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You start dey save that December money?
Retweeted by Fiifi Nocturnal🍏Be a good person but don’t waste your time proving it. 📸 @Abenagyanea098
Retweeted by Fiifi Nocturnal🍏A new month is here! Bag all the compliments😊 that comes with fragrance at affordable prices Kindly RT to bless…
Retweeted by Fiifi Nocturnal🍏That was our fear when this covid thing started. Our fear that we will be at d mercy of the virus. Luckily many suf…
Retweeted by Fiifi Nocturnal🍏Sadly many health workers wish they had options. But you people say we swore an oath so we for dey. Meanwhile u wi…
Retweeted by Fiifi Nocturnal🍏It’s not a joke. Do you best to protect yourself. They say voters registration. If you go and the play is overcrow…
Retweeted by Fiifi Nocturnal🍏And the one who survived cried through out. Imagine being in isolation and now being consoled. That’s what people h…
Retweeted by Fiifi Nocturnal🍏Sadly. It took the death of a big man for many to start realizing that covid is real. May he RIP. People have had n…
Retweeted by Fiifi Nocturnal🍏.@Amerado_Burner - nice to meet a fellow Hammer ⚒ I haven’t listened to your music yet, but I’m sure it must be im…
Retweeted by Fiifi Nocturnal🍏195odds cut by 2....@cashmoneymaker1 @liegepunter @samkenny365 @Retired_Father @Nina_Icey @Pweetiedivine1
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Retweeted by Fiifi Nocturnal🍏Total of 18,134 COVID-19 confirmed cases with 13,550 Recoveries and 117 Deaths Visit for the details.
Retweeted by Fiifi Nocturnal🍏It's barely 48 hours ago that thought of you came up which necessitated a throw back of this interview. It was full…
Retweeted by Fiifi Nocturnal🍏Sir John na yɛ noaa ne sɛn na amben? ɛbaa no sɛn na woagya yɛn akwantinfi? due! due! due! damirifa due! due ne ama…
Retweeted by Fiifi Nocturnal🍏 @SmailaYakubu6 @JOYNEWSONTV Very stupid commentForestry Commission boss, Sir John is dead More here: #JoyNews
Retweeted by Fiifi Nocturnal🍏Never in doubt 😀 #WHUCHE #COYI
Retweeted by Fiifi Nocturnal🍏Will start dropping odds on the timeline soon 🤞 @cohbie_Marquese 😂😂😂😂Three. Huge. Points. GET IN THERE!!!! #WHUCHE
Retweeted by Fiifi Nocturnal🍏West Ham just beat Chelsea 3-2. London is Claret and Blue and I can't keep calm 😂😂😂😂 @Boyfromcroydon This win is really gon help us in our battle to survive bro 😂😂😂London is Claret and Blue #COYI @AsieduMends @brafiiifi God of west ham ay3 🎊🎊🎊🎊🔥
Retweeted by Fiifi Nocturnal🍏Yarmo finishes off a great counter-attacking move to give us a late lead! COME ON LADS, HOLD ON! 💪 #WHUCHE 3-2 (9…
Retweeted by Fiifi Nocturnal🍏Gooooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllll
Retweeted by Fiifi Nocturnal🍏Go there West Ham! #WHUCHE 3-2 (89)
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How beeting looks after football resumed... @cashmoneymaker1 @liegepunter @samkenny365 @Retired_Father @Nina_Icey
Retweeted by Fiifi Nocturnal🍏Too early?? 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑💸💸💸💸💸 Join telegram for more 👉🏾
Retweeted by Fiifi Nocturnal🍏It's not that you don't snore when you're asleep ooo. You've just been sleeping alone all your life so no one has r…
Retweeted by Fiifi Nocturnal🍏Keep mute and allow the hustle to pay. All on God 🙌💯🙏
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Retweeted by Fiifi Nocturnal🍏Beyoncé🤝including African culture in her music but never adding Africa to her tours Same Beyonce🤝Making a whole mov…
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@bropapy @cashmoneymaker1 @liegepunter @samkenny365 @Retired_Father @Nina_Icey @Pweetiedivine1 @1xbetkobby @donsoj52 @1reporter_Gh Okmn
Ya hate for Christianity is beyond measure, the saddest part is, they don’t even see u. Channel that energy into bo…
Retweeted by Fiifi Nocturnal🍏⁦@Chief_CV⁩ . Your boys ⁦@BaffourJem⁩ & ⁦@Afleod⁩ ended the podcast by spitting German all over my face 😂🤦🏽‍♂️ . Yo…
Retweeted by Fiifi Nocturnal🍏Charlie RT and let's gooo 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Next week is my bro bday. Have to get him something 👌👌
Retweeted by Fiifi Nocturnal🍏UK horse racing 9 races 23odds U know what to do, split, edit and chain Greenluck... Pick them on 1xbet or join t…
Retweeted by Fiifi Nocturnal🍏Someone should dare me to stay out of Twitter for a whole week for a prize erh. 😒
Retweeted by Fiifi Nocturnal🍏Village people want to find me but lalai. All on God.... @cashmoneymaker1 @liegepunter @samkenny365 @Retired_Father
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Our first ever @WHUFoundation #HammersSportsDay is here! 🥇 Click on the link below to get involved! 👇
Retweeted by Fiifi Nocturnal🍏This man just lost his wife!! His post below, this happened at Ridge Hospital!! It's about time we start recordi…
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@Boyfromcroydon 😂😂😂😂Some personal news: Only polite that once I made it known I had contracted COVID-19, I also make it known that I'…
Retweeted by Fiifi Nocturnal🍏Ano feel the shake some oo or Kumasi wasn't part?
MIXED ACCA: *7 Events *6.5 Odds 1xBet Booking- NM7FC GREENLUCK!!! #MisturBets
Retweeted by Fiifi Nocturnal🍏PJN3C. Edit and split
Retweeted by Fiifi Nocturnal🍏Dear @LFC, My friend died of Cancer today and before he died , he told me all he wanted in life is t…
Retweeted by Fiifi Nocturnal🍏 @DAY_LITE19 @KobbyKyei_ @kofi_mole @oswaldtheson @brafiiifi @sdkdele1 @fyne_fii @Sneaker_Nyame @RepUrJersey
Retweeted by Fiifi Nocturnal🍏We remain your perfume plug! HMU for the best scent there is ❗️ Nationwide delivery available🤝 Kindly RT🙏🏽 . . .…
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@Boyfromcroydon Vhimm broTake heart my Brother.
Retweeted by Fiifi Nocturnal🍏 @cohbie_Marquese Hm @goal 💔That goal sums up our season. Extremely unlucky @Kwabenalovesama Wofa nie 😂3,200 odds AUSSIE'S HORSE RACING JOIN TELEGRAM FOR CODE: 🤑🤑🤑🤑 JOIN TELEGRAM HERE 👉🏾
Retweeted by Fiifi Nocturnal🍏This Nana Aba anticlimax must teach you to keep almost every personal and private issue off social media no matter…
Retweeted by Fiifi Nocturnal🍏This is the tweet. forget Nana Aba and DVLA wai....the man is on Metro TV tonight 😂😂😂😂
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@1xbetkobby @Retired_Father @Geebee1st @bropapy @1reporter_Gh @MisturBets E do a share code 😂165 odds... Aussie's Horse racing drops soon on TELEGRAM Greenluck to us 💚 🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴🐴 Join telegram 👉🏾…
Retweeted by Fiifi Nocturnal🍏 @sarkodie Kindly open and retweet my pinned tweet.
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Retweeted by Fiifi Nocturnal🍏 @ella_efe Bank account will be loaded with cash this week, in Jesus name.
Retweeted by Fiifi Nocturnal🍏 @Daavi_aku_ @Kwabenalovesama Wo dier wo 😂Happy happy father's day to our Wofa @Kwabenalovesama
Retweeted by Fiifi Nocturnal🍏 @cobby__jones @QuotedRepliesHappy Fathers Day to all fathers on my timeline esp Wofa @Kwabenalovesama
A quick reminder: I shot this!💚 1st frame: "Together we can do more" 2nd Frame: "Once you savour the sweetness of…
Retweeted by Fiifi Nocturnal🍏He ministry of info should create a new category to replace recoveries. They should name it discharged since we are…
Retweeted by Fiifi Nocturnal🍏For those wondering why there is a hike in recoveries , this is why ☺️
Retweeted by Fiifi Nocturnal🍏 @mohgovgh Surprise That Special Someone With This Unforgettable Customized Vaccuum Flask Please WhatsApp For More…
Retweeted by Fiifi Nocturnal🍏the stress of being a West ham fan continues... has the best leaders. Choose wisely👀
Retweeted by Fiifi Nocturnal🍏If you love movies , let’s linkup in this group
Retweeted by Fiifi Nocturnal🍏What a race! Palace Pier wins the Group 1 St James’s Palace Stakes for @FrankieDettori and John Gosden!…
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Retweeted by Fiifi Nocturnal🍏If you want to contribute by paypal 👇
Retweeted by Fiifi Nocturnal🍏 @__liptonia @Daavi_aku_ @gyaigyimii @Nikkisamonas @_favouritesmile @oswaldtheson @Akosuahmay @__theSeyram
Retweeted by Fiifi Nocturnal🍏Hello fam! So @humbleagyare @roll_up_kofi myself and a few other friends have decided to present something as a wed…
Retweeted by Fiifi Nocturnal🍏Quadrilateral is a beauty! #RoyalAscot
Retweeted by Fiifi Nocturnal🍏Leipzig v Dortmund 🇩🇪
Retweeted by Fiifi Nocturnal🍏A colleague of mine is searching for a single room apartment or hostel around east Legon and its environs. Please l…
Retweeted by Fiifi Nocturnal🍏Today won't be the same without you 😔 Tag a mate or family member you usually go to matches with ⚒
Retweeted by Fiifi Nocturnal🍏 @_spiriituaL congrats boss🔥Gate position. ✅
Retweeted by Fiifi Nocturnal🍏150/1! Nando Parrado causes a massive upset in the Coventry! #RoyalAscot @Ascot
Retweeted by Fiifi Nocturnal🍏#ASR1 #EyesOnThePrize.
Retweeted by Fiifi Nocturnal🍏 @Lightendey lights only ✌predictions for today?2016 Toyota Corolla Le Eco 1.8L engine 45k miles Reverse cam Price - 62k RT #YourCarGuy 🚘🕺🏾
Retweeted by Fiifi Nocturnal🍏We’ve been having electoral area meetings in Ofoase/Ayirebi as we prepare for tomorrow’s acclamation
Retweeted by Fiifi Nocturnal🍏£1,000 challenge this weekend? ❤️
Retweeted by Fiifi Nocturnal🍏Going straight to Kumasi 🛍✅. Order today and get it today🤝📦. Please contact our customer service on 0540306824 to p…
Retweeted by Fiifi Nocturnal🍏this boils my blood
Retweeted by Fiifi Nocturnal🍏Any sneaker bought from me. 5% discount off the price and a bliss Tom brown. Don't retweet OK #SneakerNyame
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