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Brandon Medley @brandmed South Georgia, USA

I love lightsabers, monsters, aliens, superheroes, spaceships, wrestlers, dragons, cartoons, and other geeky stuff. Co-host of Star Weirdos. He/Him

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Yikes. The scariest part is not one school doing this, but the mention that Prager is trying to push into K12 publi… candidates went to church this weekend. Their experiences were…different.
Retweeted by Brandon Medley @brainexploderrr I don't know. I kind of dig the mixing of the two. I wouldn't give to get one of these boxes... are Christian churches. Both reside in this country. Both had presidential candidates sitting in their pews. B…
Retweeted by Brandon MedleyI just…keep thinking about this contrast.
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@SammyHain I know. Even though I hadn't watched them on TV in years, I liked knowing they were there. I would alway… of the Peanuts are airing on TV this year!? Apparently they're only on Apple TV. And my Blu-rys which is where… @SeanNarrates Depression is a real motherfucker. Glad you have a good support system.He was trying to cool the planet and she was regrowing the forests. And they wanted us to root for... the trust fu…
Retweeted by Brandon MedleyIt's a cool morning so I'm wearing this Halloween sweater as long as I can stand it before it warms up too much. Po… @Heisenherr At least it will still be Halloweekend. @Heisenherr Right? We haven't had THOH after Halloween in quite a while. This was the one thing I had been waiting…
@TOPolk The whole toilet paper hunting thing was a part of the pandemic that didn't affect our household at all.She made a sequel
Retweeted by Brandon Medley @codyschibi @lschibi I would rock either of those shirts now.Happy birthday @codyschibi and @lschibi! @Garrett_Ghostly This is my second favorite episode. I love it so much. Like, you know, whatever.To be fair she does looks like a chicken
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Hammock time! @calum_macdonell It's one of the best episodes in the last decade.New Day forever. Watching @austincreedwins, @wwebige, @thetruekofi has been so much fun these past six years. Here'… @IcyBrian Warwick Davis has been my most watched actor in more than one end of year wrap-ups because I will have wa… @IcyBrian And there's Angus Scrimm from that week I watched the whole Phantasm series. @IcyBrian This inspired me to check mine out. Can you tell what I spent a lot of time rewatching during quarantine? need a candy corn emoji. NEED.
Retweeted by Brandon Medley @furkyourwurk @jrwells82 @QuienComoDios7 Ugh, I didn't even watch past the third or fourth episode of NOS4A2. I lov… @IcyBrian It's just hard to believe when almost every house on my street except mine has Trump signs and flags out. @IcyBrian Same here, my friend.The Disney+ Halloween collection has a Treehouse of Horror playlist inside it. They also added a separate Simpsons… @Krista_Iggy I'm glad this story has a happy ending. @PerezJeremiah Always. @furkyourwurk @elizabethdean82 See, I was thinking something like March 23. Once spring hits, I think he retreats u… @PerezJeremiah I was awaiting your comment on this. @furkyourwurk @elizabethdean82 Follow-up question then. He always waits until Halloween to break out and start his… I'm imagining yet another alternate Halloween timeline in which Michael gets up after Loomis shoots him and the… are watching Halloween 4 and @elizabethdean82 just asked a good question that I'd never considered before: if th… boy sings to the Startrek intro..
Retweeted by Brandon MedleyHere's what I learned today: In the early '90s, John Hughes tried to make a live-action "Peanuts" movie. I can't ev…
Retweeted by Brandon MedleyPoliticians like David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler seek only to divide us up on racial and political lines. @ossoff
Retweeted by Brandon MedleyBREAKING: GOP Sen. David Perdue (R-Ga.) mocks Sen. Kamala Harris' name as "Kamala-mala-mala whatever" at Trump rall…
Retweeted by Brandon Medley @Sk8JurassicPark I don't want that. I've never not followed/participated in politics, but I am ready to have a pres… love anytime the theme song kicks in during a Halloween movie.My friend, Larry David, is not on social media (smart guy), but his message is correct (very smart guy). Watch him…
Retweeted by Brandon MedleyImagine being so hateful, sexist, and racist that you willfully refuse to pronounce your coworker's name correctly. That's @sendavidperdue.The Camilla Massacre happened in the county next to the one I grew up in and live in now. I had never heard of it u… @meakoopa Did they spell it that way on the show when it aired in Canada? @BrianIsSuperRad Hell yeah! @BenSapatka Maybe, but this is the first one of these that's actually made me laugh.I've been hesitant to believe that Georgia is truly looking as good for Biden, Ossoff, & Warnock as recent polls se… @GneissPetunia @Humanstein I was about to ask if there would be cheese grits and hush puppies. @Sk8JurassicPark I fight a wave on one side of my beard in that area under normal circumstances so I was trying to… @Sk8JurassicPark This is why I've been keeping mine cut shorter than normal. Trying to avoid getting that mask wave.
This is now my favorite genre of TikTok
Retweeted by Brandon MedleyLaying in the dark listening to Sufjan Stevens feeling melancholic yet hopeful. I'm okay. I'm okay. I think.Someone in Ohio called the cops on a homeless person sleeping on a park bench. It was a statue of Jesus.
Retweeted by Brandon Medley @AdamFrazier I miss those.This was an unexpected swerve. @IsaacsHauntedB Me too. @Garrett_Ghostly Oh, man. I haven't watched yet but that is very disappointing to hear. @hollowbot46 This seems of interest to you. and paste but change what the bunny is holding (\_/) ( •_•) / >🥃 @Humanstein Remember when she played that fat-sucking freak of the week on an early episode of Smallville?Today I read Preaching to the Chickens: The Story of Young John Lewis to my class. As I was introducing the book to… @turksespinnekop Butter, hope, and penis. 😂 I'm just glad I'm going to have hope.Mercedes Crapp: Joe Biden out here acting like Mr Rogers, how boring! America: But we love Mr. Rogers, tho!
Retweeted by Brandon Medley @furkyourwurk I'm pretty sure that the Hawks organization made those custom stickers. I live in a rural, red county… @thestitchkeeper I might. Your recommendation goes a lot further. Haha. @furkyourwurk And the people in Atlanta who are getting to vote at State Farn Arena are getting a cool, custom vers… @thestitchkeeper One of my students was just asking me if I had watched this show today and I didn't know what he was talking about.Preeeeetttttty sure comparing someone to Mr. Rodgers isn't the put-down you think it is.
Retweeted by Brandon Medley @furkyourwurk Georgia has always had one of the better voter stickers around (in my opinion). And we've had this one for decades. #We voted. @Sk8JurassicPark Twins.'m tired of hearing people talk about another COVID wave coming. We've never gotten out of the first wave!
I'm wearing purple today to show my support of LGBTQ+ youth as part of @glaad's Spirit Day. yes, people under 40, who have famously never heard of or eaten at dairy queen and would have no idea what this…
Retweeted by Brandon Medley @IcyBrian I like 3 a lot. I enjoy 4-6 enough (especially 4), but I liked that H20 just ignored them and made for a… @CrankyRaconteur Sorry, Michael. @PhantoMantis Thanks for sharing.Read this entire thread.
Retweeted by Brandon MedleyWe should do this one @fallwestmike @IcyBrian I'm still disappointed that Halloween (2018) ignored this and II. The original, II, and H20 made a good t…
Georgia voters remember if you’re voting absentee make sure to go to the Secretary of State’s’My Voter Page’ and ch…
Retweeted by Brandon MedleyI recently finished up reading @ek_johnston's Queen's Peril. It had been my lunchtime read for the first part of th… @TOPolk Must have been a bad rash. She doesn't want to take any chances of getting it again. @CatMScully I still watch Casper every Halloween. It holds up really well.Won’t participate in the Hillbilly Elegy narrative any more than to post this passage from Barbara Kingsolver’s 201…
Retweeted by Brandon MedleyGoodbye to all Brendons
Retweeted by Brandon Medley @ActuallyBrandon I agree!Just wanted to hip everyone to these killer @DougJones t-shirts/posters made by the one and only Wes Freed of…
Retweeted by Brandon MedleyHappy birthday @SeanNarrates! Hope your day includes a good drink and a beat-up old paperback.What it means to "embrace" faith is often disputed, but every female SCOTUS justice claimed a faith affiliation and…
Retweeted by Brandon Medley @merlinsbread @NOFSpodcast I love this one. @timlybarger Good girl.We're watching Treehouse of Horror episodes. Like me, Fred loves The Simpsons.’ve beaten this drum before, but I believe wholeheartedly that the voting age in a given state should be no higher…
Retweeted by Brandon Medleystill one of my favorite jokes of all time
Retweeted by Brandon Medley @timlybarger I just told my wife to get this for me for Christmas. @Humanstein @boringcutiepie Happy anniversary!