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Just now recovered after a super fun wknd -danced like I haven’t danced in years (cuz I haven’t diamonds,drama & ro…
#RHOC!!! Happy bday Daddy!! @Andy tell Lou 87 is the new sexy 💗💗💗❤️Omg I’m so ill & tired but I just saw that @Andy said my boyfriend #daddyLou is going to be on WWHL tonight so I wi…
It’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it.. #UnfilteredAF 💋 Love judge Judy
New podcast is up ✨ On today’s pod the beautiful @kaitcoaching of #BigBrother20 sits down to talk with us. Kaitlyn… @BrandiGlanville @TemptationTV OMG this season has been lit since episode 1!
Retweeted by Brandi GlanvilleBrandi Granville is making a big deal about the show temptation island tonight I’m going to have to see it! @BrandiGlanville
Retweeted by Brandi GlanvilleCant wait for tonight! It’s gonna be so good! 🔥 #TemptationIsland @TemptationTV you guys been watching this season of @TemptationTV ? It’s so good & this week’s episode is going to be so jui…
The fox is @WayneBrady my guess💗
Can I please clarify something, on @TeddiMellencamp podcast I said Eddie was the love of my life up until this poin…’m waiting at the mall for my car to be fixed I look and feel like crapThere is a car on @douzpwa @TeddiMellencamp It’s up now. The link is up above.Team sports are so important for kids! It’s even a social game changer 💗Hey everyone! I’m co-hosting on @TeddiMellencamp’s podcast today and we’re talking...CHEATERS 👀 Make sure you tune…
New #podcast is up! From Sonoma to NY, Its been a very busy week! On today’s pod you’ll hear about us being evacuat…
Steaming streaming and resting all day sinus infection be gone!Do not put oregano oil in your nostril in order to try to break up your sinuses :/ I swear I think I’m a doctor sometimesDear @HollywoodLife I am not 47 years old for two more weeks please correct💗🙏Come on
Lean back lean back… I mean fall back tonight one hourScorpio Season is in full effect.. weeks til my bday:) let’s party!
Not a great podcast today feeling a little under the weather :/ sorryI’m so confused @BurgerKing Why dies your Junior whopper cost more than your whopper ???? It’s $5.29 This is legit stupidityMy favorite 12 yr old couple ever! Happy Halloween
#HappyHalloween #TBT to Tuesday on #wwhl Life is too short people..drink up & do the robot 🤖 the best and most kind driver ever today so if your in NYC & need a driver please ask for Fred! 💗💗💗 NYC!! 💗🙏💗#AboutLastNight 💓💓💓@BravoWWHL @KristenTaekman @RHOC_KellyDodd
Missing this guy 💗💗 can watch the entire After Show w/ @RHOC_KellyDodd & @BrandiGlanville now on our YouTube channel! →…
Retweeted by Brandi Glanville @BrandiGlanville and @RHOC_KellyDodd are the duo we never knew we NEEDED. I need a spin off. #WWHL #BravoTV
Retweeted by Brandi Glanville @RHOC_KellyDodd and @BrandiGlanville together on @BravoWWHL is one of the greatest moments in history. @Andy
Retweeted by Brandi Glanville @JDan007 @RHOC_KellyDodd @BrandiGlanville She looked lovely!
Retweeted by Brandi Glanville @RHOC_KellyDodd @BrandiGlanville Kelly you killed it. I just went to @BravoWWHL Insta story & you &…
Retweeted by Brandi GlanvilleTonight’s #WWHL is the most I’ve cackled in a long time. Looooove these girls @RHOC_KellyDodd @BrandiGlanville
Retweeted by Brandi GlanvilleI don't actively watch #RHOC but I frickin' admire Kelly Dodd. Also, she's friends with Brandi Glanville. GOSH! A N…
Retweeted by Brandi GlanvilleLoved seeing @RHOC_KellyDodd @BrandiGlanville on @BravoWWHL tonight! Those two are fun & keep it ❤❤🥂🥂👏👏👏 💯
Retweeted by Brandi GlanvilleKristen Taekman and Brandi Glanville remain the greatest Real Housewives friendship
Retweeted by Brandi GlanvilleCan’t wait to go home and watch @RHOC_KellyDodd and @BrandiGlanville on last nights #WWHL 🤗🤗 @Andy #RHOC #RHOBH
Retweeted by Brandi Glanville
Been resting up all day nursing a stupid sinus infection but saving all my energy for #wwhl @Andy @BravoTV
Wake up !!! Brentwood is on fire!!! Fuck
Sorry can’t get to your @BookCameo past 2 days but we are evacuating cuz of fires in Santa Rosa 🙏🙏
New #Unfiltered is up! @kissedbynicholas & I talk about dealing with breakups and different strategies on how to ke…
Everyone on this plane going to Sonoma is “lit” (Jake said grownups can’t say that word) I’m not mad I’m just jelly sinus infection :/ @melaniebromley & I are SERIOUSLY thinking the same thing WTF this am?? #cult-culture #bitch please the worl…
Bus is safe still a fire!!!My kids are on. A bus on this freeway calling me the freeway is on fire 405 south near Roscoe who? My Swedish meatballs are on point even after a flat tire & a fight with a tow truck driver and fuck you M…
Happy Anniversary to one of my best friends in the whole world @Kristen Taekman 15 years ago today drinking at yo… excited to see daddy @Andy in the WWHL club house next week with @RHOC_KellyDodd a storm isa cumin 💋 @arcadeyblog OMG!! I love Australia how do I get this show here?Im not drinking this week and it’s sooooo boring :/ but I’m trying to get this fucking black mold out of my system.… nap time💗 (separate rooms obvs) not sure why we are all so tired 💋
My left eye is just a pirate eye until the Botox wears off and even then still a littleKids are at school I’m going back to sleep!!! Excited for Laker Clippers tonight!!! Go Lakers mold is a fucking asshole
Jet lag is for real! Trying to keep myself awake until 10 zero energy
The final voting on #CelebCoachTrip... Cutest thing ever. Teared up I did @FrancisBoulle @VickyPattison @HarryReid16 @BrandiGlanville
Retweeted by Brandi GlanvilleWatching @BrandiGlanville on celebrity coach trip is way better than that other programme she was on. she conquered…
Retweeted by Brandi Glanville @BrandiGlanville Hi Brandi! We're a special-ed class in Maine. We are part of #support_a_teacher #clearthelists.We…
Retweeted by Brandi GlanvilleI have the cutest group of teenage soccer players on my pane & apparently the are really good! I love seeing things like this!
@BrandiGlanville @strawhutmedia THANK YOU ❤️ I have been enjoying your podcasts since nr1! And now on YOUTUBE 2!
Retweeted by Brandi GlanvilleNew episode of #unfiltered is up on @strawhutmedia Do you remember Cashel from Love Island? He stops by the studio…
@E4Tweets @HHASSELHOFF I have to get home and see this with him sound I can’t hear it
I’m on STRAYCATION leave me alone ;)
I have your back girl ⁦@BrandiRedmond⁩ slightly pissed & going on to you tube my 5th episode is 🥰up now Id like your version of my fairy tail... see you their @MikeMurdoch14 Love you looking out for me I actually don't tweet much but I appreciate you looking after me, plus… @dawnylou84 Your pretty Do you know Im fucking Irish& English 59% my grams is 92 black Irish & its hard for me to o… @BrandiGlanville Scotland loves the word perfectly expressed by Billy Connelly 😂😂
Retweeted by Brandi Glanville @Andreah197434 Im stealing this!Sorry you cunt offend us @DaniielleAshley Omg I can't but now I will, couldn't get off my couch for a week last time I got involved. My mom… @BbLucyy I love this - anime is my way @BrandiGlanville Queen 🖤🖤🖤
Retweeted by Brandi Glanville @MikeMurdoch14 :)Where is Law & order when you need it? Im a go ahead &not tweet what I almost tweeted goodnight! @TheVickyVox where is their aderall??? @DelTaco @RealOCEmily stop it @sarahegg so wrong we all deserve the best @LisaLisainqcaz @erikajayne Im so confused I feel like I just answered this... could be the wine but @erikajayne and I are cool.Ms. Glanville said GAY RIGHTS. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Retweeted by Brandi Glanville @RenInOz @KevinLGerhardt Bad ass bitch! BTW I have a full Aussie army in La if your ever here @LisaLisainqcaz @erikajayne Im good thank you :) I will be better after I hit Florida in the am to see @markhasche - thats it @swish_lolol @RenInOz I don't really give 2 fucks but to protect one word out of EVERY BAD WORD is wrong @swish_lolol @RenInOz yes @saturdayedit haha how much time do you have. @sarahegg Say EVAAAAAthing Conbrandi glanville, a queer icon .... or, should i say, a bicon.
Retweeted by Brandi Glanville @darlagirl76 welcome to my life @darlagirl76 Its "social media" @KevinLGerhardt @RenInOz I agree Cock Mother Fucker Suck my Dick .. clearly this is an example of what you just sai… @RenInOz @BrandiGlanville Words only have power when you give it to them, anyone that complains about the use of cunt are the problem.
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