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Writing horror. Reviewer for @jimbomcleod and @HighFeverBooks Co-host of @intostaring Watching bad movies, listening to horror soundtracks and synthwave.

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@WilsonTheWriter That's amazing news!!! I'm happy for all of you!
@HightowerLaurel I actually have a novella like this right now. It's a little old and I have some really good notes…“I don't have any other message than don't forget you are alive” Joe Strummer You don 't know how right you were…
Retweeted by MATTer from the void @JoleneHaley Ah man, I'm sorry. I'll be thinking about you and your family. @horrorbookshelf @ChadLutzke I always think about this and the fact that they don't have any muscles. There's no wa… @manylittlewords These are great!!! You are doing amazing work!
@Skatunenetwork @GetAlternative @wearetheunion I picked this up as soon as I got the notification it came out!Happy Birthday to an absolute legend!!! h/t Fipi Lele
Retweeted by MATTer from the voidGot the bummer news that my gremlins will stay virtual until March. I'm glad they made the decision, I think it's t…
@alphachromeyayo They are definitely who I use when I need to be crazy for a bit. @ellen_knuth This looks awesome! Definitely going to be hunting it down! @jhubner73 Great review! I'm definitely digging on this album.I need some crime fiction, dark mystery suggestions. Assume I've read nothing because that is probably true.More news for you! The Abyss has spread to YouTube! Episodes are slowly matriculating in, but our two most recent p…
Retweeted by MATTer from the voidOne does it eat the children? all seriously need to get this! A fun, weird, creepy look at one doomed TV special. There's something happening…'s so cute! I kinda want one as a pet...
A huge boost of support today launched Franz into the top ten (& five!) in many Bandcamp categories, including: •Da…
Retweeted by MATTer from the void @tessroby Totally on board for this! @RobertFael That's a great idea. I feel like it might be this long for a reason and I don't want to neuter it to th…, beginning and middle of this weird little story is done. Just need to wrap up the final bits and I got mys… @Gabino_Iglesias They are the best! Our girl is such a spoiled princess and I love it! It makes me sad to see how m… @Gabino_Iglesias Oh my god I love him! He's looks like a pittie! My old girl has the same pouty bottom lip...Well this gave me a happy warm feeling. @RedLagoe That stinks! I hope you all get better!!! @SarahJaneHunti1 Seriously this. Part of me every time wonders if they are going to look at it and laugh. Another p…
@MaryRajotte Definitely!! Gotta start editing my scary house novel! @EveHarmsWrites I'll be editing my novel instead of writing, but planning on doing it all month, so sorta... @theoddlittleone This has been fun to watch and see what people list. I'd add some, but I live here so... @ScoredtoDeath Awesome!!! That's so exciting! Super stoked to check it outTwitter! Any of my followers by chance write for any horror news/review websites? Asking for a friend 👀
Retweeted by MATTer from the void @bettyrocksteady That is amazing! I love it!!!
For the #COVIDIOTS out there
Retweeted by MATTer from the voidHave the inner story of my story within a story done. Spent today working out details on the outer part and think i… @RachelKenyonM Oh man that's scary to think about! Though I guess last year it snowed in Halloween here. Still craz… @goodreads Oh God this would not be good, considering I'm reading @RealCliveBarker's Books of Blood and Thomas Ligo… @farahrosesmith @trepidatiopub @scarlettralgee This awesome!!! Definitely let us know when we can pre-order because… about 1800 miles in the last four days to go to a wedding and come back home. Saw a lot more masks in places…
@NBallingrud @RebekahMcKendry @Elrickane @FANGORIA Oh my God thank you for posting this! I've been so sad without S…
@EvaRoslin Im sending all the healing vibes! Hope you feel better and everything is okay.
@jessiguess90 @TorNightfire Hahahahaha, no tunnels, but mountain sides....uh oh! @HightowerLaurel Anything made in a cave. Had some from my Opa and Oma-in laws in Germany and nothing else compares… poster is perfect @jessiguess90 @TorNightfire Getting ready for a long road trip today and seeing this is out makes me super excited! @love__nicci @manylittlewords I had fun with it. It's definitely a great introduction to weird westerns. Also had a… @apexjason @LesleyConner What does want? Tikka masala! When do we want it? Now!Got a new laptop for work. Opened it up and found two CDs, one for recovery and one with Windows 10. You know what… @elayarson just wanted to tell you that Franz is such an amazing album! Love the concept so much! And damn does it frickin shred🤘 @JonathanRaab1 @VFPNational This is awesome! Definitely going to be checking them out. @LesleyConner @apexjason Oh, it's not just Jason that's going to be jealous...
@manylittlewords Thought I'd throw in one of my cramped bookshelves for good measure... Conchata Ferrell. What a wonderful actress she was. Krampus, Edward Scissorhands, True Romance, Freeway. Jus…
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Love that I can mix my Army experience with a weird fiction story about the vacuous realm. Which, honestly, dependi… @catbiteband @GetAlternative Monster Mash! @ChadLutzke I would love to do this! @ellen_knuth Thanks for the question! @IntoStaringYou could even ask us about typos... can literally ask us anything. It could be about horror, about what we loved or hated, what we ate before recor…
Official Joy Division/New Order Podcast: “Transmissions: The Definitive Story”
Retweeted by MATTer from the void @GiveMeYourTeeth It's like parmesan cheese, just enough salt to bring out the flavor @EmpireOfBloodRW Nice that's awesome news!!!! @MikeH5856 How the hell did you get this before me?!?! @BarksBooks I love geek love so much. Arturo sneaks into a lot of my stories. @vehlinggo Hahaha, yeah my parents were super young and probably didn't think about it, besides we lived in Detroit… @jessiguess90 It's gotta be, I mean she is even using the word vibes... @IssitaLopez Robocop for me. I was seven.ICYMI - Our latest episode discussing CV Hunt's THE MURDER HOUSE is available on your favorite podcatcher for strea…
Retweeted by MATTer from the voidNothing like having 81 videos that need to be edited dumped into your lap. Thanks Monday. @EveHarmsWrites I love the concept of the Baku so much. The whole idea that you better have a really bad nightmare… guess David Peak's Eyes In The Dust affected me more than I realize. My current WIP is full of nods to the story…
@SammyTotep @BensNotWriting That zombie one! Did they not read the call or just assume it was a suggestion? @CursedMorsels We have the Dogman and Melon Heads in Michigan!I have no idea why this story is like pulling teeth, but it's like frickin pulling teeth. I'm making progress, but it's slow and annoying.The satisfaction of finishing your first book or script is well worth the effort, even if it doesn't sell. When you…
Retweeted by MATTer from the void @Matt_Wildasin @amazon Nice! This looks sweet! @Leaves_Cobwebs I love the monster couple!
@vlatinalondon I'm sorry that's happening. I hope things get better and know that we are always here to support you or to listen @cinapelayo Ugh, that is annoying. I mean at least you have wood floors, so that's good. But dealing with the after…
@Thee_Undertaker Love it! @VillimeyS You know I'm down! @JoshuaMarsella We got a squat version of this in Kzoo! I don't know if it's haunted, but would still be cool to go… @GoshDarnMyLife I was laughing and crying during this episode.
@HaileyPiperSays @ScifiandScary Having just received one like this I can say it's a pretty good feeling knowing a s… @NBallingrud Oh sweet lord yes! @MeerkatPress It is super scary to see something like this here.Goddamn this is terrifying. I'm glad they were able to stop the six. Probably should look into someone that kept ta… for the discussion on Murder House, stay for the questions on whether we should bow down to our Octopi overlor…
@Swayzefunk @ArcadeHighMusic @Swayzefunk @ArcadeHighMusic I'm so stoked for this! I already can tell it's going to be amazing because it's going… @EdwardLorn Well, it's definitely so bad it's good, though leans a bit towards just plan bad at points. There are s… little worried that I had hit a drought on story ideas the last couple of days. Nothing was coming except for a s… first met Eddie Van Halen when I was consulting on Jon Stewarts' talk show and he was a guest. I was introduced t…
Retweeted by MATTer from the void🎃SURPRISE!🎃 SLEEP PARALYSIS rises from the grave just in time for your Halloween reading enjoyment! New creeptastic…
Retweeted by MATTer from the voidEddie Van Halen not only played that famous solo on "Beat It," he also rearranged the song behind Michael Jackson's…
Retweeted by MATTer from the void @alphachromeyayo I love the quick jump to your dog @outfortune Getting ready for basic training. Working at a terrible job. Training the dog we got for my wife while… @EmpireOfBloodRW Bullet Journaling is great! It can do so many things and is so simple to setup and use. Good luck with it!! @intelligentwat I'm sorry. Sending you lots of care and love. @VillimeyS Good luck!! You gotta at least try, it'll help you get started on something which is always good.