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@KevinlyFather This isn’t a derp fake? @pudmcdougal @LakeNormanCEO @LindseyGrahamSC Yes. He shouldn’t be allowed to handle his own money. He’s a never e… @00dmlewis00 @Uber @UberEats Yes (except it’s NO on Prop 22) @BrighidsForge That IS what they are trying to do, & there are legal limits to how far they can go w/ that deceptio… @davidzack True, David, so true. And sadly ironic.Some arguments are so all-encompassing, you just can’t refute them. I’d read more from Karlsson, the great Swedish… @BradEllisPiano hey brad can you rt our edit please?
Retweeted by Brad Elliscory at the s5 glee promo shoot (a thread)
Retweeted by Brad Ellis*agenda @BrighidsForge They claim that drivers want this: they don’t. They claim that the work will go away; which is only… @BrighidsForge Uber, Lyft, & DoorDash want to create a law, a carveout only for them, so they do’nt need to offer a… @00dmlewis00 @Uber @UberEats (but I see you might be in the United kingdom.) @00dmlewis00 @Uber @UberEats If you’re in CA, and haven’t had a chance to vote yet, you could vote no on prop 22, a… taken. @phd_jt @MyraGurney @IJasonAlexander The Guardian & Yahoo join your list w/ CNN & Buzzfeed as sources you don’t trust? BBC, NYTimes & even th… if the leaked Republican plan for a few Republican legislatures to claim voter fraud and throw out their own stat… at Georgia, where wait times are 3x’s to 10x’s longer on Dem & POC neighborhoods than rich, white, republican…, a traditional logical fallacy: MY vote wasn’t suppressed, so voter suppression doesn’t exist. We’re the richest… @phd_jt @MyraGurney @IJasonAlexander Meanwhile: The Guardian & Yahoo join your list w/ CNN & Buzzfeed as sources yo… @phd_jt @MyraGurney @IJasonAlexander & if the leaked Republican plan for a few Republican legislatures to claim vot… @phd_jt @MyraGurney @IJasonAlexander Look at Georgia, where wait times are 3x’s to 10x’s longer on Dem & POC neighb… @phd_jt @MyraGurney @IJasonAlexander Ah, a traditional logical fallacy: MY vote wasn’t suppressed, so voter suppres… eyesore no more. 🦇🔦 #USWBatLight #VOTE #BidenHarris2020
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Mr. Trump released a statement called CHARACTER COUNTS, filled w/ fine truths about integrity & substance, It reads… @bajenlandet @BuschEbba Kanske om du minskar obsceniteterna kanske någon lyssnar på dig. När det händer verkar det… @bajenlandet I guess my humor doesn’t translate to... well, people who shout “IDIOT” and “just shut up.” But your c… @scottmccloud @BombasticRelish @KurtBusiek @billmckibben Politically. @lgbtkvrt GREAT use of COVID time! Brava!
Idiot. He's literally a dunce.
Retweeted by Brad Ellis @phd_jt @MyraGurney @IJasonAlexander @phd_jt @MyraGurney @IJasonAlexander @phd_jt @MyraGurney @IJasonAlexander’s Greta Thunberg, on her continuing School Strike for climate change. I mean, it’s GREAT and all, but she need… @MyraGurney @IJasonAlexander GOP leadership is openly embracing voter suppression. THAT’S what’s happening. @mikpara @IJasonAlexander I believe Mr. Alexander is biased against lies. Mr. Trump had the opportunity to speak th… is that NBC News has allowed itself to get conned by Donald Trump and (as of 11 pm Wednesday) continues to abro…
Retweeted by Brad EllisActivist Greta Thunberg, 17, mocks Barrett for not having "views on climate change"
Retweeted by Brad EllisHey guys, Peace Action West is a really good PAC, and they have endorsements in winnable Congressional races you mi…
Retweeted by Brad EllisRetweet If You Are Proud Of @JoeBiden Tonight!
Retweeted by Brad EllisOh, I see! You think that’s BAD. That we should dislike the fair minded, inclusive honest guy with the moral center… @greggutfeld Badgering him with corrections to his broad, bold beautiful lies. The noive. @Averre13 Guess who said “85% of people who wear masks get COVID-19?” Just guess. Hint: he said it twice today, on…
#TGIT #GOTV 🗳🇺🇸🎉 #Gldiators, join us TMRW for a #Scandal party like we do- only this time with the goal of register…
Retweeted by Brad EllisIf you're eligible to #VOTE , please register + make your plan to do so in this year's election. And please click…
Retweeted by Brad EllisRock on 🎸
Retweeted by Brad EllisRemember, election forecasts are based on the odds if the election were held today, and do not reflect the odds tha…
Retweeted by Brad Ellis @stylescolferx Hoodat?? @PooleDuane No martini? @PooleDuane They are all bailing water as fast as they can—the thing is, they are bailing the water INTO the boat.There is an online Gilmore Girls Fan Fest this weekend — I’ll be participating! @30Agent I hope your analysis is correct. Trump is bailing water as fast as he can—INTO the boat. @JoeAllenNYC @RandyRainbow That’s WONDERFUL! My wife needs one of your martinis, desperately!That’s WONDERFUL! @CorleoneBeing @AshaRangappa_ I believe, beyond a whisp of doubt, that William Barr is one of the greatest domestic… @BradEllisPiano OMG
Retweeted by Brad EllisIf it’s not a CRIME, it should be. NO on Prop 22!Uber & Uber Eats: HOW DARE YOU SEND YOUR POLITICAL LIES ABOUT PROP 22 via my app alerts? The prop is deceptive, the…
@CorleoneBeing @AshaRangappa_ Good point—T’s already threatened Barr for not indicting Hilary, Obama, and Joe.There goes, PERHAPS, Barr & Trump’s big plans for an October surprise based on trumped-up DoJ investigations. If th… was the 1st US Representative to endorse Mr. Trump. He’s also a crook, going to jail for insider trading he…"Do you believe that President Trump is a moral and ethical man?" @CoryGardner: "Yes."
Retweeted by Brad EllisNEW: Ivanka Trump has violated federal law eight times in just over 48 hours.
Retweeted by Brad EllisFull clip:
Retweeted by Brad Ellis @BradEllisPiano Gilmore girls: a year in the life, Episode 3, Summer. @GilmoreGirls @netflix I found YOU…
Retweeted by Brad EllisWell, well, well. Looks like Lindsey has a problem with telling the truth!
Retweeted by Brad EllisRetweet if you are Voting for @JoeBiden this election!
Retweeted by Brad Ellis @RandyRainbow Joe Allen’s! I hope it stays open… @30Agent But the deceptive ads about 21 & 22 may trump common sense. @PooleDuane Good look for people our age. @30Agent Wow! Our research led us to IDENTICAL recommendations! @LakeNormanCEO @LindseyGrahamSC *easy to beat
Are we paying attention? this isn't one of the funniest thing Glee ever did then idk what is🤣🤣🙌 @BradEllisPiano @OfficialGLEEtv
Retweeted by Brad Ellis @Averre13 Indirectly, through SDCC. @Averre13 I’m proud. @johnnytartags Doesn’t it?“We find that women move off of Donald Trump first, and then often, their husband will follow behind them,” says th…
Retweeted by Brad EllisWhat he said.
Retweeted by Brad EllisThere’s still time to join myself & generations of Star Trek icons in support of @JoeBiden & @KamalaHarris. Breakin…
Retweeted by Brad Ellis @LakeNormanCEO @LindseyGrahamSC GOP leadership doesn’t WANT protections for preëxisting conditions. I assume it’s l… @miratamamira @LindseyGrahamSC Elder Americans are wisely deserting Trump & Graham. So are women &, to some extent,… @LindseyGrahamSC “The fight between a conservative vs. liberal court?” No—between a conservative vs. ultra-right wi… @LindseyGrahamSC @realDonaldTrump Stop crying on my TV. Your constituents are dumping you because of YOU, what you’… of voters support coverage for pre-existing conditions. 77% support a woman's right to choose. 62% support the…
Retweeted by Brad EllisHere’s my research results for CA Props: 14 yes 15 commerce tax—yes 16 diversity—STRONG YES 17 parolee voting—YES…, HARRY!, when people say there’s no such thing as institutional racism (and there ARE people who say that), here is an e…“Heart & Music”!  @MusTheatreGuild partners with @TheActorsFund. Arts are essential and the soul of our communities…
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It’s nice to have someone Ken-Splaining things to us. @Super_Shanko @NateRuegger @DiscussingFilm @TheAnimaniacs You may not be so sanguine if you are involved in the cre… @NateRuegger @DiscussingFilm @TheAnimaniacs That’s very disappointing to hear. The writing in the original series w…! I had a cameo in the original series. I wonder if they’ll need me again? Trump Thank you for giving me fantastic head for the last four years.
Retweeted by Brad EllisDrive-by in Toyota Corona @BoratSagdiyev Drive-by in Toyota CoronaHe’s back! @30Agent @PooleDuane Welcome back! As Paris Hilton actually said, after 54 hours in jail: “My time in prison has t…