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Above all, there's Shiva.

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@BhagwaanUvacha 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Oh! I forgot the atheist Muslim. Apparently they exist... Would reeeeeeally help if you are specific, you know. T… be specific. Which Muslim? Shia? Sunni? Ahmadi? Sufi? A traditionalist who will insist that you should cover… don't think @ARanganathan72 is appreciated enough for this thread. @grharsh @ANI @khatvaanga you are losing your touch. Others are posting topical GIFs before you.Ippo innaa pannuve! Ippo innaa pannuve! @NarenMenon1 Dei! Right here, a few hours ago! 😁Sahasra Linga, #Sirsi #UttaraKannada #RightHereRightNow
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Retweeted by Brakoo🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 is Surendra Singh from Amethi who has been shot dead by Congress goons of Rahul Gandhi today early in the morn…
Retweeted by BrakooSon of Surendra Singh, ex-village head of Barauli, Amethi who was shot dead y'day: My father was a close aide of Sm…
Retweeted by Brakoo @Dauhshanti I need to download this gif!Modiji resetting expectations of some supporters. 🤣😃 @vaiju7 You are welcome, Vaiju-ji! See you again when ati varadar emerges! Next time with breakfast and coffee! 😋 @yenkak Let's wait and watch. @yenkak Well... I am seeing so many triggered folk on TL! 😆😆😆Sir, you are best troll, sir! meta joke of aaaaaalllll time! THE MUDI CAN'T EVEN REJINE YET! here right now!
@Ateendriyo @TeamIndiaFirst @indiantweeter @RavinarIN @divya_16_ @DrGPradhan I don't hate him. I venerate him. He's…! @sushantguptas @dhume As far as how she's doing... Her TL shows something, "Like I was saying, I always knew he'd c… @sushantguptas @dhume Rupa is useless. Never manages to wangle a TV appearance. Too wannabe. Doom boy is different.… @_insomniaac_ @dhume Ah! Thanks. Lemme see if there's a vid on YouTube.Was @dhume on any channel on 23rd? How was the maatam look? Any meltdowns happened? Please share link if you are aware. Would love to see. @Ateendriyo 🤣🤣🤣 & Synergy to defeat Banerjee
Retweeted by BrakooPhotographer Steve Biro captures photo of Bald Eagle with symmetrical reflection (
Retweeted by BrakooMay well be true. In fact, if iLaya thalapathi makes a movie to that effect, the outcome described below can be ach… we see an end to this nonsense of attributing the situation to an idea that suits your narrative, in the 2nd te… her press conf,Mamata Banerjee today said she will attend an iftar party next week. While saying it she also…
Retweeted by BrakooExercising powers vested in him under Article 75 (1) of the Constitution of India, President Kovind, today appointe…
Retweeted by BrakooHa ha ha! claim to form the Government.
Retweeted by Brakoo @PeeliHaldi Yevvrybody wants Shah. @tapak7 With KCR that was a given, dude! 😆🤣🤣🤣 @muglikar_ Bhai... Isse accha tell me something I don't know karlete! Yeh kya kiya! @GhorAngirasa Welcome back!😘 @NarenMenon1 I found a wonderful new gif for liberals! Sent on WA. Use liberally! 😃 won't give a fart. @esotericright @Ateendriyo @Ananth_Krishna_ Expect updates on insta totally unconnected to the pic you'd have posted! 😆😆😆 @esotericright @Ateendriyo @Ananth_Krishna_ Oh! That is sad news... Will it be full serious professional handle?Yes. G3 in 10 years. Third pole, major naval power, trade power.
Retweeted by BrakooAbove all, it was @narendramodi as a father-figure guiding the new crop of parliamentarians on their duty, their re… @ayyangarvaal Today was formal selection of Modi as PM candidate of NDA.- It is the century of India. We will be a world power. - Say-Do ratio. If you say it, do it. - I am one of you. I… Poverty eradication - Minorities as votebank, the illusion created by vested interests has to be broken - Inclusi… speech by Modiji: - This is a coalition govt. Every party counts - MPs, watch ur words. Be responsible.… me bring you all up to speed with respect to Cabinet selection. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .…🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 the Jabberwock, my son!  The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!  Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun  The fr… = National ambition + regional aspiration. No one's missing Venkaiah. 😑AK Antony walked into a bar. It was set very low. @BhagwaanUvacha Formal selection of next PM by the coalition.Modi! Modi! Modi! Modi! @yaajushi Selection of leader of the ruling parliamentary party, leader of the ruling coalition, next prime ministe… is in the building!Teehee! @vaiju7 Replied. Lemme know.Off to Kanchipuram tomorrow! Time to pray to Varadan, Amman, Trivikrama, PANDavadUthar, EkAmranAthar KailAsanAthar… Modi has fought like a lion. Above all, he has shown that not every Hindu leader needs to end up like Prithviraj…
Retweeted by Brakoo @varanasisarma @girishalva @Mamdhata @AB_BJP @AhmAsmiYodha @upma23 @Babble524 @PKotekar @desertfox61I @Vijendradt stages of @RahulGandhi as @INCIndia president 1. Lose Elections 2. Resign as party president 3. Resignation rejected & go back to stage 1. @NarenMenon1 😍 have very rarely stood with anybody... But today, #IStandWithRahulGandhi! Bhai @RahulGandhi, isteefey ke baare m… have read between the lines! Amit Shah will come and help you with #MakeAmericaGreatAgainAndAgain.
Retweeted by Brakoo @yaajushi Here's a tip. Stop once the punch dialogue is done. You should've stopped your tweet with "delusions". Baaki understood tha.350 million years in one picture.
Retweeted by BrakooElection Commission data shows EVM-VVPAT tally was completely correct. @yaajushi Write long political thread in Sanskrit! Definite FF!Brilliant thread on the franchise called Congress... and strangely why it may never die. Also @BhagwaanUvacha is i…! Praise the lord! Anti Semite has decided to add Hinduphobia to her résumé. were playing mind games so that RaGa can be lulled into thinking that there is an Internal fight going on 😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by BrakooMy first job would be to link Godavari and Krishna and this bring water to TamilNadu - Hon min @nitin_gadkari This…
Retweeted by BrakooLiberals are at it again. From day 1, they've already started their campaign for 2024. And how! They've targeted t… yes! You must! Please campaign for them. In fact, we will gladly provide you list of more such people to camp…
@Sharanyashettyy @MukulAgarwal66 Meaning, still trying to digest 37 seat loss. 😭 @gurichopra With 49.70% voteshare and @bhupendrachaube looks for reasons to belittle it. Do you think it is misogyny?Few friends as a BJP volunteers went to campaign in a village of West Bengal, The villagers said ‘Please go from he…
Retweeted by BrakooHow to be a sore loser? Lesson 1: blame the others for winning. next step, blame your nanny for the missed choca…
Retweeted by Brakoo @Sharanyashettyy @MukulAgarwal66 Hi! Myself Brakoo from Tamil Nadu. Chronic indigestion patient. Pleased to meet you. @SirJambavan Just because RW thinks in numbers, one can't throw them around without analysis or context. The likes… @gurichopra Sh*t head is a journalist. Can't understand first past the post electoral system. Even in a two party contest.Sod off, Scheißkopf. @TrueIndologyliv. A young man whose thirst for knowledge is commendable. Needless to say, his shares on SM have…! Yaenappa hing baarsbitta! @lazy_aalsi I could not able to resist. @royally_fiery 🤣🤣🤣 @royally_fiery Man!!! He was on a roll!We have read between the lines! Amit Shah will come and help you with #MakeAmericaGreatAgainAndAgain.