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Working at GoDaddy on JS stuff; TC39; Node Collaborator. Thoughts are my own. He/him.

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@DarrenNolan_ @stefanjudis Akamai at least has different tiers and you need to spend for Ion to allow brotli (even… @rauschma @getify Location is wild the more you look at it @iamdevloper Harry Potter and the [object Object] @getify @rauschma always curious about this, as some things get a bit interesting here (especially regarding `this` and breakage of UMDs) @RReverser Apparently you shouldn't set breakpoints/query nodes before domContentEventFired ? might be able to do it quicker...
@RReverser i can do it to w/e node still 0, also document works in devtools (right click `document` result in repl) @RReverser , setDOMBreakpoint seems to work fine but no ids @RReverser ah, if you run inside the browser it works fine, but replaying their steps on the puppeteer WS doesn't seem to work? @RReverser how did you enable all the domains? anything special? I have a full in<->out between WS and myself that… keep seeing method: 'Debugger.paused', params: { callFrames: // ... reason: 'DOM', da… dark magic do I need to do in order for subtree-modifications from devtools actually give me node ids instead… @drosenwasser @bm_stschneider This. Using TS doesn't mean you need to use the compiler, which is a big win for us e… @marksammiller @leobalter I don't agree here. The encouragement to have single APIs as the js builtins mean they wi… @marksammiller @leobalter category itself is just a loose term here as it doesn't necessarily have a logical groupi… @marksammiller @leobalter If a package used 6 different APIs repeatedly within all source texts: a, b, c, d, e, f… @marksammiller @leobalter This is a non-issue in the usage of a shared global scope, but something we often see ign… @marksammiller @leobalter Modules should allow importing a category of APIs and allow composition of those APIs suc… @marksammiller @leobalter If every API used requires adding a new line to the top of my source text, it is unusable… @marksammiller @leobalter I'd agree with that statement but part of that is at least the forced recreation of APIs… @marksammiller > Motivation for using modules > TODO WebAssembly, import maps, import maps allow virtualization (#1 @marksammiller I'm not convinced of this, the concerns about what features it needs to allow is different from outr… @marksammiller get originals uses module specifiers to grab the originals not a function call I'm not sure how it is currently problematic. @marksammiller I've not given up on them, but I don't see actual overall gains if we already need to introduce othe… @matthewcp They aren't equivalent in a variety of ways :), lack of 2 prototype lookups and higher order call. View… @marksammiller The questions also become if we want it for this API, how many other builtin APIs are we going to du… @matthewcp const {hasOwn} = Object; vs import hasOwn from 'has'; Doing things like rewiring the specifier target… @marksammiller I'm not sure about this; builtin modules still see pushback and this doesn't seem to expand things e… @matthewcp `, 'foo')` is some weird API incantation thats doing quite a few thing when you… 13.2.0 is coming soon, and it will have ES Modules available without a flag (but still Experimental status…
Retweeted by Bradley FariasObject.hasOwnProperty(key) is already occupied and cannot be the name of a new API to avoid the .call silliness we…
@hashseed I guess that seems feasible, don't know the devtools frontend codebase well enough with all the adapters… @hashseed I had some stuff that enabled debugger crosstalk ala a long while ago, and still… @hashseed Every time I look at the code I get confused on the dev tools frontend. Probably nothing too big to upstr… @hashseed We have some automation running against the protocol and I encountered a problem dispatching events cause… @rektide so you have to start aggressively fighting your own devtools? @rektide if you open the devtools frontends they often just freak out (try to skip the breakpoint entirely or freez… @rektide Just doesn't sync w/ existing setups, timings are bad to traverse and you need an async timing to pierce c… DOM not being friendly for DevTools protocol is real...One day auto-indent will handle a switch statement correctly in @code that day is not todayLecture 3 from the Interpreters class is now available! You will learn: - Ahead-of-time…
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@slightlylate @justinfagnani @guybedford @_munter_ It has a JS impl as well @domenic thats fun XD, thanks quick searches were unclear and mostly showed resize event stuffdoes window.screen ever change during a page's lifetime? @RReverser Not on my machine! The non-mobile version repeatedly tries to hide parts of the UI like the write a new tweet buttonWhy is a better desktop site than ... really? @_robotlolita Something something han writing system and kanji
@jessfraz tee & vi(m) Not my favorites, but when needed they save the day @superdaveghs @mikesherov @AdamRackis I do use them with IO, but splitting large compute and eager bailout is my dr… @mikesherov @AdamRackis I want to use them, but perf isn't good enough
@serapath r2c has a typed AST pipeline that ~ does what you want ? idk about extracting the…
@_robotlolita But I need dragon age and mass effect to import previous game data ;p
Today's update to XS, our JavaScript engine for embedded systems, delivers our best Test262 results yet and adds to…
Retweeted by Bradley Farias @mikeal @pfrazee I'm unclear on the determinism point. Are you talking about : JSON.parse('{"x":0,"x":1}') ?When you hope your YAML files will work on Kubernetes
Retweeted by Bradley Farias @bitandbang stuff like myObject {...}= o; would likely just add more syntax complexity than what it benefits i think @bitandbang Web compat is likely going to be a problem (adding anything to Object.prototype is pretty much a no go)Unsung hero of putting `export {foo}` at top of a JS file? Working with `goto definition`.
anyone tried making `pip` work without using `virtualenv`, what a trip @rauschma @ljharb Would subclassing be explicitly prevented? @rauschma @ljharb How would you imagine subclasses working with those patterns listed if the constructor was private? @PhateKills Expo 2019 in Orlando, FL is less than a week away! We're exhibiting at booth 1813! Stop by, say hello, and c…
Retweeted by Bradley Farias @steveHNH Consulting sonic mania artist helped XD, the question was why were the old sonic artists not consulted to begin with? @ljharb @nobleach Not to mention most callback based things are not "new friendly", [1,2,3].map(class X {}) doesn't work T_T @mrm @rauschma Set type: in your package.json to "module" and .js will map to ESM instead of CJS
WP: You are an underground unbanning broker who knows a person at every social media giant. How do you convince the… @TehShrike unclear, but unlikely given how things work right now in JS regarding private stuff.What would you use a private constructor for in JS? class X { #​constructor() { ... } }Those times when you think you the JS spec fully and some edge case comes for you available: Lecture [2/16] AST Interpreters and Virtual Machines You will learn: - AS…
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@rachelnabors I'd love wysiwyg that output something readable in a text editor. HTML at large has too high a noise/… @tlivings Tell me more, tell me more...?
@tverwaes @cowchimp @samccone @ChromeDevTools I wonder why the REPL needs to use the global lexical scope instead o… @cowchimp @samccone @ChromeDevTools see , there are 2 models, both have ups and downs (idk which is being used here)
@rauschma an important thing to note is that with the async constructor, you prevent exposing instances that are no… @rauschma @DerekNonGeneric this is why async constructors are actually potentially useful, there could be a `throw`… @DerekNonGeneric @rauschma There are tons of possible use cases, I think anything that creates a builder/factory pa… night: Turning an image into grayscale is simple! Then: Grayscale is complicated, but still pretty easy once… @matthewcp @robpalmer2 I'd agree, but those systems are really aiming for forwards compatibility if they are using… @matthewcp @robpalmer2 Same for browser API hooking not being cross env. I don't see how this related to something… @matthewcp @robpalmer2 Browser APIs don't delegate to JS built-in mutability... I don't understand what the actual… @matthewcp @robpalmer2 That won't catch await though on real promises, and userland queueing, and non-promise based… @matthewcp @robpalmer2 Why not ask for a real supported API instead of breaking if internals change? @matthewcp @robpalmer2 What things are you trying to do to node core using charCodeAt?
i think about this a lot
Retweeted by Bradley Farias @awbjs It isn't a problem, but a curiosity! Why are you needing the intermediary/Does it keep a back ref/...? If so… @RReverser its a long bit, so not really. @robotlolita them: why JS: yes @davatron5000 who needs rich text when you can have a limited number of characters? @RReverser see tc39 irc channel yesterday XDfun with JS ? nested dynamic class construction: let y = new new X; If you find yourself doing this, there are ma… a PR for intial WASI support in @nodejs amazing work @cjihrig
Retweeted by Bradley Farias @ThisIsMissEm What would encourage not styling to hide things like this? Even file inputs are generally hidden for styling reasons. @matthewcp @robpalmer2 Which part / why? @dauwhe Getting your book to properly deal with tools is brutal. Constantly re-uploading for minor changes to styli…'all don't even know how much makes me excited. Finally higher order functions are going t… to navigate to instead of to get the desktop version... I'm so confused.
@rauschma @type for example @rauschma @type Comparing TS without docs and JSDoc does make JSDoc look less favorable, but inference etc. means m…