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black lives matter 🗣 ACAB abolish the police 🐡 free Palestine 🧤#cancelrent and mortgages🗿header is not parody 🦧 he/him

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Retweeted by online memeit would be cool if there was a show called anxiety that made me experience euphoria as well as the show called eup… @leechwater I thought Canada was kinda cool but it turns out it sucks..good to know
@leechwater really?Join me for 12 pm bible study
Retweeted by online meme#OnThisDay #OTD September 19, 1994, #TheSimpsons began airing in syndication. Local Fox stations aired repeats 5 da…
Retweeted by online memelet’s hear it for the best Ginsberg, shalom to a real 1
Retweeted by online memeit's kind of gross how as a kid, both in class and through pop-culture, I was taught about the fight for Civil Righ…
Retweeted by online memeHappy birthday @bradycanoe #getbradyto1000
Retweeted by online memejust came across this toilet with a threatening aura on craigslist depressing
Retweeted by online meme @clutchbucket @mrs__peel they are going to 9/11 the Frasier plane into the space needlehow much did judd apat*w give hbo to make the euphoria credits alphabetical after zendaya and give his daughter sec…
@miragonz is it one of these @onegoodsam mangia @nicebigdog @nicebigdog quite literally my most favorite movie @nicebigdog died bc you were planning on doing a protest vote. I’m pro-life and take no pleasure in reporting thisMe: just getting to the comedy club and worried I’m too late to see the Ancient Greek physician Hippocrates do his…
Retweeted by online memegirl power is when you don't retire at 77 so that a decade later your replacement can be tom cotton or ted cruz
Retweeted by online memeI bought too many copies of Weird Al: the Book so if you'd like Weird Al: the Book and the extended, 500 page Weird…
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@PatchfaceTF in the case of War of the Worlds, the invasion itself fizzling out bc the martians die of earth diseas… @PatchfaceTF yeah hard to parse what if anything he’s saying re the war on terror with the son ending up surviving
god bless the Redditor who pointed out that jack white looks like Michael Cera dressed up as Johnny Depp for Hallow…
Retweeted by online memeSpielberg’s War of the Worlds is a post-9/11 disaster movie with a scene where a father begs his teenage son not to… @LeFrenchAccent the Sof expanded universewhy do they call it men deserve just because gifts too when you of in the cold gift of out hot open the gift
sega genesis, gameboy color, and PS2. I’m normal cannot say it enough — @nithyavraman is who we need on los angeles city council. i made a cartoon about it in cas…
Retweeted by online memeI teach about forced sterilization every year. Every year my students suspect that it's still happening & that we j…
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@jacktrippersgf 🙋🏼‍♀️Black Garnet Books' first pop-up will be this Wednesday at the "Block the 3rd Precinct" Block Party! Stop by the ta…
Retweeted by online memeMan Assures Friend Watching ‘The Flintstones’ Series That He Just Has To Stick With It Through J.L. Gotrocks Arc…
Retweeted by online meme19 years ago today, I cast my lone vote against endless war. What I said then still holds true today: “As we act,…
Retweeted by online memethis is genocide
Retweeted by online memethere’s some chores in this house there’s some chores in this househow far can i go with this format
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Everyone in California taking pics right outside of their house like
Retweeted by online memeIt's crazy that along with everything else it pulled off, the Dumb Starbucks episode also had this
Retweeted by online memejohn wayne added the gacy to his name so that he could kill others without harming the John wayne brand
Retweeted by online meme @moldyblunt @whbsd
when you think about it, "the disaster response slaves can count it as work experience after their release, if they…
Retweeted by online memeRemember slavery still exists. They're literally putting out fires right now
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Remember when the Saudis not only just like admitted they did 9/11 but also threatened to do it to Canada when they…
Retweeted by online meme[man leans into doorway of WTC bathroom] "Hey, you gotta finish up in there. 9/11 is happening." "Alright. Just a sec."
Retweeted by online meme#AllendeVive 🇨🇱 Today is the anniversary of Pinochet’s coup against Salvador Allende in Chile. Allende is remembe…
Retweeted by online memeHeading to the movies when they reopen safely in 40 years.
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CDC STUDY: in restaurants, social distancing & masks are NOT enough. Study of 314 patients finds those that tested…
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excuse me @CHHNDLER oh okay @CHHNDLER no it sucks Lynch x Connor O’Malley collab whenWhy do I never hear tell of Elizabeth Taylor's performance in The Flintstones Movie? Seems to me we should be talki…
Retweeted by online meme @KenzoShibata This, from @rortybomb is where my head always goes when trying to explain neoliberalism
Retweeted by online meme @ClaytonDeth @LincolnsRevenge oh shit
Retweeted by online memehappy birthday to bernie sanders
Retweeted by online meme#StarTrekUnitedGives
“bradycanoe is probably named brad but makes up for it by being crazy stupid laid-back & relaxed” no, im named b… author. 🤔
Retweeted by online meme❗️Today, the Los Angeles basin will experience our hottest day in 125,000 years. Yesterday was the hottest day eve…
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The Biden campaign, in an effort to convince Flint voters to stay home on Nov 3 and lose Michigan again, happily an…
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.@BernieSanders announces he's working on demanding the House and Senate holding hearings RIGHT NOW to educate the…
Retweeted by online memeThis an important thread for the "vote" addicts
Retweeted by online memeI fucking love discourse's all adopt this energy going forward
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wall and other drugsBiden could probably win 3 million new votes overnight being like “ok legalize weed and zero out student debt!” eve…
Retweeted by online memeAdam CoronaThe Honda Center in Anaheim will be a drive-thru polling site for the November general election.
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Retweeted by online memeWhatever happens to Markey tonight never forget that Nancy Pelosi, the most powerful elected Democrat in our govern…
Retweeted by online memeantiifa gearing up for property destruction like know brake lights are there for safety but I don’t think it’s right that everyone can always see when everyone el… laughing so hard man AOC Ilhan Rashida and Markey all decisively win their primaries and the DNC nominated the s…
Retweeted by online mememan, the headline/story just left of photo ...
Retweeted by online memeVICTORY! After years of organizing, calling and meeting, LA County leaders have voted to end warrantless transfers…
Retweeted by online memeJoe Kennedy XIV ran for no reason other than to make the Senate less progressive and to satisfy his genetic lust fo… @EdMarkey - yours is a victory for the progressive movement, for 21st century policy, and for the G…
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The only source this reporter (and their editor) cites is the LASD. The killers. This is standard practice, and th…
Retweeted by online meme"What's the use of having the prison system if y'all are just gonna kill us? What are y'all here for? Who are you p…
Retweeted by online memeBecky Albertalli credited this essay by my wonderful friend @UhOhMorshedios for helping her to understand her own s…
Retweeted by online memeUtah places names be like
Retweeted by online meme @needyasshoe @needyasshoe I love quesaritosThis is how MLK was depicted in 1967 to scare white Americans, in case there’s any confusion about what the strateg…
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Retweeted by online meme @LeFrenchAccent nolon.....whoa#BlackPanther in every theater.
Retweeted by online memewe’re giving way too much attention to mister scoobyIf I’m reading this right, LA is declaring a fiscal emergency to require furloughs across almost all city departmen…
Retweeted by online meme80% of LAUSD students live at or below the poverty line. We are failing them.
Retweeted by online meme @AmericasComic @MrPooni here’s an updated version! easier legibility to share online
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