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Writer on The Ghost & Molly McGee GLORIA BUENROSTRO IS NOT MY GIRLFRIEND out Fall 22 (@fsgbooks) UNTITLED MG out Fall 22 (@Scholastic) Rep'd by @AlyssaJennette

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@niki_lopez I’m already stressed out for you!!! @stulivingston laugh it up stu!This aint doing numbers but I aint deleting my very niche 1800s presidential death joke
Yeeted yourself via cherries and ice milk? Okay boomer. @NK_Adjei The Britney Ride on Peloton is where I have my highest PR. I’ll never be able to top it. And there’s a reason behind that. @1023dve I'll be cackling over these for AWHILE"What's this a snake? I dunno." Still my all-time favorite video on the internet wife is all “you work so hard, you deserve a break” except when she wants the big TV and then she’s like “oh I r…
@badgalsofa She's too good! @authorblogger I call that Tube Trouble @LaserSinger D-d-didya get to meet The Neely himself??Slurping a steaming bowl of phở while dumping in copious amount of sriracha and sambal oelek as sweat drips down my… @SchwartzApprovd Im the one who giddily recalls an obscure joke from two seasons ago who really REALLY wants to bring it back @madisonbateman @jameshamilton I refuse to believe that anyone who cares about rocks that much would believe this!!!Don’t share your ideas with @oxfruit and @natazilla @RCoA @RedWonder_ Damn I don’t remember that one. Chum Chum not eating rum raisin ice cream is one I always rememberChildren deserve stories & narrative media equal to or better than what is created adults. Children are complex and…
Retweeted by Brandon Hoàng @KatieGrotzinger OOF! A couple eps have caught me offguard -- Beach, SeesawOh no. Nat is sharing doodles with me. I can’t back out now. They’re too damn precious!
H-h-how did you find this so fast... @genegoldstein You ARE Viewtiful JoeGenie: I can transport you anywhere. Anywhere your heart desires. Selena: Theres nowhere in the world I'd rather be… @ehschubegan This picture is the best. What a framer. @kaitfeldmann
I gently floated it to @natazilla who was supposed to say I was an idiot for doing this to myself again but instead… no. I think I have a damn good preschool / bridge series idea and I hate myself for it. @EmmyCic @linkhare Too good!! @Brinny that cat is going to offer you into her covenant
Proud papa of my child’s first bong art @oni_hat Lucky @Gennefer @katiejstone91 Really beautiful seeing these Beatles jokes come together @genegoldstein @JimmyWhetzel *always has been meme*
@JaniceChu_89 100% with you on this📣📚💕 Title change! THIS COULD HAVE BEEN A LOVE STORY is being changed to GLORIA BUENROSTRO IS NOT MY GIRLFRIEND 📣📚💕 @AnnaThorup aka comedy writers trying to write horror @Toadcialism @fanfarepub @GWYB_Official PLEASEWhat's a guy gotta do to read a @Toadcialism retrospective on the 1992 museum murder mystery LAURA BOW AND THE DAGGER OF AMON RAYeah, I was classically educated.
Retweeted by Brandon Hoàng @ReemFaruqi Writing. We were fans of each other’s blogsbluey’s parents are a constant inspiration, and I will never achieve the standard they have set.
Retweeted by Brandon Hoàng @gostephgo Can I get this on a shirt
Retweeted by Brandon Hoàng @sherleader1 Just like me 😎 @Jtown67 too... powerful... @zacgormania Those books hit that trifecta like none other. Whenever I finish reading a F&T story, I'm so grateful… @amonns I'd love your thoughts on it!Rewatched AUGUST WITHOUT HIM - fascinating, intimate doc about the first openly gay AIDS sufferer in Japan. Follows… @badgalsofa It sounds lovely doesnt it??I don’t order coffee often @_mdickson That theme song still slapsI went down a Wikipedia rabbit hole (as I do) and found myself gawking the Action Park wiki. Then I discovered HBO… @x_Wolfsteak_x Oooh I’ll swap some simple tasty Viet recipes with you
@JesHarrison1 @AlyssaJennette I love this detail. Thank you! @mfisherdraws !!! @mfisherdraws *cracks knuckles* @HBO "She's a real snake in the grass!" @jameshamilton @SammieCrowley @jedisammie Wait where's the closet of board games... @SammieCrowley OK this is your best YET @magicalnarwhal Welcome to LA! @SuperBrankman It’s become a highlight of my day! A guaranteed lol!If you’re not following @SuperBrankman’s IG and getting your daily dose of truth, then I don’t know what you’re doing with your life
@madisonbateman I panicked when I had to wear "night time wear" for the first time. Running around the house, teari… @airismile Those patterns rule!Started making monthly donations. If you can help, please consider donating.
@stephlystein @tjklune This one got me good! 😭
@thetzechun @FernetOnTheRock Wait... no good?? @Sosowski cd: kingsquest.exe @JillJills2 I know it’s agony @ZakiyaJamal Two of em! 😬Please Animation Gods — please let me write springboards for this show before it’s too late and my children grow old and jaded!4yr old bursts into room at 6am: Dad! Dad! Wake up! This is serious! me: what?? what is it?? 4yr old: There’s mor… @christinekohle1 Oooh this is a great caveat! @zombietardis 💯 🎯My favorite episodes to write. Gives you the freedom to explore characters, dip your toe in unexpected relationship… @courttheforest Love this!
@KingOfSafari It's been years since I swatted some bugs... wonder if I still got it... @SamanthaCKing Loving these examples! This is great. Thanks Sam! @gialigammari @Dinolich @kaseywllms @genegoldstein this is perfect. everyone is perfect @metricconvert I'm with you... not in high school, but the youths these days seem way cooler / grown up!Only example I can think of is in The Spectacular Now between Sutter and Cassidy...working through my next YA and I got a question for the hivemind: Would it be believable for seniors in high schoo… @marisabalkus Agreed on all of this. In all of my pitch emails, I always make sure to say, “Thanks for helping sche… @GoodAaron @SammieCrowley Thanks Aaron, I knew you'd understa-- HEY! @OldLadyBoats I’ve bought three suits from Indochino! It’s all online - you pick your style and send in your measur… @madisonbateman @SammieCrowley 🤷🏼‍♀️🌽
@dansamiljan @laurelrandy @PeterDiCicco @SammieCrowley @MrSheldon Oh yeah 100%. Damn that Sheldon!You ever watch an animatic of one of the episodes you've written only to have another writer's punch up be your fav…
@oliviapecini This is me @jesthevu Link please! @krystalball I seriously thought this was a I THINK YOU SHOULD LEAVE sketch @FaithErinHicks I like at one point he just... screws it back on???
@madisonbateman @BenjaminJS The first rule we learned in his class was to always, "Yes, and", but the second rule w… asian in me refuses to buy another copy since my old version worked fine -- I'm not giving up! @HeyJasonJune Congrats JJ! So happy for you! Can't wait to get my mitts on a copy!After years, I finally upgraded computers only to realize that I lost access to my beloved Final Draft 8! It's gone… @danimichaeli1 those booths always reminds me of Ellen's summer job in The Adventures of Pete & Pete! @nthonyholden appropriate avatar
Evil Writing Advice: take all rejection personally, because it ultimately is about you and your shortcomings.
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