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Mother of two, TV Personality, Bestselling Author, Podcast Host and Happy Hour Enthusiast 🥂 Bookings: Instagram:@brandiglanville

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@kristie_star Yes! With Canadian bacon though. So goodI’m so afraid to open this why is this so taped!! To hit the oven
#RHONJ the latest episode of #Unfiltered I’m joined by @MelRivers and we are talking about everything from Comedians, C…
Happy Sunday you guys know me right ? you’ve read my books or you have watched me on WWHL or other reality TV ove…
The good the bad and the ugly in Twitter land happy FridayHappy birthday to the love of my life the gay father of my children the reason I got book deals #michaelbrousard💗💗💗All right I don’t do this often but I am going to tell you what to watch anything by Alex Pina 💗💗💗💗Yo Hablo EspanolMy bff @KristenTaekman looks Perfect on #wwhl 💗💗💗 @JenniferGimenez I just left you a message fully in Spanish let me know how I did! Love you kitty cat
@OMAROSA @CBSBigBrother @MarissaJWinokur @ShannonElizab @MettaWorld37 @helloross @EvelDick @natalieevamarie
Today will get betterMaybe if you’re so worried about hurting your children then as a married woman you should not fuck your cast mates…
@SachaPorter1 @JayPear44937099 @shayleelavigne @DENISE_RICHARDS you have it twisted. Good night pretty @Sindy5163 @Ornyik Are you fucking joking? My boys are VERY aware that I am bisexual & both of her teenagers are as… @StaceySpada I kept it to myself (only off camera friends)because I felt like she had something over my head. The o… @StaceySpada @JenstarKleyn My resolution is that Im telling the truth. Don't let anyone mess with you. I rarely go… @JenstarKleyn @StaceySpada me? I don't know how to reload twitter at all @MJ_Angeli seriously I rarely go on twitter @MJ_Angeli You are proud & lesbian loud @JenstarKleyn @StaceySpada Kitty cats this is not something that you all should be fighting over !!! I understand w… @MJ_Angeli your very lesbian needy @JayPear44937099 @SachaPorter1 @shayleelavigne suck a dick @MJ_Angeli I'm sorry whats the ?? @StaceySpada @JenstarKleyn Lets not sling hate at each other pretty please! @jen415 Fuck you loser!! Im in all fucking day long cunt @Jdoll1977 @DENISE_RICHARDS Denise & I Hooked up the moment we met & immediately after filming last season together… @MJ_Angeli stand with your truth fuck everyone else @MJ_Angeli Im so confused right now- don't let anyone fuck you @Maclady66 I got called in at the very end of this season. It was was not planned at all I shot 3 times I am fully honest!!! @postitnotenikki @Diana00103478 @NicoleGagliard2 bye bitch @Diana_Mello Fuck off @MJ_Angeli You get to ask your questions I have literally not been on here since I followed you. FUCK IT lets do this! @Angel88630836 Awe thank you for being kind I've not wanted to fight on social about this but this entire DR sitch pisses me offI heart Kiko #BelowDeckMed :(
Hi, Schedule chat with your favorite Celeb. these fires :( fuck 2020#Mood It’s beginning to look a lot like fuck this...🎶 fully get it!! You win. It’s actually fucking bullshit to be honest please go fucking fucking fucking fucking fuc… @PowerOfBeebo Exactly
I’m taking back my social media!!! No more leasing shit out ....Starting tomorrow night get ready
The decision between Doritos and Fritos-Do you want just a corny chip or do you want a corny chip with edible dust on itWe play this game called favorite kid of the day a d I usually pick the least assholic one but today they were hone…’s very frustrating watching rh & People saying they have to consider the source of where the information came fr…
Earthquake woke me up at 4 AM and then I was up for the rest of them couldn’t sleep out of Xanax not happy #AnxietyRiddenI’m literally just telling the truth 💗
What you see on #RHOBH is what you got on #CBBUK. Whether you love to love her, hate to love her, or love to hate h…
Retweeted by Brandi GlanvilleOmg my girl crush @becbecbobec getting a fat pad! #MillionDollarListingLA We are all getting tested Wednesday we co…
On the latest #Unfiltered I answer a few housewife questions that I can finally speak on & I also speak with Dermat… wish there was an extend button because I had the hottest girls chatting with me tonight on cool as… to hang out with Amanda on Celeb chat for a fun happy half an hour!
We pitched this before & were basically told we’re too old 💔 favorite double act
Retweeted by Brandi GlanvilleHi, Schedule chat with your favorite Celeb.
Now fuck off & stop tweeting me all these fucking conspiracy theories calling me a liar! Watch the damn show!! you will hear the uncut version on housewives which proves that I stayed with Denise we didn’t know we were re… to my podcast from Friday &you’ll know why Denise asked me to specifically say I was staying at the hotel ac… was a fun one! Wanna see my advice ? I will tweet it next
I’m bored mascara EVER’m getting way to good at phone sex #NewBusinessIs it bad that I think my Cheetos are flavorless? Oh my God I’m so scared I feel fine thoughBinging a “period piece” on prime yet I spy a perfectly micro bladed eye... brow😂😂
Mention it All babe. only surgery I’ve had during quarantine was emergency dental surgery where they ripped two teeth from my skull… miss my kids :( 2 more days There is no fucking way I’m putting my kids back into school with Covid around it’s bullshit
Still reeling from last night's episode of #RHOBH? Brandi Glanville is answering all of your burning questions in a…
Retweeted by Brandi GlanvilleLiterally on both my boys lives I’m not fucking lying !Why don’t we ask our mutual agent !!??? @TimJoeJimSteve @BrandiGlanville OMG!!😩😂 who ever let me out of house!???? 😂🤣 I had just had my surgery... I couldn…
Retweeted by Brandi Glanville❤️❤️we’ve come a long way!!!!!
Retweeted by Brandi Glanville @MaggieWillms fuck you @Mizithra_Cheese @ViktorMARTI @BravoWWHL @MarenMorris again please fuck off @ViktorMARTI @BravoWWHL @MarenMorris please fuck off @LoroLeal1 First off fuck off Im not ruining any marriages!!! They are open and asked me to find chicks for them!! Please fuck off @barbie6989 Yes, I honestly held my tongue for 9 months we hooked up twice she completely fucked me overAsk (for a GIF) & ye shall receive! 😉 @MarenMorris @BrandiGlanville
Retweeted by Brandi Glanville @BravoWWHL @MarenMorris knew this was coming I honestly had the best time! It was nice to make nice with everyone @Tlk1972 @housewivesguy keep watchingSo many "new" fake accounts tonight!!! @BaileyKkabchris @feelinjovani @TeriLinnN @housewivesguy when you see everything you will understand @alisonviktorin @TeddiMellencamp Its reality tv we are here to share EVERYTHING @rjARAGON On my children & I would never say that @Bravolebrity1 Thank you I never thought& we were sharing a bed I was cheating Aaron knew Denise invited me and we were sharing a bed @JANFAN27 @RolyInCA @AdrienneMaloof it doesn't matter they were my words. im sorry @anez08840739 @BravoWWHL @Andy first off you are mean. I do look bad but I haven't done anything to my face. I was… @anez08840739 @BravoWWHL @Andy I had to do my own makeup & we had virtual lighting. I suck at both hair and makeup. I look horrible :( @Barbaraem77 @LalaLolaLove thank you for being kind about my looks... I swear on my kids Im not lying. Just keep watching you will see @LisaWork7 @DENISE_RICHARDS @KyleRichards @TeddiMellencamp please hold your tongue what happened between Denise & I… NOT FUCKING LYING -just keep watching -fuck @rachelmarotta @housewivesguy Ummm I have proof as you will see @housewivesguy You haven't heard the whole story yet @bmwklw thank you!!! Im not lying it's so hard not to share EVERYTHING at this point but it all unfolds @JPalm19 @DENISE_RICHARDS Im not lying