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If your going through hell, keep going

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@TheCobrasConk @Seconds_0ut @Jamie87473622 @dodger71815894 @daisymbraden She Most definitely is mate I can't quite… baby gorilla is a pro at winding his dad up...
Retweeted by Luke BradenDon’t mess with Jesus 🥊
Retweeted by Luke Braden @lukeWilko1878 The copper was fuming 😂😂 blast from the past at London Gala Wishing everyone a great Sunday
Retweeted by Luke BradenMy usual sunday waking thoughts - “ahh. Such a nice feeling to know I didn’t do/say/Instagram/tweet anything mental.. oh hang on.. SHIT.”
Retweeted by Luke Braden @CheesyLondon Your not wrong there mate 👌Resqued from captivity, these two brothers were seperated for treatment in two different locations. After they reco…
Retweeted by Luke Braden @CheesyLondon Haha horrible feeling mate, best just biting the bullet and getting home nothing worse than being off…‘Edible Anus’ Company Makes Chocolate Molds of Your (Or a Loved One’s) Butthole
Retweeted by Luke BradenWhitney has passed away. RIP u will live on forever. Cant believe it. I wanna run to u. Really cant believe this. @
Retweeted by Luke BradenPeaky blinders anyone? 😎
Retweeted by Luke BradenReceiving my MBE 😀🥊
Retweeted by Luke Braden @CheesyLondon U still out mate? 😄
Thanks Cube.... You know we did this together.... 🤛🏽
Retweeted by Luke BradenFuck off not even close😂 😂 decker tubs are wank.Rocky 4 is the best film ever made with the best soundtrack don't hash tag me 😴 @dodger71815894 @Seconds_0ut @TheCobrasConk @Jamie87473622 @daisymbraden I'd hang the cunts as soon as they landed back in the UK @Seconds_0ut @TheCobrasConk @Jamie87473622 @dodger71815894 @daisymbraden @AjLFC1892 👍I say hang the cunts if they return afternoon customers, sorry shop has been closed today, it's my Monday at work today 😡 Anyway, I hope you all g…
Retweeted by Luke BradenWhen the gear drys up at the afters
Retweeted by Luke BradenFuckinell how fasts that forklift ahhaha
Retweeted by Luke BradenSiberian Family Meal
Retweeted by Luke BradenGot tickets to #JoshuaMiller. Overpriced or not, I'm going to see a heavyweight title fight at MSG. Finally crossin…
Retweeted by Luke BradenHaha legend Valentine's after 6 pints
Retweeted by Luke BradenKevin, protector of the house and slayer of any doorstop that means it harm.
Retweeted by Luke BradenMike Tyson photographed at a house party, 1988.
Retweeted by Luke BradenJedward's beloved mum Susanna Grimes has passed away. RIP Susanna
Retweeted by Luke BradenThe @nytimes' British-Irish Dialect Quiz is worth taking just to broaden your vocabulary
Retweeted by Luke BradenNew today in Upshot land: a dialect quiz for Ireland and the UK! Answer 25 questions about the way you talk and see…
Retweeted by Luke Braden @_alastair I am still baffled by the number of different words you all have for gum
Retweeted by Luke BradenNever, ever, forget.
Retweeted by Luke BradenWait for it 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by Luke Braden🐆>🐕
Retweeted by Luke BradenIf you get stabbed in London...
Retweeted by Luke BradenRoses are red Manchester is blue But without arab money You'd be in league 2
Retweeted by Luke Braden @LongIslandIcedT Not if I bump into her in home bargains crisp Isle firstWhy you celebrating? 😂
Retweeted by Luke Braden📈📈 The title race has already had its twists and turns - who will come out on top? 📲
Retweeted by Luke Braden😂😂 wait till the end...
Retweeted by Luke Braden
It’s entirely fucked up that humans have this one short life and we’ve forged for ourselves a society in which we w…
Retweeted by Luke BradenThrowback - United fan reaction to city winning the league. Everything about this is gold.
Retweeted by Luke BradenGuys have you seen this 😂😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by Luke Braden @dodger71815894 First time I've seen it in ages and leggs dead 😔 @richardosman YesFucking hell Dr leggs dead 😨Watch out for that right hand nuke!
Retweeted by Luke BradenThat was close.
Retweeted by Luke Braden @GMB Strange how our flag offends them, our country offends them, our religions offends them, shame our benefit sys…
Retweeted by Luke Braden
@dodger71815894 😂 😂 @dodger71815894 They don't give a flying fuck hahaYou won’t believe what Bananarama look like these days.
Retweeted by Luke Braden @dodger71815894 Haha tackle that tomorrow mate too late tonight @dodger71815894 😂Me and my Thai hooker we’re having a great time tonight until I farted. Happy Valentines.
Retweeted by Luke BradenOn this date back in 1983 Michael Jackson released his hit single "Beat It", the 3rd single from the album Thriller…
Retweeted by Luke Braden @Jose_Pina94 Your just jealous no one wants to make 1 about you ya little fart
Retweeted by Luke BradenRun 😂😂😂
Retweeted by Luke BradenWhat time do they reduce the flowers in Tesco ? ( asking for a friend )
Retweeted by Luke BradenRemembering one of the classic albums from 1988. Fast Car by #TracyChapman
Retweeted by Luke BradenClass t shirt big man 👍 @daisymbraden @dodger71815894 HahaThanks @Reeceford1Reece so much for making me look half presentable. 💍
Retweeted by Luke BradenWhen you spend ya taxi fare on a bag and need to get home through the tunnel 🙌🏽
Retweeted by Luke BradenThe slippers hahahahahahahahahahahhaahhahaa hHahahahahahhaa HAHAHAHHAHAA
Retweeted by Luke Braden @dodger71815894 Now ur the weird one 😄The Greatest of all time! 🐐🐐🐐
Retweeted by Luke Braden @dodger71815894 True🤷‍♂️ I'm a weird cunt @liamgallagher announce some tour dates for fucks sake u blue nose cunt @dodger71815894 I quite like em Jamie 😄Unlicensed boxing legends ‘The Guv'nor’ Lenny McLean & Roy ‘Pretty Boy’ Shaw 2nd fight.
Retweeted by Luke BradenAlexis Sanchez injured himself colliding with linesman whilst warming up for the PSG game...highest paid player in…
Retweeted by Luke BradenOn Sept. 7, 1973 @MuhammadAli and Ken Norton appeared on the Johnny Carson show ahead of their rematch. The fighter…
Retweeted by Luke BradenDon’t be ashamed of yourself That’s your mum and dads job.
Retweeted by Luke BradenI constantly update my will, because while I know I want to be cremated, the person who's face I want my ashes thrown in keeps changing.
Retweeted by Luke Bradenfound Tyrion Lannister in Peshawar, Pakistan
Retweeted by Luke BradenIf I don’t wake up to 74.6k Valentines tweets telling me how much you want to bum my head off, yous can all fuck off x
Retweeted by Luke Bradenshe said Cadbury 😂😂😂
Retweeted by Luke BradenLadies and Gentlemen this is your Captain speaking...
Retweeted by Luke BradenIf you’re a “proud Englishman” then why play for us in the first place?
Retweeted by Luke Braden
10 hour bender? Theres people in the Walton Vale weatherspoons that haven’t been home for 3 months
Retweeted by Luke Braden£149... signed framed LARRY HOLMES WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION glove with exact photo proof included within the fram…
Retweeted by Luke BradenAmericans: British boys are so charming and nice The average British boys:
Retweeted by Luke BradenHaha top cup 😄👍👀 they fuck did they release this over gas panic? owners discover a trap...I aint never seen some home alone trap shit till now. Thanks facebook.
Retweeted by Luke BradenWhen you tell the mrs you're only havin one and she comes looking for ya...
Retweeted by Luke BradenPlease everyone retweet The Bully in this from Upton High School Chester has been reported to police for a premedit…
Retweeted by Luke Braden @RadioX @daisymbradenRun......
Retweeted by Luke BradenWhy is it People who can't fight do the most fighting?
Retweeted by Luke BradenWANTED: This trio pictured in the middle. CRIME: Rather cunningly duped our stadium announcer into asking for a wh…
Retweeted by Luke Braden