron, currently working at Cartuna for an…
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@Tenshii_0209 Yes and yes. Just got the xp in the mail today
@smithtimmytim I like Biden and all but we have seen a real leadership vacuum on both sides in the last 3 months.Hello #drawingwhileblack My name is Adisa Kareem and I'm a visual development Illustrator. I love doing background…
Retweeted by Brad ColbowHi, I'm Rashad- from Oakland but currently in NYC. I've been a game developer for over a decade and I might have wo…
Retweeted by Brad Colbow @kianamaiart thanks Kiana!💖💖 💖 💖
Retweeted by Brad ColbowHey y'all! Name's Evan. I make paintings, mostly. #drawingwhileblack
Retweeted by Brad Colbow🌳
Retweeted by Brad Colbow @Jatinjoshi142 It looks really cool and I would like to, unfortunately it's out of my price range.
@kianamaiart Yo!! I'm a 19 yo boi mainly interested in animation, insta @Weel_Lee . Thanks for this opportunity:)
Retweeted by Brad Colbow @kianamaiart Thank you Kiana <3 Stay safe and take care!
Retweeted by Brad Colbowflash sketches
Retweeted by Brad Colbow#drawingwhileblack #blackgirlmagic Hi! I’m Talia, a black artist in Baltimore. I’m new to twitter but I love draw…
Retweeted by Brad ColbowYo my Ig n Twitter are literally exploding, I don't who famous RT me but thanks lol. But fr I'm so so thankful righ…
Retweeted by Brad ColbowWe are humbled by the Black community’s relentless spirit, creativity, and courage. Art heals, and we will continue…
Retweeted by Brad Colbowbtw i do art and i’m open for commissions~ either dm me @by_10ia or on instagram ( or email…
Retweeted by Brad ColbowI recently had the honor of contributing a comic to the Fantasy Issue of Bitch Magazine, out yesterday. I'm a Black…
Retweeted by Brad ColbowHey, I'm Jenna aka Divinations. I'm a digital artist from California. I love creating characters, illustrating port…
Retweeted by Brad Colbow @SaltyGoalie It might be the thickness of that screen protector. The thin matte ones are ok the thicker ones can cause that problem. @yenaarts I use one that came with a Huion tablet I got a while back. but you can find simple drawing gloves on Amazon for a few bucks @tomcatvickers Not really, I don't know what note takers are looking for. My guess is that if a pen is good for art… @Larapic
Retweeted by Brad Colbow @Larapic @Procreate I’m just getting used to posting my art on twitter since I mainly post on Instagram. Working on…
Retweeted by Brad Colbow @Larapic @Procreate Hi! Just saw your tweet so here I am 😇
Retweeted by Brad Colbow @Larapic @Procreate Hi! I’m Kev! ✨ I am a Podcast Host/Producer ✨I’m a digital artist & you can find my portfolio…
Retweeted by Brad Colbow#BlackLivesMatter
Retweeted by Brad ColbowHey!! #DrawingWhileBlack I’m an animation student with a love for colors, character and prop design! 🌸🌸I’m graduati…
Retweeted by Brad ColbowHey #portfolioday !! I’m just a beginner really, but I’m really interested in design and illustrating different cha…
Retweeted by Brad Colbow @kianamaiart Great idea!!! I'm Nneka (she/her)! I work in animation and kids lit - doing my best to draw black/poc…
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@SirYakko @__Eirik__ Yeah, I actually use Dropbox to export to. @SirYakko I've done OK over the last year and a half with 64gb, my art files are usually around 50mb each so the iC… he heard there were Jehovah witnesses in the neighborhood?
@amh_adam Love it!! @jamesfbrophy 😂🤣
@nyelarebirthart Sure!!
@Dave_UX Maybe I will give it a second chanceAny time I review any Surface product some folks pop up in comments and say "Microsoft has updated the pen!! You ne… know this is a weird difficult time, and many people are looking for new sources for their income. This is just a…
Retweeted by Brad ColbowThe Surface Book 3 Review
@RockburgTV Yep, those people stole a lot of artist work for their add. Not sure what I can do without giving the free publicity :D
@sh_zam_ Your work on the Android Krita app is exceptional! Thank you for all the hard work you put into the beta,…
@Raineve Probably not. I don't know much about it but I'm guessing since it doesn't come with the stylus shown it's…
@MarioManzanares There is a locking mechanism that needs to detach it. You can do this via the button or onscreen.… @saidin YES! That's the one!The Surface Book 3 has arrived. I've learned to shoot the thumbnail for the video first before I get this thing dir… @thaBIGmeech @Krup_Z Yeah, I think the 13 went out 2 weeks ago. But the 15 was only $50 more, that’s a steal!
@Krup_Z I have it on order, should arrive June 5th (because I opted for the 15" which comes out later) @jasonramasami the animated one. haha, I'm not familiar with the otherWe started watching Avatar the last air bender and my daughter pointed out that the Avatar is a slightly older Cail…
@dkrape Not yet but I've been documenting it so I probably will at some point.