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@RedshirtsPod I predict that Michael Burnham will save everything.Happiest of happy birthdays to @TomCaldwell3000!!
Retweeted by 🇨🇦Brandon-Shea Mutala🇨🇦 #LoveYourFandom @cbryanjones First episode where a crew member dies, if I remember correctly!A bit of #Jupiter (@NASAJuno / @SwRI / MSSS / Giacomo Santoro)
Retweeted by 🇨🇦Brandon-Shea Mutala🇨🇦 #LoveYourFandomThe #DarkTower @StephenKing👸🏼🖖🏼
Retweeted by 🇨🇦Brandon-Shea Mutala🇨🇦 #LoveYourFandomYou guys realize that if @Disney owns #FOX, then Chloe is a Disney #Princess... @MaryLynnRajskub @mumbles3k I also don’t think they understand their rights.Up next on my @StarTrek #reading list.... #CollateralDamage by @DavidAlanMack
Retweeted by 🇨🇦Brandon-Shea Mutala🇨🇦 #LoveYourFandom
.⁦@JMaxHegel⁩ Are you going to watch? This is the final season. next on my @StarTrek #reading list.... #CollateralDamage by @DavidAlanMack @StarWarsVisComp Monsters! That’s who!Hey cool, Disney DOES have the bandwidth to have multiple versions of the same content. Now…
Retweeted by 🇨🇦Brandon-Shea Mutala🇨🇦 #LoveYourFandomToday's the day. Look for "The Simpsons"' 'Details' page on the app or on the web, and uncheck "Remastered Aspect R…
Retweeted by 🇨🇦Brandon-Shea Mutala🇨🇦 #LoveYourFandom @TheRealMattC I was disappointed at how few deer there were in this movie. Also: Naked Lunch has neither. False advertising!EBOOK DISCOUNT!! For a limited time only eBook versions of the STAR TREK books below are only $.99!! 🖖🏻…
Retweeted by 🇨🇦Brandon-Shea Mutala🇨🇦 #LoveYourFandomMy heart breaks for #Minneapolis say the pen is mightier than the sword, but the tweet is a lot duller. #TrumpMeltdown @AdamHunault In every way.I’m very, very mad at @daytonward for killing one of my favorite @startrek characters early in this book. @realGulDukat Terok Stations lost: Gul Traven 0 Gul Dukat 1 Own Children killed by good friend: Traven 0 Dukat 1 Ti… @TrekGeekBill @daytonward @StarTrek @daytonward @TrekGeekBill @StarTrek Can you talk about my face? I’m feeling left out here. @alexandertperry Ok! Who do we have to contact? @spaceshipsporn I have this poster in my cubicle at work.
Retweeted by 🇨🇦Brandon-Shea Mutala🇨🇦 #LoveYourFandom @starwarstuff @starwars Is this canon?Is this canon? But I fell asleep during Species 2. That film is trash. @GeekToyLove @dramadork884 @StaticWarpBubbl THIS CUT IS WAY TOO BIG!Canadian problems is when someone cuts the tip off the milk bag like this and every time you pour it’s like risking…
Retweeted by 🇨🇦Brandon-Shea Mutala🇨🇦 #LoveYourFandom @alexandertperry Let’s do it together, Alex! @TheInsaneRobin My wife did too. So...... does that mean you would be a good wife for me? @AdamHunault someone help me find the original of this? I saw it a few weeks ago, and this is my crappy copy of what I saw. diving into this bad boy today! Great start so far! @daytonward @startrek #LiteraryTreks
Retweeted by 🇨🇦Brandon-Shea Mutala🇨🇦 #LoveYourFandomLet’s all show some @StarTrek #TNG love! Reply with your favorite gif or meme celebrating the Next Generation! I’ll…
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@AnothermillennR John Leguizamo.Yellow! @MarcieStarfleet Did you try turning off and on again? @Rob_Tarzwell @chrizmillr @bdrew73 Now do really angry eyes with the smile mask.... @unamccormack Finished She-Ra? @StephenKing Godfather 3. @laongelizard It’s ok for about 2/3. When he shouts out “pepperoni pizza!” It starts to go downhill. When he pulls… @JMaxHegel Possibly Suikist? @CKJSweeney It’s great, how old is your oldest? @CKJSweeney Super 8 @TheInsaneRobin That’s generous of her.Finally diving into this bad boy today! Great start so far! @daytonward @startrek #LiteraryTreks @theReal3rdNerd They released the Friday the 13th scores individually after the box set went out of print. I think… men, what is preventing you from looking like this?
Retweeted by 🇨🇦Brandon-Shea Mutala🇨🇦 #LoveYourFandomDear men, what is preventing you from looking like this?
Retweeted by 🇨🇦Brandon-Shea Mutala🇨🇦 #LoveYourFandom @TrekFanLV @fozrotten @letterboxd Ernest Goes to Camp is better than Children of the Corn 4.Dear men, what is preventing you from looking like this? 👏 films 👏 despite 👏 flaws
Retweeted by 🇨🇦Brandon-Shea Mutala🇨🇦 #LoveYourFandom @fozrotten @letterboxd 5 stars? I mean... it’s GOOD ... but it’s not Ernest Goes to Camp GOOD. @cbryanjones OMG I love Stephen McHattie as the mine foreman.Trying to find a 35mm Film Print of CLUBLAND (1999) and cannot locate one. Any leads twitter friends? 🤞😎
Retweeted by 🇨🇦Brandon-Shea Mutala🇨🇦 #LoveYourFandom @TheMaryLambert .@mumbles3k ? @DavidAlanMack Soul Coughing? @TrekFanLV I like him, but he’s a smug bastard!Ok 24 fans... What the hell is up with Brian Hastings walk? He’s got a severe hunch. #Season8I think this movie was a victim of bad dialogue. Not my kind of humor. Other than that, it was fine. @kesseljunkie I’ve paid my bills. @NottingHillNerd @unamccormack Sure. Why not? @unamccormack Bacon and Oreos.Retweet if you think @rheaseehorn deserves an #EmmyAward! @TheEmmys ! #RT @BetterCallSaul @TVGuide @Brodeyy_51 @BetterCallSaul✨@BetterCallSaul's Kim Wexler is the best character on TV, period
Retweeted by 🇨🇦Brandon-Shea Mutala🇨🇦 #LoveYourFandomLisbeth Salander Standalone Series in the Works at Amazon “Not only will it not feature any established characters…
@Higher_Boy Bacon and Oreos prevent me from looking like that.Fold or fold not. There is no cut. #StarWars
Retweeted by 🇨🇦Brandon-Shea Mutala🇨🇦 #LoveYourFandom @MarshallJulius @dduane Oh no! Do we have ANOTHER time Traveller to deal with? Or an extremely long lived being?#LoveYourFandom @ZenLogic101 @tracksounds Because, for the most part, it is designed to be consumed with images. It’s fortunate tha… are sad to hear that actor Richard Herd has died. He played Admiral Owen Paris on #StarTrek #Voyager and L'Kor i…
Retweeted by 🇨🇦Brandon-Shea Mutala🇨🇦 #LoveYourFandom @CreationEnt Please announce the cancellation of #STLV so that people start to process their refunds for tickets and flights. @doubleofive I’ve been looking at these.... and they are really quite remarkable. Well done! @doubleofive Are the fan projects the sequel trilogy? @doubleofive I’m ok if it’s just Six in her various outfits. @doubleofive If you feel like sharing when they are complete, I’d love a set! I bought the big square complete seri… @StarTrekVHS They’re all Star Trek! @KerrBearLib First time read for me!Now Listening to #LiteraryTreks With @Admiral_Rex @Kertrats #AlanDeanFoster I really loved this book! And this int… #LiteraryTreks @BillHuntBits @WatchComet I just did a rewatch. Amazing stuff. @JamesPMorrison I think the guy is a moron, but this tweet isn’t real.Bob unbound #creepshow #horror #CreepshowAMC horror #Lydialane
Retweeted by 🇨🇦Brandon-Shea Mutala🇨🇦 #LoveYourFandom @ChuckWendig 3 @TrekRewind eBooks of many great @StarTrek novels, both recent and older, are on sale this month for just $0.99 each!…
Retweeted by 🇨🇦Brandon-Shea Mutala🇨🇦 #LoveYourFandom @ryantriddle 100%, my man. 100%.Mistake. The writers undercut their own message of “mortality defines humanity.” Yet Picard is downloaded into a Go…
Retweeted by 🇨🇦Brandon-Shea Mutala🇨🇦 #LoveYourFandomNow listening to #LiteraryTreks #EnterpriseWar w/ @Admiral_Rex @Kertrats + @jjmfaraway
@Bandit_JW @Tyranicus @Tyjos84 @zoidberg95 @BatlethBabe @Sepulcher67 Ohhh.... this sounds VERY pleasurable!As of May 25, 2020, Saskatchewan has two new confirmed cases of COVID-19, bringing the provincial total to 634. One…
Retweeted by 🇨🇦Brandon-Shea Mutala🇨🇦 #LoveYourFandom @mumbles3k Only if you do it with no clothes on, too.