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Radio News Editor, Sports Anchor/Reporter occasionally covering Chicago's pro teams. I absolutely think I’m funnier than you think I am.

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@CubX3 @Mike_PiFF03 @kpowell720 It's my kid's favorite thing all year. @Mike_PiFF03 @kpowell720 This is like 3 blocks from my house.TFW I have company in room 1455... @TheRealMikeETV @HatsToTheLeft @JulieDiCaro Have you heard this incredible take on it?
Retweeted by Brad Robinson @sarahmas of them. All of them are the worst. And I'm a lover of Christmas... but take all the music and flush it down th… @joekilgallon 2005 was different. You weren't dismantling what was left of a world series team... and the play by p… @FelsGate @joekilgallon Ain't nobody gonna wanna come back and listen to Chris Myers.... @starclusterr This is workplace harassment and you shouldn't have to put up with it. @joekilgallon Couple a better broadcast with a far more exciting and interesting team... and the young people will… @tedgruber Her contract was up and they did not renew it. That was a Cubs decision.If I owned a baseball team, losing my popular tv announcer to the crosstown rival’s radio booth would be as embarra…
Retweeted by Brad Robinson"The move to end oil and gas contracts by 2050 is not going to be cheap as it’s estimated to cost Denmark $2.1 bill…
Retweeted by Brad Robinson @BrianSandalow @ukeman1960 It's been a year, Harold. @jjrayn Gotta numb the tastebuds...Atomic beer farts... piss and everclear... on the rocks. Judge orders restoration of DACA, opening immigration program to new applicants for first time since 2017
Retweeted by Brad Robinson @brewdrown I know what I'm doing after work tonight! @holliesplaining I'm unreasonably angry about it. @holliesplaining That's it. The worst tweet that's ever been put on this here website.
@NiseiLounge Can I say Caddyshack is the better movie, but Groundhog Day is the quintessential Bill Murray performance? @timmyo40 I think that may be a bit of an oversimplification. @BillyArgue Absolutely @bradrobinson8 @BawlSports and I were just talking about that! That was awful:
Retweeted by Brad Robinson @stevesher6 Also like Len, Wayne was the voice of an extremely successful era of in the history of the franchise. B… you folks who are too young to remember, this is kinda how it felt in 1998 when Wayne Larrivee left the Bears for the Packers. @12_menke Is this Crane Kenney’s burner account? @timothyirwin He was hired as part of the network unveiling. He’s been an employee without really having much of a role. @WI_Steve83 They sure did @Jschnur32 And yes I did... I said an “empty head of hair”... @Jschnur32 I’ve said a lot about him over the last 14 hours. @Jschnur32 Finding a woman that would be better than Myers wouldn’t be hard. @debert26 @WI_Steve83 I’d argue that paying top dollar for the brightest minds in the game, allowing them to open the checkbo… @fantasyppr12 Everybody has their preference, so I can’t argue with you on that. But from a personality standpoint… in 2014: “Whoever leads the Cubs to a championship will have a lifetime of good will within the fanbase.” Cubs:, Cubs and Marquee... you know that job that became available yesterday? Yeah, that one... hire a woman instead… @mauro_erik Sure as hell is. @JMaddonsGlasses Sure I do... @JMaddonsGlasses Professionals like Len don’t burn bridges as they are forced out of town. @BruceMiles2112 This is true. But Jack was before my time. Ultimately it’s pretty shocking how little the Cubs seem… “Is there anything Ryan Reynolds can’t do?” Me: “Play a different character.”So much of this. There’s a statue outside of Wrigley who was the beloved, beer-swilling, fish net carrying, shirtle… @Ninety94Chicago THE JOB POSTING IS ON THE WEBSITE!!!!Let’s just have a look at Chris Myers’ likes on Twitter and ope.
Retweeted by Brad Robinson @Jack_Savio5 It’s this, to all the PDs in the city. I’m sure Mitch has some stories about the specific heads I’d left with him.LMAO SoxFanMike continues to amaze.
Retweeted by Brad Robinson @Jack_Savio5 The nights spent placing horse heads in Crane’s bed finally paid off. @Diesal3426 @CandidCubs folks in broadcasting are all too familiar with the job “search” when they already know who is getting the job. @AdamSchweitzer4 I’m talking about Mark... @Larry_Boa Sox had a habit of putting analysts in the play by play role... and I never understood it. You are right… @AdamSchweitzer4 The team ultimately makes the final decision on who is going to broadcast their games. Obviously t… @CandidCubs Because it was amateur hour.They’ve come a long, long way from Hawk and Farmio. @tk9710 Yessir. @CandidCubs Folks I’ve talked to say neither of them were happy with any of it last season... @Larry_Boa They got 2 of the best play by play men in the country. That’s a hell of an improvement over what they’v…’s what teams that wish to keep their broadcasters happy DON’T do: bring in a revolving 3rd man to audition for… @Daaahawks That the tv/radio station makes has the final say in who is on the broadcast team. @Daaahawks That’s not accurate @SirGuyGrande @AdamSchweitzer4 @AdamSchweitzer4 They both are... @ZachWithers I think they’ve underestimated how angry this will make their target audience. @thelowedown That’s not the whole story, and that’s all I’ll say on the matter. @thelowedown @starclusterr in 2025: "Son, gather 'round and hear tales of when Chicago was a Cubs town more than a White Sox town." My kid… you know he's worked in radio... saving the A material for the morning listeners... @_____deb____ Exactly!You know at the beginning of Big Lebowski when Sam Elliot's like "laziest man in LA county, which puts him in the r… @BCB_Sara Yes... and every night it was Chris Myers, I guess. @_____deb____ I don't know the man, I just know his broadcasting style. But coming that hard against somebody in th… @EJBlock They did... @_____deb____ Yeah...Yowzers! @Jack_Savio5 He's great in every way. @Jack_Savio5 Losing Len is gonna be the one that hurts Cubs fans the most. He's the voice, the storyteller, the con… @_____deb____ I believe it's likely the President of Business Operations... @Jack_Savio5 I don't know what it means except that the TV broadcast is taking a huge step back. @LJCpnw I think these choices are more coming from inside the building at Clark and Addison... COUGHcraneCOUGHCOUGHIf JD also leaves, which I'd have to think is more likely now... there's a real problem if Doug Glanville isn't giv… the last few years the Cubs axed Grote (who was perfect in that job), let Kelly Crull go (who was perfect at tha… @Schwarziest @gillcubs9 And squeezing a rotating 3rd man into the broadcast...Chris Myers has been doing national sports broadcasts for like decades and people are still like, "I had to google… sure would like to know what, if anything, the Cubs tried to do to keep Len. I know we won't find out, but I really want to know.I think the Cubs may be happy not to have a convention this January.
Retweeted by Brad Robinson @shane_riordan A huge problem. I've always viewed him as a head of hair with a cartoonishly broadcastery voice and… STILL BOOING
Retweeted by Brad RobinsonLook folks, this is all part of the pact you made with Satan to win the World Series. They win, Trump takes control… @CandidCubs It really hurts. @TonyTram75 don't know why I'm like this.Len is gonna call a World Series final out thrown by Dylan Cease, caught by Eloy with the game go-ahead HR hit by Schwarber.