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weird how quick "essential worker" and "hero" went back to "burgerflipper"
Retweeted by Good 🕳 College Graduate @frankshubby #whentweetsbiteback @frankshubby U didn’t want it to drop like Hiroshima right???? promise y’all black ppl don’t wanna be anything other than black 😭
Retweeted by Good 🕳 College GraduateLesbian legends
Retweeted by Good 🕳 College Graduate"When “I” is replaced by "we" even illness becomes wellness" - Malcolm X “I don’t trust anyone who’s nice to me, b…
Retweeted by Good 🕳 College Graduate @frankshubby You’re problematic lmaoStop telling black LGBTQ+ people “You’re black first”. We understand. The question is do you? White people call us…
Retweeted by Good 🕳 College GraduateWhat’s arthritis at 30 like??? *i wouldn’t knowI love I still have the knees of my teens... i ride and don’t ever get tired like this start at the home lol @sirzeldin Fun fact for the TL: it’s a 2:1 ratio to get perfect rice every time lmaoIt’s y’all not knowing the difference between an employee and an employer #forme!?!?!? did put so much extra in the pot when he got to Jamaica....“As President Trump prepares to leave office in days, a lucrative market for pardons is coming to a head, with some…
Retweeted by Good 🕳 College GraduatePpl really be fine fine lol @SupaVers Never doubted it @TonyTh3King But u never know when I’m gonna be back on my regular BS lol @TonyTh3King 2020 was tew much chaos... so switched up the flow for now @TonyTh3King is a Pisces I genuinely have an abundant amount of love for... @TonyTh3King I respect to self love and preservation... I hope you’re doing wellThe elusive chanteuse lmfao @omgitsobi *feed meA word
Retweeted by Good 🕳 College GraduateCancer women are phenomenal honestly don’t chase, I attract
Retweeted by Good 🕳 College GraduateI say this often but god knew better than bless me with a fat ass... cuz whew the tyranny I tell you get jealous of you when your energy moves the room when you enter it. keep these niggas away from you.
Retweeted by Good 🕳 College GraduateBeyoncé was a daddy’s girl... Marley really came here and created music that heals across generations.
Retweeted by Good 🕳 College GraduateBajans are funny lol days @ MetroPCS shout out to ppl in direct sales.... yeah cuz no get offended when people think i’m lying to them. You think i’m scared of you or something?
Retweeted by Good 🕳 College Graduate @capedcrusader21 Mariah be her was correct... Nicki didn’t have the catalogue back then period... *barbz leave me alone imma lamb* @djordxc That movie soundtrack....#unmatched @capedcrusader21 If they were to be judges on American Idol now I don’t think they would’ve had beef... Nicki has t… used our skin for leather goods n furniture yeah textbooks cherry picked y’all can have it....
@jermesz You ready to be mates? We can share respectfully lmfaoMe 20 years from now watching Mac Miller’s tiny desk concert
Retweeted by Good 🕳 College Graduate @x2_bully You too are a good hole college graduate like me lmaoIt’s the disrespect to ya parents and nationalityfor me... love your lineage learn your culture folks stealing is w… plan is to MOVE. Move out. Move on. Move forward. Move up. Move smarter
Retweeted by Good 🕳 College GraduateWhen you consider a gallon of milk is like $3.50 how can you justify ppl still being paid $7.25
Retweeted by Good 🕳 College GraduateImma hold my tongue are experiences in life I will never tell a soulGuys who kiss and tell <<<
Retweeted by Good 🕳 College Graduate @skinglo_afro Some of the girls barely write or sing... but they could flatter a queen following in her footsteps @vincsmith we love a tyrannical twitter king... play on playa @____Kollin Momma has a child portrait by Andy Warhol.... She was born into this life @JustPlainCamm There’s a few examples on the freak twitter tho lmaoThe best tops used to be bottoms til you find out they have dancehall queens too lol @skinglo_afro They’ve always given him way too much for too long @backshotbambi Numero uno“ Retweet for good luck “
Retweeted by Good 🕳 College GraduateAll seriousness... was it worth @LuxxeLust The laterATL IS WIDE THE FUCK OPEN!
Retweeted by Good 🕳 College Graduate @quentinbrock97 @quentinbrock97 I’ve also been called “the friend with great weed”He got mad cause I told him Happy Birthday 😂
Retweeted by Good 🕳 College GraduateI wish I was this humble to not say that “I know” went to Memphis, TN in 1968 to show solidarity with striking Black sanitation workers who were fighting for bet…
Retweeted by Good 🕳 College Graduate @AshawoDeji By association it’s complicated @AshawoDeji My great aunt who’s Trini says I have Trini spirit lol @AshawoDeji Carnival is black af and very festive @AshawoDeji Meet me in Trinidad lolLet’s roll up and be publicly goofy miss road bad... COVID yah face favor whore baddieeee
Retweeted by Good 🕳 College Graduate @hazectrl Hot gyal ah road... infamous lol @ICEKREAMMFREEK2 A baby was made lmaoPedestrians need to vibe too lol position honestly is where you do your best work know this lolll
Retweeted by Good 🕳 College Graduate @ItsJustKent My brand and anthem @ItsJustKent Exasperated lmao @Vicky_N0Secrets #ichooseviolence respectfullyIfykykThe face. The personality @Vicky_N0Secrets Girl no these niggas be stupid #reclaimyourtimeDon’t play on my TL RN HOES BET NOT FUCK WITH MY JUVIE!!!
Retweeted by Good 🕳 College GraduateNow I love her she problematically awesome but our relationship has been war from the start... I threw up in her fa…’s also gets mad when i iterate the fact that she had a choice to have four kids... God gave us all the right to… be eating my grandmother up when she say off the wall shit about the state of America.... and her life she b… grandma told me she was disappointed she came to this country to see her grandson want food stamps, and govt hea… love personal peace and happiness... but watching chaos n calamity makes my dick hard lmfao #libragang @DecodnLyfe *low quality of life @DecodnLyfe Why do ppl want maintain poverty, inequity and low quality? I’m sick of “struggling” being a character traitImma bird from birth, so Eve “Gotta Man” real defined an ideal for me lmfao @DTF_yo_ma We can figure that outWest Indian ppl in general @DTF_yo_ma Which winery lol @DTF_yo_ma Wait... I love wine