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I don't know my gender leave me alone bruv

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The UK is a total embarrassment and I hate it here. please just say the news about the moon outright. i don't need to be wondering what the fuck is going on with…
Retweeted by teri @qpmelia @qpmelia I- @qpmelia Gotta be Liv. Man if I never met Liv randomly outside a Nina Nesbitt gig, I wouldn't be following half the… @Roxannemusic 'The Moon is detaching it's orbit from the Earth, it can no longer take the Earth's shit.' @EMMAORYX I LOVE this @emmablackery Watch this country vote the tories back in next election though 😩 urgh @emmablackery I hate streaming so much. I always buy music. Not to mention the quality is better and you get to see… in conclusion... I know this sucks to hear, but when you ask your favourite artist “I can’t afford your album, b…
Retweeted by teriWhy I absolutely despise streaming services. BUY MUSIC. @emmablackery I'm glad you're shedding light on how much youtube are taking creators for a ride. It totally sucks a… @MaevaDamas I would totally do that! How many?I've written about the new @yesofficial live album from Las Vegas, featuring classics and some deep cuts, this was… @MaevaDamas I hear so much I think you'd like! I don't use spotify though 😩 @antiieess For real your voice is superb 👌Woods 2020: Oh for fuck's sake @Liv_October Probably Freds 🔥I would die for Lottie. #gbbo
@some1elsestrees Yes you legend! @some1elsestrees You can walk like that right? Re-create the video man.'I liked Fleetwood Mac before tiktok though' Bruh nobody gives a bollocking fuck don't be a gatekeeper. @some1elsestrees A second! It was the hoodie. Then I read the caption. Sorry I'll leave now @gentlevoid Could you post more of you speaking because damn that was some heavenly shit ma'am @MaraWilson The tiniest lil (fuck u 😡) ever @TinyProstate 🥺 @some1elsestrees Bruh I thought this was you for a secondthe choice to not be political is an inherently privileged one
Retweeted by teri @garbage Reckon you'll play any new songs on that tour? @antiieess Washington D.C.? No wait-#TheWeekInTory returns, and I’m very sorry, but it’s a monster. The little scamps have achieved quite a lot in the…
Retweeted by teriI don’t say this as often as I should but this government makes me sick and the day Boris is humiliated in the next…
Retweeted by teri @BeccaBeckery @RageClubTwitch @SafeInOurWorld Holy shit this is amazing! @curryspcworld Why is it so hard to find out about why the laptop I've ordered has vanished in your system? I've be… @qpmelia In all seriousness that's about the height I thought you'd be 😊 @TheLisaGilroy A masterpiece. @BeccaBeckery This is the perfect selection.b.c. stands for before corona and also Christ
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@some1elsestrees Oh shit son @mass_ave It's unclear who they support in this election, maybe if they put up a sign or something-EUPHORIA. IS COMING BACK. FUCK. @iridescentjemma I think for me it might've been the video where I lip-synced to Tragedy by Steps. Thankfully I now… @qpmelia Wow what a cunt. I once had a teacher tell me to lose weight in front of a class that had been bullying me… @qpmelia 7'9" @eat_the_rich420 Yesss you legend 🔥 @crashingnowave Wow they're like an army @bagelpicbot Hahaha I'd totally forgotten about this epic @davidsp84239920 @pinkfloyd Oh I have no problem with more than that! I'm just wondering if it would be overwhelmin… @saylahachey I helped deliver newspapers with my family from the age of 10, but the first real job I got was at 16. @HanGraceMusic The colours in this! @DJWebbLFC @pinkfloyd I've always loved this song because of how intense it is but fans seem to hate it! @pinkfloyd Honestly because Pink Floyd were so diverse over the years, I'd be inclined to include one from each alb… album is incredible. Poetic lyrics and epic music. Dyble Longdon's album 'Between A Breath And A Breath' is on… @Roxannemusic of course your radio show begins with THAT chord <3I always wondered if Eminem was gay. @antiieess Honestly in the UK those people probably wouldn't even turn up to the polling station.
has this been done yet?
Retweeted by teri @natashsophia Hey do you have any professional recordings because I'd love to review your music 😊*writes paragraph then rewrites it four times, continue for entire article and then redraft it all at the end anywa… @some1elsestrees I love your voice Freddie 👌 @HanneVerleysen Oh I know what mine would be like, exactly how it's been for years 😂😂😂America adapting to COVID instead of actively trying to over come it
Retweeted by teriThe Lamb Lies Down On Broadway. That is all.Ah fuck Adele is coming back. Her life must be as bad as the rest of us 😩 @some1elsestrees Whaaat. Cornet is fucking cool. Ok yeah you do have a lot ha. I liked hearing your guitar cover before, do more of that! @some1elsestrees Oh nice! I know you play guitar, what else do you have? @some1elsestrees If we were pre-pandemic, I would just straight-up buy you one. Music is meant to be shared <3 @some1elsestrees Nobody could play bass until they learned bass. Just do it dude, you totally can! @carrymeoutt Oh man I love Kylie Jenner! @Magsisthename Honestly anything from Kate is a gift. I love it just like all of her albums. I thought it was a wei… people when they turn 4 years old:
Retweeted by teriAlways mad to me how Americans talk down British food because we don't do fluffernutters just right like their momm…
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Retweeted by teriI agree, buy it. If you like Dodie, Tessa Violet and Emma Blackery, you'll love it. @BeccaBeckery But I bet your hair is still 👌 @minniebirch That is feckin adorable. All my earliest recordings were done to cassette 🔥A big instagram page tried to recruit me as an influencer what @Liv_October I love that! What were you cooking? I haven't batch cooked in agesss
@AstroBoyMatthew Yep. And these past few months is the first time since 2016 that I haven't thought about ending my… @some1elsestrees Hey you washed your sheets though. That's something ❤️ it might take a few minutes to put them on… the fuck even watches taskmaster on channel 4 @mikeyperk This is like a Ninja Turtles pizza @some1elsestrees Bruh what u doin @Liv_October Honestly that sounds like a fucking dream @crashingnowave Keep writing man, that is awesome. @Liv_October I hate people that shit on writing. Like everyone can write, it doesn't have to be Shakespeare. It can… @Roxannemusic @Rumersongs @FeaturedArtists Rumer has such a beautiful voice 🥰 @emmablackery Bruh your make-up is on point 👌 @eat_the_rich420 That is a sweetass shelfHad a dream I fell in love. Now I have that giggly feeling of being in love without actually being in love? Brains are weird man. @stefaniparis11 I'm so sorry 😔Fo' real @thechrisbarron @dumbbeezie I've always loved this song. So fun 😊 @WokeBeefleaf @Pockicchi @artisticblush That video where the tyre comes out of the shop multiple times and they mak… @Pockicchi I LOVED this concept as a kid. The first one I saw like this was A Bug's Life. Genuinely such a fun way to end those movies. @gentlevoid Oh my god your voice is so cute and you are adorable! 🥺Oh god RIP
@mollyrosee I'll bring the Cele, you bring the Brations. @Liv_October He...should probably try harder @mollyrosee It has to be Celebrations surely?