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Retweeted by Brady Diaz xxxThat bitch been pregnant for over 2 years now
Me everytime lucid dreams comes on now💔😭😭#ripjuicewrld 💔
Retweeted by Brady Diaz xxxGod bless him. A young legend
Retweeted by Brady Diaz xxx🥺 don’t want to be here anymore
Retweeted by Brady Diaz xxxThis Juice WRLD freestyle is to this rockstar and the greatest freestyler hip hop has EVER known But…
Retweeted by Brady Diaz xxxDRFL is a really good album, I think it got over hated
Retweeted by Brady Diaz xxxThere’s no way..... @ashurkh How old and when your bday ?
Retweeted by Brady Diaz xxxXXXTENTACION’S ACCOMPLISHMENTS BEFORE HIS DEATH: - #1 & #2 Billboard Album - XXL Freshman - 3.96 billion on-demand…
Retweeted by Brady Diaz xxx
THIS SONG IS SO GOOOD WTF @DannyTowerss and PG 😂😂
Retweeted by Brady Diaz xxx @JahsehGallery I don’t let go @jby_23 I know I was just saying
@wowthatshiphop Yes @killumi50150718 We need to have a discussion about how you might have some of the worst takes on Twitter. This is ridiculous 😂
Retweeted by Brady Diaz xxxWho’s dumbass promoted this🤣$20? coochie bouta turn green 😭
Retweeted by Brady Diaz xxxpeople are leaving terrible reviews on BVF on ITunes because it’s free to write reviews and a lot of people tend to…
Retweeted by Brady Diaz xxx @ItsMeILLUSION Eh yeah maybe, both those songs aren’t the best, I still like them thoSomeone just said Voss they favorite song on BVF, sheeshThe 2 new frank songs > FOC Tecca
Retweeted by Brady Diaz xxxLONG LIVE XXX
Retweeted by Brady Diaz xxxwhy arent you showing xxxtentacions new album under new music, you should fix it @AppleMusic
Retweeted by Brady Diaz xxx @cIowncultist @VeryRareSlyy Nah, he started trending towards the end of the night for a little @hailshino True, their team did a shit job of promoting also tho so that didn’t help😂 @chris_papoutsis It’s on his storyMost the features are good, Wayne, Rick Ross, Joey badass, Craig xen, jimmy levy, blink 182, killstation, PNB and t… changed her life before i realized i was ugly. now i triumph over the hot gyal’s that chase me. i wanna grow old…
Retweeted by Brady Diaz xxxBeen streaming BVF since it dropped, literally nothing else #BadVibesForeverHAVE FAITH IN YOURSELF FUCK THE WORLD
Retweeted by Brady Diaz xxxThey promoting merch more than the album @avrxge @wrathycunt I’ve always thought killstation sounded like peep,First listen I liked it, the next listens I started loving it more album is over hated for no apparent reason.
Retweeted by Brady Diaz xxxThey be making lots of x fans rethink shit in a negative way, trying to tear down the fandom from the inside. Now t…
Retweeted by Brady Diaz xxxI don't often give 11s. When I do, it's because I'm ready to say the album in question is the best of it's genre. T…
Retweeted by Brady Diaz xxxMood
Retweeted by Brady Diaz xxxIt would probably help if 1/3 of the X fans didn’t join the trend of hating Cleo and all the new music, but I mean it’s whateverApple Music basically saying fuck x streaming #BadVibesForever @yungsucca 17 = ? = skins = bad vibes forever ther's no better album every album has your time, your vibe, your moment
Retweeted by Brady Diaz xxxNone of the big features on BVF posted anything about it😴I don’t understand why they don’t post “BVF out now” on x’s Instagram, one story post isn’t good promotingRoddy really passed X😴, makes sense tho since it’s a trend to hate XI liked 25/25, songs I could go without are Voss and hot gyal, but I still like them Vibes Forever
Retweeted by Brady Diaz xxxThis man really shouted out this album but not the album he’s on😂, Wayne Tory and Rick Ross needa promote real quick @nojumper @BABYBELLS0 @xxxtentacion #BadVibesForever @theneedledrop yes
Retweeted by Brady Diaz xxx @theneedledrop Yeppp#BadVibesForeverPush it to 1 on Apple Music @SlLXNT Reword this shit🤣She got big ol boobies #BadVibesForever @haitianglock The video goes by too fast so here.
Retweeted by Brady Diaz xxx @AtakeAli bvf for sure but skins highly underrated
Retweeted by Brady Diaz xxxMake sure you listen to BVF even while you sleeping #BadVibesForeverGoodnight. Like I said. PUT THE ALBUM ON REPEAT WHILE YOUR SLEEP!!!!! #BadVibesForever
Retweeted by Brady Diaz xxx#BadVibesForeverEx bitch It’s all fading to black wanna grow old @mxttshxlton Ex bitch #BadVibesForever @killumi50150718 #BadVibesForever’m loving #BadVibesForever They and XXXTentacion did a great job.
Retweeted by Brady Diaz xxxNeed XXX mutuals ? Follow everyone who RT + like this tweet LLJ 🕊 #BadVibesForever
Retweeted by Brady Diaz xxxBruh I forgot my window open and I’m just blasting this album on my speaker, whole neighborhood crying rnAND MEMORIES FROM THE PAST, IT'S ALL FADING TO BLACK #BadVibesForever
Retweeted by Brady Diaz xxxFinally meeting my homies in person.
Retweeted by Brady Diaz xxxIf Roddy would’ve dropped any other week I’d be listening the fuck out of it, but I’ll listen to it next week#BadVibesForever - Bad Vibes Forever isnt anywhere near the standard it would be if X was still alive and yet its still…
Retweeted by Brady Diaz xxxI hope this album make all those XXXTentacion complainers shut the fuck up, LLJ 🖤 #BadVibesForever is a true champi…
Retweeted by Brady Diaz xxx
Retweeted by Brady Diaz xxxme listening to #BadVibesForever knowing it’s x’s last album 😔😢
Retweeted by Brady Diaz xxxAnd next do you wanna sex with me? #BadVibesForeverLMAO I just watched the #BadVibesForever drop from 10.9k tweets to 10.7k, twitter ain’t want him trending#BadVibesForever I wasn’t broke lmao #BadVibesForever love killstations soundIt would help if Wayne or Tory Lanez prompted @Carterftw123pt4 I’ll be listening to both versions, I kinda like Joyner @damnumb_ @diegoluchis02 Tory Lanez did pretty good on itNorth Star beat don’t slap as hard now😓 great stillLoved this song so much #BadVibesForever @cunningham___ YesssJimmy levy was so perfect
Retweeted by Brady Diaz xxx @NMandakovic WWWW @JahsehGallery I love it so much, favorite song probably ex bitch,I’m not disappointed at all In this album.
Retweeted by Brady Diaz xxx @NoaAmdam Understandable, it got better when I listened again @whoisScottyP Loved that songBRO SECOND LISTEN OF BVF HITS DIFFERENTMy favorite song is Ex Bitch wby guys? #BadVibesForeverBTW I LOVE RODDY @MarcusDaLegend They both good stop @jby_23 I love roddy, I was confused how he was trending and not X