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“This box is correctly sized”
I’d pity the people who thought these were heroes if they weren’t all busy showing they had no principles to begin…
Retweeted by BradAnother way to put this graph: The number of nursing home staff across America reported to have died from COVID (54…
Retweeted by BradThe Onion appears to be subcontracting out to the Babylon Bee again’know, Alyssa Milano isn’t actually a good advocate for progressive policiesA blast from the past. thing is, it’s not whether they’ll call Victoria Jackson out of retirement to play her. That *is* Victoria Jack… present this clip of Rudy Giuliani testifying without editing or commentary. (Watch for the 👀)
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Buzzed my hair so short it’s practically shaved. Goes better with the beard than I thought. Maybe I will upgrade to a fade
2020 Just the international terrorist group that has committed 8 murders in the United States t…
Retweeted by BradLeftists; why do all these Trumpkins keep retweeting me? being on twitter is better than being on twitter, shockingly @clapifyoulikeme But someone has to pay for those Reductress classes, I guess @clapifyoulikeme I mean, someone who’s probably lived in NY for 3 years and is being an asshole to overcompensate p… also almost every word any non Yankee baseball fan has said about the simultaenously overrated and deserving HOF JeterOh wow, that was pathetic. “New Yorkers are x and I’m better” is the same thing as “I’m a New Yorker and I’m better… @golikehellmachi The amount of energy expended on mocking people from NY who have clones in every major city in the… @golikehellmachi I did what now? You said things, I responded @golikehellmachi And yes, I know it’s ancient. Just saying, we do in fact grow pot here too @golikehellmachi Shit, diesel is from MA @golikehellmachi Portland is cheap now? I don’t get the need to rag on the city, some of the people sure, but this… @golikehellmachi I mean honestly this wasn’t even true 20 years ago. I’ve had serves with bud the same quality as s… @golikehellmachi I can txt half a dozen serves and have the same basic options
@BNiederer @golikehellmachi No, we don’t. Maybe upstate where there ain’t shit to smoke @golikehellmachi Strains travel. Rural Michigan has the same strains you do. It makes it to Brooklyn @golikehellmachi That... is not accurate @HotlineJosh “Authenticty” means white and mostly male. This is disgustingThey create a cartoon version to group hate on as a tribal marker and then get mad that reality won’t match up. It’… number of otherwise intelligent people straight up saying you have to be very online to know who Neera Tanden r… Matts, Just stop talking you honestly give a fuck that Neera Tanden exists then you should microwave all your devices and then your head“I don’t matter”, now this guy is smarter than this, usually. The fact that lots of white guys pile on her simply for existing m…, time to go off twitter again tweetToday was definitely a good day not to be on twitter
@Popehat I mean, it’s literally called “Four Seasons”. It never goes out of season @gregolear Meanwhile, GG has finally remembered the name Reality WinnerOn one hand, he’s being a petulant child and demanding attention, but on the other he’s winking at Q. What a states… a couple virgil’s root beersFuck it, today’s menu; 2 espressos 2 more espressos, raspberry petit four 1 dozen littlenecks in butter w a head… is one of the stupidest sentences ever produced by a non-Trump. If you don’t recognize Empire as the best SW t… man butt at the beginning of Die Hard 2 is not quite necessary. I do appreciate HBO max adding “Die Harder” to the graphic, tho
@clapifyoulikeme @diehauchdunner I’m surprised there isn’t miracle whip or ranch dressing involvedA Q lawyer hinting that an eclipse is part of Biblical prophecy about Trump. There have been time travelers, and…
Retweeted by Brad @pixelatedboat It’s like it’s two people talking in front of me
@Rschooley Should I cite Rick James or Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five?Sully would be much better than Rahm go in a mall in Jersey, anyone who hasn’t. Just don’t @crankykramer @nightcallpod Antivax is a key component, and Q is becoming a Catholic clearinghouse of conspiracy th… someone I used to date is a covid denier and therefore probably into Q. She was into crystals and past lives and…
Teenage Suicide (Don’t Do It) @David_Leavitt Even for him his hair looks weirdBut not on the sides? What a weird sociopathic narcissist fascist criminal he isHis hair dye is back aside is way more interesting than anything that has ever had anything to do in any way with chess you're #posting about removing a nominal amount of troops on the ground, while ignoring what happened in the air…
Retweeted by BradShe and Orly Taitz should start a firm together @oneunderscore__ @lilsarg The kraken is an ouroborosWhy would you tell other people that this happened Gates and Soros should drop hints they’ve paid someone close to Trump to betray him just to fuck with people who need to be fucked withThe kraken is an ouroboros
This isn’t a joke. ... All I want for Xmas is a Senate miracle. guess that’s technically true since the divorce rate before they could marry would have been pretty low’d say maybe we should consider whether Chuck Todd is only playing dumb, but yeah, he really is this stupid. Not t…
@EWErickson Remember when you were the party of personal responsibility?It’s *never* the fault of the abuser/bully. They were provoked, if anything they are the victim, really’know, I really don’t regret leaving academia @MistressSnowPhD @jsmokes73 Oh, and guess who still isn’t blocked and hasn’t had any odd new followers lately @MistressSnowPhD @jsmokes73 I almost pity those who are torn between having to balance the demands of social networ… @DanCrenshawTX Find out who Lloyd Bentsen was @clapifyoulikeme @NydiaVelazquez Ffffffffffuck yes @smod4real 1. No, he isn’t. Nothing is that simple, and he’s just doing his typical too many words when he just mea… @benjpasek ArnieThere was more, but Dabney told Steve McQueen to blow stuff up, and that’s all that there needs to beDABNEYMore people have died. But still no Dabney damn ColemanWay too few people have diedPaul Newman left the oldish lady and kids in front of a stuck door in order to climb to nowhereI was wrong. Oldish lady livesThe oldish lady is about to try on her own and is clearly about to dieDabney Coleman still hasn’t appearedCheck that, Paul Newman is clumbing back up the metal dangling debris to help the oldish lady and the smaller childNow Paul Newman is telling little kids and an almost old lady to climb down dangling metal explosion debris over a huge dropOJ just rescued a catThis person who made money using bad wiring is the bad guy and instead of a divorce he’s gonna dieRobert Wagner would also like you to know he is Robert Wagner, but the movie has less time to tell you nowWe have hit OJ. He is a security guard, because racism loves ironyI don’t think Paul Newman and Faye Dunaway liked each otherPaul Newman is here to remind you that he, Paul Newman, is Paul NewmanI have never seen “The Towering Inferno”. OJ is in it. And Dabney Coleman @davenewworld_2 Steroids explain plenty but not that hair
I bought a smol living xmas tree. I wonder how Calvin will handle it. He ignores the basil and thyme and rosemary @Weedledouble @mtwidns Who are named MattThe lesson of 2020 is the same bullshit “savvy” media people were saying before I was born, in the 70s. This is wh… @edroso I believe wet tissue paper can be used to carry hippos @beyerstein It’s so Chuck Todd can keep having him on and saying “You’ve been critical of Trump in the past, why do you agree with him now?”